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I have gone through some chapters of the English translation of Yajurveda by Dr. Tulsi Ram Sharma. As he has stated at the very beginning of the Introduction, this translation of Yajurveda is meant for an average Englishknowing reader who is keen to know: What is Veda? What is it about? Is it old or new? To achieve this object, he has followed the Arsh method of interpretation.

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Name of Book Samaveda
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Accordingly, for example, he has mostly followed the etymological method of literal translation. But whenever he finds that the literal is not helpful in achieving his intended objective, he adds the implied explanation so that the essence of the Vedic hymn is quite clear. For example, his translation of, ‘Yathemam Vacham Kalyanimavadani janebhyah’ is rendered as follows—‘

Just as I speak (reveal) this auspicious holy Word of the Veda for all people (without discrimination of high or low), so should you too communicate it to all people of the world, whosoever, whatsoever, where so ever they be’. That is the technique of Swami Dayananda also. I regard Dr. Tulsi Ram Sharma as one in the commendable line of Pundit Damodar Satavalekara who studied Sanskrit at a mature age.

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And did unique work in that language. Dr. Sharma has also mastered the Sanskrit language after his retirement and done full justice to the translation of the Veda. He richly deserves our gratefulness, our expression of gratification and our appreciation for succeeding in his sacred mission of presenting an understandable, logical and above all sensible English translation of Vedas which hitherto was unavailable.

Thus a long felt need has been fulfilled. I am sure Dr Sharma’s method of translation will not only be widely approved but will also be followed by others while translating the Vedas in other languages. Agni, save us by the first voice, and by the second, by three voices, and, O lord of cosmic power, ultimate haven and home of existence, save and promote us by the four.

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(Rg. 8-60-9) (This is a very simple and yet a most comprehensive verse. The first voice could be the voice of average humanity; second, words of the sages; third, voice of the soul; fourth, the voice of divinity. Another way to understand: One, two, three or all the four Veda’s voice. Yet another: voice of the soul in the rising sequence of the four matras of Aum as described in the Upanishads.

And then the four stages of language in the descending order from divine to the human: Para, pashyanti, madhyama and Vaikhari. Atandro havya≈ vahasi havi¶kæta ådid deve¶u råjasi. You pervade in the forests and in the earth upto heaven. The mortals light and raise you holily, and, without sloth or delay, you carry the sacred offerings of the devoted celebrants to the divinities over and heaven and shine among them.

Earnest men of love, passion and faith, but, being human, limited in intelligence, hold at heart, worship and serve Agni pervading and dominating the world of existence, great, sustainer of the vibrant wise, all knowing and wise, breaker of the strongholds of negativity and darkness, the original seed and source of life, beatific, supremely intelligent, golden flamed and divinely adorable. Samaveda PDF Book

Men hold at heart, worship and serve this omnipresent Agni being more dynamic For heat and light, energy and power, and for vision and excellence in life, study, develop and revere that mighty inexhaustible Agni with vast and rich inputs, which, like a friend, people have lighted and instituted as a prime and divine power with high praise and celebrations since the earliest times.

Praise the self-refulgent lord giver of heavenly bliss whom the divinities of light and enlightenment hold and reflect in all his glory, Agni, the lord adorable, all pervasive yet uninvolved, whom, for success and advancement, noble and learned people perceive, realise and worship as the one worthy of worship.

Just as here on the surface of the earth and in its environment, we know, there is the beautiful light of the sun penetrating and reaching everywhere, similarly, let all know, it is there on the surface of the moon. (Just as the sun holds and illuminates the earth and the moon, so should the ruler with his light of justice and power hold and brighten every home in the land. Samaveda PDF Book

Indra, lord almighty, commander, controller and inspirer of clouds, mountains and great men of generosity, may our hymns of adoration win your pleasure. Pray create and provide means and methods of sustenance and progress in life, and cast off jealousies and enmities against divinity, knowledge and prayer, our bond between human and divine.

