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ON THEIR THIRD wedding anniversary, Joshua Park came home to Providence, Rhode Island, from a meeting in Boston with a medical device company. They’d bought his design, and he was glad to be done being around people, and very, very glad to go back home to his wife. He stopped at the florist and picked up the three dozen white roses he’d ordered.

Pack Up the Moon PDF Book by Kristan Higgins

Name of Book Pack Up the Moon
PDF Size 3.2 MB
No of Pages 405
Language English
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This was in addition to the chocolates he’d bought from his wife’s favorite place, which he’d hidden carefully; the leather watch; a pair of blue silk pajamas; and two cards, one sappy, one funny. He did not take anniversaries lightly, no sir. Joshua unlocked the apartment door and found the place dark except for a trail of candles leading down the hall. Pink rose petals had been scattered on the floor.

Well, well, well. Guess he wasn’t the only one who’d gone to the florist. Pebbles, their dog, was asleep on her back on the sofa. “Is this your work?” he asked Pebbles. Pebbles wagged her tail but didn’t open her eyes. He took off his shoes and shrugged off his coat, which was wet from melting sleet.

Click here to Download Pack Up the Moon PDF Book

Cradling the huge bouquet, he walked slowly down the hall to the master bedroom, savoring the moment, banishing the worry over knowing she’d gone out in this raw weather. Anticipation fizzed through his veins. The bedroom door was open a crack, and the room flickered with more candlelight. He pushed the door open, a smile spreading slowly across his face.

His wife lay on the bed on her stomach, wearing nothing but a red ribbon around her waist, tied in a bow on the small of her back. Her chin was propped on her hands, her knees bent so that her heels almost touched her very lovely ass. “Happy Valentine’s Day,” she said, her voice husky. “Happy anniversary.”

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He leaned in the doorway and just took in the sight —his wife (the word still gave him a thrill)—her dark red hair loose around her shoulders, her creamy skin glowing in the candlelight. “Guess what I got you,” she said. “I have no idea.” “It starts with ‘sexy’ and ends with ‘time.’” “Just what I wanted.” He loosened his tie. “You’re not too tired?” he asked. “Do I look tired?

Or do I look like someone who’s about to get shagged silly?” He laughed. “Definitely the latter.” He went to their bed, knelt down and kissed her with all the love, gratitude, lust and happiness in his heart. “You taste like chocolate,” he said, pulling back a little. “Shame on you.” “Is it my fault you left me alone in the house with Fran’s salted caramels?” she asked.

“I think we both knew what would happen.” “Those were hidden.” “Not very well. In a shoebox in a suitcase on the top shelf of the closet? Please. You’re such an amateur.” “You have a nose like a bloodhound.” “Yes, yes, talk dirty to me,” she said, laughing. “Come on. Unwrap your present and make love to your wife.” “Yes, ma’am,” he said, and he did, sliding his hands over her silky skin. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book

God, he loved being married. He loved Lauren, loved this room and this bed and the fact that she’d go to the effort of lighting candles and scattering rose petals and undressing and finding a red ribbon. Her skin smelled like almonds and oranges from her shower gel. She’d painted her toenails red. All for him. “I’m the luckiest guy in the world,” he whispered against her neck.

Everyone began filing out of the church. Josh waited, being at the front of the church. His mom slid her arm through his. “Hang in there, honey,” she whispered. He nodded. They both watched as Ben and Sumi Kim, his mother’s best friends and next-door neighbors, went to the altar and stood in front of Lauren’s picture.

Ben bowed from the waist, then knelt on the floor and pressed his forehead to it, then rose and bowed again while Sumi sobbed gently. Josh had to cover his eyes for a minute at the reverence, the heartache in that gesture. Lauren had loved the Kims, who were essentially Josh’s second parents. Ben was the closest thing to a father he’d ever had. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book

Of course Lauren loved them. She loved most people, and they all loved her right back. The Kims came over, hugged him. Josh stood there with the three adults who’d raised him, all helpless now in the face of his loss. No one could help him. “You’ll get through this, son,” Ben said, looking him in the eye. “I know it seems like you won’t, but you will.”

