The Hoodie Girl PDF Book by Yuen Wright


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My mom’s a morning person. One cup of decaf and she’s good to go. Me? It takes an ungodly amount of strength to pry my eyes open before noon. The state of my hair alone would make Einstein’s cut look red-carpet worthy. A car horn pierces the air. Of course, my charming friend, Mia, has rolled up on my front lawn, crushing our flowers in the process. Poor carnations.

The Hoodie Girl PDF Book by Yuen Wright

Name of Book The Hoodie Girl
PDF Size 2 MB
No of Pages 236
Language English
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They were just starting to bloom. Before she can slam down on her horn again, and we get a neighbor complaint about noise pollution, I call out, “I’m coming!” As I close the door behind me and make my way to her Mustang, a warm gust of late summer air brushes my bare legs. Mia Rahman flashes me a bright smile, her incandescent eyes trailing down my frame.

“Get in, loser.” Thanks to her Persian mom, Mia’s perfected the kohl-lined eye. And thanks to her own acquired taste in fashion, she’s never lacking in the clothing department. Today she’s wearing a yellow sundress, the hem fluttering over the brown skin of her thighs. If I could paint her, I would. Chucking my bag into the back of the car, I utter a soft RIP message to the crushed flowers.

Click here to Download The Hoodie Girl PDF Book

I slide into the front seat and reach for the seat belt as my friend’s bottomless gaze meets my own. “It’s almost like you’re trying to look like a hippie, Martin.” She isn’t wrong. There’s this weird paint stain on my jean shorts, but it’s not like someone’s going to arrest me for being a fashion reject. My hoodie is oversized, but it covers me in a way that makes me feel comfortable. Safe. And most importantly?

I’m procrastinating and I know it. I mean, I have an insane amount of homework, including calculus and a history essay, but why not just read for a few hours and push homework to the back of your mind for later, right? Maybe I should procrastinate a little less. Oh well, I’ll work on my procrastination issues another day.

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I get halfway through the book before the guilt overrides the pleasure, and I end up researching sources for the history essay, and then completing it. When my hair starts to get in the way, I tie it into a French braid and secure it with a white ribbon at the end. The once-blank page is now filled with my black handwriting. Blowing the imaginary dust off of my polished essay, I tuck it into a folder in my bag to hand in.

I’ve decided I will simply avoid Asher Reed for the rest of the school year. Oh, scratch that. I’m going to avoid that boy for the rest of my life. I’ll never be able to live that embarrassing interaction down. It’s been a week but I’m still reeling from our brief encounter. I avoid him at all costs, even when he’s just a distant speck in the school hallway. Right now, though, I don’t have much time to dwell on it.

My babysitting customer’s showing up in under an hour, and I couldn’t be more thankful for the distraction. I need extra cash, and with school to worry about, this is the best I can do. I told Mia I needed the money for books, which was only partly true. During the summer, I researched college textbook costs and I almost fell off my chair. Wait, I might’ve actually fallen off my chair. The Hoodie Girl PDF Book

I decided then and there that if I was going to college, I needed to start planning. Plus, it wouldn’t hurt to have a little extra cash to spare. As if on cue, the doorbell rings. Racing downstairs, I open the door to find my first babysitting customer, Victoria, on the other side. She has kind eyes and a warm smile. Her light hair is pulled back into a low bun at the nape of her neck.

At intermission we get off the rink, instantly reaching for our bottles. The game’s tied at 2–2. “Boys, you’re playing well out there,” Coach says, “but there’s still a few things I want you to pay attention to. Knight, you don’t have eyes at the back of your head; look up before you make a pass. Right now, all of your passes are going straight into the hands of the other team.

Daniels, your grip on your stick needs to get tighter. And Reed, you’re sitting off for the next ten minutes.” I nod, but a few minutes on the benches and I feel like ripping all my hair out. “Harvey, stay on your side!” I shout from the sidelines. “You’re pushing Daniels too high up!” Harvey looks up at me, dazed and confused, and way too slow to react when a player skates past him toward the net. The Hoodie Girl PDF Book

By the time he notices, he’s heading back as he tries to attack. “Reed,” Coach huffs. “Get back in there.” I rush by the halfway line, yelling for him to come. Harvey makes his way to me and I tap his stick with mine, as a form of encouragement, before gliding onto the ice. We’re neck and neck. I gaze at the timer. Five minutes. We need to make one goal. One goal to change the outcome of this game.

Their right winger has the puck, and he’s making his way toward me. I don’t waste time. Taking off, I block him from the game, isolating him. Zach’s on the right side of me, covering my back. Curving my stick, I pull it toward me before stepping to the side and sliding the puck over to Chandler. As soon as it leaves my stick, I skate straight up to the goal.

