Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book by Rory Vaden


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And if you’re like the Multipliers you’re going to read about in this book, then chances are you’re (justifiably) protective about what you allow to enter into your mind and whom you allow yourself to learn from. To me personally, there is nothing more frustrating than learning something from someone who hasn’t done what they are talking about.

Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book by Rory Vaden

Name of Book Procrastinate on Purpose
Author Rory Vaden
PDF Size 3 MB
No of Pages 205
Language  English
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The ideas in this book come from a variety of disciplines, but one thing you can be sure of is that they have been tested through the fire of real-life situations—including my own. Like most business books you will read, my writing includes original data from polling and statistical sampling that we have done, as well as through synthesizing existing publications and academic research.

At Southwestern Consulting, however, while we do appreciate academic research, we pride ourselves on being practitioners, and on providing strategies that are of real value and not just a pithy pitch. In other words, these aren’t just principles we have gathered from a smattering of sources and that work in theory.

Click here to Download Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book

These are principles that we are actually practicing in our own company and learning alongside you. I cofounded Southwestern Consulting with a few other partners in 2006. Shortly thereafter, we merged with some colleagues in London who had been working toward a similar vision since 2001.

Since that time, we have grown organically to more than seventy team members and we have worked with more than seven thousand different sales teams. Our core business is providing one-on-one accountability coaching to salespeople. At the time of this writing, we have personally coached more than twenty-seven hundred salespeople, sales leaders and entrepreneurs.

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That means we’ve been tracking the daily activity of how each of these people spends his or her time for six months or longer. When you work with people at such a close personal level for that amount of time, they are no longer just clients; they become friends. And more than 75 percent of our “friends” say that “time management” is their biggest challenge and the reason they got into coaching.

Because, you see, to a commission-based salesperson or an entrepreneur, time really is money, and it has become more difficult and stressful than ever before to keep up with the growing demands on our time. The most common phrase our clients use to describe their daily work challenges is that they feel like they are always “putting out fires.”

It is a challenge that we understand because every single one of our coaches—including me—is a salesperson first and a consultant second. We all sell and service our own clients. It might be more efficient and profitable for us to have some people sell and to then just hire a team of consultants to do the coaching, but then we wouldn’t know what it feels like to be in a position like our clients’.  Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book

We wouldn’t be practitioners. And so it is through our struggle and through all we’ve learned from being alongside our clients that we believe we have stumbled upon some truly unique ways of thinking differently about time. We’ve had to learn how to multiply our time, and this book is going to show you how to do the same—regardless of what type of profession you are in.

I assimilated that to create my own shorthand definition of prioritizing: to put one task in front of another. And oh, how there is so much value to learning how to put one task in front of another! Like efficiency and managing your time, this too has incredible application to our lives. In the past twenty-five years or so, it seems that there has been a lot more focus on prioritizing.

Which I believe was largely spurred by the widespread adoption of the late great Dr. Stephen R. Covey’s book, The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. An international best seller of more than twenty-five million copies worldwide, Dr. Covey’s book has affected and impacted the positive trajectory of the lives of so many—including my own. Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book

Chapter three of the book was called “Put First Things First,” and became the seminal work on redefining the way the world looked at time. Prioritizing and effectiveness became synonymous, as Dr. Covey seemed to clearly state to the world for the first time, “The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule, but to schedule your priorities.”

Then he presented a tool to help us realize that not all tasks are created equal. This tool has become so pervasive it’s almost impossible to have a conversation about productivity without talking about it. Dr. Covey referred to it as the “Time-Management Matrix.” It was a simple graph where the y-axis represented Importance and the x-axis represented Urgency

Living about forty minutes outside of downtown Nashville in the green rolling hills of Tennessee, Dan and his wife bought a gorgeous plot of land that they lovingly refer to as The Sanctuary. It’s a fitting name for the peaceful landscape of almost ten acres. People who take some of Dan’s courses often get a chance to visit the location. Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book

As Dan and Joanne prefer to invite guests and clients to their home so that they can really connect with them and get to know them. As a result, the Millers often have visitors to their property and they love giving tours. One of the highlights of the tour is an old dead tree stump in their yard. You might be wondering why anyone would care about an old dead tree stump.

And in most cases they probably wouldn’t. But this particular tree stump is a thing of beauty, both for how it looks and for what it has to teach us. Several years ago, Dan was faced with a dilemma. A thundering winter storm had knocked over one of the larger cedar trees in his yard, cracking it right in the core of the tree about fourteen feet above the ground.

Not only did Dan lose one of his beautiful trees, he also had this new problem, which was, what to do with the remaining stump? Now, most people probably would’ve just called the tree removal service to take the stump out of the ground and haul it away. But Dan certainly isn’t like most people. After a few weeks of pondering what to do with this stump, one day he finally had an idea. Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book

He called Terry B, a lady known for her wood carvings, and explained that he had “an interesting project” for her. Upon her arrival, Dan stated that he was just certain there was an eagle trying to get out of that damaged tree. Terry walked around it carefully for about twenty minutes and then said, “I think you’re right.”

