Tears of Tess PDF Book by Pepper Winters


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“Where are you taking me, Brax?” I giggled as my boyfriend of two years beamed his slightly crooked smile and plucked my suitcase from my hands. We crossed the threshold of the airport and nerves of excitement fluttered in my stomach. A week ago, Brax surprised me with a romantic dinner and an envelope.

Tears of Tess PDF Book by Pepper Winters

Name of Book Tears of Tess
Author Pepper Winters
PDF Size 1.7 MB
No of Pages 352
Language  English
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I grabbed him and squeezed him half to death when I pulled free two airplane tickets with the destinations blacked out by a marker. My perfect, sweet boyfriend, Brax Cliffingstone was taking me somewhere exotic. And that meant connection, sex, fun. Things I sorely needed. Brax had never been able to keep a secret.

Hell, he was a shockingly bad liar—I caught his fibs every time when his sky-blue eyes darted up and to the left, and his cute ears blushed. But, somehow, he kept quiet on the whole mysterious holiday. Like any normal twenty-year-old woman, I searched our apartment ruthlessly. Raiding his underwear drawer, the PlayStation compartment.

Click here to Download Tears of Tess PDF Book

And all the other secret hidey-holes where he might’ve kept the real plane reservations. But, for all my snooping, I came up empty. So, as I stood in the Melbourne airport, with a crazy happy boyfriend and nerves rioting in my heart, I could only grin like an idiot. “Not telling. The check-in clerk can be the one to ruin my surprise.”

He chuckled. “If it were up to me, I wouldn’t tell you until we arrived at the resort.” He dropped the suitcase and dragged me toward him with a smirk. “In fact, if I could, I’d blindfold you until we got there, so it would all be a complete surprise.” My core clenched as thoughts flared with hot images—sexy, sinful visions of Brax blindfolding me, taking me roughly, completely at his mercy.

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Oh, God, don’t go there again, Tess. You were going to block thoughts like that, remember? Ignoring myself, I gasped as Brax’s fingers grazed my flesh. I shuddered, and my sequined top became insubstantial. “You could do that, you know?” I whispered, dropping my eyelids to half-mast.

“You could tie me up….” Instead of pouncing and kissing me like crazy for offering him the chance to dominate, Brax swallowed and looked as if I’d told him to slap me with a dead fish. “Tess, what the hell? That’s the third time you’ve quipped about bondage.” Rejection crushed, and I dropped my gaze.

The tingles between my legs popped like dirty bubbles, and I let Brax shove me back into the box where I belonged. The box labelled: perfect, innocent girlfriend who’d do anything for him, as long as it was in the dark and on my back. I wanted a new label. One that said: girlfriend who will do anything to be tied, spanked, and fucked all over rather than adored. Brax looked so disappointed and I hated myself. Tears of Tess PDF Book

I need to stop this. I reminded myself for the three-hundredth time, that the sweet, wonderful relationship I had with this man was far more important than a bit of sexy play in the bedroom. I mumbled, “It’s been too long. Almost a month and a half.” I remembered the exact date when the lacklustre sex, in good ole missionary, took place.

Brax worked overtime, my uni course demanded a lot of brainpower, and somehow life became more important than a roll beneath the sheets. He froze, looking around us at the hordes of people. “Great time to bring that up.” He guided me to the side, glaring at a couple that came too close. “Can we talk about this later?”

Brax slid off the bed, coming toward me slowly. He ripped his t-shirt off at the same time, leaving me to gape like a love-struck moron. His face was unreadable as he murmured, “You want more?” More. Such a dangerous word. I shook my head. “Not more. Different.” Pain flashed in his eyes before disappearing just as quickly. Tears of Tess PDF Book

“Not all the time. Only, sometimes…” His hand shook as he reached for the vibrator. “You use this?” His finger hovered over the sliding power button. I couldn’t swallow— mortification closed my throat. Sure, Tess, showing him your vibrator will be sexy and fun. I wanted to slap myself, but stood completely still, horrified by what he might say.

