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If you like someone romantically, and they too seem to like you back, and go out with them, just the two of you – it’s a DATE. Sachin: Naah…liking comes much later. A first date is just a way for a girl to suss out a guy and vice-versa. Or for that matter, a girl to suss out a girl and a guy to suss out a guy too. The end goal certainly is something romantic eventually, but that’s not how it starts.

The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book by Ira Trivedi

Name of Book The Desi Guide to Dating
Author Ira Trivedi
PDF Size 1.6 MB
No of Pages 136
Language  English
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Today, folks are increasingly meeting via dating apps and the first meeting does qualify as a date but romance isn’t a necessity. That comes later, much later. Of course, once you get to like each other and meet again that’s a date too! So, let’s just say that today a date is just two people meeting over a coffee (with an inkling that this might be the start of something romantic.

And to be honest, how romantic can a CCD be? We are of the belief that dating is a healthy and positive thing, no matter what your parents, elders, aunties, uncles or khap panchayats may say. It allows young (and sometimes old people, too) to get to know and understand each other. It allows us to explore the opposite, or same, sex and ourselves in a healthy way.

Click here to Download The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book

It gives us an idea of what is out there in the world, and this will only help develop longer lasting, and happier relationships in the long run. Sachin: Girls are increasingly exercising their choice, be it hobbies, education, work, etc. Then why not when it comes to men? The only way to navigate that problem is to have a choice and to meet more and more men.

Now each of those meetings is a date. Keeping it healthy and positive is up to you. Speaking of marriage. Contrary to popular belief, dating actually helps with marriage rather than take away from it. If you have dated, you’ll never wonder if you could’ve found a better partner. Through the process of dating, you get to meet a wide array of human beings.

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You get to interact with the opposite sex in a fun and healthy way, and then, when you do decide to settle down, you’ve seen what’s out there, and you can be more satisfied with your choice. Sachin: Even in an arranged marriage you do get to meet your prospective spouse a few times before M-Day. This too qualifies as a date.

Seems simple, right? We wish. While dating today has become easier than ever before – with the advent of online dating, WhatsApp and what-not – the same factors have also made it more confusing and ambiguous than ever before. What does it mean if she’s read your WhatsApp message, knows that YOU have read her message and STILL hasn’t replied and it’s been thirty minutes!

And here you thought that a peck on the lips at the end of dinner meant the date went off swimmingly. People often ask what’s the difference between a date and meeting up with a friend for coffee? They ask us what the difference between a date and a one-night stand? Some people have even asked us what the difference between a date and marriage is (but that is a story for another day. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book

If you have asked some of these questions, we are here to help. In this book we aim to clear up all the confusion around dating and help you embark on a successful and happy dating career. Now that you know what dating is, how do you start dating? In this chapter, we will teach you how to plunge into the world of dating.

The first step is to find someone whom you can date. Most of us surround ourselves with the same groups of people, day in and day out. We want to stay within our comfort zone. We don’t want to take risks. We fear rejection from the opposite sex. Some of us are just plain lazy, and it seems like a lot of effort to get ready and to go out there hoping to meet someone whom we may or may not click with.

The thought of physically putting in the effort to meet someone (or many) and to actually talk to them, when it probably won’t work out anyway, can be an intimidating task. But taking the leap towards open-mindedness is the first step to a successful dating life. You must go out there and be open to meeting new people. You must have a positive and open outlook towards your love life. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book

Try joining a new club, try a new sport, go out partying with a new group of friends, or download an online dating app and put in some effort to create a nice profile for yourself. The more people you meet, the higher the chances of meeting a partner of your dreams. So, be open and take a chance. You won’t regret it.

This is where dating apps come in. They allow you to explore the world of singles, yet give you control with no fear of rejection. Most apps do not disclose whom you have not liked or if you have not been liked by someone. Also, they are very private and never disclose phone numbers, location, etc. Only if there is a mutual like do you get on to a chat and you may then exchange personal information.

So yes, it’s a great way to meet new people. You have successfully found a (or some) date-worthy candidate, proposed and they’ve even said yes! Now it’s time to plan that first dream date. Remember, nothing prepares you better than preparation and as with anything else in life, a well-planned date will have higher chances of success. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book

These simple tips will pave the way for a successful first date, which then sets the tone for all future dates to come. In this chapter, find tips from Ira and Sachin on where to go, what to do, how to dress and how to cope with those first-date jitters. A wise person once said, ‘First impressions are the last.’ We truly believe in this and take dressing for the first date very seriously.

A thumb rule for the first date is to wear something that brings out your best. You don’t need to wear anything particularly expensive or sexy, but just something that is appropriate for the occasion, that you are comfortable in, that you feel fabulous in, and that defines your best features. Sachin: Hey, why not? Bring it on…as long as it goes with where one is.

