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If I have learned anything this year, it’s that I won’t ever be ready for what life throws at me. I will never be adequately prepared. I won’t have the right words when it counts for something. I won’t know the right answer when fate itself is staring me down. I’ve learned I can go on waiting for something, sustained by hope and nothing more, or I can put it to one side and shrug my shoulders.

Sea of Strangers PDF Book by Lang Leav

Name of Book Sea of Strangers
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 119
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Bravely accept the fact that I can’t keep my heart safe any more than I can stop love from taking everything from me. I have learned to stop saying yes when I don’t mean it—to live as authentically as I know how. To allow the tips of my fingers to skirt the darkness, as long as I remember to keep my eyes fixed on the light. And as one door opens and another closes.

I will move forward with the knowledge that unlike so many others, I have another year ahead of me—another shot at making it all the way around the sun, and a chance to get it right this time ’round. I spend a lot of time thinking, maybe a little too much, about things that have been. Like when we first met and I told you someday, I would marry a fisherman and live by the sea.

Click here to Download Sea of Strangers PDF Book

Then as we began to fall in love, that throwaway comment grew in significance. Whereas you, on the other hand, are always thinking, what if? Spinning these wild hypotheticals that are sometimes sad, other times hilarious. Often, I wonder if we are living in one of them. But then, I don’t think it’s possible —even for you—to conjure something up this perfect.

And that is our main point of difference. I will keep mining ground we’ve covered to see if there is anything worth salvaging, and you will always be looking for new territory to explore. But there will be times when we switch, when you will be behind that metal detector, and I will be standing at the helm. So we’ll always be okay. I’m certain of it because this, right here with you, is everything I have ever wanted.

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You’re my fisherman. After all these years without you, I haven’t reconciled this pain. I have yet to make peace with it. I don’t even know where to begin. They promised me that time would fix it, but seeing you again takes me right back to yesterday. And every day from then to now, subsisting on the lies I tell myself when the truth is, I can’t let go, I haven’t let go.

There is one thing you should know about writing. It will inevitably lead you to dark places as you cannot write authentically about something unless you have lived it. However, you should always bear in mind that you are only a tourist and must always remain one. You were blessed with the gift of words, in order to bring a voice to suffering.

But do not be too indulgent despite how addictive sadness can be, how easy it is to get lost down the path of self-destruction. You must emerge from adversity, scathed but victorious to tell your story and, in turn, light the way for others. How many years must we put between us to prove we are no longer in love? Sea of Strangers PDF Book

How many summers and Septembers, distractions and chance meetings, remnants of our sad, hopeful love in another’s look, an all too familiar gesture—how long do we go on dragging our aching bodies day after day through this yawning, yearning world, searching for a glimpse of what could have been? Tell me there has been someone else like me, for you.

That your experience of love has not been defined by the way I spoke your name into the hollow of your neck. Ask me if I have found the same kind of reverence anywhere else but in your slow, patient hands, your sea-salt lips spilling laughter midsentence, my heart rising in a crescendo like a wave ready to crash.

Look at you. You’ve stitched your life so perfectly together. You worked so damn hard to get to where you are, and now have everything you ever wanted. So why do you keep looking back at the one thing that can undo it all? I shed my past like layers of skin. I let them fall at my feet like discarded clothing. I pay my dues and make amends for the sins of my youth. Sea of Strangers PDF Book

I step out from the shadows and into the light, naked and free. I can hear my spirit singing. I can feel my wings unfolding. And the sky is calling my name. When I was five I asked my mother about love. She scooped me into her arms and spun me around, her laughter filling up the room. She said love was like a red, round balloon.

There was a part of you that wanted to hold on to it, a part of you that longed to see it soar into the big, open sky. At ten, I asked my mother again about love. A soft smile played on her lips when she said love was like a drowsy kitten that came to you, unbidden, crawled into your lap, and made you the center of its world. The day I turned twenty, I dared to ask my mother one last time about love.

She tucked a lock of my hair behind my ear and held my young, hopeful face between her gentle hands. Her eyes were raw with longing when she answered, love is a dormant volcano, lying in wait, biding its time. Did you find your ever after? Is there somewhere you belong? Is your world now filled with laughter? Is there nothing for which you long? Do you ever look behind you? Sea of Strangers PDF Book

And wonder about what you see? When the memories come to find you— do you ever think of me? Do you think that love can lessen, if you pretend it isn’t there? Do you ever, ever question, what could have been if we dared? Are you happy to let it linger? Does it never cross your mind? The world that slipped through our fingers I think of it all the time.