I’d flayed myself open, bared my desires, only to risk ruining Brax’s feelings for me. I wanted to yell—I’m joking! This isn’t the real me. But my lips glued shut; I couldn’t tear my eyes away from the vibrator in his grip. Stupid. So stupid. Brax slid the power switch upward and a battery powered whir filled the room.

I looked away as he pressed the power higher. The phallus sprung to attention, screaming all my secrets. “Different?” His voice echoed with loss and confusion as he stared at the vibrator. No doubt visualizing me writhing in abandon, using an object to get off instead of him. How could I explain not being intimate for weeks on end was torture? Tears of Tess PDF Book

My heart shattered. This was no longer about my needs. It was about his. I’d made him doubt, made him think he wasn’t good enough. Shit. I grabbed the vibrator, hating it in that moment. I turned the power off, ripped out the batteries, and threw it all in the bin. “Forget it, Brax. It was a stupid idea. I just want you, okay?

Please, don’t hate me.” I’m the biggest bitch in history. He shook himself, hands falling to his sides. His gaze clouded as he stared at the floor. I knew that look. It was the same look when he awoke from a nightmare—terrified of waking up alone. “Tess, you have me. But if I’m not enough—” “No!” I charged into his arms, tugging him to the bed. “You’re more than enough. I’m so sorry. Forget it. All of it. Please?”

“Get up. We’re here.” A foot prodded my swollen ankle. I flinched and opened my eyes. Faking sleep hadn’t worked. Every moment we flew in the height of luxury, I seethed with thoughts of how to maim the guards and take the plane hostage. But I didn’t do anything. I sat in the chair, like a blow up doll. It seemed so long ago I’d hounded Brax for more kinkiness in our love life. Tears of Tess PDF Book

I’d do anything to have my old life back, my old love returned. I’d give anything for sweet and pure instead of the dark, sinister, and sadistic ownership that awaited. If I could press a rewind button, I would, beginning with never going to Mexico. I stood, and Guard Number Four helped me down the plush, carpeted aisle.

Coarse fingers wrapped around my burning wrists, passing me to a colleague at the bottom of the small flight of stairs. The bandage over the tattoo provided very little protection. The pain flared and itched. I hated it. The moment I was on the ground, I froze. We stood in the middle of a manicured, grassy airstrip, frosty with ice, dark as the depths of hell.

Apart from the most gorgeous manor house I’d ever seen in the distance. Subtle outdoor lighting illuminated the soft pastel creams, blues, and pinks; French architecture at its finest. The guard pulled my elbow and we trudged across the grass. I stumbled, stunned by incomprehensible wealth. Who could afford their own plane and mansion to house it? Tears of Tess PDF Book Download

My toes were numb by the time we climbed the front steps. Four story high pillars and intricate plasterwork with cherubs and rosettes welcomed. The three-horse water fountain gurgled and trickled, looking far too perfect to belong to a man who purchased women. Our breath steamed in the cold as my guard rapped on the huge, silver door, before turning the knob and pushing me through.

Once inside the warm embrace of the house, he took off the shades, propping them on his head. His irises were green and vivid. I searched for evilness—the same vileness from the men who’d stolen me in Mexico, but surprise radiated down my spine. His eyes were compassionate, human. He bowed his head, looking in front and above.

This was it. My new beginning. My new ending. “Bonsoir, esclave.” My eyes soared up to the first landing of the giant blue, velvet staircase. Massive works of art hung like armament on gilded walls. A man in a grey chequered suit, complete with black shirt, silver tie and short, dark hair, watched from the landing. My entire body ignited as his jaw clenched. Tears of Tess PDF Book Download

His gaze unclothed and terrified me. Everything about him screamed ruthlessness and power. He held himself proud and regal as if this was his castle and I was the latest subject. Our eyes locked, and something tingled across my flesh. Fear? Terror? Something inside knew he was dangerous. His lips twitched as I sucked in a breath.

He removed his hands from his pockets and placed them on the banister, his fingers long and strong, even from this distance. The way he stared became too much. I felt undone, stripped to my soul. I stepped back, bumping against the guard behind. He bent his head, whispering in my ear, “Say hello to your new master.”