I’m sure you can both look fab even when casually dressed for a date at an expensive cafe. As per the TrulyMadly date survey, 91 per cent women found men in simple blue jeans and a white T-shirt the sexiest. Forty-three per cent men found jeans and a t-shirt hot while 41 per cent preferred girls in a red dress and heels! If you are going out on a coffee date there is no point wearing a micromini skirt and high heels. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book Download

You can wear that if you are heading to a nightclub. That said, you don’t have to dress like a nun either. If he thinks you’re ‘impure’ because you’re wearing your favourite spaghetti top, that’s too bad for him (and he’s definitely not worth your time). Steer clear of men who seem to care too much about the way you dress, especially of men who comment on the length of your skirt, or how tight your top is.

However, do not underdress either. Don’t show up in yoga pants or leggings and an old t-shirt for your date! You can wear that when you’re going to yoga class or watching a movie at home. If you want your man to make the effort to dress for you, you should make the effort for him. It is important to be dressed like you.

If you are a jeans and t-shirt kind of girl, don’t show up in salwaar suit. Same goes for the other way around. If you are happy wearing a salwaar suit, don’t try to rock up in a mini. We are hoping that this date manifests into another date, and maybe even more, so you can pretend for only so long to dress like someone totally unlike yourself. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book Download

Chances are that the moment they like you, they will stalk you on social media. Our social media accounts are how we present ourselves to the world, and just like we maintain bodily hygiene, it is best to maintain social media hygiene. If you are in the dating game, and don’t want your present to see pics of your ex and you, take those pictures offline.

If there are untoward comments that someone has made, make sure to delete those as well. Sachin: While we don’t want you to be sneaky about your social media habits, it is prudent to keep your accounts private and only for friends. Facebook is the trickiest of the lot but you do have options to keep your posts private.

For example, choose only certain friends who can see each post. On Instagram, choose a setting that only allows people you follow to see your posts and keep the account private. Snapchat, given it’s ephemeral nature, is your best option to stay in touch with the world and still retain privacy. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book Download

This can be confusing, even for the most clear-headed of us. Sometimes men insist on paying, they won’t have it any other way – a woman paying the bill hurts their pride. At times, girls refuse to let guys pay for them, it hurts their sense of worth. Sometimes, couples just go Dutch, especially if they are in college and on a budget.

Every dating couple has the right to decide what works best for them depending on their circumstances. Generally, though, the person who is earning more should be paying more, whether that is the man or the woman. The other person should pitch in according to what they are comfortable with. This is fair and ethical and also should not hurt anyone’s ego.

If a girl is much more well off than a boy (this could be due to a number of factors, including age, family background, job, etc.), there is no harm if she is paying more. Boys, do not let your ego get in the way. There is no gain in paying for things that you cannot comfortably afford, no matter how much you love her. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book Free

After three dates, you should have an understanding of the other person’s financial capabilities and you should split the bill accordingly. Sometimes, boys insist on paying the bill, and some girls let them. Ladies, I urge you to pick up a bill or two, even if they are small ones, like coffee or taxis (if this is all you can afford.

It sends the right kind of signal to men, and tells them that not only are you capable of paying the bill, but that you are fair-minded and are happy to contribute to this relationship in every way. If he is the type of guy who feels he has some sort of ‘right’ over you just because he is footing the bill, then you paying once in a while, will keep his ego in check.

Tickling is one of the oldest forms of erotic play. Start by giving her a playful squeeze around the mid-section, and once you both become comfortable, you can add more tricks to your repertoire. But remember – tickle, don’t scratch. You’re a human being, not an animal. Also, not all people are comfortable with being tickled, so don’t go overboard: this should be playful, not painful in any way. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book Free

Not everyone is ticklish in all the same spots. Find out what his/her tickle spots are and then gently tickle those. Start by gently grazing these areas with a fingertip. Stimulate the nerve endings to create a highly agreeable sensation of anticipation. The key is not to make her scream with laughter, but to make her giggle and wonder what might be coming next.

Sachin: I think we oversimplify physical intimacy when it comes to men. There is enough research out there that women love intimacy and sex as much as the guy next door. Just like women, we too cherish and love those brief moments of intimacy, be it pecking, tickling, stroking, or even holding hands. We too want our hands stroked, have someone brush away that whisk of hair on our forehead and straighten that tie.

Maybe a lot many guys are just shy of PDA and more comfortable displaying their affections in private. There is non-sexual foreplay that we too enjoy and we don’t expect sex each time we get intimate. We need to be turned on too (yes, biologically we get turned on much faster!) and the moment has to be right. So yeah, don’t view us as horny toads with only sex on our mind, when we suddenly tickle your palm. The Desi Guide to Dating PDF Book Free

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