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When Rob became interested in electricity his clear-headed father considered the boy’s fancy to be instructive as well as amusing; so he heartily encouraged his son, and Rob never lacked batteries, motors or supplies of any sort that his experiments might require. He fitted up the little back room in the attic as his workshop, and from thence a network of wires soon ran throughout the house.

The Master Key PDF Book by L. Frank Baum

Name of Book The Master Key
Author L. Frank Baum
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 74
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Not only had every outside door its electric bell, but every window was fitted with a burglar alarm; moreover no one could cross the threshold of any interior room without registering the fact in Rob’s workshop. The gas was lighted by an electric fob; a chime, connected with an erratic clock in the boy’s room, woke the servants at all hours of the night and caused the cook to give warning.

A bell rang whenever the postman dropped a letter into the box; there were bells, bells, bells everywhere, ringing at the right time, the wrong time and all the time. And there were telephones in the different rooms, too, through which Rob could call up the different members of the family just when they did not wish to be disturbed.

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His mother and sisters soon came to vote the boy’s scientific craze a nuisance; but his father was delighted with these evidences of Rob’s skill as an electrician, and insisted that he be allowed perfect freedom in carrying out his ideas. “Electricity,” said the old gentleman, sagely, “is destined to become the motive power of the world.

The future advance of civilization will be along electrical lines. Our boy may become a great inventor and astonish the world with his wonderful creations.” “And in the meantime,” said the mother, despairingly, “we shall all be electrocuted, or the house burned down by crossed wires, or we shall be blown into eternity by an explosion of chemicals!”

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“Nonsense!” ejaculated the proud father. “Rob’s storage batteries are not powerful enough to electrocute one or set the house on fire. Do give the boy a chance, Belinda.” “And the pranks are so humiliating,” continued the lady. “When the minister called yesterday and rang the bell a big card appeared on the front door on which was printed the words.

‘Busy; Call Again.’ Fortunately Helen saw him and let him in, but when I reproved Robert for the act he said he was just trying the sign to see if it would work.” “Exactly! The boy is an inventor already. I shall have one of those cards attached to the door of my private office at once. I tell you, Belinda, our son will be a great man one of these days.”

Said Mr. Joslyn, walking up and down with pompous strides and almost bursting with the pride he took in his young hopeful. Mrs. Joslyn sighed. She knew remonstrance was useless so long as her husband encouraged the boy, and that she would be wise to bear her cross with fortitude. Rob also knew his mother’s protests would be of no avail; so he continued to revel in electrical processes of all sorts. The Master Key PDF Book

Using the house as an experimental station to test the powers of his productions. It was in his own room, however,—his “workshop”—that he especially delighted. For not only was it the center of all his numerous “lines” throughout the house, but he had rigged up therein a wonderful array of devices for his own amusement.

A trolley-car moved around a circular track and stopped regularly at all stations; an engine and train of cars moved jerkily up and down a steep grade and through a tunnel; a windmill was busily pumping water from the dishpan into the copper skillet; a sawmill was in full operation and a host of mechanical blacksmiths, scissors-grinders, carpenters.

Wood-choppers and millers were connected with a motor which kept them working away at their trades in awkward but persevering fashion. The room was crossed and recrossed with wires. They crept up the walls, lined the floor, made a grille of the ceiling and would catch an unwary visitor under the chin or above the ankle just when he least expected it. The Master Key PDF Book

Yet visitors were forbidden in so crowded a room, and even his father declined to go farther than the doorway. As for Rob, he thought he knew all about the wires, and what each one was for; but they puzzled even him, at times, and he was often perplexed to know how to utilize them all.

One day when he had locked himself in to avoid interruption while he planned the electrical illumination of a gorgeous pasteboard palace, he really became confused over the network of wires. He had a “switchboard,” to be sure, where he could make and break connections as he chose; but the wires had somehow become mixed.

And he could not tell what combinations to use to throw the power on to his miniature electric lights. So he experimented in a rather haphazard fashion, connecting this and that wire blindly and by guesswork, in the hope that he would strike the right combination. Then he thought the combination might be right and there was a lack of power. The Master Key PDF Book

So he added other lines of wire to his connections, and still others, until he had employed almost every wire in the room. “The busy lives of men,” proceeded the Demon, “require them to move about and travel in all directions. Yet to assist them there are only such crude and awkward machines as electric trolleys, cable cars, steam railways and automobiles.

These crawl slowly over the uneven surface of the earth and frequently get out of order. It has grieved me that men have not yet discovered what even birds know: that the atmosphere offers them swift and easy means of traveling from one part of the earth’s surface to another.” “Some people have tried to build airships,” remarked Rob.

“So they have; great, unwieldy machines which offer so much resistance to the air that they are quite useless. A big machine is not needed to carry one through the air. There are forces in nature which may be readily used for such purpose. Tell me, what holds you to the Earth, and makes a stone fall to the ground?” The Master Key PDF Book

“Attraction of gravitation,” said Rob, promptly. “Exactly. That is one force I refer to,” said the Demon. “The force of repulsion, which is little known, but just as powerful, is another that mankind may direct. Then there are the Polar electric forces, attracting objects toward the north or south poles. You have guessed something of this by the use of the compass, or electric needle.

Opposed to these is centrifugal electric force, drawing objects from east to west, or in the opposite direction. This force is created by the whirl of the earth upon its axis, and is easily utilized, although your scientific men have as yet paid little attention to it. “These forces, operating in all directions, absolute and immutable, are at the disposal of mankind.

