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I was 41 years old and facing some major problems with money, work, and in my marriage. As soon as I woke up each morning, all I felt was dread. Have you ever felt that way? It’s the worst. The alarm rings, and you just don’t feel like getting up and facing the day. Or, you lie awake at night with your head spinning as you worry about all of your problems.

The 5 Second Rule PDF Book by Mel Robbins

Name of Book The 5 Second Rule
PDF Size 11.9 MB
No of Pages 252
Language English
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That was me. For months, I felt so overwhelmed by the problems I had that I could barely get out of bed. When the alarm rang at 6 a.m., I would lie there and think about the day ahead, the lien on the house, the negative account balance, my failed career, how much I resented my husband…and then I would hit the snooze button.

Not once, but over and over again. In the beginning, it wasn’t a big deal, but as is the case with any bad habit, as time went on, it snowballed into a much bigger problem that impacted my entire day. By the time I finally got up, the kids had missed the bus and I felt like I was failing at life. I spent most of my days tired, running late, and feeling totally overwhelmed.

Click here to Download The 5 Second Rule PDF Book

I don’t even know how it started—I just remember feeling so defeated all the time. My professional life was in the gutter. Over the past 12 years, I had changed careers so many times that I was developing multiple personalities. After graduating from law school, I started my career as a public defender for the Legal Aid Criminal Defense Society in NYC.

Then I met my husband Chris and we got married and moved to Boston so that he could pursue his MBA. In Boston, I worked crazy hours for a large law firm and was miserable all the time. When our daughter was born, I used my maternity leave to look for a new job and landed in the Boston startup scene.

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I worked for several tech startups during those years. It was fun and I learned a lot but I never felt like tech was the right career for me. This is how some of the world’s most useful inventions were discovered. In 1826, John Walker discovered the match while he was using a stick to stir a pot of chemicals, and when he tried to scrape a gob off the end—it ignited.

He followed his instinct to try to recreate it and this is how he discovered the match. In 1941, George de Mestral invented Velcro® after noticing how easily cockleburs attached to his dog’s fur. In 1974, Art Fry got the idea for the Post-It® Note because he needed a bookmark that would stay put on a page in his hymnal until Sunday’s church service, but that would not damage the pages when he removed it.

That’s even how the Frappuccino was born. In 1992, an assistant manager at a Starbucks in Santa Monica noticed that sales dropped whenever it was hot outside. He had an instinct to make a frozen drink and he followed it, asking for a blender, tinkering with recipes, and giving a Vice President a sample. The 5 Second Rule PDF Book

The first Frappucino rolled out in his store a year later. When it comes to change, goals, and dreams, you have to bet on yourself. That bet starts with hearing the instinct to change and honoring that instinct with action. I feel so thankful that I listened to my dumb idea about launching myself out of bed like a rocket because everything in my life changed as a result of it.

Once you read about habit loops, starting rituals, activation energy, and the role that feelings play in triggering your decisions, you’ll appreciate the magnitude of the #5SecondRule. As you use the Rule, you’ll see how change hinges on five second decisions and just how easily you can take back control. The Rule will work every time you use it. But you have to use it. It is a tool.

If you stop using it, fear and uncertainty will creep back in and take control of your decisions. If that happens, just start using the Rule again. As you use the Rule over time, you’ll experience a shift inside yourself that is much deeper, a transformation that impacts confidence and inner strength. You will come face to face with the excuses, habits, feelings, insecurities, and fears that have haunted you for years. The 5 Second Rule PDF Book

You will see the bullshit you put yourself through every day and how much precious time you waste waiting for things to change. By using the Rule, that waiting will end. You will be absolutely amazed by how much joy and freedom you feel by making five-second decisions. Freedom is exactly how Robin described what she gets from using the Rule

Courageous people, in my view, were the Nobel Prize winners Malala Yousafzai, Leymah Gbowee, the Dalai Lama, Aung San Suu Kyi, Nelson Mandela, and Elie Wiesel. I would have thought about Winston Churchill and Britain standing up to fight against Nazi Germany, Rosa Parks standing up for her right to keep her seat on the bus.

And Muhammad Ali steadfast in his religious beliefs and refusing to fight in Vietnam. I would have been reminded of Helen Keller, who triumphed over her own disabilities to advance the rights of others; of Sir Ernest Shackleton, who overcame shocking odds to rescue the crew of the Endurance; or of Galileo, who challenged the Orthodox Church to advance science. The 5 Second Rule PDF Book

But after using the Rule for seven years and hearing from so many people around the world, I have learned a very important certainty: Everyday life is full of moments that are scary, uncertain, and difficult. Facing these moments and unlocking the opportunity, magic, and joy in your life requires tremendous courage.

Courage is precisely what the #5SecondRule gives you. The Rule gave Jose the courage to believe in his value and ask for a raise. Thank goodness he didn’t think it through. He would become one of the greatest civil rights leaders of all time. His name was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Dr. King was pushed into the spotlight by his peers. Rosa pushed herself.

