The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book by Vishen Lakhiani


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Anyone can have this. Although for many it requires a total mindset shift. And that’s what this book will do for you. But first, you must stand in the belief that you can create a life where work doesn’t feel like work. And you don’t have to truly believe that yet. But you must be open to it. You have to at least believe that’s possible for other people even if you don’t yet believe you can have it yourself at this point.

The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book by Vishen Lakhiani

Name of Book The Buddha and the Badass
Author Vishen Lakhiani
PDF Size 5.1 MB
No of Pages 316
Language  English
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This book will get you there. It’s designed to have you see yourself in an entirely new paradigm. Second, you must understand the big fat brule (bullshit rule) about success: the false belief that you have to work harder than anyone else. To put more hours in. In other words, to hustle. Anyone who believes this buys into a lie that’s simply not true.

This book shows you how to go beyond the myth of hard work. You’ll tap into a higher level of work where you’ll access heightened states of consciousness that allow you to effortlessly glide through the world while creating impact. When you operate from these states, you will notice that you merge two beautiful states of being human.

Click here to Download The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book

I call this the merger of the Buddha and the badass. The Buddha is the archetype of the spiritual master. The person who can live in this world but also move with an ease, grace, and flow that come from inner awareness and alignment. I’m not necessarily talking about the literal Buddha; i.e., someone who has achieved enlightenment.

But instead someone who recognizes and uses the power of the world “within us.” I grew up in Southeast Asia in a family that practices Hindu and Buddhist traditions. I speak of the Buddha with reverence and sought the advice of Buddhist spiritual teachers before choosing the title.

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This book, however, does not bring in any of the cultural or religious aspects of Buddhism, but deep scholars of the field will notice some similar worldviews within this book. You might be the CEO of a Fortune 500 company or bootstrappy entrepreneur in start-up mode working from a Starbucks. Or you might be an employee in a much larger organization.

No matter what, you can choose to be a leader. You have the power to transform your work and influence the people and teams you work within. If you don’t have an official title you can still apply strategies from this book to shine at your career and influence your peers. It’s a practice I call stealth leadership.

The reality is that every human is a leader—but most people fail to claim their power over their own lives and their experiences. You don’t need the title of CEO to influence the people around you. Being a stealth leader means you exert your influence even when you don’t have those three letters after your name (and, in fact. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book

I’ll tell you why I stripped myself of the CEO title and how that made me even more effective at leading my team) After interviewing thousands of people for jobs at my companies, I uncovered an astonishing truth about human behavior. There are four dominant human needs people crave from any work they engage in.

When you understand and apply this knowledge, people fall in love with their work and the culture they are a part of. And you need this too. When you mix these human needs into your work, your work becomes a place of healing and amplification of your power. None of this is mystical. It’s all backed by remarkable theories developed by the world’s leading psychologists, philosophers, and spiritual leaders.

Chapter 3: Spark Deep Connections Humans desire to come together. The need to belong is in our DNA. While we may see ourselves as separate from one another, the truth is, we are connected by invisible bonds. When you understand how to influence this space, you create communities where everyone is greater together than apart. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book

Chapter 4: Becoming an Unfuckwithable Masterpiece In a world of many options we seek to follow others rather than follow our own inner guidance. The key is to learn to love yourself deeply and learn to trust your inner yearnings. As you do, you can channel these dreams, visions, and desires into a masterpiece of a life. As a leader, you can bring this out in others too.

When you do this, the shared visions you create become reality with elegance and ease. Chapter 5: Make Growth The Ultimate Goal Your soul isn’t here to achieve. Your soul is here to grow. Most people get this wrong. I dialed the number of Srikumar Rao. And that night, I experienced his sage wisdom for the first time.

Rao is a famous business professor who has lectured at places like Columbia and London Business School. His classes have waitlists because his teachings are so revolutionary. Rao mixes the wisdom of long-dead philosophers and spiritual teachers with modern American business school ideas. It’s not your classic MBA curriculum. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book

It’s more like the love child of Rumi and Jack Welch. Rao lives in New York, but he is not the classically brash New York type. He’s a humble, down-to-earth Indian man. He’s the kind of person that only occasionally opens his mouth in a group, and he speaks slowly. But whenever he speaks, every person in the room shuts up because they know he’s going to blow their mind.

That night we were strangers. But he’s good at reading people. The tone of my voice clued him in to the fact that I was stressed. “Vishen. Enough business talk. Are you okay?” he asked. “Yes, I am,” I said. This was a lie, of course. Rao knew it too. So he probed further. He struck me as so loving, so sincere, I felt safe with him.

I’d been struggling to hold in my anguish, and now I let it all out in a big messy stream of confessions. “I’m burning out, Rao. I am so stressed. My health has gone to shit. I’m questioning my ability to lead and be a CEO. I am fighting to keep this company above water. And I can’t share this with anyone. I’ve been keeping it all in. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book

And I just don’t know what to do,” I shared. Rao listened. Then he said, “Vishen. I want to read you a poem. Just listen. It’s by a thirteenth-century poet named Rumi.” “Okay,” I said. But in the back of my mind I was thinking, Poetry? Is he serious. I’m pouring my heart out and he wants to give me a damn poetry lesson?!