Three days later she had completed her work, and where once was nothing significant, she had “uncovered” an absolutely stunning bald eagle carved at an angle into the wood allowing for a four-foot wingspan! She didn’t make it; she revealed it. That eagle was there all along—she simply had to remove the buildup of time that was hiding it.

This is a real-life illustration of something that was said by French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupéry: “Perfection is achieved not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” It is a peculiar truth about those of us who are on the journey to achieving success—we almost always focus on what we need to add to our lives. Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book Download

We look for what new strategy we need to learn that we don’t already know. And we look to build on the foundation of what we already have. But what if we instead focused first on what could be taken away from what we’re doing now? Well, that is indeed the very first practical step of becoming a Multiplier. It is asking yourself the question, “What are all of the things that I can just eliminate?”

“Eliminate” is the first of the five choices or strategies that Multipliers implement. Of the five strategies, this one has by far the widest swath of opportunity for time savings that we can immediately give ourselves tomorrow that we don’t have today. If we multiply our time by spending time on things today that will create more time tomorrow.

Then there isn’t a faster way to create more margin tomorrow than by spending our time today just wiping out, deleting or removing some of the things that we’re involved in that we would be doing tomorrow. The concept of “hidden cost” teaches us anything that wastes your time is a waste of your money. We’ve all heard the cliché that “time is money.” Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book Download

And most of us sort of understand it. Because many of us have been paid hourly at some point in our lives, we get the idea that if I don’t spend my time working today then I don’t get paid my money. But to a Multiplier, there is much more to it than that. Multipliers, who live in a world of evaluating everything based on Significance—how long this decision is going to matter—are constantly thinking longer term.

It’s almost as if they are making a perpetual account for compounding interest. It’s like they have their own secret school subject that no one else knows about: Multiplier’s Math. Money is a good illustration of the dynamic because it makes this idea of Significance tangible. Think of your money as if it were your army.

Every dollar that you spend is like losing one member of your troops. Every dollar that you save or invest, however, grows your army. Why? Because of exactly what we said above: compounding interest. Compounding interest occurs when your investment earns interest on the previous interest that has been acquired. Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book Download

So, if I invested ten dollars at a 10 percent annual interest rate (or rate of return), then the first year I would earn one dollar in interest. The magic happens in year two though, because I would earn 10 percent on eleven dollars, not ten! So in year two, I would make $1.10 in interest (eleven dollars times 10 percent) rather than just one dollar.

And my total net worth at that point would be $12.10 when I originally started with only ten dollars. My army is multiplying itself; my net worth is growing without my doing anything. Another way of thinking about it is that I’m getting paid to wait on spending my money. My money works hard for me to make more and more money.

The example above with ten dollars might not seem all that compelling, but even ten dollars invested at 10 percent for forty years would be worth $452! So your army acquired and developed 442 more soldiers for you over forty years! Change the initial ten-dollar investment to a twenty-five-thousand-dollar investment, keeping a 10 percent rate of return, and your army grows to $1,131,481 forty years from now! Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book Download

If you knew you could become a millionaire by sacrificing, squeezing, tightening, working, pushing and disciplining yourself to save twenty-five thousand dollars while you were young, would you do it? Would you give up the new car, new TV, new furniture or new house for a couple of years now so that you could be a virtually guaranteed millionaire later?

The mama bird knows when the baby is alive inside the egg, but if the mama bird or any other force happens to break their egg open for them, then once the baby bird is out of the egg, it will attempt to fly but it will fall and die. This is because the baby bird’s wings will not have been developed enough during the hatch.

As nature has it, it is the process of their own struggle to break out of their shell that strengthens their wings to the point that they can fly. It is through the struggle that one develops its strength and independence. And to “help” a bird break out of its shell would be ultimately to cause its death. Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book Free

This truth is a commonly cited metaphor in personal development because the hatch teaches us an important counterintuitive lesson: Most of the time, it is a service to allow people the natural process of making their own mistakes. To become a Multiplier, you have to understand and embrace a philosophy similar to the moral of the hatch.

Simple, but brilliant. The process of spreading out the instruction is something that we at Southwestern Consulting refer to as “spaced-repetition training,” and it statistically has a much higher success rate, just as he suggests. The most powerful part of the story, though, is that although he used the word “spend” all throughout the story.

I actually think a more appropriate word would be what we referred to in the last chapter, which was Invest. In fact, I’ve now been regularly using the acronym “R.O.T.I.,” which is short for the phrase “return on time invested.” Because it is an investment and it has a tangible, calculable return on that investment. Procrastinate on Purpose PDF Book Free

Using the example above, if you take the eleven hundred minutes saved, and you divide that by the hundred and fifty minutes invested in training, then you would get a 733 percent return on time invested in one year! That investment is a no-brainer. Not to mention, I can’t imagine a scenario where it would actually take you two and a half hours to teach someone how to do a task that takes five minutes.