They both experienced the power of a push. It’s a moment when your instincts, values, and goals align, and you move so quickly you don’t have time or a valid reason to stop yourself. Your heart speaks and you don’t think, you listen to what your heart tells you to do. Greatness is not a personality trait. It’s inside all of us and sometimes it’s hard for us to see it. The 5 Second Rule PDF Book Download

Mrs. Parks was described by all who knew her as quiet and shy, and Dr. King famously struggled with self-doubt and fear in the beginning days of the Civil Rights movement. Reflecting back on the radio that night in 1956, Mrs. Parks said, “I hadn’t thought I would be the person to do this, it hadn’t occurred to me.”

It probably hasn’t occurred to you either what great things you might be capable of achieving at work and in your lifetime. Her example shows us that we are all more than capable of finding the courage to “act out of character” when the moment matters. The second the topic came up, she said she “wanted to audition” but never wrote her mentor back about it. I asked her why she was waiting.

It was fascinating and heartbreaking to hear how her thoughts and feelings had trapped her. Funny enough, she wasn’t afraid of the audition itself. At least not when she thought about it. It was everything that might happen after the audition. She said that she didn’t want to try out because, “What if I didn’t make it, Mom? What if I am not as good as I think I am? The 5 Second Rule PDF Book Download

If I don’t audition, at least I can tell myself that I’m amazing—I’m just too lazy to have what I want.” Now we were getting somewhere. The fear of sucking, of not being good enough, of feeling like a loser—none of us wants to face that reality. So we avoid it like the plague. I actually do it with exercise. I can pretend I’m in decent shape as long as I avoid it.

The moment I hit the gym I have to face reality. And the reality is that within two minutes of running on a treadmill, I have to go the bathroom and I’m out of breath. I’m not in great shape at all. I have a lot of work to do. That’s why we dodge challenges—to protect our egos, even if it means eliminating the possibility of getting what we want.

I said early on that the Rule is a tool that creates immediate behavior change. And that’s exactly how Christine used it. That’s how you’ll use it too. By being deliberate, Christine was able to beat the feelings that normally stopped her and become more assertive in her career. The more that she uses the Rule to express her ideas, the more confident that she will become. The 5 Second Rule PDF Book Free

Confidence is a skill that you build through action. Social psychologist Timothy Wilson writes about a psychological intervention, “do good, be good” that dates to Aristotle. Its premise is based on changing people’s behavior first, which in turn changes their self-perception of the kind of person that they are based on the kinds of things that they do.

This is precisely why the #5SecondRule is your ally. It is a tool for action and for behavior change aligned with your goals and commitments. It is not a tool for thinking, and at the end of the day, you are going to need to do more than think if you want to change your life. Amy made up her mind right there, in Robin’s dressing room, and decided to have the mammogram.

She went back on air weeks later to reveal that the screening she had done on live television had saved her life—she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. Amy went through a double mastectomy, eight rounds of chemotherapy, and today is cancer-free. While Amy didn’t use the #5SecondRule in her decision, she got a push from Robin during a critical moment and made a five second decision. The 5 Second Rule PDF Book Free

Thank goodness she did. You may not be lucky enough to have a work colleague there to push you, but you can always give yourself that push, 5- 4- 3- 2- 1-GO. Improving your health is all about action. You might not lose as much weight as Charlie, or run marathons like Greg, but you can push yourself to get to the dentist, to exercise, or go to the doctor for a test like a mammogram or prostate screening.

When you push yourself just like so many of the people you’ve just read about, the life that you change will be your own. My husband and I do not have our phones or alarm clocks in our bedroom or on our nightstands. Where is my phone? In the bathroom. Close enough so I can hear the phone ring if someone calls and the alarm ring in the morning. But, far enough so I don’t fall to temptation.

If my phone is on the nightstand, I will grab it without thinking and stay in bed reading emails. You know you’re guilty of the same. If it’s in reach, it’s easy to grab without thinking. A majority of adults read emails before they get out of bed, and a recent study from Deloitte reports that one-third of adults and one-half of those under the age of 35 actually wake up and check their phones in the middle of the night. The 5 Second Rule PDF Book Free

By putting my phone/alarm in the bathroom, I’m making it harder to succumb to the habit of reaching for my phone, and I am setting myself up for a good night’s sleep. There’s a principle called Parkinson’s Law—work expands to whatever time you give it. So give your workday a deadline. A deadline is important for stamina and mental health. It forces you to focus and be serious about taking the break from work.

It’s a break that we all need to be present with our families and give our brains the time to rest, recharge, and reset that they require. I’m not going to lie, I’ve had to use the rule to force myself 5- 4- 3- 2- 1 to turn off the computer to stop working for the day more often than I would like to admit. Using this daily routine has helped immeasurably.

It is how I put my priorities ahead of putting out daily fires. I feel more in control because I own my actions from the moment the alarm rings. I have more clarity (which helps spot opportunities) because I’ve defined the 2-3 big picture musts that will move my goals forward.

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