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There is always going to be a demand for nurses and teachers, for example. And if you can accept the trends— heavier workloads and more online (as opposed to face-toface) interactions—then you can continue as you are. You might grow progressively unhappy in the job (“This is not why I signed up to be a nurse”; “I hate teaching to the test”), but if you are good.

Own Your Future PDF Book by Paul B. Brown

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you will have a job in a field that will sort of, kind of resemble the one you entered. People who can coast safely into the sunset. This scenario used to be far more prevalent than it is today. There were employees who would, in essence, retire in place five or even sometimes ten years before their official retirement age.

Today, some companies are still nice enough to allow long-time valued employees to coast, but it is likely going to be for five or ten months (and it is far from being a guarantee). But these are the only exceptions we found. If you work in an industry that is in total flux (publishing or music) or starting to unravel (finance), or one that you suspect might soon change radically.

Click here to Download Own Your Future PDF Book

if your career has recently been upended (or soon might be) or has never really gotten going, or you feel stuck and frustrated—your job is probably going away. In each of these cases there was neither a huge investment of time or resources in trying to determine what career path to follow.

Instead of spending hours and hours researching, planning, and searching who, exactly, to mail her résumé to, Kayla simply called around and talked to friends of friends. She took small steps and learned from each one. The learning in these cases was negative, in the sense that she learned she didn’t love any of the ideas she came up with— although knowing what you don’t want to do can be extremely valuable.

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However, in the course of all her small steps, she met Peter, a recent MBA, who was convinced that there was a market for a revival house in town. It would be the sort of place that could show the great old movies on a huge screen. He had worked out the numbers—and it definitely looked like you could turn a profit—and found the perfect location.

But after saying he really loved Casablanca, Citizen Kane, Stagecoach , and Unforgiven , Peter hadn’t a clue about what kind of movies to show. Want to be prepared for the worst 6. Simply want to keep their options open Perhaps, most of all, this guide is for people in denial, or those who wrongly believe that the upheaval that has affected just about every industry.

you can think of won’t affect their industry, their organization— and them. And if you can start thinking about these issues while you still have a job, you will be substantially ahead of the game. That is a far more uplifting approach to the topic, and it more accurately reflects what we wanted to write. We know it is still going to be difficult to convince everyone that their jobs are at risk. Own Your Future PDF Book

The natural inclination is to deny it and say, “Sure, scores of industries have been upended, but mine is safe. And even if it isn’t, I’ll be okay (because of my unique circumstances or skills).” You are right to be skeptical, if you define entrepreneur as someone who creates a for-profit business. But that is a very limited definition. It doesn’t include people who start things for social reasons.

Or community reasons. And it certainly doesn’t include people in organizations who take an entrepreneurial approach to solving the challenges they (and the enterprises that employ them) face. So maybe a more accurate title for this chapter would have been “Why everyone will need to master entrepreneurial thought and action to thrive in the increasingly uncertain world in which we live.”

Or maybe even “This-is-a-book-for-peoplewho-never-plan-on-ever-becoming-an-entrepreneur-butneed-to-pay-attention-anyway-because-the-universe-doesnot-always-behave-the-way-they-want-it-to-and-you-mayjust-end-up-needing-new-skills.” jobs, it is just silly to expect that you are going to join a company today and be set for life. Own Your Future PDF Book

The fact that this statement strikes you as obvious, and that no one under the age of 40 knows what the phrase “company man” means, shows you just how far the workplace has changed since the first Baby Boomers entered it.) The market doesn’t care about your industry, your company, or you. Your career will probably be disrupted. More than once.

This is just (an unfortunate) fact. You need to be ready. The point? We’d better be prepared to create something (on the side, at the very least) no matter what we are currently doing for a living. That’s true whether you are age 18 or 58. Even if you work for the world’s best company today, someone could acquire the firm tomorrow, or a new invention could render your entire industry obsolete.

Rent many movies from a freestanding video store lately? Bought any maps or a new set of encyclopedias?) Your work life is not completely within your control. Ultimately, she left the big firm and started her own consulting practice. “It was very liberating,” she says. It allowed her the time to spend with her children who were adjusting to middle school, to assist a father-in-law struggling with Alzheimer. Own Your Future PDF Book Download

and to work with the nonprofit she cared deeply about, while remaining engaged with her clients. But that still left the challenge of how to shape her consulting practice going forward, or whether to shift to other kinds of work. She wanted to regain the sense of drive and purpose that had characterized her earlier career. When we spoke, this was the issue she was grappling with.

