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H. R. H. the Princess Aline of Hohenwald came into the life of Morton Carlton–or “Morney” Carlton, as men called him–of New York city, when that young gentleman’s affairs and affections were best suited to receive her. Had she made her appearance three years sooner or three years later.

The Princess Aline PDF Book by Richard Harding Davis

Name of Book The Princess Aline
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It is quite probable that she would have passed on out of his life with no more recognition from him than would have been expressed in a look of admiring curiosity. But coming when she did, when his time and heart were both unoccupied, she had an influence upon young Mr. Carlton which led him into doing several wise and many foolish things, and which remained with him always.

Carlton had reached a point in his life, and very early in his life, when he could afford to sit at ease and look back with modest satisfaction to what he had forced himself to do, and forward with pleasurable anticipations to whatsoever he might choose to do in the future. The world had appreciated what he had done, and had put much to his credit, and he was prepared to draw upon this grandly.

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At the age of twenty he had found himself his own master, with excellent family connections, but with no family, his only relative being a bachelor uncle, who looked at life from the point of view of the Union Club’s windows, and who objected to his nephew’s leaving Harvard to take up the study of art in Paris.

In that city (where at Julian’s he was nicknamed the junior Carlton, for the obvious reason that he was the older of the two Carltons in the class, and because he was well dressed) he had shown himself a harder worker than others who were less careful of their appearance and of their manners.

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His work, of which he did not talk, and his ambitions, of which he also did not talk, bore fruit early, and at twenty-six he had become a portrait-painter of international reputation. Then the French government purchased one of his paintings at an absurdly small figure, and placed it in the Luxembourg.

From whence it would in time depart to be buried in the hall of some provincial city; and American millionaires, and English Lord Mayors, members of Parliament, and members of the Institute, masters of hounds in pink coats, and ambassadors in gold lace, and beautiful women of all nationalities and conditions sat before his easel.

And so when he returned to New York he was welcomed with an enthusiasm which showed that his countrymen had feared that the artistic atmosphere of the Old World had stolen him from them forever. He was particularly silent, even at this date, about his work, and listened to what others had to say of it with much awe, not unmixed with some amusement. The Princess Aline PDF Book

That it should be he who was capable of producing anything worthy of such praise. We have been told what the mother duck felt when her ugly duckling turned into a swan, but we have never considered how much the ugly duckling must have marvelled also. “Carlton is probably the only living artist,” a brother artist had said of him, “who fails to appreciate how great his work is.”

And on this being repeated to Carlton by a goodnatured friend, he had replied cheerfully, “Well, I’m sorry, but it is certainly better to be the only one who doesn’t appreciate it than to be the only one who does.” He had never understood why such a responsibility had been intrusted to him.

It was, as he expressed it, not at all in his line, and young girls who sought to sit at the feet of the master found him making love to them in the most charming manner in the world, as though he were not entitled to all the rapturous admiration of their very young hearts, but had to sue for it like any ordinary mortal. The Princess Aline PDF Book

Carlton always felt as though some day some one would surely come along and say: “Look here, young man, this talent doesn’t belong to you; it’s mine. What do you mean by pretending that such an idle good-natured youth as yourself is entitled to such a gift of genius?” He felt that he was keeping it in trust, as it were; that it had been changed at birth.

And that the proper guardian would eventually relieve him of his treasure. Personally Carlton was of the opinion that he should have been born in the active days of knights-errant–to have had nothing more serious to do than to ride abroad with a blue ribbon fastened to the point of his lance, and with the spirit to unhorse any one who objected to its color.

Or to the claims of superiority of the noble lady who had tied it there. There was not, in his opinion, at the present day any sufficiently pronounced method of declaring admiration for the many lovely women this world contained. A proposal of marriage he considered to be a mean and clumsy substitute for the older way. The Princess Aline PDF Book

And was uncomplimentary to the many other women left unasked, and marriage itself required much more constancy than he could give. He had a most romantic and oldfashioned ideal of women as a class, and from the age of fourteen had been a devotee of hundreds of them as individuals; and though in that time his ideal had received several severe shocks.

He still believed that the “not impossible she” existed somewhere, and his conscientious efforts to find out whether every women he met might not be that one had led him not unnaturally into many difficulties. “The course of true love certainly runs smoothly with you,” said Miss Morris, as they seated themselves at the table. “What is your next move?

What do you mean to do now?” “The rest is very simple,” said Carlton. “To-morrow morning I will go to the Row; I will be sure to find some one there who knows all about them–where they are going, and who they are seeing, and what engagements they may have. Then it will only be a matter of looking up some friend in the Household or in one of the embassies who can present me.” The Princess Aline PDF Book

“Oh,” said Miss Morris, in the tone of keenest disappointment, “but that is such a commonplace ending! You started out so romantically. Couldn’t you manage to meet her in a less conventional way?” “I am afraid not,” said Carlton. “You see, I want to meet her very much, and to meet her very soon, and the quickest way of meeting her, whether it’s romantic or not, isn’t a bit too quick for me.

There will be romance enough after I am presented, if I have my way.” But Carlton was not to have his way; for he had overlooked the fact that it requires as many to make an introduction as a bargain, and he had left the Duke of Hohenwald out of his considerations. He met many people he knew in the Row the next morning.