When the mighty soul, destroyer of evil, born to self consciousness, takes to the bow and arrow, blazing, fearsome, breaker of foes, he asks the mother, spirit of higher vision and discrimination: Who are the enemies renowned to be terrible and irresistible?  Indra, lord of power and advancement, you alone we invoke and call upon for acquisition of food, energy, honour, excellence and progress.

All of us, leading people, makers, poets, artists, artisans and architects of the nation, fast advancing in all directions, invoke and exhort you, protector and promoter of universal truth and values in human struggles for light, goodness and generosity, and the wealth of life. Indra, lord of bliss and omnipotence, the food, energy and vitality which you bear and bring from the sources of pranic energy such as sun. Samaveda PDF Book

Air, cloud and cosmic intelligence is great and admirable. O lord of power and glory, pray advance the devotees who appreciate, develop and celebrate this energy and spread the holy grass of yajna in gratitude to you, offer homage to you and develop your gifts. Indra, lord ruler and commander of the world, the holy seat for you is created and reserved in the house of nations.

Elected and invited by all equally, pray come and take it with the leading lights of humanity in the manner that you may be our saviour and protector for advancement, receive and disburse the means and materials of life’s wealth and comfort, and be happy and celebrate the joy of life with the soma of the world’s excellence.

Veteran self-established sages who know the light of divinity and divine creation, having realized the truth in their mind and vision, say that there are two forces of Kashyapa, divine Intelligence, both simultaneous, whose sole law and purpose is to maintain the cosmic yajna of creative evolution through the operations of nature. Samaveda PDF Book Download

These forces are like twins and complementary: centrifugal and centripetal versions of the divine cosmic energy. Indra, only that person who knows the science and technology of that horse-powered chariot which is perfect and fully capable of defence and safety against the enemy, would ride that prize-winning chariot of victory which would lead him to the conquest of territory and prosperity.

Indra, yoke your horses (and come to join the yajna of defence and protection). The great and powerful sun drinks up the soma, essence of vital juices reinforced with herbal elixir, matured in three containers, i.e., the earth, the sky and the heaven of light, and distilled by light and wind while it shines and energises the essences.

He who delights in energising this sun, greatest of the great in nature, to do great things, who blesses and continues to bless this blazing power of light is the eternal, ever true, self-refulgent Lord Supreme, blissfulas the moon. And he who would love to do great things vast and worthy of the great, he, true and bright as the moon, should serve and meditate on this lord of unbounded light and energy. Samaveda PDF Book Download

Soma, spirit of divine peace, power and generous creativity, flows and purifies universally. It is generator of heavens, maker of the earth and creator of the nobilities of sagely wisdom, generator of fire, maker of the stars, manifester of its own omnipotence, and manifester of the omnipresence of its own self in expansive space.

If the language of the mind in words of love of the vibrant sage of worshipful devotion, established in the beauty and splendour of the supreme spirit and law of the universe, were to visualise the picture-presence of Soma, ultimate sustenance of life, then all perceptions, thoughts and imaginations, loving and faithful, would move and concentrate into that presence of the choicest.

Most loved and beatific master vibrating in the heart core of the soul. This Vasishtha, the brilliant disciple of the four sages, Agni, Vayu, Aditya and Angira, who then became the teacher of the Vedas, was Brahma. Swami Brahmamuni explains this interpretation of this mantra in his commentary on Rgveda and cites authoritative evidence from the Brahmana works. Samaveda PDF Book Download

Swami Dayananda explains the cosmic process of creative evolution and Vedic revelation in his Introduction to his Commentary on the Vedas, Rgvedadi Bhashya Bhumika, saying on Vedic and ancient authority that the Vedas were first revealed to four sages: Rgveda to Agni, Yajurveda to Vayu, Samaveda to Aditya, and Atharva veda to Angira.

