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Charles the King, our Lord and Sovereign, Full seven years hath sojourned in Spain, Conquered the land, and won the western main, Now no fortress against him doth remain, No city walls are left for him to gain, Save Sarraguce, that sits on high mountain. Marsile its King, who feareth not God’s name, Mahumet’s man, he invokes Apollin’s aid, Nor wards off ills that shall to him attain.

The Song of Roland PDF Book by C. K. Scott Moncrieff

Name of Book The Song of Roland
PDF Size 2.1 MB
No of Pages 121
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Says Blancandrins: “By my right hand, I say, And by this beard, that in the wind doth sway, The Frankish host you’ll see them all away; Franks will retire to France their own terrain. When they are gone, to each his fair domain, In his Chapelle at Aix will Charles stay, High festival will hold for Saint Michael. Time will go by, and pass the appointed day; Tidings of us no Frank will hear or say.

Proud is that King, and cruel his courage; From th’ hostage he’ll slice their heads away. Better by far their heads be shorn away, Than that ourselves lose this clear land of Spain, Than that ourselves do suffer grief and pain.” “That is well said. So be it.” the pagans say.  The council ends, and that King Marsilie Calleth aside Clarun of Balaguee, Estramarin and Eudropin his peer.

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And Priamun and Guarlan of the beard, And Machiner and his uncle Mahee, With Jouner, Malbien from over sea, And Blancandrin, good reason to decree: Ten hath he called, were first in felony. “Gentle Barons, to Charlemagne go ye; He is in siege of Cordres the city. In your right hands bear olive-branches green Which signify Peace and Humility.

If you by craft contrive to set me free, Silver and gold, you’ll have your fill of me, Manors and fiefs, I’ll give you all your need.” “We have enough,” the pagans straight agree. King Marsilies along a valley led The mighty host that he had gathered. Twenty columns that king had numbered. With gleaminag gold their helms were jewelled. Shone too their shields and sarks embroidered.

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Sounded the charge seven thousand trumpets, Great was the noise through all that country went. Then said Rollanz: “Olivier, brother, friend, That felon Guenes hath sworn to achieve our death; For his treason no longer is secret. Right great vengeance our Emperour will get. Battle we’ll have, both long and keenly set, Never has man beheld such armies met.

With Durendal my sword I’ll strike again, And, comrade, you shall strike with Halteclere. These swords in lands so many have we held, Battles with them so many brought to end, No evil song shall e’er be sung or said.” The Count Rollanz, with sorrow and with pangs, And with great pain sounded his olifant: Out of his mouth the clear blood leaped and ran, About his brain the very temples cracked.

Loud is its voice, that horn he holds in hand; Charles hath heard, where in the pass he stands, And Neimes hears, and listen all the Franks. Then says the King: “I hear his horn, Rollant’s; He’ld never sound, but he were in combat.” Answers him Guenes “It is no battle, that. Now are you old, blossoming white and blanched, Yet by such words you still appear infant. The Song of Roland PDF Book

You know full well the great pride of Rollant Marvel it is, God stays so tolerant. Noples he took, not waiting your command; Thence issued forth the Sarrazins, a band With vassalage had fought against Rollant; A He slew them first, with Durendal his brand, Then washed their blood with water from the land; So what he’d done might not be seen of man.

He for a hare goes all day, horn in hand; Before his peers in foolish jest he brags. No race neath heav’n in field him dare attack. So canter on! Nay, wherefore hold we back? Terra Major is far away, our land.” Rollant regards the barren mountain-sides; Dead men of France, he sees so many lie, And weeps for them as fits a gentle knight: “Lords and barons, may God to you be kind!

And all your souls redeem for Paradise! And let you there mid holy flowers lie! Better vassals than you saw never I. Ever you’ve served me, and so long a time, By you Carlon hath conquered kingdoms wide; That Emperour reared you for evil plight! Douce land of France, o very precious clime, Laid desolate by such a sour exile! The Song of Roland PDF Book

Barons of France, for me I’ve seen you die, And no support, no warrant could I find; God be your aid, Who never yet hath lied! I must not fail now, brother, by your side; Save I be slain, for sorrow shall I die. Sir companion, let us again go strike!” You’d seen Rollant aswoon there in his seat, And Oliver, who unto death doth bleed.

