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Now imagine it is 1986. I f you meet someone in a nightclub, at a beach or anywhere else, the only way of communicating in order to meet a gain was by phone. One person would have to use a payphone or a phone at home or work to call the other person, but the catch is that the person being called must be at the geographical location of that phone which is being called. Let us fast-forward to the year 2010. People have phones in their pockets.

The Message Game PDF Book by Ice White

Name of Book The Message Game
PDF Size 7 MB
No of Pages 160
Language English
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There is now a new thing called ‘messages’ where people can press buttons to write words to send to other people’s phones which are in their pockets. Radical! Now that it’s not 2010 anymore, we have various forms of extra communication like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn and much more all at the same time. See, now it is complicated. We have more access, but that does not mean it is easier.

What you need to see most importantly about this situation is that there are now more barriers between you and who you want to meet, even though it may appear as if there are so many more ways to find someone or communicate with someone. In 1986, if someone said they will be “there”, they WILL be there. In 2019, if someone says they will be there, they could change their mind spontaneously and let you know without a hindrance of guilt.

Click here to Download The Message Game PDF Book

By sending you a message at any time that they will NOT be there for whatever reason. That’s the power of time. In this age, everyone uses social media to project a better version of themselves. Social media as used by most people, in most cases, is fake. The online world is all fake. Photos are faked every single minute with filters and edits. Photos are often prepared for, arranged or posed for. So much you see is fake.

Drop your expectations when you see something utterly amazing, because whatever photo you see of a girl on Tinder, Facebook or Instagram is probably the pinnacle of all recorded e experiences in her lifetime according to a still image that she has access to. When most people design their profiles, they do so in a very positive way in order to put across a good projection of themselves. In 1986, none of this existed. Life was seemingly more simple.

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You see a girl and that’s it. No messaging. No looking at photos. And on her side, she is not taking so m any photos for the purpose of validation of drawing attention to herself online. 1986 is humble. 2015 onwards is staged, attention-seeking and complicated. We did not want this, but we can solve it for you. Anyone else is just stuck. Finally, in regard to going to Instagram from Tinder, some people decide to message on Tinder.

And then exchange Instagram profiles instead of phone numbers.  Bad idea. When she gives you her phone number, you can just send her a message and that’s all you need; you will then be able to meet up. However, if she gives you her Instagram profile there are things that have to happen. First, you have to follow her and then you have to wait for her to accept your request, and you might also hope for her to follow you back.

There are just too many doors that she has to open for you, and that’s why going to WhatsApp from Tinder is important.  Never go to Instagram. Instagram is a validation platform and you will learn more about this later on. Essentially, people just want followers, and gaining followers gives you the dopamine effect and it just validates your existence. Instagram is only about two things; likes and followers. The Message Game PDF Book

In the dating world, girls are being offered penis from all directions. There are just too many guys trying to hit on girls, and most are absolutely sucking at it. The worst thing you can do is to put a girl on the pedestal; this means that if you keep throwing compliments at her and seem to be worshipping, praising or validating her, then you are placing her value far higher than your own. Girls love to be told they are beautiful.

But when there are dozens of guys commenting on her photo saying things like ‘sexy,’ ‘beautiful’ and trying to flirt, it’s pretty creepy, and it’s actually very sad. This is an appropriate point to talk about ‘Indian men on Facebook’, a phenomenon worth looking at online for great memes and funny pictures on Google Images. As entertaining as it is, it is sad to see. It shows the reality that dozens of guys, Indian men in this case, just keep commenting the same shit or random creepy things on pictures posted by girls.

Examples include, but are not limited to… ‘sexy boobs’, ‘show me bobs n vagene’, ‘u luks dam beautiful’, ‘come inbox’, or just throwing in random compliments. Think about it, do you really expect to form a relationship with a girl just because you commented on her post on Facebook? That’s not how this works. There is a second but equally important question. Do you really think that a girl will fall in love with you. The Message Game PDF Book

Just because you complimented her? You should be equipped with many ways of winning a girl’s heart. Now, let’s look back into a girl’s phone. What kind of messages is she receiving by these random thirsty men on the Internet? Pictures of dicks. Boring messages of ‘how are you?’ and ‘I like your photo’. Messages filled with complete bullshit. Most people go nowhere with messages like these because everyone else is saying the same shit.

