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About Sudha Murthy Mam

Sudha Murty was born in 1950 in Shiggaon in north Karnataka. She did her MTech in computer science, and is now the chairperson of the Infosys Foundation. A prolific writer in English and Kannada, she has written novels, technical books, travelogues, collections of short stories and non-fictional pieces, and four books for children.

Her books have been translated into all the major Indian languages. Sudha Murty was the recipient of the R.K. Narayan Award for Literature and the Padma Shri in 2006, and the Attimabbe Award from the government of Karnataka for excellence in Kannada literature in 2011.

Following is the list of Top 19 Bestseller books written by Sudha Murthy Mam:

1. Astitva – Sudha Murthy Books
2. Dollar Bahu – Sudha Murthy Books
3. Gently Falls The Bakula – Sudha Murthy Books
4. Gosti Mansanchya – Sudha Murthy Books
5. Grandmas Bag Of Stories – Sudha Murthy Books
6. Here, There And Everywhere – Sudha Murthy Books
7. House Of Cards – Sudha Murthy Books
8. Mahashweta – Sudha Murthy Books
9. Samanyatle Asamanya – Sudha Murthy Books
10. Something Happened On The Way To Heaven – Sudha Murthy Books
11. The Daughter From A Wishing Tree – Sudha Murthy Books
12. The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk – Sudha Murthy Books
13. The Magic Drum – Sudha Murthy Books
 14. The Magic Of The Lost Temple In Marathi – Sudha Murthy Books
 15. The Man From The Egg In Marathi – Sudha Murthy Books
 16. The Mother I Never Knew – Sudha Murthy Books
 17. Three Thousand Stitches In Marathi – Sudha Murthy Books
 18. Three Thousand Stitches – Sudha Murthy Books
 19. Wise And Otherwise A Salute To Life – Sudha Murthy Books

Astitva – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

I am happy to have my first novel ‘Astitva’ published in Marathi. My village is Dharwad on the border of Karnataka and Maharashtra. Therefore, Marathi language is not unfamiliar to me. Besides, I was in Maharashtra for the decisive ten years of my life. And I have a special feeling for Zahra; Because Narayan Murti, I met each other here and became life partners. I like Pune very much. At that time we have traveled all over Pune.

Sweet memories of such a young age have been added. That is why I love Pune with all my heart. Also, we launched our ‘Infosys’ in Pune. My heart is filled with joy as I have my first Marathi book in Pune which is adorned with Marathi language. My Savuvhasha language is hard. That is why my novels have been published in Katrad. The original novel of existence became known in Kannada as ‘Tumula’.

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Good to Great PDF Book

Dollar Bahu – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

It gives me immense pleasure that my book Dollar Bahu is being published by Penguin. The original book, Dollar Sose, written in Kannada, has been translated into Marathi, Telugu, Tamil, Hindi, Malayalam and Gujarati, and has also been prescribed as a textbook for undergraduate students in some Karnataka universities. This story can happen in any part of India but I have set it in Karnataka, the region most familiar to me. I hope the book will show some families that love and affection can be more important than money.

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Born a Crime PDF Book

Gently Falls The Bakula – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

This was my first novel in Kannada, written about three decades back. It was extremely well received then. I had not seen the corporate world from close and only imagined how it functioned. But now, in real life, I have seen it all. I am aware that industrialization, technological progress and scientific advancement are necessary and bring prosperity to our country, but they have their own shortcomings. They create a whole set of problems, sociological and psychological.

This novel is set in north Karnataka in the 1980s, so it may appear outdated in some parts. But the story is such that it can happen in any part of the country, even today. There must be innumerable couples who have been through, and are still going through, such dilemmas, be it in a small town or a mega city.

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The Kite Runner PDF Book

Gosti Mansanchya – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

I grew up in a village. At that time TV. Wasn’t at home There were no other means of entertainment available. The only chain is books. I was lucky in one respect: I had grandparents. My grandfather is retired Was a schoolteacher. His obsession was enormous. Many Sanskrit texts were memorizing them.

In the light of the stars twinkling in the sky in the outer courtyard every night Telling me stories. These things were in the history of India, in the Ramayana-Mahabharata If there were any incidents that took place in foreign countries That’s what Grandpa used to tell me. It is from these stories that early life begins I took many lessons from the time.

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The Rational Male PDF Book

Grandmas Bag Of Stories – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

My grandmother, Krishnaa, popularly known as Krishtakka, was very bright and affectionate. She was also a great storyteller. She never gave us any sermons but taught the values of life through her stories. Those stories and values remain with me even now. I spent my childhood carefree, stress-free, with my cousins and grandparents at my hometown Shiggaon, a sleepy town in north Karnataka.

We shared everything there, whatever we had, and that became a great bond among us cousins. The binding force was my grandmother. I made some changes when I wrote the stories in this book but mostly it is a true reflection of my childhood. When my granddaughter Krishnaa was born, she elevated me to the position of grandmother.

