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Compared to Cal’s golden boy look of blond hair and blue eyes, Declan reminds me of the deepest part of the ocean—cold, dark, and unnervingly quiet. Like a monster lurking within reach, only a breath away from making someone his prey. From his dark hair to the permanent grimace etched into his face, he gives off a feeling that makes everyone turn in the opposite direction.

Terms and Conditions PDF Book by Lauren Asher

Name of Book Terms and Conditions
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Well, everyone except me. Some might say he earned my loyalty through a paycheck, but that isn’t the case. We share a mutual respect for one another that has stood the test of time. While our first few months working together were rocky, my commitment to succeeding as his assistant helped pave the way to our relationship today. Somehow we click although we’re opposites in almost every single way.

I’m a Black woman. He’s a White male. I smile and he scowls. He wakes up early every morning to work out while I wouldn’t be caught dead at the gym unless it was to grab a smoothie at the café. We couldn’t be more different if we tried, yet we make it work. Or at least I do. I step between the two brothers. “Declan, what are you doing out here? Is it time for the announcement already?”

Click here to Download Terms and Conditions PDF Book

Declan drags his eyes away from Cal and down toward me. Most people cower under his stare, but I straighten my spine and look at him head-on like my nana taught me. My entire face feels molten as I look around the room. “Oh God.” His face nuzzles the top of my head, and I swear I’m practically levitating at this point. For someone who has no interest in being in a relationship, he is doing a great job faking it.

It has me questioning everything about us up until this point because where has this man been? And more importantly, why does he keep him hidden? Why does it matter? This isn’t even real. The thought sobers me, and my stomach sinks with disappointment. This is nothing but an act for everyone else’s benefit. I might have gotten caught up in it for a moment, but I need to remember why I agreed to this.

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This isn’t a real relationship. No amount of forehead kisses or intimate touches will change that. Stick to the program and you won’t get hurt. I repeat the motto over and over again while Declan moves us around to the song. By the end of our dance, I feel stronger than before and ready to separate fact from fiction.

Her brows draw together for the briefest moment before she recovers. “No, but I’ll need to spend my lunch break reading over it.” “Take whatever time you need but that contract isn’t leaving this office.” There is no way I would risk someone catching a glimpse of our arrangement. She traces the front page with one finger.

“Fine. But I plan on reviewing each page three times just to make sure you’re not up to anything suspicious, so don’t get annoyed because I’m eating into your precious alone time.” Her response flows past her lips without a breath of hesitation. And she accuses you of lying. “Spare me the play-by-play and get on with it. I have other things to do.” I take a seat in my chair, and it groans under my weight. Terms and Conditions PDF Book

“If you pack on any more muscle, that thing is going to split in half one day.” My muscles flex under my suit as I unbutton the front of my jacket. “I’m sure you’d like that.” “Only if I catch it on camera.” I ignore her and unlock my computer. It only takes a few email replies before Iris lets out a noise of protest. “Is this some kind of sick joke?” Her voice cracks. “What?” Her eyes widen to a concerning degree.

“You plan on giving me full custody of our child?” “It’s not too late for me to tell Harrison to turn the car around.” I make one last-ditch effort to convince Iris against tonight’s dinner. If it were up to me, we would have gotten married in a courthouse and bypassed all of these requirements. She picks at her pristine manicure. “It’s not like I want to go in there either.” “Is this your attempt at making me feel better?”

A thoughtful yet pointless effort. “They say misery loves company.” She laughs, and the sound draws me toward her like a siren’s call. My eyes drop to her mouth as I soak in her smile. Her good mood is dashed away by the parting of her lips, and I look up to see what changed. Our eyes connect, making me feel like I was struck in the chest with a lightning bolt. Terms and Conditions PDF Book

It must zap all my common sense too because nothing else explains me reaching out and holding onto her hand. She sucks in a breath. “You ready?” Whatever burst of energy I felt from our eye contact dies at her confusion. I release her hand, and she clasps hers together on her lap. “As ready as one can be for an event like this.”

“Just remember in two days you will never have to think about throwing a party ever again.” “A lot can happen in forty-eight hours.” “Getting cold feet?” Her eyes light up. “Frostbite set in about three days ago, but I’ll crawl down the aisle if I need to.” She laughs again, and I’m hit with another surge of warmth that scares me enough to open the car door and face the lesser of two evils.

Anything seems better than analyzing the weird sense of attraction I feel toward the one woman I can’t ever have. Future wife or not, Iris is the last person I will ever make a move on. She is an integral part of my plan to become CEO, and I refuse to lose my most valuable player for something as fleeting as attraction. Nothing good could ever come out of a temporary fling, so I’m better off being on my own. Terms and Conditions PDF Book

Ms. Tanaka spouts something off in Japanese and Declan responds without missing a beat. Watching him shift between languages always impresses me. Whether it is Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin, or Japanese, the way the words roll easily off Declan’s tongue is something to be admired.

