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1900 BC, Mansarovar Lake(At the foot of Mount Kailash, Tibet) Shiva gazed at the orange sky. The clouds hovering above Mansarovar had just parted to reveal the setting sun. The brilliant giver of life was calling it a day once again. Shiva had seen a few sunrises in his twenty-one years. But the sunset! He tried never to miss the sunset!

The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book by Amish Tripathi

Name of Book The Immortals of Meluha
PDF Size  2.4 MB
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On any other day, Shiva would have taken in the vista — the sun and the immense lake against the magnificent backdrop of the Himalayas stretching as far back as the eye could see. But not today. He squatted and perched his lithe, muscular body on the narrow ledge extending over the lake. The numerous batde-scars on his skin gleamed in the shimmering reflected light of the waters.

Shiva remembered well his carefree childhood days. He had perfected the art of throwing pebbles that bounced off the surface of the lake. He still held the record in his tribe for the highest number of bounces: seventeen. On a normal day, Shiva would have smiled at the memory from a cheerful past that had been overwhelmed by the angst of the present.

Click here to Download The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book

But today, he turned back towards his village without any hint of joy. Bhadra was alert, guarding the main entrance. Shiva gestured with his eyes. Bhadra turned back to find his two back-up soldiers dozing against the fence. He cursed and kicked them hard. Shiva turned back towards the lake. God bless Bhadra! At least he takes some responsibility.

Shiva brought the chillum made of yak-bone to his hps and took in a deep drag. Any other day, the marijuana would have spread its munificence, dulling his troubled mind and letting him find some moments of solace. But not today. He looked left, at the edge of the

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lake where the soldiers of the strange foreign visitor were kept under guard.


With the lake behind them and twenty of Shiva’s own soldiers guarding them, it was impossible for them to mount any surprise attack. They let themselves be disarmed so easily. They aren’t like the bloodthirsty idiots in our land who are looking for any excuse to fight. The foreigner’s words came flooding back to Shiva. ‘Come to our land.

It lies beyond the great mountains. Others call it Meluha. I call it Heaven. It is the richest and most powerful empire in India. Indeed the richest and most powerful in the whole world. Our government has an offer for immigrants. You will be given fertile land and resources for farming. Today, your tribe, the Gunas, fight for survival in this rough, arid land.

Meluha offers you a lifestyle beyond your wildest dreams. We ask for nothing in return. Just live in peace, pay your taxes and follow the laws of the land.’ Shiva mused that he would certainly not be a chief in this new land. Would I really miss that so much? His tribe would have to live by the laws of the foreigners. They would have to work every day for a living. The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book

That’s better than fighting every day just to stay alive! Shiva took another puff from his chillum. As the smoke cleared, he turned to stare at the hut in the centre of his village, right next to his own, where the foreigner had been stationed. He had been told that he could sleep there in comfort. In fact, Shiva wanted to keep him hostage. Just in case.

Shiva looked to his left as he rode on the straight road, observing Nandi goading his valiant horse along. He turned around and was not surprised to see his three bodyguard soldiers riding at exactly the same distance as before. Not too close, and yet, not too far. He glanced back at Nandi, suspicious that the jewellery Nandi wore was not merely ornamental.

He wore two amulets on his thick right arm. The first one had some symbolic lines which Shiva could not fathom. The second one appeared to have an animal etching. Probably a bull. One of his gold chains had a pendant shaped like a perfectly circular sun with rays streaming outwards. The other pendant was a brown, elliptical seed-like object with small serrations all over it. The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book

‘Can you tell me the significance of your jewellery or is that also a state secret?’ teased Shiva. ‘Of course I can, my Lord,’ replied Nandi earnestly. He pointed at the first amulet that had been tied around his massive arm with a silky gold thread. This is the amulet which represents my caste. The lines drawn on it are a symbol of the shoulders of the Parmatma, the almighty.

This means that I am a Kshatriya.’ ‘I am sure there are clearly codified guidelines for representing the other castes as well.’ ‘Right you are, my Lord. You are exceptionally intelligent.’ ‘No, I am not. You people are just exceptionally predictable.’ Nandi smiled as Shiva continued. ‘So what are they?’ ‘What are what, my Lord?’ ‘The symbols for the Brahmins, Vaishyas and Shudras.’

Well, if the lines are drawn to represent the head of the Parmatma, it would mean the wearer is a Brahmin. The symbol for a Vaishya would be the lines forming a symbol of the thighs of the Parmatma. And the feet of the Parmatma on the amulet would make the wearer a Shudra.’ ‘Interesting,’ said Shiva with a slight frown. ‘I imagine most Shudras are not too pleased about their placement.’ The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book

Nandi was quite surprised at Shiva’s comments. He couldn’t understand why a Shudra would have a problem with this long ordained symbol. But he kept quiet for fear of disagreeing with his Lord. ‘And the other amulet?’ asked Shiva. ‘This second amulet depicts my chosen-tribe. Each chosen-tribe takes on jobs which fit its profile.

Every Meluhan, under the advice of their parents, applies for a chosen-tribe when they turn twenty—five years old. Brahmins choose from birds, while Kshatriyas apply for animals. Flowers are allocated to Vaishyas while Shudras must choose amongst fishes. The Allocation Board allocates the chosen-tribe on the basis of a rigorous examination process.

You must qualify for a chosen-tribe that represents both your ambitions and skills. Choose a tribe that is too mighty and you will embarrass yourself throughout your life if your achievements don’t measure up to the standards of that tribe. Choose a tribe too lowly and you will not be doing justice to your own talents. My chosen-tribe is a bull. The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book Download

That is the animal that this amulet represents.’ ‘And if I am not being rude, what does a bull mean in your rank of Kshatriya chosentribes?’ ‘Well, it’s not as high as a lion, tiger or an elephant. But it’s not a rat or a pig either!’ ‘Well, as far as I am concerned, the bull can beat any lion or elephant,’ smiled Shiva. And what about the pendants on your chain?’

