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Joy is our birthright. What blocks our joy is our separation from love. The way back to love begins with understanding how we disconnected in the first place. We all disconnect in our own unique ways. In some way or another, we deny the love of the Universe and choose the fear of the world. We choose to hook into the fears on the news, the fears in our classrooms, the fears in our households.

The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book by Gabrielle Bernstein

Name of Book The Universe Has Your Back
PDF Size 1.6 MB
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We separate from the love of the Universe by giving purpose to pain and thinking power comes from outside sources. We deny the power of love, and we save our faith for fear. We forget love altogether. The metaphysical text A Course in Miracles teaches, “The presence of fear is a sure sign you are trusting in your own strength.” This is a profound message, and I remember gasping out loud when I first read it.

Separating from love means that you deny the presence of a higher power (the presence of the Universe) and learn to rely on your own power to feel safe. The moment you choose to disconnect from the loving presence of the Universe, you lose sight of the safety, security, and clear guidance that is otherwise available to you.

Click here to Download The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book

The moment you realign with love and stop relying on your own strength, clear direction will be presented. The presence of love will always cast out fear. Being in union with the energy of the Universe is like an awesome dance where you trust your partner so much that you just surrender to the beat of the music.

When you begin to dance with the energy of the Universe, your life flows naturally, incredible synchronicity presents itself, creative solutions abound, and you experience freedom. Lesson 21 of A Course in Miracles says, “I am responsible for what I see.” This lesson reinforces the idea that our projection is our perception. The Course emphasizes that what we perceive is based solely on our interpretations.

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For instance, we can interpret a fight with our spouse as another reason to consider a divorce, or we can choose to see it as a powerful opportunity to learn and grow stronger as a couple. We can perceive a negative health diagnosis with complete terror or a chance to slow down and truly start embracing each moment with gratitude.

No matter how dire the circumstances, we can choose to perceive with love or with fear. Our own interpretation determines our perception of the reality we experience. You may be thinking: That’s all fine and nice for those of us living in developed, stable societies where we have food, safety, and other necessities (not to mention luxuries.

But what about someone in a poor country or someone who’s challenged by war or life-threatening circumstances? What about someone wrestling with poverty or other extreme circumstances? How does this person choose to perceive their world with love? While our individual circumstances may vary the degree of difficulty in practicing this exercise. The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book

There are numerous examples of the perseverance of the human condition through horrible situations. Consider Elie Wiesel, who turned his experience of the Holocaust into an existential journey that made him one of the greatest writers and healers of our time. Or Mahatma Gandhi, who chose peaceful protest in the midst of leading the Indian independence movement.

Or Leymah Gbowee, who bore witness to the worst of humanity and helped bring Liberia out of a horrific civil war through women’s leadership. What all these heroes share is a willingness to perceive their circumstances with love. Fear would have led them to violence and death. Love led them to rise above the perceptions of darkness and into the light.

Through your new prayer, you can practice the Holy Instant all the time. The more perceptual shifts you create, the more you will feel connected to the flow of the Universe. This practice is crucial as we move forward with the work in this book. I recently witnessed a beautiful example of the Holy Instant in action. My friend was complaining about how much he despised his boss. The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book

He went on and on about how his boss led with an iron fist, constantly put everyone down, and created a negative work environment. My friend was angry and distraught about the situation, but (and this is crucial!) he was willing to see it differently. His willingness led him to say the magic words to me: “I need help. I want to see this differently.”

This request for help opened the invisible door to the Universal realm of spiritual guidance. Spirit works through people, and on this day spirit worked through me. I responded to him by teaching him the Holy Instant. I explained to him that through the practice of turning your fear over to love, you could shift your perception of your enemy into the perception of a brother. Together we said a prayer.

We said, “Thank you, spirit, for your guidance. We surrender this grievance to you, and we welcome you in to reorganize all limiting beliefs back to love. Begin to pay close attention to how your thoughts and words affect your energy. Your energy is your greatest source of power. When you vibrate a high-vibe, loving energy, you will receive high-vibe, loving energy reflected back to you. The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book

Conversely when you put out low-level energy, you’ll receive low-level energy and experiences in return. Therefore, your power lies in your ability to change your energy at any time to increase the likelihood of being the recipient of high-vibe, loving energy. Yogi Bhajan, the yoga master who brought the Kundalini teachings to the West, said, “If your presence doesn’t work, neither will your word.”

Being in alignment with your presence means that you allow the energy of the Universe to move through you naturally. It means that you’ve set aside all limiting beliefs and smallness and realigned with the thoughts, words, and feelings of love. Simply put, your energy is a free-flowing expression of love. The promise of aligning with your energy presence is that you’ll be more connected.

