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were shooed away, but Ona fought and clawed to be allowed to stay and would let no one touch Agbadi except herself. His people did not much like her, yet they respected her as the only woman who could make Agbadi really happy, so the medicine man let her attend to him. So frightened was she in the aftermath of the accident that.

The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book by Buchi Emecheta

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Together with the men sitting around Agbadi, she forgot that food was meant to be eaten and that night was meant for sleep. Goats were slaughtered every day to appease Agbadi’s chi ; others were left alive by river banks and at Ude to appease the other gods. The thought of going home never occurred to Ona, not even on the fourth day.

Nor did her possessive father call for her, for he understood her plight; hers were civilised people and they trusted her. For the first time, she realised how attached she was to this man Nwokocha Agbadi, though he was cruel in his imperiousness. His tongue was biting like the edge of a circumcision blade. He ruled his family and children as if he were a god.

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Yet he gave her his love without reservation, and she enjoyed it; she suspected, however, that her fate would be the same as that of his other women should she consent to become one of his wives. No, maybe the best way to keep his love was not to let that happen. But if he were to die now … God, she would will herself death too!

All the same, she would rather have her tongue pulled out of her head than let that beast of a man know how much she cared. That, she decided, would be his lot for being so domineering and having such a foul temper. She watched over him closely and told herself that she would go if he should start showing signs of being on the mend.

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On the fifth day he opened his eyes without any help from the medicine man. Ona was so surprised that she simply stared back at him. Her first impulsive act was to scream her joy; then she remembered her self control. Agbadi looked at her for a split second, his eyes unfocused. For that small time, he looked so dependent that Ona felt like gathering him in her arms and singing to him, as one would do to a baby.

He started to chew the side of his mouth, a habit of his which she knew from experience was normally the prelude to a hurtful remark. He looked at her sitting there cross-legged beside him, one of her knees almost touching his head which was supported by a wooden headrest. He demanded his marital right as if determined not to give her a chance to change her mind.

She had thought she would be allowed to rest at least on the first night after her arrival before being pounced upon by this hungry man, her new husband. After such an experience, Nnu Ego knew why horrible-looking men raped women, because they are aware of their inadequacy. This one worked himself into an animal passion. She was sure he had never seen a woman before. The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book

She bore it, and relaxed as she had been told, pretending that the person lying on her was Amatokwu, her first sweetheart of a husband. This man’s appetite was insatiable, and by morning she was so weary that she cried with relief and was falling asleep for the first time when she saw him leave the room to go to do his job as the white man’s servant.

She was so grateful to open her eyes and see him dressing rapidly and talking in a low voice to his brother who was sleeping only a few yards away. She felt humiliated, but what was she to do? She knew she must have cried all night long and that the older Owulum had been there listening, congratulating his brother in his heart.

She was used to her long wiry Amatokwu who would glide inside her when she was ready, not this short, fat, stocky man, whose body almost crushed hers. What was more, he did not smell healthy either, unlike men in Ibuza who had the healthy smell of burning wood and tobacco. This one smelt all soapy, as if he was over-washed. The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book

When he had finished dressing he said, “There is enough yam for all of us for some time. I shall tell the women next door to take you to the market and you can buy meat and make soup. I shall be back for the afternoon meal. I hope you slept well.” “Yessir!” replied the young man eagerly, pleased and rather surprised at being left in charge of such an important establishment as the Big Kitchen.

The cooking-place in the boys’ quarters where they made their native African food was referred to as the little kitchen. But this was the one from which the Master’s food was prepared, and it had to be well kept and cleaned. Dilibe realised the depth of his responsibility and was grateful for being entrusted the job. He did not ask why it was important for his uncle to leave his kitchen so early in the morning.

Like most youths he could only think of himself. He was going to use this opportunity to show his uncle that not only was he good enough to take care of the Big Kitchen, he could do even better, if given the chance; had he not youthfulness on his side as a plus? Ubani guessed what he was thinking from his keenness and smiled sadly. The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book

He might have laughed but for the unsavoury task ahead of him. All young people were the same: they never imagined they would get old. Why, not so long ago he had thought that way himself. ! I am really very happy to see you, Nnu Ego, the daughter of Agbadi. Please take that lost look from your face. If you wear a look like that for long, do you realise what people are going to say?

