The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book by Elena Armas


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Someone was trying to break into my apartment. Fine. Technically, it wasn’t my apartment, but rather the apartment I was currently staying in. That didn’t change the facts. Because if living in a couple of questionable neighborhoods in New York had taught me anything, it was that if someone didn’t knock, they weren’t interested in asking to be let in.

The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book by Elena Armas

Name of Book The American Roommate Experiment
PDF Size  3.5 MB
No of Pages 363
Language English
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Evidence number one: the insistent rattling of the—thankfully locked— entrance door. The sound stopped, allowing me to release all the air I had been holding in. Gaze xed on the lock, I waited. All right. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it was a neighbor mistaking this as their apartment. Or maybe whoever was out there would eventually knock.

And— What sounded like someone banging a shoulder against the door startled me, making me jump backward. Nope. Not a knock. Probably not a neighbor, either. My next breath was shallow, oxygen barely making it to its destination. But heck, I couldn’t blame my lungs, really. I couldn’t even blame my brain for not being able to accomplish basic functions like breathing after the day I’d had.

Click here to Download The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book

A couple of hours ago, what had been my cozy and beautifully well-kept apartment for the last ve years had all but crumbled down on me. Literally. And we’re not talking about a crack in the ceiling and some falling dust. A section of my ceiling gave out and collapsed. Collapsed. Right before my eyes. Almost on top of me.

Creating a hole large enough to gift me with a clear view of my upstairs neighbor Mr. Brown’s private bits as he looked down at me. And allowing me to learn something I never needed or wanted to know: my middle-aged neighbor did not wear anything beneath his robe. Not a single thing. A sight that had been as traumatizing as having a piece of cement nearly knock you down on your way to the couch.

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And now this. The break-in. After I pulled myself together enough to gather my stu—under Mr. Brown’s careful scrutiny and still freely hanging… bits— and made it to the only place I could think of, given the circumstances, now someone was trying to force their way in. What sounded like a curse in a foreign language came through, the noise against the lock resuming.

“Seriously. I’m a New Yorker. I’m tough as nails.” I let out a laugh I hoped sounded genuine and shued some more of the scattered items closer. “Just let me get everything and I’ll call an Uber.” I inspected my disorganized mess. Then, I started to chuck everything inside the bags as fast as I could. That was probably why I didn’t notice that Lucas was on the move until he was on his feet and striding away.

He stopped when he reached his backpack, picked it up, and ung it over a shoulder. “What—” I started going up on my two feet. “Where are you going?” Lucas rearranged the weight at his back. His smile was back in place, lopsided and… yeah, still distracting. “Somewhere else. I’m not staying here.” “What?” I gaped at him. “Why?” He took a step in the direction of the door. The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book

“Because it’s past midnight and you look like you’re about to pass out.” I blinked. Then, I noticed my hand shooting to my hair. Did I look— I let my hand drop. How I looked wasn’t important. One, because there wasn’t anything to do about that now. And two, because… there really wasn’t anything to do about it. “Do you have a place to stay?”

Finally asked him. “Any place other than Lina’s?” “Of course.” He shrugged, his lips not bulging. “This is New York City—the options are endless.” “No.” I shook my head, taking a step sideways and blocking his way to the door. “I can’t let you do that. I’ll be the one leaving. This is your cousin’s apartment. You even have a key. You… can’t go spend the night at a hotel.”

His smile turned warmer. “That’s sweet, Rosie. But unnecessary.” He walked around me, making me turn around on my heels to keep track of him. “Plus, it’s easier this way. I only have a backpack with me, and you have…” His gaze jumped to my big, messy pile. “You have a lot more than that.” The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book

Her favorite person in the world? My sister never said stu like that unless… “What did you do, Charo?” I asked her in Spanish. She gasped, pretending to be outraged. “Excuse you. I’m a saint, you know that.” I snorted. And because she really wasn’t one, I asked, “Is Taco okay?” My sister rolled her eyes just as a bark sounded in the background.

“You are an overbearing pup dad. Do you know that? Taco is perfectly ne under my care.” There was movement on her side, the image blurring for a couple seconds. Then, a familiar snout appeared on the screen. “¡Hola, chico!” I told my best bud, barely keeping the emotion o my voice. “¿Estás siendo un buen chico?” Taco tilted his head at the sound of my voice, then a whimper came from the phone.

“I miss you, too, buddy.” That earned me an excited woof. “Is Charo taking good care of you?” Taco turned and licked my sister’s face, then faced the camera and did the same with her phone. “¡Taco, no!” Charo’s voice was mued by my dog’s tongue, presumably on the microphone. After a couple seconds of wrestling, both of them were back in the frame. The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book

“Your dog will lick or eat just about anything, is that normal?” I chuckled. “Yeah. Like daddy, like son. Right, Taco?” He barked in conrmation. “A few months ago, he sneaked into Mamá’s pantry and slaughtered the jamón. The good one. She was furious.” And therefore, wouldn’t dogsit him while I was away for three months. “But he’s a good boy, aren’t you, Taco?

You’re just a little hungry all the time.” Charo shook her head while Taco sat proudly at her side. “Hey, buddy, I want you to meet someone.” I turned around, looking for Rosie. I found her right where I had left her, sitting on a stool, only now her eyes were wide. She pointed at herself. “Me?” “Yeah, you.” I walked up to her, placed myself behind, and stretched my arm in front of us.