‘The brown seed is a representation of the last Mahadev, Lord Rudra. It symbolises the protection and regeneration of life. Even divine weapons cannot destroy the life it protects.’ ‘Well, then you are a particularly efficient medium, young man,’ said the Guruji. Turning to Sati, he said, ‘You don’t need me if you have a friend like him, my child.

If you want to be taught by Shiva, it would be my honour to excuse myself.’ Shiva looked at Sati expectantly. This had gone much better than he expected. Say yes, dammit! Sati however seemed to withdraw into herself. Shiva was starded to see the first signs of vulnerability in this woman. The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book Download

She bowed her head, an act which did not suit her proud bearing and whispered softly, ‘I mean no disrespect to anyone, but perhaps I do not have the skills to receive training of this level.’ ‘But you do have the skill,’ argued Shiva. ‘You have the bearing. You have the heart. You can very easily reach that level.’ Sati looked up at Shiva, her eyes showing just the slightest hint of dampness.

The profound sadness they conveyed took Shiva aback. What the hell is going on? ‘I am very far from any level, Shiva,’ mumbled Sati. As she said that, Sati found the strength to control herself again. The politely proud manner returned to her face. The mask was back. ‘It is time for my puja. With your permission Guruji, I must leave.’ She turned towards Shiva.

‘It was a pleasure meeting you again Shiva.’ Before Shiva could respond, Sati turned quickly and left, followed by Krittika. The Guruji continued to stare at a flummoxed Shiva. At length, he bent low with a formal namaste towards Shiva and said, ‘It has been my life’s honour to see you dance.’ Then he too turned and left. Shiva was left wondering at the inscrutable ways of the Meluhans. The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book Download

Shiva and Nandi were walking back to the royal guest house. Shiva had decided he wanted to eat lunch alone. Nandi walked a few steps behind, his head bowed in selfrecrimination. ‘My Lord, I am so sorry’ Shiva turned around to gaze at Nandi. ‘You are right, my Lord. We were so lost in our own troubles and the search for the Neelkanth that we didn’t realise the unfairness of our actions on immigrants.

I misled you my Lord. I lied to you.’ Shiva didn’t say anything. He continued to stare intensely into Nandi’s eyes. ‘I am so sorry my Lord. I have failed you. I will accept whatever punishment you give me.’ Shiva’s lips broke into a very faint smile. He patted Nandi lightly on his shoulders, signalling he had forgiven him. But his eyes delivered a clear message.

‘Never lie to me again, my friend.’ Nandi nodded and whispered, ‘Never, my Lord. I am so sorry’ ‘Forget it Nandi,’ said Shiva, his smile a little broader now. ‘It’s in the past.’ They turned and continued walking. Suddenly Shiva shook his head and chuckled slighdy. ‘Strange people!’ ‘What is it, my Lord?’ asked Nandi. ‘Nothing really. The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book Download

I was just wondering at some of the interesting things about your society.’ ‘Interesting, my Lord?’ asked Nandi, feeling a little more confident now that Shiva was speaking to him again. ‘Well, some people in your country think just the presence of my blue throat can help you achieve impossible tasks. Some people actually think that my name has suddenly become so holy that they can’t even speak it.’

Nandi smiled slightly. ‘On the other hand,’ continued Shiva, ‘some people clearly think that I am not required. In fact, they even think that my touching them is so polluting that I need to get a shudhikaran done!’ ‘Shudhikaran? Why would you need that my Lord?’ asked Nandi, a little concerned. Shiva weighed his words carefully. ‘Well, I touched someone.

And I was told that I would need to undergo a shudhikaran.’ ‘What? Who did you touch my Lord? Was it a vikarma person?’ asked a troubled Nandi. ‘Only the touch of a vikarma person would mean that you would need to get a shudhikaran.’ The next morning the royal caravan resumed its journey to Devagiri after spending the night at a temporary camp in the clearing. The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book Free

It wasn’t safe to travel at night considering the circumstances. The wounded, including Nandi, were lying in the first three carriages and the fifth one. The royal family and Shiva travelled in the fourth. All the soldiers who had fought in the previous day’s batde were given the privilege of riding on horses in relative comfort.

Brahaspati and Kanakhala walked along with the rest of the troops, in mourning for the three slain Arishtanemi. Parvateshwar, Bhabravya and two other soldiers bore a make-shift wooden palanquin that carried three urns containing the ashes of the martyrs. The urns would be given to their families for a ceremonial submersion in the Saraswati.

Shiva, Sati and Nandi too wanted to walk but the doctor insisted they were in no condition to do so. Parvateshwar walked with pride at the bravery of his soldiers. His boys , as he called them, had shown they were made of a metal forged in Lord Indra’s own furnace. He cursed himself for not being there to fight with them. The Immortals of Meluha PDF Book Free

He castigated himself for not being there to protect his goddaughter, bis Sati, when she was in danger. He prayed for the day when he would finally get a chance to destroy the cowardly Chandravanshis. He also silendy pledged that he would anonymously donate his salary for the next six months to the families of the slain soldiers.

‘Even I didn’t think he would fall to these levels!’ exclaimed Daksha in disgust. Shiva and Sati, comfortably asleep in the carriage, were woken up by Daksha’s outburst. Veerini looked up from the book that she was reading, narrowing her eyes to concentrate on her husband.

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