Josh nodded. Ben wasn’t the type to lie. Ben gripped his shoulders and nodded back. “You’re not alone in this, Josh.” Well. That was a nice thought, but of course he was alone. His wife was dead. “Shall we head out, then?” the older man asked. Like his mother, Ben was good at giving Josh the cues he often needed in social situations.

Not as good as Lauren, though. Panic flashed painfully through his joints. What was he going to do without her? “Let’s go, honey,” his mom said. Right. He hadn’t answered. “Okay,” he said. It felt wrong, somehow, leaving the church. Ending the funeral. There was a lunch after the service. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book

So many flowers, despite Lauren’s wish that in lieu of, there’d be donations for the Hope Center, her favorite place in Providence, her hometown. Her workmates from Pearl Churchwell Harris, the architectural firm where she’d worked as a public space designer, were all here—Bruce, who’d been such a great boss to Lauren, crying as if he’d lost his own child.

Santino and Louise, who’d gone on walks with Lauren to keep her lung capacity up. Jesus. He had to change tenses now. He unlocked the apartment door and went inside. He hadn’t been here since Lauren was hospitalized . . . when was that? Six days ago? Eight? A lifetime. The island lights shone gently, and the lamp by the reading chair was on low. Someone had been here.

The place was immaculate. The pillows were plumped on the couch, pillows Lauren had bought. A bouquet of yellow tulips sat on the kitchen island, smack in the middle, obscenely cheerful. The blankets that Lauren had used, since she was always cold, were folded, one draped over the back of the couch. It was so quiet. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book Download

Pebbles, their goofy Australian shepherd mutt, had been staying with Jen since Lauren’s hospitalization; Josh had forgotten to ask for her back. Well. Another day wouldn’t matter. Josh went into the bedroom. Lauren’s medical stuff—her at-home oxygen, her percussion vest—was gone. Josh had agreed to that, he remembered vaguely.

Donate the stuff to someone in need or something. The pill bottles that had sat on her night table, the Vicks VapoRub . . . those were gone, too. Idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis. Twelve syllables of doom. A disease for which there was no cure. A disease that usually hit older people but, occasionally, chose a young person to invade. A disease that had a life expectancy of three to five years.

Lauren had gotten the shorter end of that. Their bed was made perfectly, same as Lauren used to make it, before the small task took too much out of her. He always tried to make it as precisely as she did and never quite managed, something that made her smile. The cute, useless little flowered pillows were in place. It was as if she’d just been here. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book Download

JOSH WAS IGNORING the holidays this year. They were hard to avoid outside in the real world, so he went out as little as possible, still trying to adjust to the fact that he’d met his father, and trying to ignore Christmas. Lauren had been a Christmas zealot. It felt grotesque that the holiday was happening without her. Then Jen asked to come over one Saturday afternoon, and Josh said yes instantly.

He’d missed her, he realized. The apartment was a mess, even though he’d hired a cleaning lady, a nice woman Asmaa had referred from the Hope Center, but he’d been working a lot, and takeout containers were scattered around. Pebbles was shedding, which didn’t help, so he vacuumed and made the bed. Showered, put on clean clothes, put on coffee and rummaged for cookies or something in his pantry.

Ah. Mrs. Kim had brought over those Korean sesame seed cookies, and he seemed to remember that Jen loved them. Yes. He was sure she did. He hadn’t seen Jen without Darius or the kids for a long time. They’d been a team when Lauren was sick, the two people who loved her the most. He thought for a minute about his half siblings out in Chicago. It was strangely pleasant to know they were there. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book Download

His mother had looked at the picture, shrugged, and said, “He looks old.” The subject was then closed. And Josh had put his father’s card in the box with Lauren’s letters, a way for him to tell her he’d done it. He didn’t think he’d ever want to see Christopher Zane again, but you never knew. The knock came on the door, and Pebbles went wild.

