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I had just pushed the brake of my car in front of my house. It had stopped before the tyres were dragged on the neat and clean Jet-black road, emitting a loud squeal. I drove an Audi and you can’t get the real feeling of driving an Audi until you push the power brake hard at a speed of eighty. Well, I was with my girlfriend Saumya, Saumya Chadha. MY NEW GIRLFRIEND at that time. That day, my parents were out of town.

Potential Boyfriend PDF Book by Roopesh Kumar

Name of Book Potential Boyfriend
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So, I had brought her to my place—101 Aurangzeb-road, just right beside Delhi’s famous business tycoon Somani’s house. ‘You okay?’ I said, grinning wickedly. I unlocked my seat belt and helped her to unlock hers. I picked up my mobile and wallet. ‘OKAY??? See, my heart is beating fast. Sitting in your car means endangering your life, huh,’ she said, eying towards her hand on chest and still trying to recover the shock.

‘See, that’s my house,’ I pointed towards my house, without bothering much about her concern. She peeped out of the car window. I got out of the car. She followed. ‘Wow!!! This is where you live?’ she was stunned. She lifted her sunglasses over her forehead with mouth wide open, while placing her right hand beneath her chin. I liked her reaction though. Actually, my house wasn’t just a regular house. It was a massive mansion.

Click here to Download Potential Boyfriend PDF Book

My father was one of Delhi’s richest businessmen. I was his only child. And this helped me to get girlfriends so easily. I shrugged my shoulders. She grabbed my arm and smiled. We walked towards my house. I was getting excited with every step I was taking with her. No one was home. I had already asked our maid and domes- tic help not to come that day. Saumya and I were going to be alone for the first time.

And even this mere thought was enough to drive me crazy. My whole body was tingling in fantasies of us being together as we walked towards the main door of my house. We stepped inside. ‘It’s huge, Vardan… beautiful house,’ she exclaimed as soon as she entered and looked around, her hands cupping her face , eyes wide open. I slammed the door shut behind us. I locked it. Her exhilaration was making me giggle inside. ‘

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Not more beautiful than you,’ I said, standing behind her. At First, I gestured to hug her from behind but then paused as I didn’t want to look desperate. ‘Whatever… I love you, Vardan,’ she said, still moving her head around, standing in the middle of the living room. She acted like a nineyear-old who was left in a huge toy shop. Although, I was ready to buy her the best possible toy.

‘One more un-suck-sex-full breakup,’ he said in between the laughs. I was lying on a sofa, legs stretched on table. I smiled grudgingly seeing him laugh endlessly. ‘I always tell you, he is going to die a virgin,’ said Sejal, grinning and looking at Adithya. He laughed some more. Sejal was ironing her clothes. I wanted to snatch the hot iron out of her hand and put that on Adithya’s mouth. Potential Boyfriend PDF Book

‘Vardan, remove your shoes before resting your legs on table, you know my maid is on leave for next two days,’ suddenly, she shouted, in a protesting way. Instead I stretched my legs some more. Adithya R Venkatesan and Sejal Ganguly were my best friends. That day, we were at Sejal’s three-BHK apartment in New Friends Colony where she lived alone. Her parents lived in the USA.

They filled her bank account and paid her credit card’s bill whenever she complained that she missed them. She hated their ignorance towards her. She was like a tomboy. Tall, healthy, straight forward, and someone who plays guitar sitting on the floor, this is how she could be described the best. She was doing her Economics (H) from Lady Shri Ram College, DU.

I knew her from school but I met Adithya in the first year of my col- lege and we became best friends in a very short span of time. He was a huge fan of Rajnikant and couldn’t even hear a single word against him. He was basically from Chennai and had come to Delhi for engi- neering. He lived in college hostel. He knew Sejal through me. That day I had called him to her place so that I could share my recent break up story with them. ‘ Potential Boyfriend PDF Book

Were you guys all naked before she refused you to enter inside her?’ asked Adithya in a sarcastic tone. He got up and sat beside me. Curi- osity was sketched on his face. I frowned at him. I wanted to pull his hair. But didn’t as he had very short hair Anyway, it was a long, very long day for me. After dropping Niti, I received a call from Adithya and went to Sejal’s place. I told them about the whole day.

I told them in details about the unexpected events that took place. They listened to me carefully, gulping some beer. I settled with mango juice as I didn’t take alcohol. And Adithya blurted out that you had to kiss her thing after every five minutes. ‘You did a right thing by not kissing her. It could ruin the moment,’ shouted Sejal. She had a beer burp. ‘It was going to make the moment more interesting. Don’t listen to her.

She is four pints down… but man! You had to kiss her. You really have disappointed us today,’ shouted Adithya, lifting his face out of the couch and gulping some more beer. He went back on hiding his face into the couch. He was good at gulping, but bad at digesting. ‘Rain…tea… how romantic… Believe me that hug meant something,’ said Sejal. ‘What?’ I asked. ‘That you have made a good space in her heart.’ Potential Boyfriend PDF Book

‘So, I’m doing well at this potential boyfriend stuff?’ I gulped some mango juice and twisted my body. ‘You’re doing awesome Vardan, I’m so proud of you,’ uttered Sejal. Your drunken friends will always be proud of you. But I was happy about it. ‘But, I’m not proud of you today… you had to kiss her…’ interrupted Adithya, struggling to stand up. He strode across the room towards kitchen, probably, to bring more beer. ‘Leave him, he is high today.

