The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF Book by Mark Twain


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Tom appeared in front of the house with paint and a big brush. He looked at the fence, and all joy left him. A deep sadness settled upon his heart. The fence was long and high. He wet the brush and moved it along the top board. He did it again, and did it again. He looked at what he had done. The painted part was very, very small.

The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF Book by Mark Twain

Name of Book The Adventures of Tom Sawyer
Author Mark Twain
PDF Size 9 MB
No of Pages 246
Language English
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The whole fence was very large. He sat down. He felt that he could not continue. Tom gave the brush to Ben slowly, but with joy in his heart. And, while the boy who a few moments before had been a riverboat worker and became hot in the sun, Tom sat under the tree, eating the apple and planning how to get more help. There were enough boys.

They came along the street, stopped to laugh, but remained to paint. After Ben, Bill Fisher painted. Then Johnny Miller came. Each one paid to be allowed to work. In the middle of the afternoon, Tom was very rich. He had many playthings, a small cat with one eye, a piece of broken blue glass, and much more. And he had not worked, and the whole fence had been painted three times.

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There was no more paint. With more paint, Tom would soon have owned everything belonging to the other boys. And the other boys in the village would have owned nothing. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF Book Download When the battle was finished, they agreed to have another battle on another day. Then the armies marched away, and Tom started to go home alone.

As he passed Jeff Thatcher’s house, he saw a new girl in the garden. She had blue eyes and yellow hair. She was beautiful. Tom had loved a girl named Amy Lawrence. A week ago she had said that she loved him. He had been happy and proud. But now in a moment she was gone from his heart. He watched the new girl until she discovered him.

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Then he looked at other places, as if he had not seen her. And he began to jump, and dance, and walk on his hands, so that she would continue to watch him. She walked toward the house, and Tom’s heart was sad. But she threw a flower over the fence. Then she was gone. Tom looked around. There was no person to see him. Slowly he picked up the flower.

He put it under his shirt, near his heart. And he stayed near the fence until darkness came. Then he went home to eat. He was full of joy. His aunt wondered why. Tom offered enough, and received the ticket. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF Book Download Then Tom stopped other boys, and bought more tickets, some red and some blue. He was busy with this buying for about ten minutes.

Then he went into the church. These tickets were given for learning the Bible verses. A blue ticket was given for two verses. A red ticket was equal to ten blue tickets. A yellow ticket was equal to ten red tickets. And for ten yellow tickets, for learning two thousand verses, the Sunday school teacher gave the student a Bible. It was a wonderful day when a boy or a girl received one of these Bibles.

Perhaps Tom did not want the Bible. But he did want the wonderful experience of receiving it. While the teacher was talking, three gentlemen and a lady entered the church. The lady was leading a child. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF Book When Tom saw this small girl, waves of happiness went over him. He began hitting other boys, pulling their hair, doing everything to force the new girl to look at him and smile.

He was quickly forgetting the water the woman threw from her window the night before. The gentlemen and the lady went to the front of the church and sat down there. Then the teacher told who they were. One gentleman was Mr. Thatcher, who lived in the village. All knew him. But one was his brother, the great Judge Thatcher.

He had traveled, he had seen the world, he came from a large town twelve miles away. The teacher wished that on this day he could give some boy or girl a Bible. He would have been proud to do that. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF Book The famous Judge Thatcher would know, then, that this was a fine Sunday school. But no child had enough yellow tickets.

The Sunday-school children now sat with their fathers and mothers, who would try to keep them quiet. Aunt Polly came, and Tom and Sid and Mary sat with her. Tom was placed as far as possible from the open window and the interesting summer scenes outside. Other people came in and went to their seats. There were the old and poor.

There were the middle-aged. There were the pretty girls in bright summer clothes, and the young men, with their eyes following the girls. There was Mrs. Douglas, whose husband died. She was rich and good-hearted, and she lived in the big house on Cardiff Hill. There was Mufferson, the “Good Boy” of the village. He came to church with his mother.

All the other mothers talked of his goodness. All the other boys did not like him. Now the bell was heard again, and then the church became very quiet. They were ready to begin. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF He prayed for many things and for many people. He prayed for the church, and for the little children of the church, and for the other churches of the village, and for the village, and then for the whole country, and for the Government, and then for people of far countries.

Tom did not enjoy hearing Mr. Sprague pray, but he knew he must remain quiet. While Mr. Sprague prayed, a flying bug stopped on the back of the seat in front of Tom. It moved its front legs together, one over the other. It put them around its head, and seemed to pull until Tom thought that the head would separate from the body.

It used its back legs to clean its wings. And it did all this slowly, as if knowing that it was safe. And indeed it was safe. Tom did not dare to reach for it. He believed that his soul would be destroyed suddenly if he did such a thing while Mr. Sprague was praying. But with the last words, his hand began to move forward. When the last word came, the bug was in his hand. But his aunt saw this.

She told him to let the bug fly away. Then Mr. Sprague began a longer talk. He read the words he was saying and Tom counted the pages as he turned them. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF After church, Tom always knew how many pages there had been. He did not often know what had been said. But this morning Tom was interested for a little while. Mr. Sprague talked about future peace in the world.

The strong and powerful nations, he said, would be friends of the weak. The strong, he said, would be like a strong, wild animal of the forest. The weak would be like a weak animal of the farm. But the strong animal would not hurt the weak animal. They would lie down beside each other, in peace. They would be so gentle and friendly that a little child could lead them.

The bug lay there, moving its legs, but it could not get on its feet again. Tom could not reach it. It was too far away. But he watched it. Other people, also not interested in Mr. Sprague’s words, found pleasure in watching the bug. Then a dog entered the church. He was sad at heart. He wanted some new, different thing to do. He saw the large black bug, and his tail lifted and moved a little, happily.

He looked at the bug carefully; walked around it; put his nose nearer; lay down with the bug between his front feet; and began to sleep. His head moved down, it touched the bug, and the bug took a painful hold on his nose. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer PDF The dog cried loudly, shaking his head. And the bug fell again on the floor, on its back. People sitting near were laughing gently, with their faces covered.

Tom was completely happy. The dog seemed like a fool, and perhaps felt like a fool. There was anger in his heart, also. He went near the bug again and began jumping at it. Moving in a circle, he jumped again and again. Then he had had enough of jumping. He found a smaller bug and followed it for a while. Then he had had enough of the smaller bug. Forgetting the large black bug, he sat down on it.

There was an old board fence around it. A light wind sounded in the trees, and Tom was afraid that the sound came from the spirits of the dead. The boys talked little. The time and the place and the quiet were heavy on their hearts. They found the new grave and sat down under the branches of three big trees near it.

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