They asked him to lunch, and brought their horses up to the rail, and he patted the horses’ heads, and led the conversation around to the royal wedding, and through it to the Hohenwalds. He learned that they had attended a reception at the German Embassy on the previous night. The Princess Aline PDF Book Download

And it was one of the secretaries of that embassy who informed him of their intended departure that morning on the eleven o’clock train to Paris. “To Paris!” cried Carlton, in consternation. “What! all of them?” “Yes, all of them, of course. Why?” asked the young German. But Carlton was already dodging across the tan-bark to Piccadilly and waving his stick at a hansom.

Nolan met him at the door of Brown’s Hotel with an anxious countenance. “Their Royal Highnesses have gone, sir,” he said. “But I’ve packed your trunks and sent them to the station. Shall I follow them, sir?” “Well, they know who I am now,” he said to Miss Morris, “even if they don’t know me. That honor is still in store for them.”

“I wish they did not lock themselves up so tightly,” said Miss Morris. “I want to see her very much. Cannot we walk up and down the platform at the next station? She may be at the window.” “Of course,” said Carlton. “You could have seen her at Buda-Pesth if you had spoken of it. She was walking up and down then. The Princess Aline PDF Book Download

The next time the train stops we will prowl up and down and feast our eyes upon her.” But Miss Morris had her wish gratified without that exertion. The Hohenwalds were served in the dining-car after the other passengers had finished, and were in consequence only to be seen when they passed by the doors of the other compartments.

But this same morning, after luncheon, the three Princesses, instead of returning to their own car, seated themselves in the compartment adjoining the dining-car, while the men of their party lit their cigars and sat in a circle around them. “I was wondering how long they could stand three men smoking in one of the boxes they call cars.”

Said Mrs. Downs. She was seated between Miss Morris and Carlton, directly opposite the Hohenwalds, and so near them that she had to speak in a whisper. To avoid doing this Miss Morris asked Carlton for a pencil, and scribbled with it in the novel she held on her lap. Then she passed them both back to him, and said, aloud. The Princess Aline PDF Book Download

“Have you read this? It has such a pretty dedication.” The dedication read, “Which is Aline?” And Carlton, taking the pencil in his turn, made a rapid sketch of her on the flyleaf, and wrote beneath it: “This is she. Do you wonder I travelled four thousand miles to see her?” Miss Morris took the book again, and glanced at the sketch, and then at the three Princesses, and nodded her head.

“It is very beautiful,” she said, gravely, looking out at the passing landscape. “Your friends the Hohenwalds don’t seem to know you this morning,” she said. “Oh yes; he spoke to me as we left the hotel,” Carlton answered. “But they are on parade at present. There are a lot of their countrymen among the tourists.”

“I feel rather sorry for them,” Miss Morris said, looking at the group with an amused smile. “Etiquette cuts them off from so much innocent amusement. Now, you are a gentleman, and the Duke presumably is, and why should you not go over and say, ‘Your Highness, I wish you would present me to your sister, whom I am to meet at dinner tomorrow night. The Princess Aline PDF Book Free

I admire her very much,’ and then you could point out the historical features to her, and show her where they have finished off a blue and green tiled wall with a rusty tin roof, and make pretty speeches to her. It wouldn’t hurt her, and it would do you a lot of good. The simplest way is always the best way, it seems to me.”

“Oh yes, of course,” said Carlton. “Suppose he came over here and said: ‘Carlton, I wish you would present me to your young American friend. I admire her very much,’ I would probably say: ‘Do you? Well, you will have to wait until she expresses some desire to meet you.’ No; etiquette is all right in itself, only some people don’t know its laws.

And that is the one instance to my mind where ignorance of the law is no excuse.” Carlton left Miss Morris talking with the Secretary of the American Legation, and went to look for Mrs. Downs. When he returned he found that the young Secretary had apparently asked and obtained permission to present the Duke’s equerries and some of his diplomatic confreres. The Princess Aline PDF Book Free

Who were standing now about her in an attentive semicircle, and pointing out the different palaces and points of interest. Carlton was somewhat disturbed at the sight, and reproached himself with not having presented any one to her before. He was sure now that she must have had a dull time of it; but he wished, nevertheless.

That if she was to meet other men, the Secretary had allowed him to act as master of ceremonies. “I suppose you know,” that gentleman was saying as Carlton came up, “that when you pass by Abydos, on the way to Athens, you will see where Leander swam the Hellespont to meet Hero. That little white light-house is called Leander in honor of him.

It makes rather an interesting contrast–does it not?–to think of that chap swimming along in the dark, and then to find that his monument to-day is a lighthouse, with revolving lamps and electric appliances, and with ocean tramps and bridges and men-ofwar around it. We have improved in our mechanism since then,” he said, with an air. The Princess Aline PDF Book Free

“But I am afraid the men of to-day don’t do that sort of thing for the women of to-day.” “Then it is the men who have deteriorated,” said one of the equerries, bowing to Miss Morris; “it is certainly not the women.” The two Americans looked at Miss Morris to see how she received this, but she smiled good-naturedly.

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