You won’t believe what I see from this vantage point, the years stretching out before you like a long and winding road. I don’t want to scare you, but there is a forest just up ahead. One so dense and dark, the sunlight won’t reach you for awhile. You will wander lost, in this long, perilous night, not knowing if it will ever come to an end.

But believe me, the light will find you again, and when it does, you will no longer be afraid of the dark. Stop to catch your breath. Soon, a jagged mountain will rise before you, so steep it will make you want to turn back around. Don’t despair; the first foothold is always the most difficult and every inch you claim of that cold, hard precipice will make you stronger. Sea of Strangers PDF Book Download

Before you know it, the ground will level out beneath you, and you will look back to see you had conquered what you once thought impossible. See that turn just up ahead? That’s the place where love will meet you, with arms so warm it will melt away the winter in an instant. And then, it will be summer for a very long time.

I felt you again in my sleep last night. Like always my dreams of you are peripheral. An overheard conversation where your name is mentioned; a letter in my hand I try desperately to read before I wake. A Styrofoam coffee cup and half-read book on an empty table where I knew you were just minutes before.

It’s as though my dreams are a mirror of my waking world, like finding myself walking down the street where I could have sworn I caught a glimpse of you, only to look again and realize it wasn’t you after all. I look for you, the way I was taught to look both ways when crossing the road. Uptight and wary, bracing myself for something I know could break me. Sea of Strangers PDF Book Download

I loved you, in the way I’d only known love. Before I learned to hold back. When I thought everyone loved with their eyes closed and hearts wide open. After you, I learned to lock my doors at night, pull the curtain shut. Be wary of strangers with taut arms and sad eyes. Who want to spill their secrets to you like the ocean, who pull back once you find yourself too far in.

I miss you, like a drowsy child begging for sleep; like a bird who almost made it to the sun. I ache for you like the searing memory of flight. Kiss him if you want to; you are treading on sacred ground. Anywhere you go, I have already been. And when you put your body next to his, you’ll find the places I mapped out long before he knew you. And when he calls your name, know I was the one who put up those walls.

You should know by now that you cannot build cities on cities. Kiss him if you want to; But keep this in mind— you are a tourist here. I was his first love and I’ll be his last. Some people are made like the string of a kite, loose and free, like a bird riding the wind. Some people are made like the hard, brittle rope of a mountaineer, strong, steady, infallible. Sea of Strangers PDF Book Free

And then there are the ones who are like the strings of a violin, delicate and ethereal. Strung tight and taut, ready to snap. But when they sing, there is no other sound more haunting or beautiful. I have moved so far away from you that I have become a myth; a lie you tell yourself each night. I am the one true thing you’ve held in the palm of your hand, the key to everything you wanted.

Your name smiles at me from a crumpled envelope, addressed to the past. Unsent and unseen. Inside I wrote you a story about the moon, how night after night the darkness carved at the pale curve of her body until she became half the woman she was. There is a word that hurts my heart—one I don’t ever say out loud. Like the shadow that lingers in the light, I can’t separate myself from your memory.

But there are some nights when I look up at the sky, and the moon is whole again. Spread your wings—now is the time, to dare, to dream, to reach for the sky. This is the moment you will soar; if you want it now—you can have it all. Others will look upon your grace, and their bitter hearts will cry in spite; the best parts of you—they’ll try to take, to dim the brilliance of your light. Sea of Strangers PDF Book Free

And as your tender courage wanes, something whispers to you—wait! Look them in the eye and say—not today, I will not let you guide my fate. This is not the day when you’ll concede, you have more strength than you could know. This is when you will—if you believe, show them just how far you’ll go.

Lately I have been wishing there was more time to write. That everything would stop spinning for just a moment so I could sit down and tap blissfully away. Like I used to. Today I saw two strangers sitting side by side at a park bench, their fingers just inches from each other. Both were silent, staring straight ahead and neither seemed in any particular hurry to leave.

On my walk home, I wondered who they were and what destiny had in store for them. Will they remain strangers or become friends—perhaps even lovers? Then a thought occurred to me. While I am trying to find time to write, while my words are gathering dust in some sort of cosmic inventory—life is giving me a story.

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