I reached for his fly, helping free his hard cock from sodden clothes. We panted and cursed, both consumed with the need to fuck. To connect. To join. Q pushed his trousers off his hips, followed by black boxer-briefs. His gorgeous cock jutted proudly, and I felt a moment of fear. I swallowed as Q glared with smouldering pale green eyes. Tears of Tess PDF Book Download

“I’ll give you what you need. Don’t fear me.” His voice dropped from deep, to gravel and stone. I nodded. He grabbed my hip, sliding me under him, settling between my legs in one quick, possessive move. I panted, looking up. My body was too hot, heart raced too fast, and it felt as though it was my first time.

The first time a man managed to fit all my fantasies into one: connection, possession, lust, passion. Q crushed his mouth to mine, his taste filling me. His sweet, minty darkness decimated the metallic sourness from Driver putting his fingers in my mouth. I moaned, dragging him closer. I willingly gave Q my sense of taste.

I drowned in his scent, touch, taste, and sound. My heart buoyed as his groan vibrated through me. His tongue fucked my mouth and my vision spaced; I became lightheaded. Saliva mixed with shower water and we drank each other. Q thrust, pushing his cock inside just a little. He froze and stopped kissing me. “Are you on birth control?” Tears of Tess PDF Book Download

Wow, how irresponsible could I be? I hadn’t even thought about protection. I pushed hair away, hoping Q didn’t have any diseases. I dropped my eyes. “I’m on the injection.” “And how many men have you been with?” he demanded, lust blazing. I wanted to say no one because the answer was a double-edged sword.

Brax and been my one and only… until tonight. Q must’ve seen the answer in my face as he nodded. “You don’t have to answer. And you have nothing to worry about from me.” It was odd to pause and talk about protection, when we balanced on the fine edge of erratic sex, but it offered peace. It let me tear through self restrictions, and embrace hot desires.

I was truthful for the first time in my life. “I want you inside me. I need you,” I whispered. He leaned down, pulling me off the floor, before stepping out of his soaking trousers and throwing them in the bath. The wet material slapped loudly, followed by his blazer. He left his shirt on, long enough to cover his hips but not the thick, heavy cock between his legs. Tears of Tess PDF Book Free

He maintained the hair down there just like he did his head. A subtle shadow of masculinity without any of the wildness. My body tingled. He screamed man and dynamism. I was a girl with a ceaseless past, no way enough for him, but determined to try. He took me tonight in a mixture of compassion and anger, but I wanted more.

I wanted what he promised when I first arrived. The act of taking from me, even though my body would willingly give up every part to him. I bit my lip, remembering Q fingering me over the pool table. I’d been turned on beyond anything I could’ve imagined. Hatred for him added another dimension to an already overwhelming experience.

Now, I didn’t hate him, but I still wanted to struggle. I needed Q to take me again and again. I needed him to rule me so Brute didn’t win by making me fear sex. I belonged to Q, yet he never stepped over the line from tormentor to rapist. I huddled into the towel, so confused. Q stalked out of the bathroom, leaving wet footprints. Tears of Tess PDF Book Free

The cold embrace of rejection made me tremble. Was that it? He took what he wanted, then left me to fend for myself. What happened to his promise of never leaving me alone? I couldn’t let Q cast me off. Without him, I belonged to no one. I no longer had parents or Brax. My old life was over. Q ruined me for a monotonous grey-toned existence, eclipsing it with techno colour.

The bathroom closed in, dripping with blackness and horror-filled memories. Without Q, my skin itched with terror as demons and monsters crept from shadows. I knew I needed to deal with my issues, to find my strength. I couldn’t use Q as a bandage to forget, but I wasn’t strong enough yet.

The sounds of opening drawers drifted into the bathroom, and Q prowled back with arms full of clothes. He placed them in the dry basin and ripped my towel off. I stood, naked, thrilled how his body tensed, eyes glued to my exposed figure. Tears of Tess PDF Book Free