They are going to say, ‘You know the beautiful daughter of Agbadi, the one his mistress had for him, the one who had a woman slave as her chi , the one who tried to steal her mate’s child, the one who tried to kill herself and failed on purpose so as to get sympathy— well, she is now completely mad.’ You know our people, you would not be the only one to suffer; your father would never live it down.

All your many sisters would find no husbands, because it would be said that madness runs in the blood. Do you want all that to befall your people?” “Of course not,” Nnu Ego said, smiling a little. “Then take that mad look from your face, and let it go for ever. Do you want me to leave?” “Oh, Ato, I am glad you came. I thought I was hearing things. The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book Download

I did not know that you were back yet. That was why, when I heard your voice, I said to myself, ‘It cannot be. Ato is at Ibuza.’ How is your good husband and my saviour, Nwakusor?” “I have not seen him since I returned. He has gone to sea.” Nnu Ego led her into their room, which was unswept; the curtains had gone grey from lack of timely washing and the whole atmosphere was disorderly.

Ato, knowing how clean and meticulous her friend normally was, tactfully said nothing. But she was not going to let her wallow in a loss which had happened three long months previously. Agbadi had begged her only a few days before not to indulge Nnu Ego in this, but to let her see the danger she was running into; to explain to Nnu Ego that the dividing line between sanity and madness was a very thin one.

“My God, Nnu Ego, you frighten me, standing there immobile like a witch. Aren’t you happy to see anybody? Is it true what they say, that you behave like some side-track bushes do, closing up when people come near? All because you lost a child? People say you have even stopped coming to the meetings. Well, that is very serious. The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book Download

God forbid that anything should happen to you here, but if it did, who would look after you if not your people, and yet you don’t attend the meetings? Nnu Ego, the daughter of Agbadi, what has gone wrong with you?” Nnu Ego smiled, feebly and apologetically. “Ato, you must forgive me. I sometimes forget myself.

She went by foot to save money, though she intended to return by bus if she was successful. But at the quayside that morning she was not lucky. In fact she had almost given up hope of getting what she wanted when she saw the sailor, a gangling young man with a funny walk. She had seen his likes before on previous visits and knew he could guess what she wanted without their exchanging any words.

He beckoned to her to follow him to the cabin below, where he showed her what he had to sell. There were many cartons but most of them were soaking wet. It would take her a long time to dry them. However, that was better than going home empty-handed, especially as the young sailor was asking only a tenth of the price. The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book Free

Nnu Ego ran with her purchase, her heart thumping with excitement at her luck. By the time she reached the bus stop, she was giddy with joy. She reckoned that the money she would make would feed them for a whole month. She added and subtracted mentally, with the result that by the time she got home her head was swimming as if she would die.

With a beaming smile, showing her perfect teeth to the full, Iyawo Itsekiri carried in the yam hotpot, into which she had added chunks of pork, and lashings of palm oil and fresh onions, so much so that the sick child could smell the vegetable aroma even before she entered the room. She placed the food on a tray made from the bamboo plant common in Lagos.

She was nervous inside, not because mother and child might refuse but because she did not want them to feel she was feeding them or telling them in effect that lack of food was all that was ailing them. Iyawo guessed that after they paid the monthly rent to the landlord, they could have little or nothing left for food, but Nnu Ego never complained. The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book Free

If you made the mistake of pitying her, she would tell you what her two sons were going to be when they grew up; for anybody who had no “two sons”, or who only had daughters, or who had no children at all like Iyawo Itsekiri, it was better to keep quiet. Mellowed by the constant beatings of her husband, she had become apathetic and she was always cautious, and doubly sensitive.

In the evening, they were even more dismayed to learn from Nwakusor that newly-recruited soldiers were usually taken out of the country within twenty-four hours. He tried to reassure the women by saying, “You know, some young farmers nowadays leave Ibuza for the army because life there is more secure, and they learn a trade which will be useful to them in later life.

Nnaife will be sending you some money. So it is up to you what you decide to do. Can you two cope with living in this town?” “Well, I can go back to trading when we get the money. I have only one child at the moment, so it will not be too bad. After the birth of this baby, I can carry on again. “Please, my young wife, if our husband sends any more money, send it to us by anyone coming to Ibuza. We will get it. My father is very ill and I must hurry. I don’t want him to go without seeing me and his grandchildren.” The Joys of Motherhood PDF Book Free

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