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Although the lessons do not present significant learning challenges, where challenges may arise is in shifting reading habits. Habits are routines or behaviors that are repeated so often and for so long that they become automatic—and then permanent. Habits engage without conscious choice or decision, and often, they become the default action or response.

Speed Reading PDF Book by Kam Knight

Name of Book Speed Reading
Author Kam Knight
PDF Size 1.4 MB
No of Pages 108
Language  English
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Any behavior can become a habit, and that includes poor reading. Habits are difficult to break—extremely difficult. Even when a behavior isn’t working and a better way exists, habits will keep you in a rut. Even if the alternative is the simplest technique, explained using the clearest instructions ever written.

The persistent habit will make the new technique difficult to apply. Despite knowing what to do, and how to do it, old habits make it challenging to actually do it. Such is the nature of habits. They are designed to keep you in a routine, regardless of the benefit or pain they bring.

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Therefore, something as simple as shifting eye gaze may at first feel like pulling teeth, creating resistance, discomfort, or even pain. In order to effectively apply the instructions in this book, it is important to break free from old habits and adopt new ones.

A great way to adopt new habits is with practice drills. Drills involve repeating a routine over and over, not in conjunction with any other activity, until the body develops a rhythm and habit for it. Drills are key to successful skill development. High performers in many disciplines become high performers by regularly practicing their craft with drills.

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Practice drills are essential to learning, retaining, and most importantly, easing into doing something new. For this reason, the chapters in this book end with practice drills, which present simple exercises that help you integrate and get accustomed to the instructions.

I strongly recommend taking these drills seriously by performing each one before moving to the next chapter. The mind and body learn and remember better from doing than from reading, hearing, or seeing. The sooner you start applying the techniques, the sooner you’ll see improvements in reading.

That means not only will these drills motivate you to begin using the techniques, but they will maximize learning. Also, many of the drills build upon one another. For example, the drill in one chapter instructs practicing one technique, while the drill in the next chapter instructs practicing another technique in combination with the first. Speed Reading PDF Book

In a subsequent chapter, you’ll then practice the three techniques together. As noted in the introduction, reading isn’t about jumping into a book the moment you pick it up. There are steps that precede the reading process that aid one’s ability to absorb a text.

The three chapters in this section each discuss one of these pre-reading steps, starting with purpose. Have you ever noticed that when you’re in the market for a new car and have settled on a particular model, you suddenly begin seeing that model everywhere?

Or when setting a goal, opportunities related to that goal and ways to achieve it begin appearing all over? This happens because the mind is a goal seeking, purpose driven machine. Having a goal or purpose activates different neural networks and regions of the brain to work in unison. Speed Reading PDF Book

So, each region of the brain is not just doing its own thing. With purpose, the focus of the mind changes and its awareness opens, often without you realizing. This is why new opportunities begin appearing. Of course, those same opportunities existed prior to setting the goal.

But since they were of no interest at the time, the mind paid them no attention. In addition to assisting one to achieve goals, numerous well-documented studies show that purpose offers a host of physical, mental, and emotional benefits. Purpose in a person’s life reduces the risk and the effects of many illnesses, including heart attack, stroke.

Alzheimer’s, depression, addiction, suicide, and anxiety. Purpose improves mental function, increases concentration, and actually repairs the DNA. When people have purpose, they live longer, are happier, and have an easier time handling challenges, finding solutions, managing conflicts, using resources, and most importantly, living with a sense of belonging and well-being. Speed Reading PDF Book

Several years ago, while traveling in Belize, I met a fellow traveler, a Canadian woman who had a particular habit. Whenever she arrived in a new city or town, the first thing she did was take a few hours to walk around and explore. She had to do that; otherwise, she would get anxious and restless.

We ended up traveling together, so whenever we arrived in a new town, we dropped our bags at the hotel and explored the town or neighborhood. It was an interesting experience. Taking on her practice made me feel as if I had done something worthwhile, because it gave me a useful preview of the town.

I gained a better understanding of what to do, where to go, how to get there, and what the locals were like. Since then, I’ve made her habit my own. The first thing I do in a new place is walk around and explore for a few hours. This really sets my expectations of what there is to do, and how much time I need or want to spend in that place. Speed Reading PDF Book Download

This is how I want you to approach reading. I want you to preview material before reading it. That means scrolling through the text, scanning the table of contents, major headings, any words in bold or italics, visual aids, and any information that seems important.

Preview is one of the most important steps readers can take to improve reading speed and comprehension. That’s because previewing gives the mind a framework of what will be discussed. This helps the mind understand the type of information that will be presented and how it will be organized.

It may not seem like a big deal to you, but to the mind, it’s huge. It’s like giving it the box cover of a jigsaw puzzle. Assembling a puzzle without the cover is time consuming and difficult. With the cover, you can see the big picture, so it’s easier to figure out where the pieces go and how they fit. Speed Reading PDF Book Download

The introduction asked you to collect various types of reading materials, such as articles, novels, reports, and books. If you haven’t already, please gather them now as they will be required for this and subsequent drills. Practice previewing each type of material you pulled together.

