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When we rst met, on Long Day’s Journey, she was living in John Barrymore’s former house in Los Angeles. I stepped through the doors of what seemed to me a fty-foot living room. She stood at the opposite end of the room and started toward me. We’d covered about half the distance when she said, “When do you want to start rehearsal?”

The Midnight Library PDF Book by Matt Haig

Name of Book The Midnight Library
Author Matt Haig
PDF Size 2.6 MB
No of Pages 275
Language  English
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No “Hello” or “How do you do?”) “September nineteenth,” I said. “I can’t start till the twenty-sixth,” she said. “Why?” I asked. “Because then,” she said, “you’d know more about the script than I would.” Funny, charming, but she meant it. It was perfectly all right with me if she knew more about the character.

After all, she was going to play it, and I had a lot of other things to think about. But the challenge was unmistakable, and I could see trouble down the road. The solution was to leave her alone. Though she had played great roles, nothing could compare with Mary Tyrone for psychological complexity, physical and emotional demand, and tragic dimension.

Click here to Download The Midnight Library PDF Book

During the rst three days of rehearsal I said nothing to her about Mary Tyrone’s character. I talked at length with Jason, who’d played his part before, with Ralph and Dean, and of course we talked about the play. When we nished the run-through reading on the third day, there was a long pause.

And then, from Kate’s corner of the table, a small voice called out, “Help!” From then on, the work was thrilling. She asked, she told, she fretted, she tried, she failed, she won. She built that character stone by stone. Something was still tight about the performance until the end of the second week.

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There’s a moment in the script when her youngest son, trying to cut through her morphine haze, screams at her that he’s dying of consumption. I said, “Kate, I’d like you to haul o and smack him as hard as you can.” She started to say that she couldn’t do that, but the sentence died halfway out of her mouth.

She thought about it for thirty seconds, then said, “Let’s try it.” She hit him. She looked at Dean’s horried face, and her shoulders started to shake. She dissolved into the broken, frightened failure that was so important an aspect of Mary Tyrone.

The shelves on either side of Nora began to move. The shelves didn’t change angles, they just kept on sliding horizontally. It was possible that the shelves weren’t moving at all, but the books were, and it wasn’t obvious why or even how. The Midnight Library PDF Book

There was no visible mechanism making it happen, and no sound or sight of books falling off the end – or rather the start – of the shelf. The books slid by at varying degrees of slowness, depending on the shelf they were on, but none moved fast. ‘What’s happening?’

Mrs Elm’s expression stiffened and her posture straightened, her chin retreating a little into her neck. She took a step closer to Nora and clasped her hands together. ‘It is time, my dear, to begin.’ ‘If you don’t mind me asking – begin what?’ ‘Every life contains many millions of decisions.

Some big, some small. But every time one decision is taken over another, the outcomes differ. An irreversible variation occurs, which in turn leads to further variations. These books are portals to all the lives you could be living.’ ‘What?’ ‘You have as many lives as you have possibilities. The Midnight Library PDF Book

There are lives where you make different choices. And those choices lead to different outcomes. If you had done just one thing differently, you would have a different life story. And they all exist in the Midnight Library. They are all as real as this life.’ ‘Parallel lives?’ ‘Not always parallel.

Some are more . . . perpendicular. So, do you want to live a life you could be living? Do you want to do something differently? Is there anything you wish to change? Did you do anything wrong? She’d met Dan while living with Izzy in Tooting. Big smile, short beard. Visually, a TV vet. Fun, curious.

He drank quite a bit, but always seemed immune to hangovers. He had studied Art History and put his in-depth knowledge of Rubens and Tintoretto to incredible use by becoming head of PR for a brand of protein flapjacks. He did, however, have a dream. And his dream was to run a pub in the countryside. The Midnight Library PDF Book

A dream he wanted to share with her. With Nora. And she got carried away with his enthusiasm. Got engaged. But suddenly she had realised she didn’t want to marry him. Deep down, she was scared of becoming her mother. She didn’t want to replicate her parents’ marriage.

Still staring blankly at The Book of Regrets, she wondered if her parents had ever been in love or if they had got married because marriage was something you did at the appropriate time with the nearest available person. A game where you grabbed the first person you could find when the music stopped.

She had never wanted to play that game. Bertrand Russell wrote that ‘To fear love is to fear life, and those who fear life are already three-parts dead’. Maybe that was her problem. Maybe she was just scared of living. But Bertrand Russell had more marriages and affairs than hot dinners, so perhaps he was no one to give advice. The Midnight Library PDF Book

When her mum died three months before the wedding Nora’s grief was immense. Though she had suggested that the date should be put back, it somehow never was, and Nora’s grief fused with depression and anxiety and the feeling that her life was out of her own control.

The wedding seemed such a symptom of this chaotic feeling, that she felt tied to a train track, and the only way she could loosen the ropes and free herself was to pull out of the wedding. Though, in reality, staying in Bedford and being single, and letting Izzy down about their Australia plans, and starting work at String Theory, and getting a cat, had all felt like the opposite of freedom.

