The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book by TJ Klune


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That was an understatement. He watched in rapt wonder as an elevenyear-old girl named Daisy levitated blocks of wood high above her head. The blocks spun in slow, concentric circles. Daisy frowned in concentration, the tip of her tongue stuck out between her teeth. It went on for a good minute before the blocks slowly lowered to the floor. Her level of control was astounding.

The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book by TJ Klune

Name of Book The House in the Cerulean Sea
PDF Size 1.7 MB
No of Pages 368
Language English
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“I see,” Linus said, furiously scribbling on his pad of paper. They were in the master’s office, a tidy room with government-issued brown carpet and old furniture. The walls were lined with terrible paintings of lemurs in various poses. The master had showed them off proudly, telling Linus painting was her passion, and that if she hadn’t become the master of this specific orphanage.

She’d be traveling with a circus as a lemur trainer or even have opened up a gallery to share her artwork with the world. Linus believed the world was better off with the paintings staying in this room, but he kept the thought to himself. He wasn’t there to engage in amateur art criticism. “And how often do you—er, you know? Make things float?”

Click here to Download The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book

The master of the orphanage, a squat woman with frizzy hair, stepped forward. “Oh, not often at all,” she said quickly. She wrung her hands, eyes darting back and forth. “Perhaps once or twice … a year?” Linus coughed. “A month,” the woman amended. “Silly me. I don’t know why I said a year. Slip of the tongue. Yes, once or twice a month.

You know how it is. The older the children get, the more they … do things.” “Is that right?” Linus asked Daisy. “Oh yes,” Daisy said. “Once or twice a month, and no more.” She smiled beatifically at him, and Linus wondered if she’d been coached on her answers before his arrival. It wouldn’t be the first time it’d happened, and he doubted it’d be the last. “Of course,” Linus said.

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They waited as his pen continued to scratch along the paper. He could feel their gazes on him, but he kept his focus on his words. Accuracy demanded attention. He was nothing but thorough, and his visit to this particular orphanage had been enlightening, to say the least. He needed to jot down as many details as he could to complete his final report once he returned to the office.

The master fussed over Daisy, pulling her unruly black hair back, fixing it in place with plastic butterfly clips. Daisy was staring forlornly at her blocks on the floor as if she wished they were levitating once more, her bushy eyebrows twitching. The train car emptied as it went into the country. People getting on and off stared with open curiosity at the somewhat schlumpy man sitting in seat 6A.

A large plastic crate on the empty seat next to him. Inside, a large cat glared balefully out at anyone who bent over to coo at it. One child nearly lost a finger when he tried to stick it in between the slats of the crate. The man, one Linus Baker of 86 Hermes Way, barely noticed. He hadn’t slept well the night before. tossing and turning in his bed his time was better spent pacing back and forth in the sitting room. The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book

His luggage, an old, scuffed bag with a broken wheel, sat near the door, mocking him. He’d packed it before attempting to sleep, sure he wouldn’t have time in the morning. As it turned out, he had all the time in the world, seeing as how sleep remained elusive. By the time he boarded the train at half past six, he was in a daze, the bags under his eyes pronounced, his mouth curled down.

He stared straight ahead, one hand resting atop the crate where Calliope fumed. She’d never done well with travel, but he didn’t have a choice in the matter. He’d considered asking Mrs. Klapper to take care of her in his absence, but the squirrel debacle had most likely soured any chance of Calliope making it through the month unharmed. He hoped none of the children were allergic.

Rain sluiced down the windows as the train chugged along through empty fields and forests with great, old trees. He’d been on the train for almost eight hours when he realized it was quiet. Too quiet. He looked up from the RULES AND REGULATIONS he’d brought from home. He was the only one left in the train car. He hadn’t noticed when the last person had left. “Huh,” he said to himself. The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book

“Wouldn’t that just beat all if I missed my stop? I wonder how far the train goes. Maybe it goes on and on, never reaching the end.” Calliope had no opinion of it one way or another. He was about to start worrying that he had in fact missed his stop (Linus was nothing if not a consummate worrier), when an attendant in a snappy uniform slid open a door at the end of the car.

He was humming to himself quietly, but it was cut off when he noticed Linus. “Hello,” he said amiably. “I didn’t expect anyone else to be here! Must be going a long way on this fine Saturday.” “Children!” Mr. Parnassus called. He bent over deftly, sweeping Sal’s discarded clothing in his hand. “Come now, would you?” There was a stampede of feet behind Linus, some heavy, some sounding as if they were squelching.

Linus was jostled as they ran by him. Sal was first, still a tiny Pomeranian. He yipped nervously, giving Linus a wide berth before jumping up on Mr. Parnassus, tail wagging. “Hello, Sal,” Mr. Parnassus said, looking down. Then, remarkably, he barked, a high-pitched yip. Sal responded in kind with a series of barks before taking off toward the house. “You brought a cat?” Linus at him. “You can speak…” “To Sal?” The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book

Mr. Parnassus asked. “Of course I can. He’s one of mine. It’s important to— Talia. Thank you for showing our guest around the grounds. That was very kind of you. And Chauncey. I doubt there has been a better bellhop in all the world.” “Really?” Chauncey warbled, eyes swaying on his stalks. “The entire world?” He puffed out his chest. Or, rather, he appeared to puff out his chest.

Linus couldn’t be sure he had a chest at all. “Did you hear that, Talia? The entire world.” Talia snorted. “I heard. You’ll have your own hotel before you know it.” She glanced up at Linus as she stroked her beard. “You’re welcome for not braining you with the shovel when I had the chance.” She winced slightly when Mr. Parnassus spoke in a low, guttural sound, almost as if he were choking.