Well, I guess you should propose her now,’ said Sejal, excitedly. She sat cross-legged, smiling and looking at me. As she was drunk, her eyeballs were moving instantly. ‘So, you’re sure I will get her laid now? I will finally come out of this virginity nuisance?’ I said. And I noticed her face expression changed as she heard that, eyeballs stopped moving and eyebrows rose up, making two mountains. I sensed those mountains were about to fall over me.

‘Such a jerk! All you boys are the same. You can never think above your underwear, huh,’ she shouted loudly. She stood up and sat on other couch. Adithya came with a pint in his hand and collapsed there, chuckling endlessly. He fell on the floor, laughingly. I wanted to kick his ass. I stood up and marched towards Sejal. ‘What’s wrong in that if I expect only one thing? Even when I’m trying my best to become like… whatever that potential boyfriend thing. Potential Boyfriend PDF Book Download

Or you want me to die a virgin?’ ‘A relationship is more than sex, Vardan,’ uttered Sejal, sounding irritated. Confused, I gulped the last sip of mango juice and scratched my ass. ‘Guys, stop this sex stuff. Let’s talk some real business. Vardan, you should propose her now, before she friend-zones you,’ spoke Adithya, softly. Even, that friend-zone word gave me a twitch.

Since that long day, Sejal and Adithya kept pushing my ass to Propose Niti. And I didn’t know what was holding me back. I was just waiting for the right moment or maybe I was scared to lose her. Well, I came to know about her upcoming birthday and decided to propose her on her birthday. I had planned I would go to her apartment with birthday cake at night, would surprise her and then propose her.

But my bad luck, in the evening just few hours before her birthday, she told me that she was going to her uncle’s place and would stay there. So, thwarted, I settled with becoming the first person to wish her over the phone. ‘Thank you so much, Vardan…so, you knew…hmmm… And this is why you have been talking to me over the phone for last thirty minutes, inducing me how better is Marvel than DC…,’ she said. I could sense her grinning. Potential Boyfriend PDF Book Download

Well, I’d been a Marvel fan—also, I didn’t know what to talk about for long thirty minutes, impatiently waiting to wish her. ‘Yes, I knew and I wanted to be the first one to wish you,’ I said. ‘And you did it well. You really made me happy,’ she said. I could sense her smile. I was glad to make her happy on her special day. ‘Did I?’ ‘Of course, it means a lot to me. Well, Vardan, now I should go.

Samar and others will be wondering with whom I’m talking to this long,’ she said before I could respond. ‘Okay, but listen… today is your big day and I want to make it special. I want to celebrate your birthday… a good place, tall cake, mouth-watering food and an unforgettable company…,’ I ended mumbling and grinning. I had thought that I would book any good café and throw a party for her.

But I was imagining only two people there in the party. She laughed. I wondered which part made her laugh, cake, food or the company…or my whole idea? ‘Okay, Vardan, but make sure, you’re going to arrange a tall and large cake, as big as you can,’ she said while laughing. I couldn’t get her largecake-joke. ‘And I should go now,’ she added. Anyway, I jumped in my bed as I heard the word okay. I settled down realizing I was yet to propose her Potential Boyfriend PDF Book Free

Immediately, I decided that I would go to her place and no matter what, whether I would have to beg her the whole night, I would apologize to her and tell her what I actually felt for her, otherwise my head was going to blow apart as I couldn’t stop myself thinking about her even for a second. This mere thought pumped my blood circula- tion thousand times. I picked up my car’s keys and rushed out of my room.

‘Vardan, come back on time. You’re skipping your dinner these days,’ my mother shouted behind as I reached the main door. I’m skipping life these days, Mom, I thought. She didn’t know I was going to skip breathing if I couldn’t see and talk to Niti anymore. I snubbed her concern and came out. I sat in my car and drove off. The whole way up, I thought about the things I wanted to say. It took me a few minutes of resistance to reach the heavy steel door of her flat.

My fingers quivered for a few seconds before pressing the white bell button. Before the door got answered, I looked up and be- seeched the God that he could shower me with some magical words and I tell them to Niti that she would agree to listen to me. But noth- ing came in my mind. It was like the God also wanted to say fuck off. My heartbeats started running faster than Usain Bolt as I heard the gate getting unlocked from inside. Potential Boyfriend PDF Book Free

She opened half of the door and tried to push it close as soon as she saw my face. I held on the door and pleaded, ‘Niti, please. Listen to me. Don’t close it. Please.’ She still tried to push the door close and I kept holding it and pleading. I added, ‘I will sit here whole fucking night if you don’t listen to me.’ She still didn’t respond. She wasn’t even looking at me. ‘Niti, please let me in. Trust me for the last time.’ Trust?

At least don’t use this word in front of her, my crestfallen heart said this to the wicked mind. I saw there was a knife in her left hand. I wondered if she would stab me with that knife. We stood quiet for a while. I looked at her and at the knife in her hand relentlessly. She looked down. And then she left the door and walked inside. I stepped in and shut the door. She sat on the sofa and started cutting ladyfingers into a bowl on her lap—I got the purpose of knife in her hand.

She wore a black cotton shorts and maroon crop-top. I restricted myself from looking at the bare skin be- tween her crop-top and shorts. I stood there clueless, facing her back. I searched for words and wondered how to begin.

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