She loved everyone, but she greeted Jen with particular joy. Maybe she knew this was as close to Lauren as she could get. Maybe they smelled similar, the two Carlisle sisters. “Pebbles! Hello, my baby! Hello! I missed you!” Josh waited, accustomed to the dog getting love first. Eventually, Jen straightened. “Hey, how are you?” Jen said. She hugged him.

“Good to see you. Oh! I like what you did here! Is this coffee table new?” “No. The couch is. You’ve been here since I got it. But the rug is new.” He’d seen it on an auction site Lauren had registered for, and thought it would look nice against the old floors. “Coffee? Cookies? We— I have your favorite. Sumi’s sesame cookies?” Pack Up the Moon PDF Book Free

I remember how you went for days without going outside, how you never went to the rooftop unless I ordered you to. I remember how when we were dating, I’d be the only person you saw sometimes for days at a time. I don’t want that to be your life now, Josh. And so . . . I think you should buy a house. That’s my job for you this month, honey. Start looking for houses.

One with a yard for Pebbles, grass for you to cut, a garden where you can grow tomatoes, because you love tomatoes fresh from the vine, warm from the sun. I want you to have neighbors to wave to, and I want you to shovel some old lady’s walk when it snows. I want little kids to ring your doorbell on Halloween. I want you to walk out to the mailbox and chat with the nice folks across the street.

Our apartment was great, but it’s pretty isolated, and even I couldn’t win over that couple from the second floor. Plus, Creepy Charlotte scares me (if she’s your second wife, I’m going to kill you, FYI). He laughed out loud. Creepy Charlotte had opened her door the other night the second Josh had come home from a run. She was wearing a towel only. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book Free

“Did you knock?” she’d asked. “Absolutely not,” he said, running up the stairs before the towel could “slip.” He’d definitely gotten better at reading people this past year. What do you think, babe? You don’t need to buy a house right now (but you can afford it, don’t forget). Maybe just start looking. Take Sarah. She loves open houses.

It’s a way to start thinking about a life separate from where we lived so happily together. Because that life is in the past now. It’s time to start making something new. THE RUSH OF buying the house carried him along for a few weeks. He’d shown it to Jen and her crew. Sebastian had proclaimed it “the best house in the world for hide-and-seek.

Uncle Josh!” and Donna had clucked over how extravagant it was, “but you deserve it, of course.” His own mom had simply told him how proud of him she was, and then picked out the room she’d like “when Sumi, Ben and I come here for two weeks every August.” Ben proclaimed it perfect for Josh. After the whirlwind closing, Josh went back to the house with Radley and Sarah. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book Free

The neighborhood was quiet; Josh assumed some of the houses were second homes that filled up in the summer. The former owners had agreed to sell him some of the furniture, which was great . . . some of the stuff was quite nice, and the house was too big for him to furnish on his own.

He figured his two friends would be good people to give him advice on where to put stuff . . . and help him feel less lost in this place. He didn’t plan to move in for some time, although Frank had told him that the market was hot for loft apartments like his, and he’d be thrilled to list Joshua’s. But the apartment was where he and Lauren had lived.Josh wasn’t sure if he was ever going to sell it.

He didn’t have to decide right away, but he did need to get his ass in gear and earn some more money. Chiron Medical Enterprises, the company in Singapore, had sent him a case of wine and reminded him they’d love to host him, whatever he decided about their job offer, which was still on the table. Pack Up the Moon PDF Book Free

Right now, Radley was peppering Sarah with questions about why she went into public service instead of the more lucrative private counseling. So if I can be their friend, or their rock, during that time . . .” There was a lot of nobility in that answer. ” She stood back and surveyed the results of the furniture placement. “When you go to private practice, we can be partners.”

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