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I come from Varanasi, which my social studies teacher says is one of the oldest cities on earth. People came to live here in 1200 BC. The city gets its name from two rivers, Varuna and Asi, which pass through the city and meet the Ganga. People call my city several names – Kashi, Benares or Banaras – depending on where they come from.

Revolution 2020 PDF Book by Chetan Bhagat

Name of Book Revolution 2020
Author Chetan Bhagat
PDF Size 22 MB
No of Pages 304
Language English, Hindi, Marathi
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Some call it the City of Temples, for we have thousands of them, and some the City of Learning, as Varanasi apparently has great places to study. I simply call Varanasi my home. I stay near Gadholiu, a place so noisy, you need to put cotton balls in your ears if you want to sleep. Gadholia is near the ghats, along the river Ganga.

So if the crowds of Gadholla become too much to take, you can always run to the ghats and sit by the Ganga and watch the temples. Some call my city beautiful, holy and spiritual – especially when we have to introduce it to foreign tourists. Many call it filthy and a dump. I don’t think my city is dirty.

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It is the people who make it dirty. I looked at her beautiful face. You have no idea what you do to them,” I said. You have no idea what you do to me, was what I actually wanted to tell her. Revolution 2020 PDF Book Download Aarti’s looks had always drawn appreciative comments from the school teachers. However, two years ago when she turned fifteen, the whole school started talking about her.

Statements such as the most beautiful girl in Sunbeam School’, ‘she should be an actress, or she can apply for Miss India’ became increasingly common. Some of it came from people trying to please her. After all, a senior IAS officer father and a prominent ex-politician grandfather meant people wanted to be in her good books.

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But yes, Aarti did make Varanasi skip a heartbeat. I reached Assi Ghat at four-thirty in the morning. Phoolchand, my boatman friend, smiled as he handed me the oars. Revolution 2020 PDF Book Download He had never charged me in all these years. I would take his boat for an hour, and buy him tea and biscuits in return. Firangs would pay five hundred bucks for the same.

Sometimes I’d help him negotiate with foreigners in English, and hed give me a ten per cent commission. Yes, I could make money like this too. Maybe not a lot, but enough to survive. If only Baba would understand this. Aarti was waiting twenty metres ahead of the ghat pier, away from the stare of boatmen and sadhus.

She stepped into the boat, one foot at a time. I whisked the boat away from the shore. ‘Let’s go that way, she said, pointing in the quieter western direction. Revolution 2020 PDF Book Download On the east, the morning aarti had commenced at the crowded Dashashwamedh Ghat. Dashashwamedh, believed to be the place where Brahma performed ten ashwamedha yajnas (horse sacrifice), is the hub of all holy activities on the banks of Ganga in Varanasi.

The sound of bells and chants faded as I rowed further away. Soon, the only sounds came from the periodic slapping of the oars on the water. ‘It happens,’ said Aarti. Her face had an amber hue from the morning sun. It matched her saffron and red dupatta. My arms and shoulders felt tired.

I stopped rowing and put the oars down. The boat stood still somewhere in the middle the Ganga. Aarti stood up to come and sit beside me. Her movement shook the boat a little. Revolution 2020 PDF Book As per ritual, she took my tired palms and pressed them. She held my chin and made me face her. I dumped the brochures on the bed, and took off my shoes and socks.

I had spent the day visiting various coaching schools. At three in the afternoon, my room felt at ignition point. Mr Soni gently knocked on the door of my room. “Your lunch, he said and kept the tiffin on my study table. I nodded in gratitude. It felt too hot to exchange pleasantries. I had arranged for my meals and a place to stay.

However, my main challenge in Kota, apart from constantly fighting off thoughts about Aarti, was to enrol in a good study programme. I had spent the last three days doing the rounds of every coaching school. Revolution 2020 PDF Book I took in their tall claims about zapping any primate into an IITian. I went through their super-flexible (not to mention super-expensive) fee structures.

Bansal, Resonance and Career Path seemed to be everyone’s top choices. Each of them had their own, rather difficult, entrance exams. In fact, Kota now had small coaching shops to coach you to get into the top coaching classes. From there, you would be coached to get into an engineering college.

Once there, you study to become an engineer. Of course, most engineers want to do an MBA. Revolution 2020 PDF Hence, the same coaching-class cycle would begin again. This complex vortex of tests, classes, selections and preparations is something every insignificant Indian student like me has to go through to have a shot at a decent life.

Else, I could always take the job of Birju the watchman or, if I wanted it simpler, hang myself like my erstwhile room-resident Manoj Dutta. I switched on the same fan that helped Manoj check out of the entrance exam called life. The moving blades re-circulated the hot air in the room.

I shut the door and removed my shirt. I hadn’t rowed in ten days. My arms felt flabby. Revolution 2020 PDF I wanted to exercise, but I had to figure out the ten million brochures first. I had indeed called Baba, twice. He seemed fine. I told him I had started preparing for next year, even though. I couldn’t bear to open any textbook.

I didn’t care. Whichever coaching class I joined would make me slog soon. I wanted to talk to Aarti first. I’d called her four times but could not speak to her even once. Her mother had picked up the phone the first two times. She told me politely that Aarti had gone out with friends once, and another time to submit her college admission form.

I called twice the next day and Aarti’s mother picked up again. I hung up without saying anything. I did not want Aarti’s mother going ‘why is this boy calling you so many times from so far?’ It did not create a good impression. Aarti had mentioned she would get a cellphone soon. I wished she would.

Everyone seemed to be getting one nowadays, at least the rich types. Revolution 2020 PDF Aarti did not have a number to reach me. I would have to try again tomorrow. I picked up a green-coloured brochure. The cover had photographs of some of the ugliest people on earth. The pictures belonged to the IIT toppers from that institute.

They had grins wider than models in toothpaste ads but not the same kind of teeth. Since my favourite hobby was wasting time, I spent the afternoon comparing the brochures. No, I didn’t compare the course material, success rates or the fee structures. In any case, everyone claimed to be the best in those areas. I compared the pictures of their successful candidates; who had the ugliest boy, who had the cutest girl, if at all. There was no point to this exercise, but there was no point to me being in Kota.

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