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The Arsha way is the only right way, the key, to discover the truth of the Vedas.According to ShriAurobindo, Swami Dayananda alone, in modern times, possessed this key to the secret of the Vedas. Interpreted this way the Vedas shine in their essential scientific refulgence. As science is pure knowledge, no story, no history, no mythology.

Rigveda PDF Book

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So are the Vedas, pure knowledge: knowledge of nature, mind, spirit, human society, Dharma, the dynamics of existence and the right way of living as individuals and as members of organised society upto the international level. Even Max Muller, though he was once committed to uprooting the religion of India by his arbitrary translation of Rgveda, had to admit in his Biographical Essays that.

“To Swami Dayananda, everything contained in the Vedas was not only perfect truth, but he went one step further and, by their interpretation, succeeded in persuading others that everything worth knowing, even the most recent inventions of modern science, were alluded to in the Vedas.

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Steam Engines, Electricity, Telegraphy and Wireless Marconogram were shown to have been at least in the germ known to the poets of the Vedas”. In fact Shri Aurobindo in his essay on “Dayananda and the Veda” goes even further: “There is nothing fantastic in Dayananda’s idea that Veda contains truth of science as well as truth of religion (i.e., Dharma).

Parehi vigramastætamindra≈ pæcchå vipa‹citam. Yaste sakhibhya å varam. Keep off the malicious maligner. Go even far, farthest to Indra, lord of divine knowledge, love and kindness, light and vision, experience and wisdom, who is good and the best choice for you and me and your friends. Go, ask, and pray.

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Hero of a hundred yajnic projects, having accomplished the programme and having drunk the soma of success, concentrate and consolidate as the light of the sun and be the breaker of the clouds of rain, and then advance and promote the wealth and defence of the nation through the battles of progress.

People of the land and children of Indra, sing and celebrate the glories of Indra, lord supreme of life and light, great and glorious, creator and protector of wealth, saviour pilot across the seas, and friend of the makers of soma. Indra, life and energy of the universe, is at the heart of our meditation. That is the spirit and secret of the wealth of the world.

That is the inspiration at the centre of our thought and intelligence. May that lord of life and energy come and bless us with gifts of knowledge and power in our joint endevours. Even if a person is opposed to faith in Indra and is an enemy of the pious, but (on repentance) offers sincere homage to Him. Rigveda PDF Book

Great Lord and universal home and haven of everything of the world, worshipped in every act of piety, he is saved. (ii) The pious, and even the impious, if he offers homage to Him, Great Lord who is the haven and home of everything in the world, worshipped in every act of piety, he is saved.

Indra, lord of light blazing in the sun, protector and promoter of the soma of life and joy, yoke your team of sunbeams like chariot-horses, equal, opposite and complementary as the positive-negative currents of energy-circuit, beautiful in their operative field, generous, pervasive in the skies all round, listen to our prayer and advance the yajna of knowledge and action on earth.

Here to this house of yajna, from the core of my heart, I invoke and invite Tvashta, first pioneer of all, omnipresent lord of cosmic dynamics and maker of beautiful forms of existence. May He be the sole object of our worship. Indra, light and power blazing as the sun, may the rays of light, brightest and fastest waves of energy, transmit your power. Rigveda PDF Book

Generous harbinger of light and rain, to the earth for a drink of soma as well as the protection of the joyous gifts of life. May the specialist scholars of light and solar energy develop the light and energy for the protection and prosperity of humanity and the environment. Surely that brave man never suffers any hurt or injury whom Indra, lord giver of honour, Brahmanaspati, lord omniscient of the universe.

And Soma, lord of peace, beauty and joy initiate and call on the way to action and honour.  Those sagely scholars who study and analyse the subtleties of motion and gravitation with their mind and speech, and with scientific apparatuses actualise the power for use, in fact, extend the creative yajna for God and humanity toward its fulfilment.

May the sagely scholars create and provide gems of wealth for us. Indeed they create the means of seven kinds of joyful service for us, each with care and laudable work, three ways in thought, word and deed, that is, three kinds of yajnic activity of reverence to the seniors, social cooperation and charity to be performed by all the four classes of society at each one of the four stages of life. Rigveda PDF Book

We invoke and honour Indra and Agni, air and fire energy, in the yajnic projects of humanity for the delight and comfort of noble friends and for the protection and promotion of the wealth and joy of the world. Indeed, they are the protectors and promoters of soma, pleasure, peace and prosperity for all.

Agni, lord of light and life and evolution, bring home to us here those generous energies of heat and light which warmly and profusely feed and promote the life and joy of the earth and other sustaining powers of nature, and bring Tvashta, that divine artificer, who creates beautiful new forms of existence and promotes life.

May the high heavens with their light and energy, and the dark green earths with their sustenance and gravitation feed and accomplish this holy scientific yajna of ours and, with their support and nourishment, bless us with fulfilment. For the protection and progress of the world in a state of peace and happiness, scholars of vision and piety invoke Indra and Vayu. Rigveda PDF Book

Divine energies of wind and electricity, which move at the speed of the mind, and which are givers of a thousand powers of sensitivity and promoters of human intelligence and its creations. Avindaccitrabarhi¶am. Pusha, lord creator and supporter of life, and lord of light of the universe creates, manifests and illuminates the wondrous universe of light.

And beauty which was hidden deep but safe and secure in the cave of the night of annihilation. (The mantra also applies to the creation of the earth and other planets of the solar system, in continuation of mantra 13 above. It also applies to the revelation of the light of the soul hidden in the cave of the heart.

