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First of all the author has told about a terrible accident in his life. Once he was going with his girlfriend in his Mustang car. A truck comes very fast from the front. Whose driver was drunk. Suddenly he lost balance and the truck collided directly with the writer’s car. The driver of the truck and the girlfriend of the author were not injured.

The Miracle Morning PDF Book by Hal Elrod

Name of Book The Miracle Morning PDF
Author Hal Elrod
No. of Pages 157
PDF Size 1 MB
Language English
Published 2012
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But the writer was seriously injured. Many bones in his body were broken. To connect which doctors had to do 7 operations. Which happened over a span of several days. Doctors told him that now he would not be able to walk for the rest of his life. And they have to use wheel-chair only. One day the author heard something on the radio about the subconscious mind and positive affirmations. It settled in his mind. He made his own morning routine and started doing those affirmations regularly.

And one day a miracle happened. The writer stood up from the chair. They started walking. Not only this, later he also ran in a long marathon race of 84 KM. Friends, this is the true story of author Hal Elrod. Elrod gave credit for this miracle that happened to him in the same morning routine that he did after the accident.

After that started doing daily. And based on this this book was written. Which has been read by millions of people all over the world. And many people have been inspired by reading that. So this is the conclusion of this chapter that no matter what is the dire situation in life, we should not be disappointed. Rather, keeping courage in the heart, one should try to overcome it. The Miracle Morning PDF Book But how to do this, you will know by reading the rest of the chapters.

According to the author, 95% of the world’s people become happy with small things. Learn to live with them. But 5% of the people are not satisfied with them. They have big goals. And keep trying to get them until you get them. So which category do you fall in – 95% or 5%. If you come in the first one, then wake up. And come to the 5% wall. Only then can you do something big in life.

Friends, in childhood we all dream of becoming king. Teenagers often dream of expensive cars. Or want to do foreign travels. But with the passage of time, we make compromises with the situation. When life stumbles, we stop dreaming. The Miracle Morning PDF Book But if you understand the 3 steps given below, then you will be able to change your thinking again. You will be able to dream big again. And will be able to fulfill them too.

First of all, understand why 95% of people become happy with small things. The main reason for this is – they get scared of defeat. They don’t want to lose. Suppose someone started a business and it failed. Then that man will not start it again even after forgetting. And it will take this thing in mind – Businesses are for rich people. I can not do this.

After this, he will continue to do some small job all his life. Similarly, many parents do not talk about sending their children to movies or music etc. The Miracle Morning PDF Book Just ask to become a doctor or engineer. Because they are afraid that if their children fail? That’s why they always want to keep them in the comfort zone. They don’t want to take the risk.

But friends, have you ever got anything big without taking any risk? So don’t ever be afraid to lose. Thomas Edison had done 10,000 unsuccessful experiments, then he was able to make electric bulb. Can you not lose even 10 – 12 times? Change your attitude towards defeat. Loss is only a lesson. Don’t be afraid of that.

When you make such a thinking that Ann is not afraid to lose, then you will automatically fall into the 5% category. The Miracle Morning PDF Book Friends, if you want to leave the category of 95% people, then go with the times. Stop living in the past. Some people think – we have grown up in poverty. Now it is our destiny to remain poor.

But the owner of Bata was also a cobbler earlier. Or some students think, we didn’t even get marks. How can we be successful? But Dhirubhai Ambani was earlier a mere clerk. He also did not have any special marks. Many leaders and ministers are also illiterate. So first stop thinking about what happened in your past. Think about what might happen next.

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How many people have become stars from you-tube itself. Some people are earning millions just by making videos of cooking. and are extremely successful. So go ahead with the times. And think about what to do next. So with these three steps, you will also fall into the category of 5% people who think big. So always think big. Because everything starts with the idea of ​​achieving big. Other things come later.

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