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In A. D. sixteen hundred and ninety-two, a few Franciscan monks began to build a city. The site chosen was a lovely wilderness hundreds of miles away from civilization on every side, and surrounded by savage and warlike tribes. But the spot was as beautiful as the garden of God. It was shielded by picturesque mountains, watered by two rivers, carpeted with flowers innumerable.

Remember the Alamo PDF Book by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr

Name of Book Remember the Alamo
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Shaded by noble trees joyful with the notes of a multitude of singing birds. To breathe the balmy atmosphere was to be conscious of some rarer and finer life, and the beauty of the sunny skies—marvellous at dawn and eve with tints of saffron and amethyst and opal— was like a dream of heaven. One of the rivers was fed by a hundred springs situated in the midst of charming bowers.

The monks called it the San Antonio; and on its banks they built three noble Missions. The shining white stone of the neighborhood rose in graceful domes and spires above the green trees. Sculptures, basso-relievos, and lines of gorgeous coloring adorned the exteriors. Within, were splendid altars and the appealing charms of incense, fine vestures and fine music.

Click here to Download Remember the Alamo PDF Book

While from the belfreys, bells sweet and resonant called to the savages, who paused spell-bound and half-afraid to listen. Certainly these priests had to fight as well as to pray. The Indians did not suffer them to take possession of their Eden without passionate and practical protest. But what the monks had taken, they kept; and the fort and the soldier followed the priest and the Cross.

Ere long, the beautiful Mission became a beautiful city, about which a sort of fame full of romance and mystery gathered. Throughout the south and west, up the great highway of the Mississippi, on the busy streets of New York, and among the silent hills of New England, men spoke of San Antonio, as in the seventeenth century they spoke of Peru.

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As in the eighteenth century they spoke of Delhi, and Agra, and the Great Mogul. Sanguine French traders carried thither rich ventures in fancy wares from New Orleans; and Spanish dons from the wealthy cities of Central Mexico, and from the splendid homes of Chihuahua, came there to buy.

And from the villages of Connecticut, and the woods of Tennessee, and the lagoons of Mississippi, adventurous Americans entered the Texan territory at Nacogdoches. They went through the land, buying horses and lending their ready rifles and stout hearts to every effort of that constantly increasing body of Texans, who, even in their swaddling bands, had begun to cry Freedom!

At length this cry became a clamor that shook even the old viceroyal palace in Mexico; while in San Antonio it gave a certain pitch to all conversation, and made men wear their cloaks, and set their beavers, and display their arms, with that demonstrative air of independence they called los Americano. Remember the Alamo PDF Book

For, though the Americans were numerically few, they were like the pinch of salt in a pottage—they gave the snap and savor to the whole community. Over this Franciscan-Moorish city the sun set with an incomparable glory one evening in May, eighteen thirty-five. The white, flat-roofed, terraced houses—each one in its flowery court—and the domes and spires of the Missions.

With their gilded crosses, had a mirage-like beauty in the rare, soft atmosphere, as if a dream of Old Spain had been materialized in a wilderness of the New World. But human life in all its essentials was in San Antonio, as it was and has been in all other cities since the world began.

Women were in their homes, dressing and cooking, nursing their children and dreaming of their lovers. Men were in the market-places, buying and selling, talking of politics and anticipating war. And yet in spite of these fixed attributes, San Antonio was a city penetrated with romantic elements, and constantly picturesque. Remember the Alamo PDF Book

“How stupid are you, Antonia! In New York they did not teach you to put this and that together. As soon as I saw Senor Houston, I said to myself: ‘Don Luis was going to him; very likely they have met each other on the road; very likely Don Luis is back in San Antonio. He would not want to go away without bidding me good-by,’ and, of course, I was right.”

“But when did you see him last night? You never left the room.” “So many things are possible. My heart said to me when the talk was going on, ‘Don Luis is waiting under the oleanders,’ and I walked on to the balcony and there he was, and he looked so sad, and I dropped my suchil flower to him; and Rachela saw me, for I think she has a million eyes,—and that is the whole matter.”

“But why did not Don Luis come in?” “Mi madre forbade me to speak to him. That is the fault of the Valdez’s.” “Then you disobeyed mi madre, and you know what Fray Ignatius and the Sisters have taught you about the fourth command.” “Oh, indeed, I did not think of the fourth command! A sin without intention has not penance; and consider, Antonia. Remember the Alamo PDF Book

I am now sixteen, and they would shut me up like a chicken in its shell. Antonia, sweet Antonia, speak to Rachela, and make your little Iza happy. Fear is so bad for me. See, I do not even care for my cakes and honey this morning. “I will give Rachela the blue silk kerchief I brought from New York. She will forget a great deal for that, and then, Iza, darling.

You must tell Fray Ignatius of your sin, because it is not good to have an unconfessed sin on the soul.” “Antonia, do not say such cruel things. I have confessed to you. Fray Ignatius will give me a hard penance. Perhaps he may say to mi madre: ‘That child had better go back to the convent.

I say so, because I have knowledge.’ And now I am tired of that life; I am almost a woman, Antonia, am I not?” Antonia looked tenderly into her face. She saw some inscrutable change there. All was the same, and all was different. She did not understand that it was in the eyes, those lookouts of the soul. Remember the Alamo PDF Book

They had lost the frank, inquisitive stare of childhood; they were tender and misty; they reflected a heart passionate and fearful, in which love was making himself lord of all. Antonia was not without experience. There was in New York a gay, handsome youth, to whom her thoughts lovingly turned.

