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It has been so quiet all day that it’s hard to believe I’m actually in London. Back in Harlestone, there would have been familiar external noises; birds, the occasional car or tractor, sometimes a horse going past. Here, in The Circle, everything is silent. Even with the windows open there’s been only the occasional sound. It isn’t what I was expecting, which I guess is a good thing.

The Therapist PDF Book by B.A. Paris

Name of Book The Therapist
PDF Size  1.8 MB
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From the upstairs window in Leo’s study, I look down to the road outside. A woman with a white-blond pixie cut, wearing shorts and a vest top, is hugging another woman, tall, slim, with coppery red hair. I know the smaller woman is our neighbour, I saw her late last night outside number 5, pulling suitcases from the back of a car with a man.

The other woman I haven’t seen before. But she looks as if she belongs here, with her perfectly fitting navy jeans and crisp white T-shirt hugging the contours of her toned upper body. I should move away, because if they look up at the house, they might see me standing here. But my need for company is too strong, so I stay where I am. ‘I was going to call in on the way back from my run, I promise!’

Click here to Download The Therapist PDF Book

the small woman is saying. The tall woman shakes her head, but there’s a smile in her voice. ‘Not good enough, Eve. I was expecting you yesterday.’ Eve – so that’s her name – laughs. ‘It was ten in the evening by the time we arrived, way too late to disturb you. When did you get back?’ ‘Saturday, in time for the children going back to school today.’ A sudden wind rustles the leaves of the sycamore trees.

Which line the square opposite the house, and snatches away the rest of her reply. It’s very pretty here, like a movie set depicting an enviable life in the capital city. I didn’t really believe places like this existed until Leo showed me the photos and even then, it had felt too good to be true.

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My attention is caught by a delivery van coming through the black gates at the entrance to The Circle, directly opposite our house. It turns down the left side of the horseshoe-shaped road and drives slowly round. Leo has been filling our new home with things I’m not sure we need, so it could be for us.

Yesterday, a beautiful but unnecessarily large glass vase arrived, and he spent ages wandering around the sitting room with it in his arms, trying to find a place for it, before finally depositing it by the French windows that open onto the terrace. But the van continues past and comes to a stop at the house on the other side of us, and I move nearer to the window.

Eager to catch a glimpse of our neighbours at number 7. I’m surprised when an elderly man appears on the driveway. I don’t know why – maybe because The Circle is a newish development in the middle of London – but I’d never considered older people living here. A few moments later, the van drives off and I look back to where Eve and the other woman are standing. The Therapist PDF Book

I wish I felt confident enough to go and introduce myself. Since we moved in ten days ago, I’ve only met one person, Maria, who lives at number 9. She’d been loading three little boys with the same thick dark hair as their mother, plus two beautiful golden Labradors, into a red people carrier. She’d called ‘hello’ to me over her shoulder, and we’d had a quick chat.

It was Maria who explained that most people were still away on holiday, and would only be back at the end of the month, in time for school starting again in September. I hang up and run upstairs, propelled by the thought of the man being in the bedroom. Hurrying over to the dressing table.

I check that my jewellery is there – it is – and that my credit cards are still in my bag, which has been on the shelf in the wardrobe since I put it there on Saturday evening; they are. Everything is exactly as it should be. But I can’t relax and I know I won’t be able to until I find out who the man is and why he gate-crashed our party. It’s seven in the evening when I decide to go and see Eve and Will. The Therapist PDF Book

Someone must know who the man was, if anything he would have needed a code to get into The Circle. But Eve’s car isn’t in the drive and when I knock on their door, there’s no answer, so I carry on walking around The Circle anti-clockwise, disrupting people’s dinners and television programmes.

Some kindly invite me in but I stay on the doorstep and quickly explain about the man who turned up uninvited on Saturday, asking if anyone spoke to him. But nobody has. ‘Are you sure he wasn’t a figment of your imagination?’ Connor asks with a slow drawl when I get to number 11 and describe the tall, dark, good-looking stranger that I’m trying to trace.

Tamsin, standing next to him, doesn’t exactly smirk but a half-smile plays on her lips and my cheeks heat with embarrassment. The people at number 10 don’t remember seeing our gate-crasher, neither does Geoff at number 8, and I’m halfway up Lorna and Edward’s drive when I remember that they didn’t come on Saturday. But worried that they’ll have seen me from their window, I ring on their doorbell anyway. The Therapist PDF Book

‘I hope you don’t mind if I don’t invite you in,’ Edward says, when he opens the door. With his shock of white hair neatly parted to one side and blue eyes undimmed by age, he is still a handsome man. ‘We haven’t been well and we wouldn’t like you to catch anything.’ ‘Oh, I’m sorry,’ I say, feeling bad for disturbing them. ‘Can I do anything to help?’

Edward shakes his head. ‘We’ll be right as rain in a couple of days. It’s just a touch of flu.’ ‘We’re sorry we couldn’t make your party,’ Lorna says, appearing behind him, patting her neat bob – the same white as her husband’s – self- consciously into place. ‘Did you enjoy it?’ ‘Yes, very much, thank you.’ I pause and they both smile at me expectantly.