Now, this was 2004, the era before start-up funds were easily available. I was twenty-eight and broke. I was forced to do what many start-up entrepreneurs do. I went to the Bank of Dad and asked for help. That was when my father willingly offered me the makeshift office at the back of his warehouse. Mindvalley was me plus a Labradoodle named Ozzy in a run-down warehouse.

Ozzy was great company. But Ozzy couldn’t use a keyboard and never delivered much in results. But then my college buddy Mike from Michigan joined me. He became a cofounder. Together we placed an ad for two interns. Adelle and Hannu were my first hires. We had little to offer them, just a meager salary and a dream. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book Download

Our first tech product was still years from launching. But they both saw our venture as a training opportunity. Mike and I now had two interns on board, and the four of us built the business to a place where we were desperate for talent. Our focus was primarily building innovative Web applications for the thenemerging space known as Web 2.0. We were competing with startups in Silicon Valley.

But our growth was stalled by our desperate need for talented engineers, marketing minds, and branding experts. We needed smart workers fast. And I was spread thin—it was an obvious sign that we needed to hire. Then quite by accident we stumbled upon the solution. One day, just for fun, I wrote a manifesto to describe the new type of business I wanted to create.

Shared beliefs may be the first thing that will draw the right people to you, but the second is a future that inspires. That’s what this tactic is about. People’s actions line up with the future they want to create for themselves. Give them the future they want and they’ll join you. Cameron Herold is famously known in business circles as the CEO Whisperer. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book Download

He has worked with hundreds of organizations, including a Big 4 wireless carrier and a monarchy. He teaches a process called Vivid Vision™ that’s helped business leaders like me bring their ideas to life and connect authentically with their audience. In an interview I did with Cameron in 2019 for the Mindvalley podcast.

He told me that the biggest problem he sees with business leaders is lack of vision, which then reverberates through all levels of the company. The lack of vision infects the entire team, not to mention its consumers. If you don’t run a team or company at this point, apply this same idea to your life. Lack of vision for your life will have you taking unintentional actions that don’t align with what you want.

This is why crafting a Vivid Vision is critical work. Intentionality makes decisions easy and speeds up your rate of achieving what you want. The Vivid Vision exercise at the end of this chapter will support you in figuring out what you really want, at work and in life. While a Vivid Vision is something everyone should learn in school, it’s primarily business schools that teach the importance of vision statements. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book Download

But they do it backward. But let’s face it, the workplace is usually not the place for deep conversations and profound human connection. We sometimes need some nudging to form deeper relationships. And so, this exercise was part of our 2019 team retreat, which focused solely on the theme of connection.

While our team retreats were once about company strategy and objectives and key results (OKRs), I’ve learned my lesson. Today our team retreats focus on connection and bonding first. We don’t talk about the business or vision much. Rather we focus on becoming truly raw, open, and transparent with each other. When you focus on connection first everything else falls into place.

This is as true for leaders as it is for anyone else in the group. And if you’re not officially a leader, keep in mind that the skill of building connections is perhaps the most powerful tool in the stealth leader toolkit. First of all, it enables you to covertly rise up the ranks in any organization. The second benefit is the social edge you gain when you have the ability to transform any disempowered team. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book Download

For you this means never having to work in a toxic environment. And since it’s been scientifically proven that your quality of life is determined by the people you spend the most time with, relationships matter far more than you might think. That day at our team retreat, as I stood in that circle, I felt a sense of safety and peace.

But it didn’t stop the feeling of monster butterflies cavorting in my stomach. Later I learned that I wasn’t the only one. This particular game was called Anybody Else? One person stands in the center of the circle. They share something personal. Something vulnerable. Then they say, “Anybody else?” If the statement is true for anyone else, that person immediately joins the person in the middle.

Once the game got rolling it became a parade of courageous people stepping forward, one by one. “Sometimes I feel weird in social situations, so I pretend I want to be alone and pull myself away or busy myself on my phone, but I really just feel insecure,” said one person. This is why when a person’s sense of belonging is filled, they might feel invincible. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book Free

Conversely, when it’s not, they wither. Numerous neuroscientific studies show that social connection causes reward centers of the brain to light up. On the other hand, experiences of social pain (like loneliness) cause activity in the same regions of the brain that process actual physical pain. A broken heart quite literally aches.

One of Harvard’s longest, most qualitative studies was the “Very Happy People” study by Ed Diener and Martin Seligman. It spanned 80 years and followed the lives of 222 people who were screened on life fulfillment using multiple assessment filters. The scientists did an invasive analysis.

They went through the participants’ vast medical records and conducted hundreds of in-person interviews and questionnaires. The revolutionary findings were that social bonds have a 0.7 correlation (which is massive in the world of science) to life fulfillment. The Buddha and the Badass PDF Book Free