She had promised to trust him, and to wait for him, and neither silence nor distance had weakened her faith or her affection. Don Luis had also made her understand how hard it was to leave Isabel, just when he had hoped to woo and win her. He had asked her to watch over his beloved, and to say a word in his favor when all others would be condemning him.

“Mother, you have been a very happy woman. You have had the best husband in the world. Do not reproach my father for the sins of others. Do not desert him when he is in the power of a human tiger. My God, mother! let us think of something to be done for his help! I will see the Navarros, the Garcias, Judge Valdez; I will go to the Plaza and call on the thousands he has cured and helped to set him free.” Remember the Alamo PDF Book

“You will make of yourself something not to be spoken of. This is the judgment of God, my daughter.” “It is the judgment of a wicked man, Fray Ignatius. My mother is not now able to listen to you. Isabel, come here and comfort her.” Isabel put her cheek to her mother’s; she murmured caressing words; she kissed her face.

And coiled up her straggling hair, and with childlike trust amid all, solicited Holy Mary to console them. Fray Ignatius watched her with a cold scrutiny. He was saying to himself, “It is the fruit of sin. I warned the Senora, when she married this heretic, that trouble would come of it. Very well, it has come.”

Then like a flash a new thought invaded his mind—If the Senor Doctor disappeared forever, why not induce the Senora and her daughters to go into a religious house? There was a great deal of money. The church could use it well. Antonia did not understand the thought, but she understood its animus, and again she requested his withdrawal. Remember the Alamo PDF Book Download

This time she went close to him, and bravely looked straight into his eyes. Their scornful gleam sent a chill to her heart like that of cold steel. At that moment she understood that she had turned a passive enemy into an active one. He went, however, without further parley, stopping only to warn the Senora against the sin “of standing with the enemies of God and the Holy Church.”

And to order Isabel to recite for her mother’s pardon and comfort a certain number of aves and paternosters. Antonia went with him to the door, and ere he left he blessed her, and said: “The Senorita will examine her soul and see her sin. Then the ever merciful Church will hear her confession, and give her the satisfying penance.”

Antonia bowed in response. When people are in great domestic sorrow, self-examination is a superfluous advice. She listened a moment to his departing footsteps, shivering as she stood in the darkness, for a norther had sprung up, and the cold was severe. She only glanced into the pleasant parlor where the table was laid for dinner. Remember the Alamo PDF Book Download

And a great fire of cedar logs was throwing red, dancing lights over the white linen and the shining silver and glass. The chairs were placed around the table; her father’s at the head. It had a forsaken air that was unendurable. The dinner hour was now long past. It would be folly to attempt the meal.

How could she and Isabel sit down alone and eat, and her father in prison, and her mother frantic with a loss which she was warned it was sinful to mourn over. Antonia had a soul made for extremities and not afraid to face them, but invisible hands controlled her. What could a woman do, whom society had forbidden to do anything, but endure the pangs of patience?

The Senora could offer no suggestions. She was not indeed in a mood to think of her resources. A spiritual dread was upon her. And with this mingled an intense sense of personal wrong from her husband. “Had she not begged him  to be passive? And he had put an old rifle before her and her daughters! It was all that Senor Houston’s doing. She had an assurance of that.” Remember the Alamo PDF Book Download

She invoked a thousand maledictions on him. She recalled, with passionate reproaches, Jack’s infidelity to her and his God and his country. Her anger passed from one subject to another constantly, finding in all, even in the lukewarmness of Antonia and Isabel, and in their affection for lovers, who were also rebels, an accumulating reason for a stupendous reproach against herself.

Her husband, her children, and her unhappy fate. Her whole nature was in revolt—in that complete mental and moral anarchy from which springs tragedy and murder. Isabel wept so violently that she angered still further the tearless suffering of her mother. “God and the saints!” she cried.

“What are you weeping for? Will tears do any good? Do I weep? God has forbidden me to weep for the wicked. Yet how I suffer! Mary, mother of sorrows, pity me!” “These American diablos! They are attacking the city. They will take it—that is to be expected—who can fight diablos? And what is to become of us? Oh, Antonia! Why did you prevent Fray Ignatius?

We might now have been safe in the convent”, and Rachela nodded her head in assent, with an insufferable air of reproof and toleration. Antonia saw that the time had not yet come for pleading her own cause. She left Isabel with her mother. The Senora’s breakfast was waiting, and she offered to share it with her youngest daughter. Remember the Alamo PDF Book Free

Antonia went downstairs to prepare for herself some coffee. She was surprised and pleased to find it made. For a certain thought had come to Molly in the night and she had acted upon it— “The praist is a strange praist, and almost as black as a nagur; and I’d be a poor body, I think, to let him be meddling wid my work. Shure, I never heard of the like of such interfering in Ireland, nor in the States at all!”

Then turning to the Mexican cook, Manuel—“You may lave the fire alone till I bees done wid it.” “Fray Ignatius will not give you absolution if you disobey him.” “He can be kaping the same then. There is an Irish praist at San Patricio, and I’ll be going there for my absolution; and I’ll be getting none any nearer that an Irish soul will be a pin the better for. I’ll say that, standing in the church, to the saints themselves; and so be aff wid you and let the fire alone till I bees done wid it.”

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