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IT WAS FELLING NIGHT and the usual crowd had gathered at the Waystone Inn. Five wasn’t much of a crowd, but five was as many as the Way stone ever saw these days, times being what they were. Old Cob was filling his role as storyteller and advice dispensary. The men at the bar sipped their drinks and listened.

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Name of Book The Name of the Wind
Author Patrick Rothfuss
PDF Size 3 MB
No of Pages 803
Language  English
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In the back room a young innkeeper stood out of sight behind the door, smiling as he listened to the details of a familiar story. “When he awoke, Taborlin the Great found himself locked in a high tower. They had taken his sword and stripped him of his tools: key, coin, and candle were all gone.

But that weren’t even the worst of it, you see …” Cob paused for effect, “… cause the lamps on the wall were burning blue!” Graham, Jake, and Shep nodded to themselves. The three friends had grown up together, listening to Cob’s stories and ignoring his advice.

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Cob peered closely at the newer, more attentive member of his small audience, the smith’s prentice. “Do you know what that meant, boy?” Everyone called the smith’s prentice “boy” despite the fact that he was a hand taller than anyone there. Small towns being what they are.

He would most likely remain “boy” until his beard filled out or he bloodied someone’s nose over the matter. The boy gave a slow nod. “The Chandrian.” “That’s right,” Cob said approvingly. “The Chandrian. Everyone knows that blue fire is one of their signs. Now he was—” “But how’d they find him?” the boy interrupted.

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“And why din’t they kill him when they had the chance?” “Hush now, you’ll get all the answers before the end,” Jake said. “Just let him tell it.” “No need for all that, Jake,” Graham said. “Boy’s just curious. Drink your drink.” “I drank me drink already,” Jake grumbled. “I need t’nother but the innkeep’s still skinning rats in the back room.”

He raised his voice and knocked his empty mug hollowly on the top of the mahogany bar. “Hoy! We’re thirsty men in here!” The innkeeper appeared with five bowls of stew and two warm, round loaves of bread. He pulled more beer for Jake, Shep, and Old Cob, moving with an air of bustling efficiency.

The story was set aside while the men tended to their dinners. Old Cob tucked away his bowl of stew with the predatory efficiency of a lifetime bachelor. The others were still blowing steam off their bowls when he finished the last of his loaf and returned to his story. “Now Taborlin needed to escape, but when he looked around, he saw his cell had no door. The Name of the Wind PDF Book

No windows. All around him was nothing but smooth, hard stone. It was a cell no man had ever escaped. “But Taborlin knew the names of all things, and so all things were his to command. He said to the stone: ‘Break!’ and the stone broke. The wall tore like a piece of paper, and through that hole Taborlin could see the sky and breathe the sweet spring air.

He stepped to the edge, looked down, and without a second thought he stepped out into the open air. . ..” A moment of serious silence followed the news. The smith’s prentice laid a sympathetic hand on Carter’s shoulder. “Damn. That’s hard. She was gentle as a lamb, too. Never tried to bite or kick when you brought her in for shoes.

Best horse in town. Damn. I’m . . .” He trailed off. “Damn. I don’t know what to say.” He looked around helplessly. Cob finally managed to free himself from Jake. “I told you,” he repeated, shaking a finger in Carter’s direction. “There’s folks out lately that would kill you for a pair of pennies, let alone a horse and cart. The Name of the Wind PDF Book

What are you going to do now? Pull it yourself?” There was a moment of uncomfortable quiet. Jake and Cob glared at each other while the rest seemed at a loss for words, unsure of how to comfort their friend. The innkeeper moved carefully through the silence.

Arms full, he stepped nimbly around Shep and began to arrange some items on a nearby table: a bowl of hot water, shears, some clean linen, a few glass bottles, needle and gut. “This never would have happened if he’d listened to me in the first place,” Old Cob muttered. Jake tried to quiet him, but Cob brushed him aside.

“I’m just tellin’ the truth. It’s a damn shame about Nelly, but he better listen now or he’ll end up dead. You don’t get lucky twice with those sort of men.” Carter’s mouth made a thin line. He reached out and pulled the edge of the bloody blanket. Whatever was inside flipped over once and snagged on the cloth. The Name of the Wind PDF Book

Carter tugged harder and there was a clatter like a bag of flat river stones upended onto the tabletop. It was a spider as large as a ‘wagon wheel, black as slate. The smith’s prentice jumped backward and hit a table, knocking it over and almost falling to the ground himself.

Cob’s face went slack. Graham, Shep, and Jake made wordless, startled sounds and moved away, raising their hands to their faces. Carter took a step backward that was almost like a nervous twitch. Silence filled the room like a cold sweat. The last of twilight had faded from the sky by the time I found the square.

A few wagons rolled sluggishly among the few straggling customers. I limped wildly from corner to corner of the square, searching madly for the old farmer who had given me a ride. Searching for the sight of one of those ugly, knobby squash. When I finally found the bookstore Seth had parked beside, I was panting and staggering. The Name of the Wind PDF Book Download

Seth and his wagon were nowhere to be seen. I sank down into the empty space their wagon had left and felt the aches and pains of a dozen injuries that I had forced myself to ignore. I felt them out, one by one. I had several painful ribs, although I couldn’t tell if they were broken or if the cartilage was torn.

I was dizzy and nauseous when I moved my head too quickly, probably a concussion. My nose was broken, and I had more bruises and scrapes than I could conveniently count. I was also hungry. The last being the only thing I could do anything about, I took what was left of my piece of bread from earlier in the day and ate it.

