The Love Square PDF Book by Laura Jane Williams

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Cristian had been a Romanian mathematician who worked for Virgin Galactic, and for their second date they’d gone to a very promising singalong showing of La La Land at the Hackney Picturehouse and then next door to the Wetherspoon’s. Penny had already decided that it was the night to have sex with him.

The Love Square PDF Book by Laura Jane Williams

Name of Book The Love Square
PDF Size 1.5 MB
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she’d shaved her bikini line especially, and changed her bed sheets – but on her way back from the bathroom at the pub she’d seen the familiar yellow interface of the dating app on his phone, and realized he was obviously messaging somebody else whilst she was having a wee. Why had he lied after? He didn’t need to say that his ex was making moves on him. She was a big girl. She could withstand the truth.

Obviously he was just not that into her. But why? Why weren’t any of them just not that into her? And why hadn’t she called him out on his terrible etiquette right there and then instead of finishing her drink and making vague grumbles about it ‘getting late’? Penny caught Stuart’s face fall. A guy she’s dating. That must’ve stung.

Click here to Download The Love Square PDF Book

She went back to the counter just as the coffee maker roared into life and spat hot, syrupy espresso into her cup, and Stuart busied himself by filling up the sugar bowls on each table. She watched the man outside shift several delivery trays in his van around into a more orderly fashion. His complexion and hair colour made sense now she’d heard him speak – he had a slight accent.

He wore a striped apron over his clothes and paused his work to pull out a phone from the front pouch. Whoever was on the other end of the line when he answered delighted him so much that he threw his head back, laughing. Seeing somebody so elated made Penny smile by proxy. A handsome man enjoying his life.

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She wondered if it was his girlfriend, and then wondered why she’d wondered about him having a girlfriend. It took everything she had in her not to add an emoji, but he didn’t deserve the happy face with the jazz hands. Was Cristian always this much of a moron? Penny reflected that they hadn’t really exchanged many messages before they’d gone out together – she’d just straight up asked him out, because it was draining to keep messaging and she didn’t have time in her schedule to waste.

He was an eloquent conversationalist – or, at least, she remembered him as one. Although … huh. Now she thought about it, he hadn’t asked her many questions about herself, and he did tend to explain things to her that she already knew, even after she had said she knew them.

Bloody hell, maybe I’ve been so desperate to couple up that I willingly got dickmatized, she thought, remembering what her best friend Sharon had said to her about straight women who become hypnotized into forgetting their partner’s flaws at the promise of sex. ‘And it doesn’t even have to be good sex!’ Sharon had insisted. ‘Just a warm body to wake up next to!’ Bugger, thought Penny. Bugger, bugger, bugger. The Love Square PDF Book

‘Francesco Cipolla,’ Penny said, understanding now. ‘Conosco il tuo cibo!’ She slipped into the rudimentary Italian she’d learned on trips to Sicily with her Uncle David as a teen. I know your food. Francesco’s eyebrows raised just enough for her to understand that her Italian had impressed him, which was exactly the effect she’d wanted.

Francesco’s work was quite legendary, and she’d had no idea it was he who’d dropped off the bread delivery that day. Safiya had had Chef Cipolla help her out. He was famous! Food world famous, but famous nonetheless. Penny continued: ‘Ce l’avevo a Bristol, due anni fa – complimenti.’ I had it two years ago, in Bristol. ‘How about a little English for the cheap seats in the back?’

Sharon said, looking from Penny to Francesco, understanding that the spark had caught and that she’d have to excuse herself any moment now. Sharon looked at his friend, who seemed otherwise tone-deaf, to see if he’d noticed too. He was leaning back in his armchair, his brandy about to spill, eyes gently closed. He was incredibly drunk. The Love Square PDF Book

‘I know I can do it. It’s a huge place, and I’d have to work twice as hard as I do. I just … I changed my mind about wanting that life. I know you understand that. I love Stoke Newington, now, and I love Bridges and my life there. I’d feel this way even if The Red Panda was next door. It’s a lot. A whole pub. A restaurant pub. I don’t want that anymore.’ She was letting it all out, now, this stream of consciousness.

‘But he was there through everything, Clementine. He’s a dad and a mum and an uncle and a friend and a cheerleader. And I am so, so mad he’s putting me in this position, and what’s worse is that he hasn’t even asked me yet. Eric basically did, but I get a sense that they’re waiting for me to offer. I wonder if I can give it a year, or agree to do it for two. Until he is stronger and can decide if he wants to sell.

Huh. Like that isn’t what Eric has wanted for years. Eric has wanted to sell and Uncle David has waited it out to see if he can convince me to take over, and now here we are … literally life or death. I can’t tell him I’m mad but I am. I am so, so mad he’d ask me to do this. Even though he isn’t asking. I’m so mad that I have to offer.’ The Love Square PDF Book

She’d examined that whole situation from every perspective, trying to make sense of what had happened. It could have been his ex, but after what he’d said Penny was sure he’d never get back with her. Had he been dating somebody else at the same time he’d been dating her? Clementine said she just couldn’t believe it. Sharon said at least they’d found out he was an arse sooner rather than later.

