Outwitting the Devil PDF Book by Napoleon Hill


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First, I was incredibly honored when Don Green, CEO of the Napoleon Hill Foundation, trusted me enough to ask me to become involved in this project. And then I read the manuscript! I couldn’t sleep for a week. Written on a manual typewriter in 1938 by the Master himself, Napoleon Hill, this manuscript had been locked away and hidden by Hill’s family for seventy-two years.

Outwitting the Devil PDF Book by Napoleon Hill

Name of Book Outwitting the Devil
Author Napoleon Hill
PDF Size 5 MB
No of Pages 302
Language English
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 About Book – Outwitting the Devil PDF Book Download by Napoleon Hill

Why? Because they were frightened by the response it would invoke. Hill’s courage in revealing the Devil’s work around each of us every day, in our churches, our schools, and our politics, threatened the very core of society as it was known at the time. So the choice is yours. Did Hill actually talk to the Devil or is this a parable created to reach and touch your heart?

Hill’s unique style will pull you in and move you in ways you never thought possible. The words in this book are Hill’s own. Since the original manuscript was quite lengthy, I edited with careful precision to preserve the profound impact of his message. I have kept his original language in place even when modern grammar may have dictated adjustments.

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In an effort to highlight certain issues, bring clarity to his words, and show how his predictions have become realities, I have added my thoughts throughout the manuscript in a different type style. Outwitting the Devil PDF Book Download This allows you to choose to read the book either with my comments or without. Please enjoy this powerful book and share it with your friends and family.

The power in Hill’s words can and will change your life. As a thought stimulator, Hill quickly starts the book’s journey, taking us through his life and what was meaningful and life-changing to him. Hill learned the greatest and most useful and instantly helpful success principles on the planet, but he did not know how to use and easily apply them.

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We predict that this is true for many people still today. It is easy to say the words and sometimes even think the thoughts. It takes a profound and lasting decision to actually live by the principles daily in every way. Outwitting the Devil PDF Book Download Sharon Lechter illuminates what Hill’s words mean when transported into today’s dollars, thinking, and understanding.

Dr. Hill’s goal was to communicate clearly a philosophy and practice of individual achievement that would stimulate lasting happiness. His inner knower guided him to find his own life’s rainbow. My labor began in 1908, as the result of an interview that I had with the late Andrew Carnegie.

I frankly told Mr. Carnegie that I wished to enter law school and that I had conceived the idea of paying my way through school by interviewing successful men and women, finding out how they came by their success, and writing stories of my discoveries for magazines. Outwitting the Devil PDF Book Download At the end of our first visit Mr. Carnegie asked whether or not I possessed enough courage to carry out a suggestion he wished to offer me.

I replied that courage was about all I did have and that I was prepared to do my best to carry out any suggestion he cared to offer. He then said, “Your idea of writing stories about men and women who are successful is commendable, as far as it goes, and I have no intention of trying to discourage you from carrying out your purpose, but I must tell you that if you wish to be of enduring service, not only to those now living, but to posterity as well, you can do so if you will take the time to organize all of the causes of failure as well as all of the causes of success.

I wish it were possible to describe this discovery without the use of the personal pronoun, but this is impossible because it came through personal experiences from which it cannot be separated. To give you the complete picture I shall have to go back to the first of these two major turning-points and bring you up to the discovery step by step.

The research necessary for the accumulation of the data, from which the seventeen principles of achievement and the thirty major causes of failure were organized, required years of labor. I had reached the false conclusion that my task of organizing a complete philosophy of personal achievement had been completed.

Far from having been completed, my work had merely begun. Outwitting the Devil PDF Book I had erected the skeleton of a philosophy by organizing the seventeen principles of achievement and the thirty major causes of failure, but that skeleton had to be covered with the flesh of application and experience.

Moreover, it had to be given a soul through which it might inspire men and women to meet obstacles without going down under them. That was during the late fall of 1923. I found myself stranded in Columbus, Ohio, without funds, and worse still, without a plan by which to work my way out of my difficulty.

It was the first time in my life that I had actually been stranded because of lack of funds. Outwitting the Devil PDF Book Many times previously I had found money to be rather shy, but never before had I failed to get what I needed for my personal conveniences. The experience stunned me. I seemed totally at sea as to what I could or should do.