Agni, Lord omniscient and omnipotent, recreate me with power and splendour, with family, with good health and age. May the divinities know me as I am. May Indra, lord of splendour and honour, know me, along with all the seers of the universal eye. They know. The ruling lord Varuna, the brilliant sun, pure and generous, radiates a flood of light in the bottomless astral sphere over the atmosphere. Rigveda PDF Book Download

Flowing down, the rays of light stop over the atmosphere and filter down to the clouds and impregnate them over the earth. May the rays of the sun, the clouds and the vapours absorbed in the clouds be for our good. Varuna, self-refulgent lord of omniscience, giver of knowledge, life of our breath, we pray for the gift of your light and favour with acts of homage, yajnas and holy offerings.

Reducing and destroying our sins as you are, we pray, be kind and gracious to loosen the bonds of our actions performed. The man of the discipline of science and Dharma who knows the twelve months of the year and the thirteenth which is supplementary every third year, and also knows how they raise the produce of the earth like a father, is the specialist of time, seasons, fertility and production.

For a vision of the Lord omniscient of the universal eye who is also an object of world vision, and for a model of the chariot over earth, air and sea, listen carefully to these words of mine in a mood of patience and forbearance. May Varuna, lord of knowledge, Mitra, universal friend, and Aryama, lord of justice. Rigveda PDF Book Download

All destroyers of sin, enemies and disease, grace the seats of our yajna with their blissful divine presence, as may the sagely scholar, our friends, and our dispensers of justice, all fighters against sin, enmity and negativity, come and take their seats on the vedi, sanctify and accomplish our yajna. Lord eternal and immortal.

By your kindness and grace, may the mutual praise and appreciation of both kinds of people—all subject to mortality, both average and exceptional of knowledge and achievement—be for our good. Brilliant scholars of eminence, saints and sages, we offer homage and hospitality to great scholars, love and hospitality to beginners.

Reverence and hospitality to youthful scholars, homage and hospitality to veterans of knowledge and wisdom. We do homage, reverence and service to the noble and brilliant people and to the divinities of nature as far as we can make it possible. You must not, no one should, malign or uproot the honour and reputation of the great and generous power. Rigveda PDF Book Download

Indra, lord of glory, eternal and imperishable, protector and promoter of soma, beauty and prosperity of life, if ever we are found wanting (for our acts of omission or commission), graciously help us repair, rehabilitate and re-establish in a splendid world of a thousand cows and horses (in a state of good health and a sound economy of plenty and progress).

Indra, lord of the world’s wealth and glory, silence the wail of lamentations, crush the spirit of evil, and inspire and establish us in a splendid state of thousand-fold purity of conduct, free dominion over the earth and meteoric speed of progress and attainment. I invoke and call upon the Primeval Man, eternal father.

Who creates this multitudinous existence from the eternal womb of nature, the same whom our original forefathers invoked and worshipped. Indra, the eternal creator, with roaring, moving, non-moving and animate things and materials, creates the wealth of existence such as earth, gold and knowledge and rises in glory. Rigveda PDF Book Download

May He, lord of generosity and dispensation of justice, give us golden chariots and bless us with wealth of the world for happiness and wellbeing. Agni, Lord Supreme of the universe, you are the first of existence and pre-existence, life and spirit of the worlds, seer and teacher, light and light-giver of nature for scholars of humanity.

Friend and lord of bliss, the scholars, saints and poets, and the fastest geniuses of the world abiding in your laws of Dharma and Karma, with full consciousness and responsibility rise to a state of glorious light and vision. Agni, light of the world and giver of knowledge and progress, keep us close in the presence of father and mother under the care and protection of heaven and earth.

Brilliant and generous, lord immaculate beyond words of evil and calumny, you are ever awake and active in the lights of nature and hearts of pious humanity. Lord creator and maker of the finest forms of existence, give us the knowledge, give us the protection and expertise for the worker specialist entrepreneur. Rigveda PDF Book Free

You are the peace, you are the bliss. You are the wealth, you are the Home. Let the world awake, arise and reach where they belong. Agni, lord of the world, Angira, life-breath of existence, the very light of purity, come well beautifully, come like a human presence, come like the breath of freshness, come like the effort and achievement of life, come as ever before.

Come to the dear holy man of divinity, bear him on to knowledge and Dharma, seat him on the sacred grass of the vedi in the house of yajna, and conduct the yajna for us unto the light of heaven. Thus faithfully praised, celebrated and worshipped in song, O lord of power and progress, Indra, bless the supplicant worshipper with food, energy and advancement like the streams that flow abundant.

This homage of worship is created and offered with the best of our intention and intelligence praying that with the divine gift of latest genius we may be warriors of the chariot and obedient servants of Divinity. O citizens of the land, what is that order of praise and approbation  which would persuade and move Indra toward us for our joint success and prosperity? Rigveda PDF Book Free

A very child of might is he, inspirer of the brave, most youthful hero of latest knowledge and modern tactic, eminent warrior, creator and munificent giver of wealth for his supporters, manager and promoter of the earth and its resources, and leader and commander of the generous producers, our own pioneers.

Whoever for Indra, today, distils and ripens the soma of honour and excellence, confirms and consolidates the gains of victory over darkness, evil and want, and perfects the production for national consumption: to such a person Indra responds, loving and listening to his songs of praise arising from the heart, and the lord in-vests him with inner strength of valour and showers of unbounded generosity.