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The wrongness of the moment twisted my gut even now. It was a horrible thing we did, leaving her. A decision that has haunted me ever since. Maybe my punishment was that all I had now was an empty pistol and my father’s final words: to go back to the beginning. The tracks left the river path and moved west.

The Last She PDF Book by H. J. Nelson

Name of Book The Last She
PDF Size  9.8 MB
No of Pages 342
Language English
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Pushing first through thick weeds and then following a dirt path that snaked through neighborhoods full of fading houses, shattered windows and streets littered with cars and airships. Weeds, leaves, and dirt smothered all. I kept the rising sun at my back, and after an hour of walking came upon the remains of what I guessed was the men’s fire from last night.

The ash was still warm; if they’d started at daybreak, I couldn’t be more than a few hours behind. If I could find where they camped tonight, I could steal the gun and be long gone by morning. Rusted cars with grimy windows littered the roads and several times I passed collections of bones and dried flesh that I tried not to look at.

Click here to Download The Last She PDF Book

The city grew thicker and I passed a dozen yellow buses, stationary, in front of a brick building. “FORGIVE US” had been spray-painted in white on the wall. It wasn’t my school, but I stared anyway. It had been only three years since the world had ended, but I could barely remember the sixteen-year-old whose biggest problem was if she’d get back together with Sean Dennis.

Or if any colleges would offer her a track scholarship. an enormous bear with white eyes weeping blood; the same sign humans showed. Only this bear walked with jerky movements and charged at anything that moved. We tracked it for three days, before Father finally used two precious bullets to end it. Together we burned the body.

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After that we’d run into other infected animals, all grown far beyond their normal size with white, bleeding eyes, a jerky stride, and an aggressive nature beyond any I’d seen when they were wild. It made them easier to kill—they almost always charged—but the thought of meeting one now, without a weapon, terrified me.

These men also must have known the dangers of the infected animals, as they’d burned the body. It made me wonder what else they knew of the plague. Not that I would ever get a chance to ask. The only thing more dangerous than an infected animal was a man. Walking around the fire, I was unable to resist tracking the kill. A split heart, splayed wide. An elk then, and a large one at that.

The tracks were spaced close where the first shot had taken him, then wide where he had run, a pool of blood where he had fallen then surged upwards before the second shot downed him for good. I hadn’t heard a gunshot, which meant they’d taken him with a bow. And one hell of a shot at that. The Last She PDF Book

So, a group of four men, confident enough to light a bonfire in midday, armed and proficient enough to take down an infected elk. I rocked back on my heels, tracing the smoke still rising like a black flag. The sun was already high in the sky, which meant Kaden had let me sleep in, a fact that embarrassed me, and put me on the defensive; why was he being nice to me?

In the daylight, the mysterious, haunted feel of the place was replaced by a sad emptiness. I tried to remember the times when I’d gone shopping with friends, where I’d laughed and strolled down bright, clean corridors, but couldn’t. That carefree girl was gone. I watched Kaden from the corner of my eye as we walked, blushing when he caught me looking and winked.

I wasn’t checking him out—at least not that way. I had a theory, and a plan. Every so often he reached his right hand back to touch the lower part of his back. My father sometimes made the same subconscious movement when he wore a concealed weapon. If I was right, and he had some sort of weapon hidden there, I needed to steal this one before I escaped. The Last She PDF Book

Maybe I could ask him to—what, take off his shirt again? The wide shoulders and hard muscles of last night hadn’t been hard to look at, but even I wasn’t sure how to sell that request. I stored the problem away, deciding if I was going to spend time with the enemy, I might as well understand them. “You come here a lot?” I said into the silence of our footsteps.

“When we’re on foot we always stop here, because it’s Sam’s favorite and it’s within our clan’s territory.” How like men to set up territories to fight over. We stepped out into the dawn, the morning air smelling of rain and wet earth. The guard took a moment to check Kaden’s eyes, decided we weren’t a threat, and nodded for us to follow him. Before we could, Kaden’s hand landed on my shoulder.

I turned to him in confusion as he pulled a piece of rope from his pocket and gestured to my hands. “Trust me,” he whispered. As if I had a choice. Once my hands were tied, our small group followed the guard. The shed was in an old parking lot that was mostly empty except for a few abandoned airships, their shiny silver exteriors beaded with dew. The Last She PDF Book

There were also a few automobiles, but unlike the airships, their doors and tops were either rusted or missing. It wasn’t until we passed by one that I realized this destruction was deliberate; there were planter boxes inside brimming with what looked like wilted tomatoes and some sort of squash.

I moved to follow, but I fumbled and went farther to the left than intended. The glass tore into my shoulder, ripping straight through the jacket. I swore as I drifted inside, lifting a hand to my arm and coming away with a smear of blood. Shit. I wiped the blood on my pants, tugging my jacket down to cover the cut. The interior was full of shadows.