Stuart said he’d seen nothing, but he did have a vague recollection of a woman with big curly hair asking after Francesco once, which he’d thought was odd because how had she known Francesco had been spending time at Bridges? Not that it mattered anymore. Penny had a job to do: get The Red Panda in tip-top shape, and in only six more months, once Uncle David was fully better, she could be back at home.

She didn’t hate having to be there, but she knew it wasn’t the place for her. London was her heart and soul’s true home. When the kitchen ran well it was like a ballet – her and Manuela working in harmony to create the dishes, Paul on the pastry section and Ollie in the pot-wash. It was true teamwork, and those shifts, where Penny truly occupied herself in the moment, were her happiest, and it was often reflected in the food. The Love Square PDF Book Download

Those were the shifts where people requested to shake her hand, asking after her uncle and her future plans for the place. Those were the days she felt like she belonged. Today, though, had not been one of those days. Her hangover meant Penny had felt agitated and irritable. She’d snapped at Manuela and at Paul.

Everything felt like too much work, and on those days the veneer of positivity she’d adopted – that she was okay being there, that she didn’t miss Bridges that much, that it was only for a year anyway – came crashing down. She’d tried to get out of going out front and speaking to the customers who’d requested her but Charlie said the group were insistent, and it was then Penny understood it was the group of men who drove their fancy cars and drank too much for a lunch and were stupid enough to drive home afterwards.

Penny made a left out of the car park, and took the first left after that. The air was cold but the sky was bright – her favourite kind of weather. If she couldn’t be on a sun-lounger by an infinity pool, England when it was like this was a close second. It made her consider if she should book a sun holiday for over New Year’s. Perhaps she would – Clemmie and Rima could even come, too. The Love Square PDF Book Download

She passed a few dog-walkers and waved through the door of the butcher to her supplier, Freddie, and then made a right turn at the end of the lane. She hadn’t realized she was heading for where she’d used to loiter after school, where the village reached the fields that stretched for miles, but of course she was. It was an empty vast space that her bones just knew.

She hopped over the stile and stood in front of the wide open fields, marvelling at the thawing frost and how the light bounced off the grass. They didn’t have endless green like this in London. It felt peaceful and freeing. She closed her eyes and let herself feel the brightness of the sun.

On 1st December, Penny had the Christmas party to distract her from Francesco’s imminent visit and Thomas’s recent departure. It was held at the pub so that they could do what they wanted, but catered and waiter-ed by an external company so she hadn’t had to worry about any of that – she could, for the first time in too long, simply enjoy herself alongside everyone else. The Love Square PDF Book Free

It was bound to be a crazy festive season, and so this was her last chance to really throw caution to the wind before everybody else’s celebrations threatened to overwork her, and her staff. ‘No way,’ Penny said as she held court with her kitchen crew, waiters from the catering company walking by with mini Yorkshire puddings stuffed with tiny pieces of beef.

‘Who in their right mind would put their socks on before their trousers? That makes no sense!’ Manuela clicked her tongue and Ollie, the pot-wash, said, ‘What! Of course you do socks before trousers! Think about it: the sock sits underneath the trouser, so you want to make sure it’s pulled as high up the leg as possible, and to do that you need a bare leg.’

Penny also wasn’t going to fall back into Francesco’s arms because he was here, either – he’d kissed somebody else, when she’d not even been gone thirty seconds. She didn’t even care why, now. Yes, they’d had chemistry, but hadn’t she proved she could have chemistry with other men, too? In London it was as if she would never be fancied again until Francesco came along. The Love Square PDF Book Free

Maybe she’d talked herself into liking him more because she was afraid she’d be left on the shelf forever. But here, in Derbyshire, it was different. Here, she magically had choices – Thomas had shown her the area and been open-hearted and kind. Priyesh was straight-laced and serious but playful and sexy too. And he wanted to take her out! So out she would go. Priyesh picked up the phone.

‘Hello, Ms Bridge,’ he said, his voice brooding. Penny retired upstairs to the flat, commandeered candles from the living room, ran the hot tap on full, and the cold tap just a little, and located her Jo Malone bath foam instead of the usual Radox. It felt like a Jo Malone bath foam kind of a night. She said a small prayer for sisters with big salaries and generous gift-giving tendencies.

Soaking in the tub, listing to Matthew McConaughey reading a bedtime story, she examined her feelings. She’d felt funny when Francesco said he was going out on a date, and she wondered what he might be doing right now, and who with. Surely he wasn’t laughing with this other person the same way he laughed with her. The Love Square PDF Book Free

As soon as she thought that, though, guilt washed over her – why would she play compare and contrast? She should be thrilled he’d found somebody. She didn’t even know that he and Charlie went to the pub together. He deserved to set up his own life here, after all.

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