She was in some kind of hallway or corridor. Terracotta floor tiles. Low wood panelling and, above, wallpaper full of illustrations of sycamore leaves. She walked down the little corridor and into the main pub area which she had peeked at through the window. She jumped as a cat appeared out of nowhere. The Midnight Library PDF Book

An elegant, angular chocolate Burmese purring away. She bent down and stroked it and looked at the engraved name on the disc attached to the collar. Voltaire. A different cat, with the same name. Unlike her dear beloved ginger tabby, she doubted this Voltaire was a rescue.

The cat began to purr. ‘Hello, Volts Number Two. You seem happy here. Are we all as happy as you?’ The cat purred a possible affirmation and rubbed his head against Nora’s leg. She picked him up and went over to the bar. There was a row of crack beers on the pumps, stouts and ciders and pale ales and IPAs.

Vicar’s Favourite. Lost and Found. Miss Marple. Sleeping Lemons. Broken Dream. There was a charity tin on the bar for Butterfly Conservation. She heard the sound of clinking glass. As if a dishwasher was being filled. Nora felt anxiety constrict her chest. A familiar sensation. The Midnight Library PDF Book

Then a spindly twenty-something man in a baggy rugby top popped up from behind the bar, hardly giving any attention to Nora as he gathered the last remaining used glasses and put them in the dishwasher. He switched it on then pulled down his coat from a hook, put it on and took out some car keys.

‘Bye, Nora. I’ve done the chairs and wiped all the tables. Dishwasher’s on.’ ‘Ah, thanks.’ ‘Till Thursday.’ ‘Yes,’ Nora said, feeling like a spy about to have her cover blown. ‘See you.’ A moment after the man left, she heard footsteps rising up from somewhere below, heading across the tiles she had just walked down, coming from the back of the pub.

And then he was there. He looked different. e beard had gone, and there were more wrinkles around his eyes, dark circles. He had a nearly finished pint of dark beer in his hand. He still looked a bit like a TV vet, just a few more series down the line. ‘Dan,’ she said, as if he was something that needed identifying. The Midnight Library PDF Book Download

Like a rabbit by the road. ‘I just want to say I am so proud of you. So proud of us.’ They had shared lots of clips of humpback whales in anticipation of this new adventure. But then Nora had wobbled and backed out. Just like she had backed out of a swimming career, and a band, and a wedding.

But unlike those other things, there hadn’t even been a reason. Yes, she had started working at String Theory and, yes, she felt the need to tend to her parents’ graves, but she knew that staying in Bedford was the worse option. And yet she picked it.

Because of some strange predictive homesickness that festered alongside a depression that told her, ultimately, she didn’t deserve to be happy. That she had hurt Dan and that a life of drizzle and depression in her hometown was her punishment, and she hadn’t the will or clarity or, hell, the energy to do anything. The Midnight Library PDF Book Download

So, in effect, she swapped her best friend for a cat. In her actual life, she had never fallen out with Izzy. Nothing that dramatic. But after Izzy had gone to Australia, things had faded between them until their friendship became just a vapour trail of sporadic Facebook and Instagram likes and emoji-filled birthday messages.

She looked back through the text conversations between her and Izzy and realised that even though there was still ten thousand miles between them, they had a much better relationship in this version of things. When she returned to the pub, carrying the sign this time.

Dan was nowhere to be seen so she locked the back door and waited a while, in the pub hallway, working out where the stairs were, and unsure if she actually wanted to follow her tipsy sort-of husband up there. She found the stairs at the rear of the building, through a door that said Staff Only. The Midnight Library PDF Book Download

As she stepped on the beige raffia carpet heading towards the stairs, just after a framed poster of things You Learn in the Dark – one of their favourite Ryan Bailey movies which they had watched together at the Odeon in Bedford – she noted a smaller picture on a sweet little window sill. It was their wedding photo.

Black and white, reportage-style. Walking out of a church into a shower of confetti. It was difficult to see their faces properly but they were both laughing and it was a shared laugh, and they seemed – as far as a photograph can tell you anything – to be in love. She remembered her mum talking about Dan.

She was sweating. That was the first observation. Her body was coursing with adrenaline and her clothes were clinging to her. There were people around her, a couple of whom had guitars. She could hear noise. Vast, powerful human noise – a roar of life slowly finding rhythm and shape. The Midnight Library PDF Book Free

Becoming a chant. There was a woman in front of her, towelling her face. ‘Thanks,’ Nora said, smiling. The woman looked startled, as if she’d just been spoken to by a god. She recognised a man holding drumsticks. It was Ravi. His hair was dyed white-blonde and he was dressed in a sharp-cut indigo suit with a bare chest where his shirt should have been.

He looked an entirely different person to the one who had been looking at the music magazines in the newsagent’s in Bedford only yesterday, or the corporate-looking guy in the blue shirt who had sat watching her do her catastrophic talk in the InterContinental Hotel. ‘Ravi,’ she said, ‘you look amazing!’

‘What?’ He hadn’t heard her over the noise, but now she had a different question. ‘Where is Joe?’ she asked, almost as a shout. Ravi looked momentarily confused, or scared, and Nora braced herself for some terrible truth. But none came. ‘The usual, I reckon. Schmoozing it up with the foreign press.’ The Midnight Library PDF Book Free

Nora had no idea what was going on. He seemed to be still part of the band, but also not in the band enough to be performing on stage with them. And if he wasn’t in the band, then whatever had caused him to leave the band hadn’t caused him to disappear completely.

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