The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book by Katie Wismer


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The guy she’d squished the entire ride climbed out next. His body unfolded like some kind of never-ending Slinky. He had to be a least a full foot taller than she was, but not much heavier. Wavy brown hair fell into his eyes as he shoved his hands in his pockets and stepped up onto the sidewalk beside her. The other girls squealed and laughed as they climbed out, clutching hands and holding one another up.

The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book by Katie Wismer

Name of Book The Anti-Relationship Year
PDF Size 1.9 MB
No of Pages 234
Language English
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They weren’t nearly that drunk yet, but the routine was clearly having its intended effect. “Wait for me,” the dark-skinned girl drawled as she checked her reflection in the car window and fluffed up her curly, black hair. Her southern accent was somehow even more pronounced now than when she was sober. The taller of the two boys grinned and eagerly offered his hand.

His friend looped his arm around the little blonde girl’s waist. Johanna cast another uneasy glance at the bouncer. She was no expert, but there was no way making a scene before they even made it to the front of the line would work in their favor. She eyed her lanky companion, desperately searching her memory for his name. It was something odd, more of a last name.

Click here to Download The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book

“You’re…Miller, right?” Jo asked, wincing. He nodded, seemingly oblivious to her struggle. “You’re Johanna.” “Just Jo.” “All right, Just Jo. I say we ditch the lunatics and get in line.” He jabbed his thumb at the two girls piggybacking on the other guys while the boy in the trunk, not to be forgotten, beat frantically on the window. Jo raised her eyebrows.

“No loyalty to your friends?” He shrugged, but reached over and popped the trunk to let the last guy out. “I actually don’t know any of them. I just let the school randomly assign me to a room.” “Really? That seems risky. What if you’re, like, zero percent compatible?” She turned back to Grey, and his gaze bored into hers. It felt like a challenge.

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But there was so much intensity in his eyes, so much heat, that Johanna’s cheeks warmed despite herself, and she was the first to lower her gaze. She spun the beer between her palms, focusing on the cold glass against her skin. “Let me take you out sometime,” he said. “Somewhere without your friend staring at us from the bar. Somewhere you’ll actually let me get to know you.”

Against her better judgement, she looked up. His wide, blue eyes searched hers. A flash of heat shot through her chest. She should’ve said no. God, she knew she needed to say no. But somehow, she found herself straightening in her chair and forcing a coy smile onto her face. “Fine. But you only get one hour.” This time when he leaned in close, he wasn’t smiling.

Something like wicked amusement danced in his eyes as he whispered, “Baby, one hour is all I need.” KAYLEIGH ROSE ONTO HER TIPTOES AS SHE STRUNG THE HOT PINK SHEET across the room, tucking it between the lofted beds. A sea of blankets and pillows were already situated on the floor between them. The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book  

The fort already fully stocked with three boxes of Lime-a-ritas and a family-sized bag of potato chips. “Don’t knock the whole thing down!” Addie scolded as Liv climbed on Kayleigh’s desk to secure the other sheet across the back, this one a far less assaulting shade of lavender. Liv rolled her eyes as she hopped back down, her bunny slippers making a soft thud against the floor.

Her curly black hair was pulled back in two braids and whipped around her shoulders as she collapsed onto the floor and eagerly grabbed a drink from the middle. Jo tucked herself into the corner beside her bed and cracked open a can, watching as Kayleigh finished constructing their masterpiece. She’d brought down the string lights that usually hung above her bed and wound them around on the floor.

They glowed against the bright sheets and cast a pink tint to everyone’s faces. “Perfect!” Kayleigh ducked inside and plopped down across from Jo, her oversized T-shirt billowing out around her like a tent. Miller threw his hands up. “You already know you look hot. You don’t need me to tell you.” The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book

Kayleigh climbed to the other end of her bed and glanced out the window as Jo searched the ground for the right pair of shoes. Grey hadn’t told her what they’d be doing tonight, so she didn’t know if flats or heels were the way to go. She settled on a pair of strappy wedges and balanced herself on Miller’s shoulder as she did the clasps. He sighed as if this were a major inconvenience.

“What the hell?” said Kayleigh. “Jo, I—I think your ride is here.” Jo shuffled over to peek out the window and let out a small gasp. A gigantic bus was parked outside their dorm, practically blocking the entire street. UNITED FATES was plastered across the side in thick, red letters. “Subtle,” she muttered. Miller appeared at her side and craned his neck to see. “Is he planning to kidnap you and take you on tour?”

The door to the bus swung open and Grey stepped out on the sidewalk in black jeans, a black T-shirt, and a black leather jacket. Johanna would be rolling her eyes at the whole cliché of it all if it didn’t look so damn good on him. He glanced both ways down the street, then tilted his head back to take in the building. “Get away from the window!” Jo shrilled, grabbing Miller’s sleeve and pulling him down. The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book

They tripped over each other, landing in a tangle of limbs on the floor, as Kayleigh laughed at them from the bed. Jo splayed out on her back and stared at the ceiling for a second. “Is this a dumb idea?” she asked to no one in particular. ONCE THE LAST OF THE LIGHT DRAINED FROM THE SKY AND THE TEMPERATURE plummeted, everyone crowded around the fire.