It wasn’t enough, but it was better than nothing. I took a drink from a horse trough and was thirsty enough not to care that the water was brackish and sour. I thought of leaving, but it would take me hours of walking in my current condition. Besides, there was nothing waiting for me on the outskirts of the city except miles upon miles of harvested farmland. The Name of the Wind PDF Book Download

No trees to keep the wind away. No wood to make a fire. No rabbits to set traps for. No roots to dig. No heather for a bed. I was so hungry my stomach was a hard knot. Here at least I could smell chicken cooking somewhere. I would have gone looking for the smell, but I was dizzy, and my ribs hurt.

Maybe tomorrow someone would give me something to eat. Right now I was too tired. I wanted nothing more than to sleep. The cobblestones were losing the last of the sun’s heat and the wind was picking up. I moved back into the doorway of the bookshop to get out of the wind.

I was almost asleep when the owner of the shop opened the door and kicked at me, telling me to shove off or he’d call the guard. I limped away as quickly as I could. He strained against the ropes and made the noise I had heard in the hall. It was clearer now, a long moaning cry. “Aaaaaaabaaaaaaah.” The Name of the Wind PDF Book Download

For a moment all I could do was think about every story I had ever heard about the Duke of Gibea. About how he and his men had abducted and tortured people for twenty years before the church had gone in and put an end to it. “What what,” came a voice from the other room.

The voice had an odd inflection to it, as if it wasn’t really asking a question. The boy on the cot jerked against his ropes. “Aaaahbeeeeh.” A man came through the doorway brushing his hands on the front of his tattered robe. “What what,” he repeated in the same not-questioning tone.

His voice was old and tired around the edges, but at its center it was patient. Patient as a heavy stone or a mother cat with kittens. Not the sort of voice I expected a Duke-of-Gibea type to have. “What what. Hush hush, Tanee. I wan’t gone, just stepped away. Now I’m here.” The Name of the Wind PDF Book Free

His feet made slapping sounds against the bare stone floor. He was barefoot. I felt the tension slowly spill out of me. Whatever was going on here, it didn’t seem nearly as sinister as I had originally thought. The boy stopped straining against the ropes when he saw the man approaching.

“Eeeeeeaah.” He said, and tugged against the ropes restraining him. “What?” It was a question this time. “Eeeeeeaah.” “Hmmm?” The old man looked around and saw me for the first time. “Oh. Hello.” He looked back to the boy on the bed. “Well aren’t you the clever one today?

Tanee called me in to see we have a visitor!” Tanee’s face broke into a terrific grin and he gave a harsh, honking gasp of breath. In spite of the painful sound, it was clear he was laughing. Turning to look at me, the barefoot man said, “I don’t recognize you. Have you been here before?” The Name of the Wind PDF Book Free

It was during that fifth span that I was enjoying a rare, shared lunch with Wilem and Simmon. They had their lunches from a nearby tavern. I couldn’t afford a drab for an apple and meat pie, so I had snuck some barley bread and a gristly sausage out of the Mess.

We sat on the stone bench beneath the pennant pole where I’d been whipped. The place had filled me with dread after my whipping, but I forced myself to spend time there to prove to myself that I could. After it no longer unnerved me, I sat there because the stares of the students amused me.

Now I sat there because I was comfortable. It was my place. And, because we spent a fair amount of time together, it had become Wilem and Simmon’s place too. If they thought my choice an odd one, they didn’t speak of it. “You haven’t been around very much,” Wilem said around a mouthful of meat pie. The Name of the Wind PDF Book Free

“Been sick?” “Right,” Simmon said sarcastically. “He’s been sick a whole month.” Wilem glared at him and grumbled, reminding me of Kilvin for a moment. His expression made Simmon laugh. “Wil’s more polite than I am. I’m betting you’ve been spending all your free hours walking to Imre and back.

Courting some fabulously attractive young bard.” He gestured at the lute case that lay at my side. “He looks like he’s been sick.” Wilem looked at me with a critical eye. “Your woman hasn’t been taking care of you.” “He’s lovesick,” Simmon said knowingly. “Can’t eat. Can’t sleep.

You think of her when you should be trying to memorize your cipher.” I couldn’t think of anything to say. Simmon turned back to me, and spoke with remarkable candor. “It’s just that we’d like to see you more often than once every handful of days as you run from Mains to the Fishery. The Name of the Wind PDF Book Free

Girls are wonderful, I’ll admit, but when one takes one of my friends away, I get a little jealous.” He gave a sudden, sunny smile. “Not that I think of you in that way, of course.” I found it hard to swallow past the sudden lump in my throat. I couldn’t remember the last time I’d been missed.

For a long time, I hadn’t had anyone to miss me. I felt the beginning of hot tears in the back of my throat. “Really, there isn’t a girl. I mean it.” I swallowed hard trying to regain my composure. “Sim, I think we’ve been missing something here.” Wilem was looking at me oddly.

“Take a good look at him.” Simmon gave me a similar, analytical stare. That look from the two of them was enough to unnerve me, pushing me back from the edge of tears. “Now,” Wilem said as if lecturing. “How many terms has our young E’lir been attending the University?” The Name of the Wind PDF Book Free

Realization poured into Sim’s honest face. “Oh.” “Anyone care to tell me?” I said petulantly. Wilem ignored my question. “What classes are you taking?” “Everything,” I said, glad to have an excuse to complain. “Geometry, Observation in the Medica, Advanced Sympathy with Elxa Dal, and I’ve got my apprenticeship under Manet in the Fishery.”

Simmon looked a little shocked. “No wonder you look like you haven’t slept in a span of days,” he said. Wilem nodded to himself. “And you’re still working in Kilvin’s shop, aren’t you?”