‘There was something strange though,’ I say. ‘I discovered earlier that one of the men who turned up shouldn’t have been there.’ ‘Oh?’ Edward says. ‘I thought he was Tim from number 9,’ I explain. ‘But I saw Tim earlier and realised my mistake. So now I’m curious as to who he was… Leo is worried and wondering if we should call the police. The Therapist PDF Book

But I’m sure there’s a simple explanation,’ I say hurriedly, because Lorna’s face has bleached almost as white as her hair I cut the call, feeling stupidly close to tears. I rub my eyes angrily, but I can’t stop my increasing horror at the thought of our house being the scene of a murder. Becky might not have confirmed it but she hadn’t denied it. Rage begins to build up inside me.

How could Ben have kept it from us? He told Leo that the house was cheaper than its market price because it had been standing empty for over a year. Leo would have asked why, and Ben must have lied, or avoided giving him an answer. Leo is going to be devastated. If it’s true, we’re going to have to start house-hunting all over again.

My mind races ahead – Leo will put the house back on the market and we’ll move into temporary accommodation while we find somewhere else to live. Or, better still, move back to my cottage. I quickly extinguish the tiny spark of happiness that the thought of going back to Harle stone brings. It seems misplaced amongst the reality of the murder and anyway, my cottage is rented out for another five months. The Therapist PDF Book Download

I want – need – to speak to Leo but when I call his number, it goes through to voicemail. I wait a few minutes, then try again, but he still doesn’t pick up. I want so much to get to the bottom of it that I decide to call the estate agents back and insist on having Ben’s mobile number. But something occurs to me. What if he wasn’t obliged to tell Leo about the murder?

Bringing up my search engine again, I type Do estate agents have to disclose murder at a property? A helpful article came up but as I start to read it, my gratitude turns to dismay. It seems that although most estate agents would mention it, there’s no obligation to do so. Stunned, I lean back against the bench. I can’t believe that Ben was so unscrupulous.

Even if he wasn’t obliged by law to tell Leo, what about his moral obligation? He was recommended to us by Ginny and Mark, he and Mark have become friends. I need to warn them about him. I send Ginny a message Can you talk? Ginny, being Ginny, is able to tell from those few words that something is wrong and phones straightaway. The Therapist PDF Book Download

‘Alice, what’s up? Are you alright, is Leo alright?’ ‘Yes, we’re both fine. But Ginny, I need your advice. Actually, I need to speak to Ben. Do you have his mobile number, by any chance?’ ‘Mark does. Why – is there a problem with the house or something?’ Surprise jolts through me. ‘How do you know?’ ‘I don’t.’ Ginny sounds puzzled.

‘But if you want Ben’s number, it must be to do with the house, because why else would you want to talk to him?’ ‘Yes, it is about the house. I’ve just found out that a woman was murdered here, at number 6.’ Just saying it makes the horror come back and I grip the wooden bench with my free hand, grounding myself.

‘I know you had unwanted calls,’ I say, remembering the times he answered his phone only to hang up straightaway, and the way he sometimes stared at the screen before deciding not to answer, then telling me it was a wrong number. ‘I didn’t realise they were from clients. But nobody actually came to the door, did they?’ The Therapist PDF Book Free

I pause as a memory resurfaces. ‘Except that woman, the blond one, in Harlestone. I asked you about her at the time and you told me she wanted to know what it was like to live in the village. Was she one of your clients?’ ‘No,’ he says. ‘The point is, if a client had wanted to find out where I was, they could have.

I’ve never given anybody your address but if somebody had turned up in Harle stone looking for me, every single person in the village would have taken them right to your front door and on the way, told them what I’d had for dinner the previous evening.’ There’s something about his reasoning that doesn’t ring quite true. He’s not telling me everything – but what is it that he’s holding back?

‘But this – The Circle – is a small community in the same way that Harlestone is,’ I say, perplexed. He gives a tired sigh. ‘That’s exactly why I chose it. I would have preferred an anonymous block of flats with a built-in security system, something like I had before. But you made it clear you weren’t going to live somewhere like that so I looked for a way to keep both of us happy. The Therapist PDF Book Free

Here we have the intimate set-up that you prefer and the security that I need. It’s a compromise, Alice, another damn compromise.’ ‘Isn’t that what relationships are about?’ I say, stung. ‘Compromise?’ He takes his cup from the machine. ‘I’ll let you have your breakfast in peace. If you want to talk, I’ll be in my study.’ Tears sting my eyes.

I’d lain awake most of the night and I still don’t know what to do. I’m tempted to go back to Harlestone but if I do, I’ll have to ask Debbie if I can stay with her for the next few months, because I can’t move my tenants out without notice. But where will that leave me and Leo? He’s right, we’d have to go back to how we’d managed before.

Only seeing each other at weekends when the whole point of moving to London was so that we could spend more time together. And I can’t get what he said about making new memories for the house out of my mind. It’s created a feeling of obligation that I resent, because if I don’t take up the challenge, I’ll feel as if I’m turning my back, not just on Nina Maxwell, who I feel bound to in some inexplicable way. but also my sister. The Therapist PDF Book Free

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