They will carry you through the atmosphere wherever and whenever you choose. That is, if you know how to control them. Now, here is a machine I have myself perfected.” The Demon drew from his pocket something that resembled an open-faced watch, having a narrow, flexible band attached to it. “When you wish to travel,” said he. The Master Key PDF Book

“Attach this little machine to your left wrist by means of the band. It is very light and will not be in your way. On this dial are points marked ‘up’ and ‘down’ as well as a perfect compass. When you desire to rise into the air set the indicator to the word ‘up,’ using a finger of your right hand to turn it.

When you have risen as high as you wish, set the indicator to the point of the compass you want to follow and you will be carried by the proper electric force in that direction. To descend, set the indicator to the word ‘down.’ Do you understand?” “Perfectly!” cried Rob, taking the machine from the Demon with unfeigned delight.

“This is really wonderful, and I’m awfully obliged to you!” “Don’t mention it,” returned the Demon, dryly. “These three gifts you may amuse yourself with for the next week. It seems hard to entrust such great scientific discoveries to the discretion of a mere boy; but they are quite harmless, so if you exercise proper care you can not get into trouble through their possession. The Master Key PDF Book Download

And who knows what benefits to humanity may result? One week from to-day, at this hour, I will again appear to you, at which time you shall receive the second series of electrical gifts.” Having risen high enough to pass over the tallest tree or steeple, Rob put the indicator to the east of the compass-dial and at once began moving rapidly in that direction.

The sensation was delightful. He rode as gently as a feather floats, without any exertion at all on his own part; yet he moved so swiftly that he easily distanced a railway train that was speeding in the same direction. “This is great!” reflected the youth. “Here I am, traveling in fine style, without a penny to pay any one! And I’ve enough food to last me a month in my coat pocket.

This electricity is the proper stuff, after all! And the Demon’s a trump, and no mistake. Whee-ee! How small everything looks down below there. The people are bugs, and the houses are soapboxes, and the trees are like clumps of grass. I seem to be passing over a town. Guess I’ll drop down a bit, and take in the sights.” The Master Key PDF Book Download

He pointed the indicator to the word “down,” and at once began dropping through the air. He experienced the sensation one feels while descending in an elevator. When he reached a point just above the town he put the indicator to the zero mark and remained stationary, while he examined the place.

But there was nothing to interest him, particularly; so after a brief survey he once more ascended and continued his journey toward the east. At about two o’clock in the afternoon he reached the city of Boston, and alighting unobserved in a quiet street he walked around for several hours enjoying the sights and wondering what people would think of him if they but knew his remarkable powers.

But as he looked just like any other boy no one noticed him in any way. It was nearly evening, and Rob had wandered down by the wharves to look at the shipping, when his attention was called to an ugly looking bull dog, which ran toward him and began barking ferociously. “Get out!” said the boy, carelessly, and made a kick at the brute. The Master Key PDF Book Download

The dog uttered a fierce growl and sprang upon him with bared teeth and flashing red eyes. Instantly Rob drew the electric tube from his pocket, pointed it at the dog and pressed the button. Almost at the same moment the dog gave a yelp, rolled over once or twice and lay still. “I guess that’ll settle him,” laughed the boy; but just then he heard an angry shout, and looking around saw a policeman running toward him.

“Kill me dog, will ye—eh?” yelled the officer; “well, I’ll just run ye in for that same, an’ ye’ll spend the night in the lockup!” And on he came, with drawn club in one hand and a big revolver in the other. “You’ll have to catch me first,” said Rob, still laughing, and to the amazement of the policeman he began rising straight into the air. “Come down here! Come down, or I’ll shoot!” shouted the fellow, flourishing his revolver.

In the midst of these depressing thoughts he became aware that something was hurting his back. After rolling over he found that he had been lying upon a sharp stone that stuck out of the earth. This gave him an idea. He rolled upon the stone again and began rubbing the rope that bound him against the sharp edge. The Master Key PDF Book Free

Outside he could hear the crackling of fagots and the roar of a newly-kindled fire, so he knew he had no time to spare. He wriggled and pushed his body right and left, right and left, sawing away at the rope, until the strain and exertion started the perspiration from every pore. At length the rope parted.

And hastily uncoiling it from his body Rob stood up and rubbed his benumbed muscles and tried to regain his lost breath. He had not freed himself a moment too soon, he found, for hearing a grunt of surprise behind him he turned around and saw a native standing in the door of the hut. Rob laughed, for he was not a bit afraid of the blacks now.

As the native made a rush toward him the boy drew the electric tube from his pocket, pointed it at the foe, and pressed the button. The fellow sank to the earth without even a groan, and lay still. Then another black entered, followed by the fat chief. When they saw Rob at liberty, and their comrade lying apparently dead, the chief cried out in surprise, using some expressive words in his own language. The Master Key PDF Book Free

“If it’s just the same to you, old chap,” said Rob, coolly, “I won’t be eaten to-day. You can make a pie of that fellow on the ground.” “No! We eat you,” cried the chief, angrily. “You cut rope, but no get away; no boat!” “I don’t need a boat, thank you,” said the boy; and then, as the other native sprang forward, he pointed the tube and laid him out beside his first victim.

At this act the chief stood an instant in amazed uncertainty. Then he turned and rushed from the hut. Laughing with amusement at the waddling, fat figure, Rob followed the chief and found himself standing almost in the center of the native village. A big fire was blazing merrily and the blacks were busy making preparations for a grand feast.

Rob was quickly surrounded by a crowd of the villagers, who chattered fiercely and made threatening motions in his direction; but as the chief cried out to them a warning in the native tongue they kept a respectful distance and contented themselves with brandishing their spears and clubs. The Master Key PDF Book Free