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Zero to One PDF Book

Here, There and Everywhere – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

Often, I sense that there is a lot of myself in my stories, whether it is my friends or family or the people I meet. However, the experiences that I write about are mine. I cannot disassociate from myself while writing about them. This book contains some of my most cherished experiences that are like beautiful flowers to me and have been put together here as if to complete a garland.

While most of the experiences are from previously published books, there are two new flowers: one that highlights my literary journey and the other that elaborates on the true meaning of philanthropy. This book is dedicated to my brother Shrinivas. Writing about him is easy enough and yet so difficult. I look like him, think like him, read like him and eat like him. I have enjoyed his company since he was born—I was the second child and he was the fourth.

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Cashflow Quadrant PDF Book

House of Cards – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

There was a small village in north Karnataka with a population of five to eight thousand. It boasted of a beautiful lake with a temple of Lord Hanuman on its shore. The area was dotted with banyan trees. In Kannada, a banyan tree is called ‘aladamara’ and ‘halli’ means village, so the village was named Aladahalli. Aladahalli had only one main road, with houses on either side, and a bus stand right in the middle of the village.

Most people who were from here preferred to stay on and commute for work to the cities nearby: Hubli and Dharwad. The advantages of staying in Aladahalli were a laid-back life, less noise and almost no pollution. The greatest attraction though was the school, which was on a par with any city school, and where the medium of instruction was both English and Kannada. Just like in city schools, the students got a rank based on their merit. Bheemanna’s daughter, Mridula, was among the top students in her class and was known for her intelligence.

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The Miracle Morning PDF Book

MAHASHWETA – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

As the original North is from Karnataka, Marathi is not a foreign language in my view. Three- I spent four years of my childhood in Kolhapur and Kurundwad. I was in Pune for eight important years of my youth. This is where I met my Narayan idol Done. The company ‘Infosys’ started here in my house. Thus mine The relationship with Pune is matched.

Since I am originally from Qatar, my feelings are in my mother tongue. Therefore, I have written all my novels in Kannada. ‘Mamahashweta’ got more publicity in Kannada than expected. This novel is in Telugu, Tamil. Translated into Hindi, it won the admiration of many readers Is. Now it has been translated into Marathi and is reaching Marathi readers. Hee It is a very happy event for me. The end of life is near. It is believed that.

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The Secret Book PDF In Hindi

Samanyatle Asamanya – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

The culture and language of our North Karnataka is very different. Come on in The region has such a feature of its own. Write about some of the people in this context, That’s what I decided a decade and a half ago; But for various reasons, it was not possible. Some may be surprised to hear him speak directly and clearly; But come on Speech brings transparency to the personality. The people inside our village are one and the same They do not think so.

Apparently it was rough, but it was ours North Karnataka is perfect in softness and sentimentality. Of practicality and Despite the lack of clever conversation, it is extremely straightforward as a society. Such I grew up in a society. These are all qualities I have in many difficult situations in life Have become guides. All of these individuals are apparently extremely normal.

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The Power of Habit Hindi PDF

Something Happened on The Way to Heaven – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

One day, shortly after the release of my last book in the market, I was on my way home from work when I thought about my unexpected literary journey. I was filled with awe as I realized that the books I’ve been able to write are really not about me at all—they are about the people I’ve met, the places I’ve been to and the lives I’ve had the privilege of being a part of. I felt blessed—so fortunate to be in a position to help people, even as they found it in their hearts to let me inside their world and share their most private thoughts and problems with me.

They’ve given me their stories and I’ve had a chance to be a character in their tales. Sometimes, I’ve been lucky enough to be the lead actor, but at most other times, I’ve been an incidental character or simply the unbiased storyteller. So when I sat down to discuss this book with Shrutkeerti Khurana, my wonderful and trusted editor, and Udayan Mitra, my publisher at Penguin, I wanted to do something different.

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The 5 Am Club PDF In Marathi

The Daughter From A Wishing Tree – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

When I decided to write a book about women in mythology, I began my research and soon felt disappointed and disillusioned. I found that there is minimal literature that highlights the important roles that women have played. The most popular of these women are, without a doubt, Draupadi from the Mahabharata and Sita from the Ramayana, and then there’s Parvati, who portrays a strong character of a goddess well-versed in the art of slaying demons and protecting her devotees.

In fact, many rivers in our country are considered to be goddesses. However, the number of stories that abound about these women is strangely far fewer than the number of stories that speak about men. The literature that does exist is frequently repetitive and women are usually cast as subordinate or minor characters and remain underappreciated. Perhaps this is because our society has traditionally been a male-dominated one, or because mythology has been written mostly by men, but most likely, it is a combination of these two reasons.

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The Day I Stopped Drinking Milk – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

One may wonder why I am writing about the personal lives of many people who have confided in me about their problems. Isn’t it unethical to do so? However, most of the people I have written about requested me to change their names and use their problems as case studies. Some like Vishnu and Portado encouraged me to tell their stories so that others should not become like them. I thank all these people wholeheartedly and am grateful for their strength and kindness that has allowed me to share their stories with you.