I switched on the flashlight attached to my helmet, the beam joining the others already slicing through the gloom. The ceiling was only a few feet above me, the room cavernous. Trash and debris littered the water. I could just make out a tiled floor beneath us. “Come on through, Issac.” Kaden called out. Issac glided into the room without a problem. The Last She PDF Book

“Who’ll get out and open the door?” Sam said. The building groaned as the water lapped at the walls, and I sent up a silent prayer that it wouldn’t collapse around us. After a moment of silence, Kaden sighed. “Me, I guess.” He jumped out of his kayak and swore at the sudden cold. Sam and I both laughed. “The floor is solid at least.”

He grimaced and waded through the water, opening the door and pulling his kayak after him. “I’ll find a way to the next floor and then come back for you guys.” Kaden pushed his way out into the hallway, and though none of us said it, the room suddenly felt ominous without him. We all waited in tense silence, the minutes stretching long.

He came back some time later and pulled Issac after him, then Sam. When it was only Gabriel and I left, I glanced out at the current swirling beyond the window. The question was out before I could stop it. “Gabriel, what did you see in the water?” The hair on my neck prickled, the sound of lapping water growing sinister. “I’m not sure. The Last She PDF Book Download

Something . . . big.” Finally, Kaden pushed through the door, grabbed my kayak by the nose, and pulled me through without even acknowledging Gabriel. The water lapped at his waist as he maneuvered my kayak into the stairwell. It was a tight fit, but the stairwell doubled back, the turn just above the water line, and he heaved it up there.

He steadied me as I climbed out of the kayak, his hands taking my waist for a moment, a touch that I felt all the way to my toes. The water lapped at the walls, the only sound in the gloom. He sounded so different than the teasing Kaden I knew. “Of course.” The words slipped out of me before I could consider what they might cost. I wasn’t here for the same reason he was.

He nodded. “All right, guess I better go get the deadweight.” He sighed and then waded back to get Gabriel. “Sam and Issac are just through those doors,” he called over his shoulder. I adjusted my headlamp and pushed through the door— and then stopped. Kaden’s warning suddenly made sense. The half-submerged floor below felt otherworldly, but this floor was ominous all on its own. The Last She PDF Book Download

Some sort of luminous mold grew in cracks in the walls, lighting the room in a soft green glow. Long white cabinets and counters coated in dust held a few forgotten glass vials and metal instruments I had no name for. On the far wall, Sam and Issac stood before something long and metal hanging from the walls. Chains. “What is this place?” I followed the train of the chains, not wanting to ask what they were for.

The paper trembled in his hand, and he stared down at it in disbelief. “Gabriel said that you had some other reason for coming. I didn’t want to believe him.” He took a step back, the warmth in his eyes gone. “Might be the first time he was right.” Guilt tightened my chest. I wanted to explain why I’d lied, why I’d used him, but even now, I held my father’s secrets close.

“I’m sorry,” I whispered. He dropped the crowbar, the noise immense in the sudden silence between us. His shoulders hunched, his stride not his usual confident swagger as he walked away. I thought he would leave, but he stopped at the door, took a slow deep breath, and turned back. “We should start looking. Once Gabriel finds . . .” he glanced down at the man on the floor and swallowed. The Last She PDF Book Download

Then he cleared his throat and looked at the room, not meeting my eye. “What are we looking for?” “I’m not sure,” I whispered, my voice so dry it barely made a noise. My hand shook, so I fisted them at my sides, and forced myself to take in the surrounding room, burying the sudden panic that rose like vomit. If this wasn’t the beginning my father spoke of, then what was?

Our house? The thought of not having a path forward was more terrifying than the dead man at my feet. Tears hid just behind my eyes, and I both wished for a moment without Kaden to break down, but also didn’t think I could handle being here without him. The more I tried not to look at the body on the floor, and the growing pool of blood, the more it drew my eye.

The two of us moved in silence as we searched the room. What we found painted a confusing picture. Undeniably, some sort of new tech was powering the water tubes—and the rest of floor—that was set up like some sort of laboratory. It was the only new tech I’d seen working since the end of things. The Last She PDF Book Free

The floor was also well lived in; there was a room for sleeping, with a shelf of books above it, and a bathroom with a pipe that had been rigged to empty into the water far below. “He found a way to use the new tech again,” Kaden said, as he tapped the glass tube of glowing green water for which neither of us could find any purpose. His eyes darkened. “I haven’t seen anyone do that for years.

Gabriel will be furious he can’t recruit him.” He paused, turning to look at me. “What do you think he was trying to do here?” “He was looking for a cure.” And he was willing to do whatever it took to find one. Which meant this couldn’t be the beginning my father meant. I nodded, unable to say anything else. It seemed a cruel joke that it had taken the end of the world for me to find true friends.

I turned to Red, ready to ride hard. The saddlebag was full, with enough food and water to last a week. Red threw his head, snorting as I touched his strong neck and ran my hand through his tangled mane. This was where I was born to be. “Wait.” Liam reached up, handing me the holster and gun he always kept slung about his waist. “It only has two bullets left.” I nodded, throat tight as I strapped it to my waist. “Thank you, Liam.” The Last She PDF Book Free

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