I’ve tried to pick up on a few words here and there while listening in on his conversations, but I never had a knack for any kind of words—let alone foreign ones. While Declan speaks to Ms. Tanaka, I enter his closet and start unloading his luggage. I make quick work of the job since I was the one who packed everything anyway. The suit was a surprise, and I’m somewhat peeved Declan thought to pack it in the first place.

We were supposed to be on the same page about all this, including no work. Because really, what is the point of going through this entire sham of a honeymoon if he is going to work the entire time. That doesn’t scream happily in love. Ms. Tanaka finally ends the call, and I exit his closet with a safari-approved outfit. “Here. Change into this. Terms and Conditions PDF Book Download

I muster up a deep breath and carry on, reminding myself of the whole point of this conversation. “Anyway… my mom and I moved out of my childhood house with two suitcases and a thick wad of cash she spent a whole year saving up. She tried her hardest to sell me on the idea of moving into a shoebox apartment with Nana. I spent a whole week crying, telling her I wanted to go home.”

“What happened next?” He seems genuinely interested in hearing more, so it fills me with enough courage to continue. “She taught me how anyone can buy a house, but not everyone can buy a home. With a house, you can buy it, sell it, renovate it.” I point at the TV. “But a home is more abstract. It’s not a place, but a feeling I can’t describe, so you’ll just have to take my word for it.”

“A feeling,” he repeats back with a monotonous voice. “You know, those pesky emotions you turned off ages ago?” He frowns. “That sounds like the biggest bullshit I’ve ever heard.” I laugh. “I knew you wouldn’t get it.” I have to give him credit for at least listening to my story. “Only because you’re terrible at describing things.” I grin. “Like I said, you’ll know it when you feel it.” At least I would hope so. Terms and Conditions PDF Book Download

The idea of Declan never finding a place to call home saddens me more than anything about his past. What are you going to do about it? I have an idea, but its risks are nothing short of catastrophic. Still, I can’t find it in me to stop the excitement bubbling inside of me. You could be the one to help him make his house a home.

I can’t look him in the eyes as I respond, “Nothing. I’m just tired.” I tug my arm out of his grasp, and this time, he lets me make a smooth getaway. I take the stairs two at a time, all while Declan’s eyes burn a hole through my back. It’s not until I’m in the comfort of my room that I let it all out. I grab a pillow, shove my face in it, and let the tears fall. I cry for the girl who was bullied all throughout her schooling.

The one who became a running joke in class and was called every awful name in the book. Tears fall for the version of me that was ridiculed by her father until her mother had to intervene, only to see her get destroyed by his equally vicious words. The same person who made a working woman out of herself despite all the people who told her she would go nowhere in life because she couldn’t even read. Terms and Conditions PDF Book Free

I spent most of my life trying to prove people wrong. It took years of tutoring to get to the place I am now, and I won’t let one setback throw me off. So what if I couldn’t spell a stupid foreign word? My disorder might be a part of me but it doesn’t define me. Not anymore at least. My phone buzzes against my comforter. I unlock it to find a new message from Declan.

The fact that he sent a one-word text doesn’t shock me given his preference for using five words or less in all our conversations. It’s the content that surprises me, and not because it takes me three tries to finally make out the word. With each day that passes, he seems to grow more insistent about spending time together.

Whether it’s eating dinner with one another or him working on his tablet while I watch an episode of TV in front of the fireplace before bed, I can’t seem to shake him. I never thought he would want to willingly spend this much time with me. While it might not bother most people to grow close to their fake husbands, it feels like I’m losing focus. Terms and Conditions PDF Book Free

Like I’m forgetting the reasons I thought we would never make a good couple in the first place. If I were being really honest with myself, my thoughts have slowly started drifting away from friendship and right toward a big red flag known as infatuation. I’m not talking about the physical kind either.

More like the soul-deep attraction that tempts the broken part of me to open up fully to him, regardless of the consequences. It is terrifying to think I might willingly let him come closer. Tonight is no different. I take extra time applying my makeup and painting my nails. I somehow shimmy into my floor-length gown, being mindful of not catching my braids on the open zipper.

Despite my efforts, I can’t seem to reach the zipper. I’m shoved back into the memory of my wedding night. Except unlike before, I don’t mind asking Declan for a little help, so long as he is fully clothed. A knock on my door saves me from having to travel far for his assistance.

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