I thought of a dozen plans by which I might solve my problem, but dismissed them all as being either impractical or impossible of achievement. I felt like one who was lost in a jungle without a compass. Every attempt I made to work my way out brought me back to the original starting point.

For nearly two months I suffered with the worst of all human ailments: indecision. I knew the seventeen principles of personal achievement, but what I did not know was how to apply them! reath of fresh air and think. Outwitting the Devil PDF Book I began to walk, and had gone seven or eight miles when I felt myself brought suddenly to a standstill.

For several minutes I stood there as if I had been glued to my tracks. Everything around me went dark. I could hear the loud sound of some form of energy which was vibrating at a very high rate. Then my nerves became quiet, my muscles relaxed, and a great calmness came over me.

The atmosphere began to clear, and as it did so, I received a command from within which came in the form of a thought, as near as I can describe it. I went into the house, sat down at my typewriter, and began at once to reduce to writing the discoveries I had made concerning the causes of success and failure.

As I placed the first sheet of paper in the typewriter I was interrupted by that same strange feeling which had come over me out in the country a few hours before, and this thought flashed into my mind: “Your mission in life is to complete the world’s first philosophy of individual achievement.

You have been trying in vain to escape your task, each effort having brought you failure. Outwitting the Devil PDF You are seeking happiness. Learn this lesson, once and forever, that you will find happiness only by helping others to find it! You have been a stubborn student. You had to be cured of your stubbornness through disappointment.

Within a few years from now the whole world will start through an experience which will place millions of people in need of the philosophy which you have been directed to complete. Your big opportunity to find happiness by rendering useful service will have come. Go to work, and do not stop until you have completed and published the manuscripts which you have begun.

I was conscious of having arrived, at last, at the end of life’s rainbow, and I was happy! Again the germ of discontentment began to make itself felt in my blood. Again I knew that I could not find happiness in that sort of endeavor. Outwitting the Devil PDF I turned the business over to my associates and went on the lecture platform, lecturing on the philosophy of achievement, to the organization of which I had devoted so many of my previous years.

One night I was booked to lecture in Canton, Ohio. Fate, or whatever it is that seems sometimes to shape the destiny of men, no matter how hard they may try to battle against it, again stepped into the picture and brought me face to face with a painful experience. In my Canton audience sat Don R Mellett, publisher of the Canton Daily News.

Mr. Mellett became so thoroughly interested in the philosophy of individual achievement on which I lectured that night that he invited me to come to see him the following day.

That visit resulted in a partnership agreement which was to have taken place on the first of the following January when Mr. Mellett planned to resign as publisher of the Daily News, to take charge of the business and publishing of the philosophy on which I had been working.

I did not wait for the one hour time limit to expire, but immediately got into my automobile and drove down to the home of relatives in the mountains of West Virginia, where I remained until the murderers had been placed in jail. That experience came well within the category described by Mr. Carnegie as an “emergency” that forces men to think.

For the first time in my life I knew the pain of constant fear. My experience of a few years before, in Columbus, had filled my mind with doubt and temporary indecision, but this one had filled it with a fear which I seemed unable to remove. Outwitting the Devil PDF During the time that I was in hiding I seldom left the house at night, and when I did step out I kept my hand on an automatic pistol in my coat pocket, with the safety catch unlatched for immediate action.

If a strange automobile stopped in front of the house where I was hiding, I went into the basement and carefully scrutinized its occupants through the basement windows. After some months of this sort of experience, my nerves began to crack. My courage had completely left me. The ambition which had heartened me during the long years of labor in my search for the causes of failure and success also had departed.

Every time I looked at myself in a mirror I noticed an expression of self-contempt on my face, and not infrequently I did say things to the man in the mirror which are not printable. I had begun to place myself in the category of charlatans who offer others a remedy for failure which they themselves cannot successfully apply.

The criminals who had murdered Mr. Mellett had been tried and sent to the penitentiary for life; therefore, it was perfectly safe, as far as they were concerned, for me to come out of hiding and again take up my work. I could not come out, however, because now I faced circumstances more frightful than the criminals who had sent me into hiding.

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