This is my fourth book of recollections of my experiences as a teacher, a writer and a social worker. I want to thank my new editor, Shrutkeerti Khurana, whose hard work has made an immense difference to this book. Her constant interaction with me made me think of some stories in a different way and also helped me look at things from a youngster’s point of view. I would also like to thank Udayan Mitra of Penguin Books for convincing me to bring out a new volume of my stories and thoughts.

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The Magic Drum – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

My stories do not have animals, gods, miracles or curses. My own favourites, and these are ones I loved hearing many years ago, are about how men and women, boys and girls, land themselves in trouble and how they extricate themselves from it. They are about human emotions and everyday human activities. Though these tales have been gathered from all over the world, while retelling them I have set them all in India so that the Indian child can relate to them.

The people have Indian names and they live in ancient Indian kingdoms. I have rewritten many stories which I first heard as a child. Some others were told to me by people from other countries and some I have created myself. I want to thank many people who have helped me to bring this book out, especially my publishers Penguin Books India. Finally, I hope my readers, the children, will enjoy and remember them.

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The Magic of The Lost Temple In Marathi – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

Thirty years ago. My daughter Akshata was young then. Her yours Great love to play hide and seek with friends! One day I had my four He took out the gold bracelets and put them in a small wooden box and went to take a bath. Then i Afternoon nap. I got up and did some work. Suddenly in the evening I found those bracelets I remembered to wear it. I had completely forgotten about those bracelets; But when When I opened that wooden box, there were only two bracelets in it.

Then I started a lot of searching for the remaining two bangles at home. To everyone Asked. Akshata said, “Yes, Amma, I don’t like those shiny bracelets Liked. Then I started playing with two of those bangles. I hid with them Was playing; But now I don’t remember where those bracelets are! ” Listening to it My chest throbbed.

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The Man From The Egg In Marathi – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

In India, the three wells of God are collectively called Trimurti. These are the three gods Brahya. Vishnu and Mahej are collectively called Trimurti. Together, the three symbolize the unity of the universe. But of each of them Has a different identity. Everyone’s vignette is different. They give gifts to people. People from all over India pray to him daily at home as well as in Madras.

Of them They sing hymns describing Marahatath. But still a question arises in my mind. We have the jhankata as well as the forms of Vishnu and his many incarnations There are hundreds of temples; But the temples of Brahma are nowhere to be found. In fact Brahma in the Trimurti is an equally important deity and why is it so? Demons or demons are constantly seen struggling to gain immortality.

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The Mother I Never Knew – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

This novel is set in north Karnataka in the 1980s, so it may appear outdated in some parts. But the story is such that it can happen in any part of the country, even today. There must be innumerable couples who have been through, and are still going through, such dilemmas, be it in a small town or a mega city. I have chosen Hubli and Bombay as the setting for the novel. These two places are very dear to my heart, since I grew up in one place and in the other, I have enjoyed working. I would like to thank Keerti Ramachandra for editing the manuscript and Penguin for publishing the novel.

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Three Thousand Stitches in Marathi – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

I get letters from many students and their parents. Of my books He writes about how he was used in life. I have all of them here today Thank you. As well as the people who have given me different positions in life Unveiled, and filled my jar with knowledge and experience, all of them to me Thank you. Aside from the bitter experiences of many young people Sarun started living life anew, Josh and Joma.

Such a young- I also learned a lot from young people. I am their deed too. Some people find my writing fictional. But to be honest, my life It is full of such imaginary events. Fifteen years ago, the famous journalist T. J. S. George introduced me to the New Indian Express Requested to write a column for the daily. Have to write an article a week Was. I was a little skeptical at first, because my own schooling was tenth It has been done through Kannada till class.

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Three Thousand Stitches – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

I often get letters from students and parents telling me how beneficial my books have been for them and their children. I want to thank them and all those who have exposed me to different facets of life, filling my pot of learning with knowledge and experience. This includes the young men and women who have shown me how they put aside their bitter experiences to move forward in life with joy and hope.

There are some who feel that most of my writing is fiction, but my life has unmistakably proven to be stranger than that. Fifteen years ago, renowned journalist T.J.S. George asked me to write a weekly column for the New Indian Express. I was hesitant at first—all because I was educated in a Kannada-medium school till the tenth grade.

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Wise and Otherwise A Salute to Life – Sudha Murthy Books PDF

We are heirs to the tradition of seeing human quality as sattwa, rajas or tamas. This is a beautifully Indian way of expressing a metaphysical concept familiar to other civilizations as well: of all God’s creations, man alone has a choice between good and evil, and he reaps his rewards according to what he chooses.

Few set out consciously to perform sattwik work. Fewer still deliberately desire a life of tamas. Some could even start out with tamas or rajas and elevate themselves to sattwa. All this would be attributed to the larger cosmic scheme of karma. Jamshedji Tata appears to have had only a sattwik view of life and work —laying an industrial foundation for his country, starting educational and research institutions, and setting up a network of charities when such ideas were unknown.

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