Brahma, the brilliant disciple and later the inspired teacher, learnt the Veda from these four sages and passed on this knowledge to his disciples. O Soma, Spirit of Divinity, peace and glory of existence distilled in the essence for the soul’s being, flow in the sweetest and most exhilarating streams of ecstasy, cleanse and sanctify us unto purity and constancy, and initiate us into the state of ananda, divine glory.

Soma in the physical sense is an exhilarating drink, in the aesthetic sense it is ecstasy, in the psychic sense it is ananda, and in the spiritual sense it is elevation of the soul to the experience of divinity. It is the peace, Indra, life and energy of the universe, is at the heart of our meditation. That is the spirit and secret of the wealth of the world. Samaveda PDF Book Free

That is the inspiration at the centre of our thought and intelligence. May that lord of life and energy come and bless us with gifts of knowledge and power in our joint endevours. Just as pure, powerful, brown nectar streams of soma shower milky energies to fill the casks of exhilarating drink for the aspirants, so do seasoned selfrealised scholars and teachers of Vedic knowledge and experience.

Pure at heart and clairvoyant in vision and intelligence, let flow powerful exhilarating streams of knowledge and enlightenment in channels of truth, law and immortality for competent and conscientious seekers of life’s fulfilment. We choose Agni, the fire, as prime power of social yajna, which carries the fragrance of yajna universally across the earth.

The sky and even to the heavens, and which is the chief creator of prosperity and maker of beautiful forms. Eternal, all-watchful, poetic creator celebrated by sages and meditated by pious people pervades, energises and holds to the centre all forms of existence from the cell and particle upto the expansive universe, creating from Prakrti and its three modes of sattva. Samaveda PDF Book Free

Rajas and tamas all forms and names of things, letting streams of honey sweets flow, and releasing the joint, cooperative and friendly activity of Indra and Vayu energy and its flow at the cosmic level, and the soul and mind at the human level. Dynamic and creative languages of love and faith celebrate Soma, the languages of scholars enquiring into reality with thought and analysis concentrate on Soma.

It is Soma which, distilled from observation and experience and crystallised in nature and function, is sought to be comprehended or apprehended in the language medium. Indeed all speech media of description, definition, comprehension, apprehension, celebration or adoration arise from Soma and merge into Soma.

Vast and expansive is your holy creation of existence and the voice divine, O Brhaspati, lord of expansive universe. You are the master and supreme controller who pervade and transcend its parts from the particle to the whole. The immature man who has not passed through the crucibles of discipline cannot reach to that presence. Samaveda PDF Book Free

But the mature and seasoned ones who still maintain the ordeal of fire and abide by the presence attain to it and the divine joy O Soma, divine presence of might, majesty and bliss concentrated in the mind and soul, let showers of great energy and pure prosperity flow, abounding in lands and cows, knowledge and culture, golden beauties of riches.

Horses, speed and progress of achievement, and then attainment of the ultimate victory of the brave. Indra, lord ruler and controller of the dynamic forces of the world, drink this soma of ecstasy which, I am sure, would exhilarate you. The cloud, generative power of nature, has distilled it and showered on you.

And just as a horse well controlled by the hands and reins of the driver moves to the right destination, so is this soma generated by the hands of the creator meant to exhort you to take the dominion to its destination. Close to the adamantine integration of Purusha and Prakrti in human form is the secret seat of heart and clairvoyant intelligence. Samaveda PDF Book Free

Wherein the climactic presence of the master of three orders of Prakrti and super presence of divinity, and there it is shared by seven prakrtic, pranic and psychic orders of existence and adored by seven metres of Vedic hymns as the dearest supreme object of worship.Soma, prime spirit of the world in existence.

Pure and purifying, moves as the first cause of flowing waters, first cause of the flow of thought and speech, and it moves as the prime cause of the motions of stars and planets. First, before the start of evolution, it takes on the great warlike dynamics of the creative evolutionary flow of existence.

The same omnipotent generous power, mighty of arms, is adorned and exalted in yajna by celebrants on the vedi designed by the lord and structured by his Shakti, Prakrti. Samaveda PDF Book Free