It took a moment for Linus to realize he was speaking Gnomish. Talia heaved a great, dramatic sigh. “Sorry, Mr. Baker. I promise I won’t brain you with my shovel. Today.” And with that, she and Chauncey went down the stairs and headed toward the main house. Linus felt a cold chill race down his spine when he heard the floor creak behind him. Lucy appeared beside them, smiling maniacally up at Linus. The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book Download

“Yes?” Linus asked in a croak. “Erm, can I help you?” “No,” Lucy said, smile widening. “You can’t. Nobody can. I am the father of snakes. The void in the—” “That’s enough of that,” Mr. Parnassus said lightly. “Lucy, it’s your turn to help Ms. Chapelwhite in the kitchen. You’re already late. Hop to it.” Lucy sighed as he deflated. “Aw, seriously?” “Seriously,” Mr. Parnassus said, down and patting him on the shoulder.

“Get a move on. You know she doesn’t like it when you shirk your responsibilities.” I solemnly swear the contents of this report are accurate and true. I understand per DICOMY guidelines that any discoverable falsehoods will result in censure and could lead to termination. My second week at the Marsyas Orphanage has brought new insights into its inhabitants.

Where once there seemed to be chaos, I now see a strange yet definitive order. It has nothing to do with hastily brought changes at my arrival (of which I assume there were a few; such things usually occur before a caseworker walks through the door), but more so with me growing accustomed to how things are run. Ms. Chapelwhite, though she isn’t on any kind of DICOMY payroll. The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book Download

Cares for these children as if they were her own. Given that she’s a sprite, it’s a little surprising, as her kind are known for their solitary existences and being extraordinarily protective of the lands that they tend to. In fact, I don’t know that I’ve ever met a sprite who wasn’t fiercely protective of their privacy. And while Ms. Chapelwhite isn’t exactly forthcoming.

She is often found in the kitchen preparing meals, and even takes to handling study groups for the lessons Mr. Parnassus has taught. She is well-versed on a variety of subjects, and her tutelage enhances what the children have learned. It appears to be free of any sort of propaganda, though that might be for my benefit. I’ve now seen Lucy’s room, and sat in on one of his sessions with Mr. Parnassus.

If you take away what is known about the boy —who he is supposed to be—you are left with an inquisitive youth who tends to say things for shock value rather than with any sincerity. He is intelligent, almost frighteningly so, and well-spoken. If DICOMY weren’t sure he was the Antichrist—a word that’s not to be uttered at the Marsyas. The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book Download

Orphanage—I would think he was nothing more than a boy capable of conjuring images meant to scare. However, I expect this is what he wants me to think. I would do well to keep my guard up. Just because he appears as a child doesn’t mean he isn’t capable of great calamity. His room is small, converted from a walk-in closet in Mr. Parnassus’s own room.

He was somewhat shy in showing me where he resides, but his love for music allowed me to form a connection with him. I believe—under proper guidance—that he will be capable of becoming a productive member of society. So long, that is, as he doesn’t give in to his true nature. It does beg the question of nature versus nurture, if there is inherent evil in the world that can be overcome by a upbringing.

Can he be rehabilitated? Assimilated? That remains to be seen. Lucy looked up at him and shrugged. “Oh, he started talking about Jesus and God and that I was an abomination or something.” He nodded toward the unconscious Marty. Around his neck hanging on a chain was an ornate silver cross. “He tried to shove that in my face.” Lucy laughed as he shook his head. “What does he think I am, a vampire? The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book Free

That’s silly. I like crosses. They’re just two sticks put together, but they mean so much to so many. I tried making a symbol out of Popsicle sticks that I could sell and get rich, but Arthur said it wasn’t right. Look, Linus! Chuck Berry! Righteous!” He crowed in excitement as he pulled a record up from the crate. “So not cool, man,” J-Bone scolded the unconscious Marty. “Like, for real. Music is for everyone.”

“Whoa. Total knockout. Little dude, you are hardcore.” “So hardcore,” Lucy agreed. Linus glanced down at Marty again. He was breathing. He’d probably wake up with a headache and nothing more. Linus thought about giving him another bump on the head with a well-placed kick, but his shoulder hurt, and he had exerted enough energy for the time being. “Did he hurt you?”

Lucy looked up from the Chuck Berry record. “Why do you sound like that?” “Like what?” “Like you’re mad. Are you mad at me?” Lucy frowned. “I didn’t do anything, really.” “He didn’t,” J-Bone said. “Marty is so fired, you don’t even know.” Linus shook his head. “I could never be mad at you. Not for this. If I sound angry, it’s at this … this man, not you.” “Oh. Because you like me, huh?” Yes. God help him, yes. The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book Free

All of them, really. “Something like that.” Lucy nodded and went back to the crate. “I found six I wanted. Can I get six?” “Six it is.” He walked over to Lucy to help him carry the records he’d found before he dropped them. They left Marty on the floor and went back to the front of the shop— Only to find Talia’s bag of tools on the floor. But no Talia. Linus’s heart was in his throat.

He had turned his back for just a second and— He saw her standing at the front of the store, looking out the window. There was a little girl outside on the sidewalk, no more than five or six years old. She was smiling, her dark hair in twin braids on her shoulders. She put her hand against the window. Talia did the same. Their hands were the same size and matched perfectly.

Talia laughed, and the girl smiled. She smiled, that is, until a woman came running up the sidewalk, snatching her away, a horrified look on her face. She held the girl against her, turning the girl’s head against her shoulder. She glared at Talia through the glass. “How dare you?” she snapped. “You leave my daughter alone, you freak!” The House in the Cerulean Sea PDF Book Free

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