This connection creates deeper relationships, synchronistic support from the Universe, easy access to your source of inspiration, and a sense of safety in the midst of uncertainty. Throughout my speaking career, I’ve had many magical experiences of feeling in full alignment with the presence of my power. One talk in particular taught me the miracle of being in the presence of my authentic power. The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book Download

I was giving a lecture in Hamburg, and most people in the audience spoke only German. Eighty percent of them were wearing headphones so they could hear the translator recite my talk in German. Maharishi’s prophecy was proven right in a study published in 1976. A group of monks was sent into a crime-ridden community.

In this case the number of monks sent represented one percent of that community’s total population. The monks practiced meditation in the community, and, over time, the crime rate dropped by an astounding 16 percent. This phenomenon —the power of meditative joyful energy to shift the energy of the collective conscious—is called the Maharishi Effect.

The reason the Maharishi Effect works is because the meditating group’s alpha brain waves are functioning at a powerful level, able to permeate the atmosphere to reach people in the same geographical region to have a positive effect on their hearts, minds, and actions. For more on this topic, see David W. Orme-Johnson’s 2003 article “Preventing Crime through the Maharishi Effect.” The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book Download

In the Journal of Offender Rehabilitation. When a critical mass of meditators comes together, their practice can bring order to a society and even to the entire planet. Carl Jung, the iconic psychologist and psychiatrist, said: Our personal psychology is just a thin skin, a ripple on the ocean of collective psychology.

The powerful factor, the factor that changes our whole life, which changes the surface of our known world, which makes history, is collective psyche, and collective psyche moves according to laws entirely different from those of our consciousness. We quickly lost sight of the joy that comes with buying your first home.

Instead we started to feel terrible because we were getting priced out of neighborhoods that we didn’t even want to live in. The whole experience was bringing us down. In time we started to get sick, fight, and lose faith in our dream home. Then one night, after spending three hours in Brooklyn touring overpriced apartments all in need of gut renovations, we both unraveled. The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book Download

My husband was angry and reciting his mantra, “This is un-fun. This is un-fun.” I was getting frustrated because we’d spent so much time and energy trying to find something that didn’t seem to exist. Then, in the midst of a mini meltdown, I said the magic words to my husband: “There has to be a better way. Let’s pray for a creative solution.” He nodded yes, and we prayed.

I said, “Thank you, Universe, for opening us up to creative possibilities. We surrender our plans to you. Show us what you’ve got.” Within seconds we both felt lighter. A smile came over me as I settled into the feeling of surrender. And my husband was now smiling too. He was thrilled that we’d finally released our need to control. In our surrender we’d realigned with the true source of power—the Universe.

In that surrender, an inspired idea came forth. I said to my husband, “Honey, you know how we always dreamed of living in the country? Why don’t we reverse our search and check out some houses upstate?” He looked at me with excitement and said, “That sounds fun.” We were back in action! Forty-five minutes later, my husband had found four listings in the country. The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book Free

Within 24 hours we’d connected with a real estate agent and set up a tour of all four houses, including a really awesome one on a mountain. That Sunday we headed north. If you’re ready to receive creative possibilities say this prayer: “Thank you, Universe, for transforming limitation and doubt into creative possibilities.”

Use this prayer when your logical mind gets the best of you and stay open to receive new and innovative ways to perceive your circumstances. Maybe you’ll get a message from a friend. Maybe it’ll come from a song or a book. Some sort of clear direction toward creative ideas will be placed on your path.

Be willing to let go of what you think you need and allow the power of the Universe to lead you. Practicing the lessons in this chapter will help you tap into a more playful energy. Your willingness to play, have fun, and be creative opens up your channel to communicate with the loving energy of the Universe. Joy is the ultimate creator. The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book Free

I find that when I’m not having fun, I feel blocked and stuck, and my inner guidance system is shut down. Then the moment I choose to realign with fun and creativity, I feel energy begin to flow and tingle throughout my body. That fun, joyful energy is right in line with the love of the Universe. This is partly why children experience far more wonders and delight than adults do.

It is my mission to help guide you to know your own certainty. Maybe your faith lies in religious beliefs, or maybe you connect to the Universe when you go for a long run or spend time with your children. I don’t care how you find this connection: all I care about is that you establish a relationship with a higher power of your own understanding.

The more energy and intention you bring to your faith, the more fearless and free you will be. Your fearless freedom will light up the world. When we witness certainty in others, we remember a truth that lies within us. It was Wayne Dyer’s certainty and absolute faith in the Universe that drew me to him. His faith strengthened mine. The Universe Has Your Back PDF Book Free

As I write this chapter, I celebrate Wayne’s life as he left his body only a few days ago. My heart is heavy, and millions of people throughout the world are deeply saddened by our collective loss. But deep down I know, with certainty, that Wayne’s spirit, enthusiasm, and guidance will never leave us.

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