So much he’s bled, his eyes are dim and weak; Nor clear enough his vision, far or near, To recognise whatever man he sees; His companion, when each the other meets, Above the helm jewelled with gold he beats, Slicing it down from there to the nose-piece, But not his head; he’s touched not brow nor cheek.

At such a blow Rollant regards him keen, And asks of him, in gentle tones and sweet: “To do this thing, my comrade, did you mean? This is Rollanz, who ever held you dear; And no mistrust was ever us between.” Says Oliver: “Now can I hear you speak; I see you not: may the Lord God you keep! I struck you now: and for your pardon plead.” The Song of Roland PDF Book

Answers Rollanz: “I am not hurt, indeed; I pardon you, before God’s Throne and here.” Upon these words, each to the other leans; And in such love you had their parting seen. The pagans say: “Unlucky were we born! An evil day for us did this day dawn! For we have lost our peers and all our lords.

Charles his great host once more upon us draws, Of Frankish men we plainly hear the horns, “Monjoie” they cry, and great is their uproar. The count Rollant is of such pride and force He’ll never yield to man of woman born; Let’s aim at him, then leave him on the spot!” And aim they did: with arrows long and short, Lances and spears and feathered javelots.

Count Rollant’s shield they’ve broken through and bored, The woven mail have from his hauberk torn, But not himself, they’ve never touched his corse; Veillantif is in thirty places gored, Beneath the count he’s fallen dead, that horse. Pagans are fled, and leave him on the spot; The count Rollant stands on his feet once more. The Song of Roland PDF Book

High are the peaks, the trees are very high. Four terraces of polished marble shine; On the green grass count Rollant swoons thereby. A Sarrazin him all the time espies, Who feigning death among the others hides; Blood hath his face and all his body dyed; He gets afoot, running towards him hies; Fair was he, strong and of a courage high; A mortal hate he’s kindled in his pride.

He’s seized Rollant, and the arms, were at his side, “Charles nephew,” he’s said, “here conquered lies. To Araby I’ll bear this sword as prize.” As he drew it, something the count descried. CLXX So Rollant felt his sword was taken forth, Opened his eyes, and this word to him spoke “Thou’rt never one of ours, full well I know.”

Took the olifant, that he would not let go, Struck him on th’ helm, that jewelled was with gold, And broke its steel, his skull and all his bones, Out of his head both the two eyes he drove; Dead at his feet he has the pagan thrown: After he’s said: “Culvert, thou wert too bold, Or right or wrong, of my sword seizing hold! They’ll dub thee fool, to whom the tale is told. The Song of Roland PDF Book

But my great one, my olifant I broke; Fallen from it the crystal and the gold.” No chevalier nor baron is there, who Pitifully weeps not for grief and dule; They mourn their sons, their brothers, their nephews, And their liege lords, and trusty friends and true; Upon the ground a many of them swoon.

Thereon Duke Neimes doth act with wisdom proof, First before all he’s said to the Emperour: “See beforehand, a league from us or two, From the highways dust rising in our view; Pagans are there, and many them, too. Canter therefore! Vengeance upon them do!” “Ah, God!” says Charles, “so far are they re-moved! Do right by me, my honour still renew!

They’ve torn from me the flower of France the Douce.” The King commands Gebuin and Otun, Tedbalt of Reims, also the count Milun: “Guard me this field, these hills and valleys too, Let the dead lie, all as they are, unmoved, Let not approach lion, nor any brute, Let not approach esquire, nor any groom; For I forbid that any come thereto, Until God will that we return anew.” The Song of Roland PDF Book Download

These answer him sweetly, their love to prove: “Right Emperour, dear Sire, so will we do.” A thousand knights they keep in retinue. That Emperour, by his great Majesty, I Full seven years in Spain now has he been, And castles there, and many cities seized. King Marsilies was therefore sore displeased; In the first year he sealed and sent his brief To Baligant, into Babilonie.