“Who else would I be talking about?” Lowering myself, I scooted closer to Rosie’s back to  make sure Charo and Taco could see us both. With the change of position, I brushed the back of her shoulder with my chest, and it was hard to miss how she stiened. “Taco,” I said, wondering if I had crossed some line invading her personal space. The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book Download

“This is Rosie, my new friend. And, Rosie.” I glanced at her prole, taking in her ushed cheeks and neck, noticing the freckles under the pink covering her skin. “This is my best and closest friend, Taco. And my sister, Charo.” Lina didn’t answer right away, which told me enough about whatever was coming. “Your second book is in the same universe, isn’t it?

You told me you wanted to give his best friend his happily ever after.” “Yes.” “You mentioned that this time around the story would be a little more… lighthearted. That it would be about him battling modern life and adjusting to how things have changed in the wilderness that is dating nowadays.” “Yes, I suppose I said that.” “So,” Lina said very slowly, so much that the two-letter word dragged for a few seconds.

“You could do the same. You could get back out there.” I frowned. “Out where?” “Dating,” she answered with condence. “You’ve been holed up for… how long?” she asked, but I wasn’t given the chance to answer. “Too long. Maybe that’s the problem. You’re a romance writer. Trying to write about a man from the 1900s dating in present day. The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book Download

Maybe you should just… do that. If you think about it, you two are not so dierent. You haven’t dated anyone for at least two years.” A chuckle left her. “You and your hero are two beautiful and oldfashioned sh dumped in the twenty-rst-century dating pond.” A strange sound left my throat. I opened my mouth to tell her all the many and dierent ways her idea could go sideways, but I stopped myself.

Because maybe, just maybe… “It could work,” Lina said as if she’d just read my mind. “Listen, my rst idea had been sex. Orgasms. I was going to suggest you get a new vibrator when you mentioned the endorphins, but I think you need the real thing this time around.” I blinked, trying to process everything. “You know I’m not good with hookups and one-night stands,” I replied.

“Exactly,” she answered quickly. “You need to be romanced before getting to the hanky-panky.” “The hanky-panky?” She ignored my question. “That’s why I think you should re-download Tinder. Or Bumble. Or whatever app the Zuckerberg of dating software has come up with this week.” “A dating app.” I could hear the thick skepticism coating my voice. The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book Download

“What about the old-fashioned sh? I think I liked that better. Can we get back to that? Nothing good has ever come out of a dating app. Not for me.” “Listen.” Lina cleared her throat. “I know you’ve sworn o apps—and men —for a reason, a good one at that. The last man you dated in particular, Assface Number Five, was… well, let’s just say he was lucky I didn’t borrow Aaron’s car and accidentally run him over.”

I spun her one more time, her body now slowly beginning to move to the rhythm of the song. And when she was facing me again, it was with a full-edged grin parting her face that I had no choice but to return. The chorus started just as if we’d choreographed it, and we screamed the lyrics at the top of our lungs. And just like that, Rosie’s limbs loosened, her eyes shut, and her body got lost to the seventies hit.

I held one of her hands and watched her sing like it was nobody’s business, so loudly that I could hear her voice over the music. And boy, she wasn’t a good singer. Not by a long shot. Not that it stopped me from taking her other hand and spinning her in another circle. We whirled and whirled, singing and laughing, perhaps one too many times, because with that last twirl. The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book Download

Rosie lost her footing and spun right into my chest. Our bodies clashed, my arm going around her waist. Our gazes locked, chests heaving in breathless sync as we stared at each other. The sweetest wave of peaches wrapped around me, making my nostrils are. My throat worked as I started noticing the way her breasts pressed against my chest, moving up and down with every heaving breath.

One of my legs was thrust between hers, and somehow, in a basic reex I hadn’t been able to control, I pulled her closer. Tighter against me. Our hips coming into contact as our legs tangled further. Her breath caught, and when her mouth released the air, shakily, rockily, it hit me on the jaw. Something inside of me stiened, hardened.

Lucas didn’t say a word, didn’t move a muscle. He didn’t even try to squeeze me against his body, like he had done so many times before. And that was okay. Because right now, he was the one who needed me. So I stayed right where I was. My body hanging on the very edge of the couch as I warmed his body with mine. The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book Free

My touch and voice somehow soothing him back to sleep. Only when his breath fell into a slow rhythm, did I relax. But I stayed awake for a long time. Thinking, keeping watch, I recalled my conversation with Lina. Lucas, always on his own, isolating himself now, not conding in anyone. I thought about how he always gave away his smiles so selessly.

About how much he had given me in the short amount of time we’d known each other. And as I held him, I couldn’t help but wonder if someone had ever done the same for him. Frowning at the mirror, I placed the brush on the surface of the vanity and had a quick look at my reection. My curls were falling in an orderly manner that had taken me a full hour— and ve dierent YouTube tutorials—to accomplish.

My lips were a pale shade of pink and I’d done my eyes in natural tones, achieving an almost no-makeup look. I looked good. I knew that. I wasn’t a fashion or lifestyle inuencer by any means, but I usually took care of what I wore, of how I looked. Except for my hair. That, I always neglected. Let it fall in a disarray of waves. But not today. Not tonight. The American Roommate Experiment PDF Book Free

Because we were going to a party. The Masquerade Ball. And if the butteries in my stomach were any indication, I was as excited about it as I was anxious. Good nerves, bad nerves, I wasn’t sure. I didn’t know what to expect, really. Because this felt a lot like a double date, only it wasn’t one. When I’d told Lucas about the Masquerade Ball, he’d just said he was in and we’d started talking about costume ideas.

Couple-costume ideas, although we were going as friends. Just friends, not even experiment partners, considering Aaron and Lina would be there.

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