Even if some of these guys do slip through the cracks, they fall down at the next hurdles because they are like dogs chasing cars; they would not know what to do if they ever did catch one. As aforementioned, the guys who did not get ignored tend to be shut down by their next moves because they either lack purpose or are not getting to the point. Some people think that sending a picture of your own dick is the way of getting to the point.

What does sending a picture of your dick do anyway? If she wants to see it, she can meet you and take a peek herself, which I believe is the reason you are trying to message her anyway. You are attracted to females because you are biologically designed to have sex with them. In order for that to happen, you need to actually meet them. But before we get to meeting them, how do we find them? The Message Game PDF Book

Tinder has three options for you to decide who to match – swiping left, swiping right or using a superlike. I will address the latter first. A very common question asked about Tinder was about superlikes and whether or not they should be used. Should you superlike someone? If you superlike someone, isn’t it needy? Tinder provides you with very few superlikes each week and depending on your Tinder membership you could have 1 per day or even 5.

It is not needy to use a superlike. I have in fact used it myself many times and dated a model long term because of it. To refuse to use it is to lose an opportunity. In consideration of superlikes, don’t hand out your superlike to someone just because you think they are attractive, 50 other guys probably did the same for that same person. You should superlike if you find her relatively attractive and if her bio or photo has something extremely relatable to you.

For example, I superliked a girl because one of her photos had my friend in the background. I won’t find that every day, so it is particularly special. Another example is if I just returned from France and Spain and there is a girl who is half-French and half-Spanish, it is a good opportunity to superlike. If it is relatable to you and you are superliking her for that. The Message Game PDF Book Download

Then you have a better chance because other people will not be superliking her for the same reason. Do not superlike her if her profile says she is only visiting for a few days. Don’t be that desperate guy who responds to a girl the second she sends you a message. There is only one situation in which you should respond in very quick time, and that is if you are meeting at that moment and you are trying to look for each other.

Alternatively, if it is another time-sensitive matter where she, for example, wants to come over spontaneously but needs you to confirm if that is okay. If she is meeting you that day and asks if 8PM is a good time, you should obviously respond before it’s too late. The definition of ‘too late’ in this case is 8PM, minus the amount of time it takes her to get ready as well as the time of travel.

As well as extra time for the sake of not rushing her. A 7PM confirmation for a meeting time of 8PM is a rush, but confirming hours before is very comfortable. When it comes to solidifying a time, that is absolutely the final step you need to take in the message game, so it does not quite matter how quick you are to confirm with each other when the meet up will take place, as long as it is comfortably before the meeting takes place. The Message Game PDF Book Download

That’s the issue of time-sensitivity. The main issue, of course, is that many guys do not know how long they should wait for literally anything. If you get a match on Tinder, you can message straight away. Most girls do not send the first message. Useless! Sexism! But it is of course a good opportunity for you to message her minutes after matching, in case she wants to say something first that she has been meaning to say.

You never really know if she wants to message you first, but that does not matter. Just send it. However, when it comes to timing in relation to receiving replies and when you should view their messages or respond to them, you should not be responding straight away or in a matter of minutes. I will break it down for you so you can picture it. If a girl messages you out of nowhere, then you can reply without worrying about timing.

It does not matter if it is a few minutes or a few hours. If a girl messages you because you sent her a message, then she is responding to your message. If she is responding immediately, you have nothing to worry about if you respond immediately in this case. If she responds after 10 minutes, do not respond to her immediately, do not respond to her in 5 minutes, do not respond to her in 10 minutes. The Message Game PDF Book Free

If she responds after one hour, do not respond to her immediately, do not respond to her in 10 minutes, do not respond to her in 30 minutes. If she takes an entire day to reply, do not reply that day. You should wait at least 150% of the time she took in the case of up to a few hours as a general, but loose, rule. It’s not black and white, just recommended. Even if she takes two years to reply, don’t take 3 years to reply; that would be a massive waste of time.

But just be sure that your timing does not imply that you do not have things going on in your life or that you are really bored and just need attention from girls on Facebook or any other form of messaging or communicating. You can find out about people by everything they do; their timing, their words, their behavior, etc.

In the sense of timing, if she responds fast then she is probably obsessed with you or really needs attention. But if she takes a long time to reply, she probably has a lot of things to do or has a lot of messages, or does not pay much attention to her phone.

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