‘Twas the admiral, old in antiquity, That clean outlived Omer and Virgilie,) To Sarraguce, with succour bade him speed, For, if he failed, Marsile his gods would leave, All his idols he worshipped formerly; He would receive blest Christianity And reconciled to Charlemagne would be. Long time that one came not, far off was he.

Through forty realms he did his tribes rally; His great dromonds, he made them all ready, Barges and skiffs and ships and galleries; Neath Alexandre, a haven next the sea, In readiness he gat his whole navy. That was in May, first summer of the year, All of his hosts he launched upon the sea. The Song of Roland PDF Book Download

He is fast bound by all that he has said. He will not fail, for all the gold neath heav’n, But go to Aix, where Charles court is held: His men applaud, for so they counselled. After he called two of his chevaliers, One Clarifan, and the other Clarien: “You are the sons of king Maltraien, Freely was, wont my messages to bear.

You I command to Sarraguce to fare. Marsiliun on my part you shall tell Against the Franks I’m come to give him help, Find I their host, great battle shall be there; Give him this glove, that’s stitched with golden thread, On his right hand let it be worn and held; This little wand of fine gold take as well, Bid him come here, his homage to declare.

To France I’ll go, and war with Charles again; Save at my feet he kneel, and mercy beg, Save all the laws of Christians he forget, I’ll take away the crown from off his head.” Answer pagans: “Sire, you say very well.” CXCIV Said Baligant: “But canter now, barons, Take one the wand, and the other one the glove!” The Song of Roland PDF Book Download

These answer him: “Dear lord, it shall be done.” Canter so far, to Sarraguce they come, Pass through ten gates, across four bridges run, Through all the streets, wherein the burghers crowd. When they draw nigh the citadel above, From the palace they hear a mighty sound; About that place are seen pagans enough, Who weep and cry, with grief are waxen wood.

And curse their gods, Tervagan and Mahum And Apolin, from whom no help is come. Says each to each: “Caitiffs! What shall be done? For upon us confusion vile is come, Now have we lost our king Marsiliun, For yesterday his hand count Rollanz cut; We’ll have no more Fair Jursaleu, his son; The whole of Spain henceforward is undone.” Both messengers on the terrace dismount.

Both messengers did on their horses mount; From that city nimbly they issued out. Then, sore afraid, their admiral they sought, To whom the keys of Sarraguce they brought. Says Baligant: “Speak now; what have ye found? Where’s Marsilies, to come to me was bound?” Says Clarien: “To death he’s stricken down. The Song of Roland PDF Book Download

That Emperour was in the pass but now; To France the Douce he would be homeward-bound, Rereward he set, to save his great honour: His nephew there installed, Rollanz the count, And Oliver; the dozen peers around; A thousand score of Franks in armour found. Marsile the king fought with them there, so proud; He and Rollanz upon that field did joust.

With Durendal he dealt him such a clout From his body he cut the right hand down. His son is dead, in whom his heart was bound, And the barons that service to him vowed; Fleeing he came, he could no more hold out. That Emperour has chased him well enow. The king implores, you’ll hasten with succour, Yields to you Spain, his kingdom and his crown.”

And Baligant begins to think, and frowns; Such grief he has, doth nearly him confound. “Sir admiral,” said to him Clariens, “In Rencesvals was yesterday battle. Dead is Rollanz and that count Oliver, The dozen peers whom Charle so cherished, And of their Franks are twenty thousand dead. King Marsilie’s of his right hand bereft, And the Emperour chased him enow from thence. The Song of Roland PDF Book Free

Throughout this land no chevalier is left, But he be slain, or drowned in Sebres bed. By river side the Franks have pitched their tents, Into this land so near to us they’ve crept; But, if you will, grief shall go with them hence.” And Baligant looked on him proudly then, In his courage grew joyous and content; From the fald-stool upon his feet he leapt, Then cried aloud.

“Barons, too long ye’ve slept; Forth from your ships issue, mount, canter well! If he flee not, that Charlemagne the eld, King Marsilies shall somehow be avenged; For his right hand I’ll pay him back an head.”