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Just then the boys, who had run ahead to the best spots, started shouting. A quarry had been located, and despite a historic lack of success with the method, they were trying to get it out by poking and banging with sticks. The girl took advantage of their distraction to slide her trap from its hiding place.

She Who Became the Sun PDF Book by Shelley Parker-Chan

Name of Book She Who Became the Sun
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She’d always had clever hands, and back when such things had mattered, her basket-weaving had been much praised. Now her woven trap held a prize anyone would want: a lizard as long as her forearm. The sight of it immediately drove all thoughts of porridge from the girl’s head. She knocked the lizard’s head on a rock and held it between her knees while she checked the other traps.

She paused when she found a handful of crickets. The thought of that nutty, crunchy taste made her mouth water. She steeled herself, tied the crickets up in a cloth, and put them in her pocket for later. She looked over at Chongba and startled. His eyes were open, but fixed unseeing on the thatched roof. He barely seemed to breathe.

Click here to Download She Who Became the Sun PDF Book

For a horrible instant the girl thought he might be dead as well, but when she shook him he gave a small gasp and blinked. The girl belatedly remembered that he couldn’t die, since he could hardly become great if he did. Even with that knowledge, being in that room with the shells of two people, one alive and one dead, was the most frighteningly lonely thing the girl had ever experienced.

She had been surrounded by people her whole life. She had never imagined what it would be like to be alone. It should have been Chongba to perform their last filial duty. Instead, the girl took her father’s dead hands and dragged the body outside. He had withered so much that she could just manage. She laid him flat on the yellow earth behind the house, took up his hoe, and dug.

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The new novice monk Zhu Chongba woke to a thud so deep she thought it came from inside her own body. Even as she startled it came again, and was answered by a clear tone of such volume that it rang in her bones. Light flared on the other side of the dormitory’s window-paper.

All around her bodies were in motion: boys already in their trousers and undershirts were throwing on peasant-style short inner robes, then over them the wide-sleeved gray monastic robes, and running for the door. Straw sandals slapped as the mass of them burst from the room like a school of baldheaded fish. Zhu ran at the rear, her gray robe tangling between her legs.

To be Chongba she would have to run as fast as he would have run, think faster than he would have thought, look how he would have looked. She was smaller than the boys, but the enveloping robes made her otherwise identical. She touched her newly shaved head. Her hair was too short to even have a nap; it was as unfriendly to her fingers as a scrubbing brush. She Who Became the Sun PDF Book

Below, the Abbot gestured the Prince and his two sons into the Great Shrine Hall. The Abbot was all smiles until his eyes landed on their companion, the third youth. He recoiled in disgust, and said something in a carrying voice. Zhu and Xu Da watched with interest as an argument started between him and Lord Esen. After a moment the Prince, displeased, barked a command.

Then he and his sons together with the Abbot swept into the dark maw of the hall. The doors swung shut. Their companion was left outside, his straight back facing the rows of watching soldiers. Standing there alone in a dazzling sea of pale stone, the sun blazing from his armor, he seemed as cold and remote as the moon. When he finally turned away from the hall—a proud, arrogant movement—Zhu gasped.

The warrior was a girl. Her face, as bright and delicate as a polished abalone shell, brought to life every description of beauty that Zhu had ever read in poetry. And yet—even as Zhu saw beauty, she felt the lack of something the eye wanted. There was no femininity in that lovely face at all. Instead there was only the hard, haughty superiority that was somehow unmistakably that of a young man. She Who Became the Sun PDF Book

Zhu stared in confusion, trying to find something comprehensible in that visage that was neither one thing nor the other. Inside the latrine, Zhu stepped carefully across the excrement-dotted floor slats and gazed up at the ventilation gap between the roof and wall. It was even smaller than she remembered. Before she could doubt her course of action, she leapt.

Her outstretched fingers caught the lip; her scrabbling sandals found purchase on the roughly plastered wall; and then she was up. If the effort hadn’t left her breathless, she could have laughed: of all the grown novices, only she with her scrawny, non-male body was narrow-shouldered enough to fit through that gap.

In another moment she had wriggled through and tumbled headfirst into the soft ground underneath the plum trees. She jumped up, and as quietly as she could, snapped a low branch off the nearest tree. Her heart raced. Would Prefect Fang hear? To her relief, the snap seemed to have been masked by sounds of merriment drifting from the other terraces. She Who Became the Sun PDF Book

The monks who had opted out of the lanternlaunching ceremony had finished their sutra recitations and were enjoying themselves. Zhu thought Prefect Fang would certainly disapprove of that. “My lord?” Ouyang raised his eyebrows and sat. As usual his movement caused a rush of air that made the fire in the central hearth lean away from him.

Long ago a physician had attributed it to Ouyang having a surfeit of dark, damp, female yin energy, although that was a diagnosis any fool could have made of a eunuch. “Had you sent a summons?” When he reached for the bag of fermented milk airag at Esen’s side, the other passed it across, smiling. “Summons are fit for a minion who addresses me by title.