Jo and Grey claimed the log facing the cliff as the rest of the group loitered near the edge, laughing and tipping back cans of beer. One of the girls came around and held out a bag of marshmallows to Jo, though her eyes were on Grey as Jo reached inside and pulled two out to roast. The girl walked away and joined the rest of the crowd wordlessly.

Grey hadn’t introduced Jo to anyone else, and none of them had tried to come over. Jo shivered and wrapped her arms around herself. “Here,” Grey murmured as he slipped his leather jacket around her shoulders. She nestled into his side, but refused to look at him despite feeling the heat of his gaze on her face. The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book Download

Instead, she stabbed a long stick through the marshmallow and leaned forward to hold it over the fire. “I’m sorry about all of them,” he added after a minute. “They can be… unwelcoming sometimes, especially when they’re all drunk. It really isn’t personal.” JO LINGERED BEHIND AS THE MEETING WRAPPED UP AND THE ROOM FILLED with the sounds of shuffling papers and scraping chairs.

There was a class block right after this, so most people had places to get to. Since Jo was nearly done with all of her credits already, her Monday/Wednesday/Friday schedule was pretty light aside from a morning seminar, these weekly meetings, and her independent study. The rest of the staff headed for the door, a much larger crowd now than it had been when she and Miller joined as freshmen.

Ever since Miller took over the paper last year, their staff had multiplied—mostly of the female variety—which was a blessing and a curse. The paper was definitely better for it, and they were able to put out more content each week, but Jo’s patience could do without as much human interaction and incessant questions from the clueless freshmen. The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book Download

JO SAT SILENTLY IN THE CAR ON THE RIDE HOME FROM THE DOCTOR’S OFFICE. Day slid into night as the appointment became a procedure, and the day forever changed from being just another Saturday to The Saturday. It was dark now, the entirety of the day gone, but Miller had sat there waiting the entire time.

First in the waiting room as Jo stared at the floor and pumped out a nervous rhythm with her leg, and then in the office as the doctor explained her options, though the static in her ears had drowned out most of what she’d said. He didn’t say anything as they drove, and Jo stared out the window, wondering if she would feel anything, or if that wouldn’t come until after she took the second medication.

What if it didn’t work at all, and she had to go through all of this again? About halfway home, Miller flipped on the radio and hummed along. The low quality of his voice was calming, in a way. Jo closed her eyes, focusing on it, almost feeling the vibrations in her chest. It was about the only thing she could feel right now. The doctor had explained that all women reacted differently, emotionally. The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book Download

But for now, Jo just felt…numb. The kind of numbness that made her worry she’d never feel anything again. They were just turning onto campus when the song on the radio ended. “And now we have a new song from a local band!” said the host. “I think you guys are really going to like this one. Here’s ‘Johanna’ by United Fates!”

Miller slammed on the breaks in the middle of the parking lot, and Jo had to brace her hands on the dashboard to keep from pitching forward. She let out a small choking noise as the song trickled through the speakers. She stared at the screen where Johanna – United Fates scrolled across over and over again. The numbness in her chest cracked, like a splinter fissuring through a block of ice.

As his weight pressed her into the mattress, her mind finally, mercifully, started to quiet. For now, this was all there was. All that was important. She could drown herself in this feeling, this skin against skin, the mouths and teeth and tongues and gasps—and everything else could wait. The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book Free

The tightness in her chest she’d had since the interview, the anxious buzzing of thoughts that grew louder every day they drew closer to graduation, the nauseating pit in her stomach every time she had to meet the disinterested gazes of her parents, Miller melted it all away like fire. His hands slid from her waist to her hips and the tension in her chest eased a notch.

His teeth grazed along the hollow of her throat, and it eased a little more. His fingers slid between her legs, and she closed her eyes, letting the rest of it slip away. She reached for his pants, but he took her wrists and pinned them to the bed. “Not yet,” he breathed. “Just—let me.” The smallest flash of uncertainty and self-consciousness tightened in her chest.

Men had gone down on her plenty of times before—dozens of men, if she were being honest. But the thought of it being Miller—Miller, Miller— made her cheeks warm and hands fidget against the bed. It wasn’t that she didn’t want him to. It just somehow felt…more than it ever had before. He leaned back over her, every plane of his body pressed flat against hers, as he pressed a kiss to her lips. The Anti-Relationship Year PDF Book Free

Hard and deep enough that it drove the thoughts a little farther away. Jo was about to turn around and ask the girl if they were in the right place when a man strolled into the room. He was tall, almost as tall as Miller, with inky black hair all the way down to his shoulders. He paused at the whiteboard, hands on his hips, and looked around, his expression stoic.

Then his face transformed into a grin so quickly, he looked like a cartoon. “Great turnout! Welcome to the newspaper interest meeting! I’m Rodney, the editor in chief. I’m going to pass around a paper for you all to write your names, your majors, any positions within the newspaper that you’re interested in, and your school email. And I’ll list all of the available positions on the board for you to choose from. Unfortunately, our sports editor and our copy editor couldn’t make it tonight, but they’re excited to meet you all at our first official meeting next week.”

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