Don’t read through any of it yet; just focus on the preview step. Pick an article. Then, read the title and author, the first and last paragraphs, scan through the body for words in bold, italics, underline, and any illustrations, such as graphs, charts, and diagrams.

Briefly consider what you might learn from the article and the overall message the author is trying to convey. After previewing the article, choose something different, such as a book. Books are lengthier, so start with the summary and blurb on the back cover. Speed Reading PDF Book Download

From there, review the table of contents, paying careful attention to the chapter titles and subheadings. Next, read the first and last chapters, and finally, scan through the content for important information, or anything else that catches the eye. Continue doing this with the rest of the materials.

Preview one. When you are done, preview the next. After completing that one, preview another after that. Habituate yourself to go straight to preview anytime you pick up something to read. Anytime you have the urge to start without preview, practice resisting that urge.

No matter how quickly the mind wants to get started, refrain yourself. If necessary, put the book down until the urge subsides. Condition your brain and habits to understand that it’s not okay to proceed without preview. Let them know not to push you into reading without previewing it first. Speed Reading PDF Book Download

Preview is important, but equally important is the manner in which you choose to read material. All content is not created equal when it comes to how you read it, and that’s what we’ll discuss next. As you progress, make sure to work on expanding peripheral vision. That is, expand the ability to capture more words to the left and right of the space.

The goal is to notice more and more words on each side. This will be discussed further in chapter 9. Some people advance to such a level that they need glance only at one space—the one in the middle—to capture the entire line of text. They read by moving down one row to the next, gazing only at the space in the middle of each line.

Combined with the other techniques in this book, and with dedicated practice, you too can achieve this level. If you didn’t see the magic in this or were unable to pick up the text the first time, try the exercise again. Remember, look only at the dots in between the words in the above paragraph, and move swiftly from one dot to the next. Speed Reading PDF Book Download

This time, try softening your gaze a bit. In the beginning, avoid the need to comprehend what you are reading. Simply focus on developing the habit of looking at the spaces and moving from one space to the next. Understanding and comprehension will come naturally since the mind evolved to derive meaning from information the eyes take in.

Trust the mind to construct meaning without conscious effort on your part. The great thing about this technique is that it is not a skill that needs to be learned or developed; it is an innate ability that you already possess. It’s the natural way the eyes and mind work to process information.

Therefore, you need only change the habit from looking at words to looking at the spaces between those words. Such combinations are difficult to understand, and therefore, difficult to process. Consequently, they prevent you from reaching your maximum potential. Speed Reading PDF Book Download

At the same time, there isn’t only one correct phrase combination either: different people can choose different chunks in any given sentence, which can still be classified as a phrase. You’ve now learned two direct techniques to increase reading speed—space reading and chunking.

Both techniques work on the same principal of softening the eye’s gaze and moving over multiple words in a single glance. Although both work on the same principal, they function independently of one another. That is, they can’t necessarily be used together because it is difficult to effectively look at a space and chuck at the same time.

When reading, you will either look at spaces or at chunks of words but not both. Since the two techniques operate independently, it is best to choose one to develop. Neither is right or wrong, neither is better or worse. Both techniques integrate well with the suggestions in subsequent chapters. It’s really a matter of preference. Speed Reading PDF Book Free

Personally, I prefer space reading because it is easy and natural for me. All I have to do is think about spaces—and that’s all. There is no strain or struggle. Though, you may feel that way about chunking. The best way to determine which technique you prefer is to practice the drills in the two chapter.

You might like both, finding that space reading works better with certain types of material, while chunking works better with others, which is perfectly acceptable. Whichever you prefer, refrain from using both techniques at the same time. The previous drill had you practice space reading or chunking while limiting subvocalization.

In this drill, you will do that again but with shorter fixations. Return to the beginning of this chapter, and while using the technique of space reading or chunking, reread the chapter slightly quicker than you just did or perhaps faster than you are comfortable doing. Remember to keep lips sealed and refrain from any form of subvocalization. Speed Reading PDF Book Free

Then read the chapter again at a little faster pace. Look at the same number of words, but move faster than before. Reread a third time at a slightly faster pace. As before, don’t worry about making sense of the material; simply foster the habit of reducing the amount of time you hold each fixation.

It may come as a surprise, but even though you are reading faster than is comfortable, you are still able to grasp meaning. You might not be able to hold on to the meaning for long or connect it to what came before or after, but for that split second, the content does register.

The problem that arises when we read fast is that we can lose control of our eye movements. They can start to zig-zag violently across the page. As a result, we are unable to fixate properly. The fixation becomes messy and careless, causing the eyes to stop on random words and spaces. Speed Reading PDF Book Free

Refrain from letting this happen. Try hard to maintain control of the eye jumps and stops. If the eyes are moving too fast to control, slow down slightly until you regain control. As soon as control is regained, play with speeding it back up a bit. Once you develop control of fixations at a faster pace, read the passage again, but this time, for comprehension. Finally, make sure to practice reducing fixation on the other reading materials you’ve gathered.