But I was expecting the pleasure of a friend’s company.” The argument over informal address was an old one between them. During Ouyang’s rise from slave to bodyguard to Esen’s general and closest companion, Esen had pressed to change the language between them, and been resisted equally strongly by Ouyang on the grounds of what was proper. She Who Became the Sun PDF Book Download

Esen had finally conceded defeat, but continued to use the matter for ammunition whenever possible. Little Guo swelled with pride; he loved the sound of his own voice. Ma could have cried. He had no sense at all. She had told him. How could he be so unaware of what had happened to her father—of how thin the line was in the Prime Minister’s mind between a reasonable effort to succeed, and punishable ambition?

Her wrist throbbed, and she saw Chen’s smug look. Little Guo said, “Why should we give men and territory to the Hu for nothing in return? And once they’ve come far enough to see Anfeng, will they really turn around and go home, even if the weather is too warm for their liking? Surely they’ll cross the Huai in the hope they can take it quickly. Why should we let them set the terms of the engagement?

Their next major obstacle will be the Yao River; we’ll have the advantage if we challenge them there. Let’s be bold enough to take the fight to them, and send them crawling back to their prince in defeat!” “Indeed, why not be bold?” Chen purred. “If we trust enough in our eventual triumph over the Hu, should we not also trust that Heaven will guide our true leader to victory in battle?” She Who Became the Sun PDF Book Download

The loss of ten thousand men in an instant was the worst defeat the Prince of Henan’s army had had in a lifetime or more. Ouyang’s mind jumped forwards to Esen’s shock and disappointment, and the Prince of Henan’s rage. But instead of producing trepidation, the exercise made Ouyang’s own anger burn brighter.

He had told the abbot of Wuhuang Monastery that his fate was so awful that nothing could make his future worse—and for all that this was his worst professional failure, and he knew he would be punished for it, what he had said was still true. He made an involuntary noise, more snarl than laugh. As he swung his horse around he ground out, “I have to find Lord Esen.

Gather the commanders, and issue the order for the retreat. The blood pounded in Ouyang’s head. It seemed that there was a flaring of light around him, a simultaneous bending of the lamp-flames that made the room sway as though he were in the grip of a deranging fever. He was almost glad to be kneeling and unable to fall. “You remember, don’t you? She Who Became the Sun PDF Book Download

How your traitor father dared raise his sword in rebellion against our Great Yuan, and was taken to Khanbaliq where he was executed by the Great Khan’s own hand. How after that, the Great Khan decreed that every Ouyang male to the ninth degree should be put to death, and the women and girls sold into slavery. Since your family was from Henan, it fell upon me to carry out the penalty.

They brought you all to me. Boys with their hair still in bunches; old men with barely three breaths left in them. And every one of them went to his fate honorably. Every one except you. You, who was so afraid of death that you were willing to shame the memory of your ancestors even as the heads of your brothers and uncles and cousins lay on the ground beside you.

Oh, how you wept and begged to be spared! And I—I was merciful. I let you live.” Zhu glanced at Xu Da as he rejoined her at the head of the column; he had been riding up and down its length all morning, keeping everyone moving in an orderly manner despite the excitement of their first real outing. She Who Became the Sun PDF Book Free

That morning the entire Red Turban force had left Lu and started their eastwards trek across the flat plain towards Jiankang. The region’s thousand lakes sparkled all around them under the roasting sun. That was the reason Mongols never fought in summer: neither they nor their horses could tolerate the southern heat. The Red Turbans, who were Nanren by blood and mainly infantry, trudged on.

The columns belonging to Little Guo and the other commanders stretched ahead. The dust they kicked up gave the sky an opalescent sheen like the inside of an abalone shell. “You can tell?” Zhu said, giving him a wry smile. It was good to have him by her side again, and even all this time after their reunion she still felt a twinge, like a stretched muscle releasing, whenever she saw him.

He caught her look of fury. But instead of triggering an outburst of the usual masculine rage, to her bewilderment his expression only softened. “Yes. Marry me. But not like it would have been with Little Guo. I want to listen to you, Ma Xiuying. You have something I don’t: you feel for others, even the ones you don’t like.” A flash of self-castigation, almost too fast to see. She Who Became the Sun PDF Book Free

“People who play this game will do whatever’s needed to get themselves to the top, regardless of others. All my life I’ve believed I have to be like that to get what I want. And I do want my fate. I want it more than anything. But what kind of world will we have if everyone in it is like Chen Youliang? A world of terror and cruelty? I don’t want that either, not if there’s another way.

But I can’t see that other way by myself. So join me, Ma Xiuying. Show me.” Her anger was punctured by his unexpected honesty. Or what seems like honesty To her surprise a wrenching look passed over Zhu’s face. Vulnerability and a shadow of fear, something she had never seen in him before, and it unmoored her more than anything else that had passed between them. “

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