Two minutes. Collecting the puck, Chandler rounds to the right side, sending it down the line to Brody. Come on. Come on. Brody turns his back to the goal, keeping the puck in front of him. “Brody!” Coach screams from the side. “Pass it!” I slide in front of Brody just in time for him to make the pass to me. Pushing the puck with full strength, I take a shot at the left corner of the post. The Hoodie Girl PDF Book

I close my eyes as I hear the buzzer go off. Sweat drips down my face. I got the shot in. Several guys jump on top of me, roaring. I fall onto the ice, losing my stick somewhere. Brody and Zach slap me on my shoulder. Grinning widely, I take off my helmet, rake a hand through my hair, and tell them to line up to shake our opponents’ hands. I look around the arena. This is where I want to be. Always.

I swing open the worn-out, brown leather top. My breathing is heavy now, but I try to control it. I spot a thick black album, and my hands tremble as I pull it out. Strangely, it draws me to it, my fingers bending around the heavy cover. After a moment’s hesitation, I open the book. The first picture is one of my parents, my mother smiling up at my dad.

Her skin is the same tone as mine, her hair the same shade and texture, but a little shorter. It’s tied back in a loose ponytail, with coffee-colored strands framing the front of her face. My dad was a little more serious than her, but they balanced each other out. I look like my mother, but I got my personality from my dad. Tears prick at my eyes and I force them back, because they’re making my vision hazy. The Hoodie Girl PDF Book Download

The next few pictures are similar to the first, all with my parents as the sole subject. Then there’s a change in the timeline. The pictures morph into ones that include me, first as an infant, then a toddler, and then a preschooler missing a few teeth. I look different. Happier. My eyes latch onto a certain picture of me with my arms wrapped tightly around my mom, our faces close together.

I was about five at the time—you can tell by the hideous pigtails on my shoulders. We’re both smiling, and I can see the immediate resemblance. It makes me wonder why I’d ever deny just how much I look like her. Dad isn’t in a lot of the pictures now, he’s the one behind the camera. Then the Emma photos start, and there’s an impossibly stubborn knot in my throat.

I find one with her in my arms, me with this goofy smile on my face as I hold her in my lap. I can still remember that day. Mom was so scared that I’d drop her. There are little tufts of hair on Emma’s head, and I’d taken to styling them with my makeover set. But now she’s gone. It’s this photo that gets me crying, and I’m crying so hard that my face is just a wet mess. The Hoodie Girl PDF Book Download

I let it all out, slow and steady. Breathe in and out. After a while, I dry my cheeks with the sleeves of my hoodie and close the album. I swallow the lump in my throat, and, gathering the courage, I pop the question. “How was the game?” “It was good,” he says, and just as predicted, I feel like crap. “We won. Barely, though. It was bad play on their side. We just got lucky.”

Nodding absently, I turn to the window, staring at the passing houses. A moment of silence is disturbed by Brody’s sigh. He clears his throat, and I turn to face him. “You okay?” “I’m fine.” Knight looks at me, head tilted. “How about you don’t lie this time?” “How about this time you stay the hell out of my business?” I murmur dryly.

He deadpans, and I’m 100 percent sure he’s about to offer some cocky response, but at the last minute, he changes his mind, turning his head so that he faces the road, jaw tight, hands gripping the steering wheel. I let out a breath, clasping my hands tightly. “I’m sorry, man. I didn’t mean it. There’s just a lot going on. I don’t know what the fuck I’m doing most of the time.” The Hoodie Girl PDF Book Download

He stays silent. “I guess I deserve that,” I mutter. I always seem to screw up. I’ve already lost so much within a matter of a few weeks: my team, my position, my other “friends,” my seat at lunch, my reputation, and my shot at getting into Grover U. I don’t want to lose one of the last things I have. I can’t afford to. “You know,” Brody says, his gaze focused on the road ahead of him.

“Zach and I are worried about you. You don’t answer our messages or calls. You don’t tell us anything. You hardly talk to us at school. We’re trying. We really are. We want to give you your space, support you, and help you if you need it. You were there for us when we needed it. Just . . . let us be there for you. That’s all we’re asking for. We understand that this isn’t easy for you.

For Christ’s sake, you were the one who encouraged me to play hockey and pushed me to do better. The only reason I’m on the team right now is because of you. It doesn’t feel right that you’re not there and I am.” “I’m sorry,” I say again. “It’s fine, man. Just talk to us. Zach and I . . . we’re not gonna judge you. Besides.” He grins as he focuses on the road. The Hoodie Girl PDF Book Free

“We’re used to your ass and it’s kinda lonely without you.” I manage a smile, nodding as the sky turns to a velvet blue, streetlights illuminating the road in front of us. Eventually, we arrive at the matchacolored house, one I’d visited a handful of times over the last few weeks. The place where I didn’t expect to find her. Wren.

Getting out of the car, I turn around to close the door. Before leaving, though, I hold on to it. “We’re good, right?” “We’re good,” he says, giving me a small grin. “Uh, the party?” she says, like it’s obvious. I grimace, wondering how she found out so fast. In fact, if she hadn’t brought it up, it would’ve left my mind entirely. She recognizes my look of confusion and rushes to answer it.

“Zach told me,” she adds. “You did say you were going, didn’t you? Because the only reason I said I’d go was because of you. And they’ll be here to pick you up soon.” The Hoodie Girl PDF Book Free

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