That question is unsettling, scary, and frustrating, because it is something we never anticipated when we finished school. Most of us prepared hard for the future we expected, and yet when it comes to our work life today things aren’t turning out as we had planned. That’s true if you have been laid off or are a recent college graduate who is underemployed.

a manager who feels that he is stuck in his current position; or a member of the C-Suite who has the (probably justified) feeling that her company (and perhaps entire field) may implode around her. Let’s start with those of us in technical fields. But please note, as we’ll show in a minute, people in nontechnical fields are in exactly the same boat. Own Your Future PDF Book Download

Ask anyone who used to sell insurance or encyclopedias door-to-door.) In 1966, students arriving at an engineering college were told that they would be obsolete in seven years. Back then, some people estimated that the volume of information was doubling every seven years—and indeed by 1973 there was, according to some, twice as much information as there was in 1966.

Today, the estimate is that the volume of information doubles every eighteen months, and that the doubling time continues to shorten. The trend is clear, even if you don’t buy the exact math. It certainly seems we are running harder and harder to keep up with the required knowledge in our specialized fields. What do you actually have to invest in order to stay in this race?

It’s a great question, because in this race, information is the tiger and there doesn’t seem to be an end to how fast the tiger can run. Do I want to do it? It is this last question that matters most. Why? Well, either the venture is something that you want or it’s something that leads to something you want. If it is neither of these, there’s no reason to act or to answer the other three questions. Own Your Future PDF Book Download

We’ll explain. There is simply no way you are going to give your new venture your full effort if your heart isn’t in it at least to some degree. But once you want to do something, everything gets reframed. The negative emotional response to all the unknowns is reduced. The reality hasn’t changed.

You still don’t know what is out there, but you’ll find a way around the problem because you care about what you are trying to do. Armed with the learning, you make the appropriate changes, painful though they might be. Here’s an example involving a real product. A former colleague was convinced he had a better way to do personal financial planning.

He had potential clients fill out a detailed questionnaire at their leisure asking them about their assets and liabilities. They liked the basic idea, but hated using pencil and paper, so he arranged for them to fill out everything online, trying to keep all his questions as brief as possible. Own Your Future PDF Book Free

They liked that, but told him they found his dense questions too confusing, so he set up a second version breaking the questions into their component parts. That also met with their approval, but now potential customers were complaining that the forms took too long to fill out. So, in version three.

He created an “executive summary” section that they could fill out to get a quick snapshot of their financial situation before moving on to the more elaborate versions of the forms. “simply” starting a new initiative for your town—you’re going to face a lot of obstacles. You don’t want to be giving up the first time you encounter difficulty.

It’s why you want to love—or at least deeply want—whatever it is you set out to do. That desire will keep you going when you are faced with the inevitable hard times. But, let’s be real. None of this guarantees wealth, or even financial success. A friend of ours was hanging out at a bar with some fellow professional musicians after a recording session. Own Your Future PDF Book Free

talking admiringly about another musician they all know and how fortunate it was that “his music was commercial.” In those four words, you will find an enormous truth. We all have our music , and there is no guarantee that anyone will buy it. Absolutely none. We may love the music we make, we may work extremely hard to bring it to as many people as possible, and be proud of it beyond belief, but it simply may not be commercial.

They are two entirely separate things. You’ve been getting up every morning working on whatever it is you are doing and it has probably been a long time since you asked, “Why am I doing this?” By simply asking the question, you may realize that the desire is gone and it is time to move on to something else. The pausing will get you to address something else.

You always want to be standing on firm ground. You always want to know exactly where you are. So the ability to take stock of current reality is incredibly important. You may have been doing whatever you’re doing for so long that the world may have shifted around you. To use a silly example to make the point. Own Your Future PDF Book Free

you may have been laboring so long and so hard on perfecting your idea for a VCR that you fail to see that the world has moved on to digital recorders. The way the world really is, is not necessarily the way you would like it to be. You might, indeed, be able to change the world. You do. (“I want to play with numbers.”) You just haven’t developed the next step.

“I am not sure yet what the job that will allow me to do that looks like.”) The thing you most need to do at this point is figure out how to get moving. The second kind of desire is when you want something because you think it will bring you something else. Here’s an easy example: “I really like the idea of starting my own firm, not because I want to run a company, but because I think that’s going to provide me with gainful employment.” Own Your Future PDF Book Free

Or make me famous, à la Mark Zuckerberg, or ensure that I never have to work for anyone else again in my life.) The specific thing isn’t what you want so much as what you think it’s going to lead you to. Think of these things as “Instrumental” Desires, things that you want because they lead to an Ultimate Desire. These are the cases in which you need an idea.

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