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First, you begin simply by standing erect. Not slouched. Not slumped. Not stooped. But not stiff nor tense, either. Just erect. Then you calmly s-t-r~e-t-c-h upward, concentrating entirely on reaching higher with the top of your head. That’s all-just lift yourseH with the top of your head. Do not strain-easily l-i-f-t so that you can feel that the top of your head is lifting your weight off your feet so that you «stand lightly”.

Thoughts to build on PDF Book by M. R. Kopmeyer

Name of Book Thoughts to build on
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Almost weightlessly. When you walk, walk lightly. No plodding. No stomping. And no timid toddling, either. Just stride lightly, with an easy glide, your legs swinging smoothly back and forth like pendulums. Don’t stretch your shoulders upward. Don’t pull your shoulders backward. Just relax them. You control the position of your shoulders with your chest.

Yes, that’s right, you control the position of your shoulders with your chest. Expand your chest. Push your chest forward and upward. Lead with your chest! There’s an old, but tried and true slogan which says, “Always go first class.” I want to add an equally important slogan, «Always think first class!” Don’t clutter up your mind with second class thoughts.

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It is just as easy to think big as it is to think small. And remember, you actually become the sum-total of your thoughts. “As a man thinketh in his heart (deeply believes) so is he.” You can become no bigger, no better, no finer, no more successful than your dominant thoughts. So think big! Stand taU … mentally! Life isn’t going to give you more than you ask.

Employment managers say that almost all job-applicants apply for low-paying jobs. Only a few apply for jobs paying better wages. Almost no one applies for the highsalaried jobs! Almost no one thinks big! So if you want to be a standout in the crowd, if you want to be looked up to . . . stand tall . . . mentaUy. Your thoughts are the fuel for achievement.

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You wouldn’t start out each morning by putting a handful of dirt into the fuel-tank of your car. Then don’t stall the mechanism of your mind by dumping in thoughts of fear, anger, hatred, jealousy or guilt. Don’t let little thoughts make you little, too. Overburdening, by trying to carry too many loads all at once, will crush you physically, destroy you mentally and wreck you emotionally.

Yet most people carry the ’10ad of tomorrow” in their imaginations: “What will I do about that” . . . “Suppose this should happen?” . . . “When will I find time to do so many things? … see so many people? … go so many places?'” And so on and on. They ‘1ive out” in their imaginations todayall the work they are going to do tomorrow.

Thus they add tomorrow’s work-load to today’s work-load. And not only tomorrow’s, but the day after, and the day after. Then they do yesterday’s work all over again today. “Suppose I had said this instead of that?” … “Perhaps, if I had just done it differently.” … “Why didn’t I think of it then?” … And again, on and on. Thoughts to build on PDF Book

They re-do all of yesterday’s work today and add this burden to the imagined burden of tomorrow’s work. And not only yesterday’s work, but usually the work of the day before that … and the day before that. But they must do today’s work-when they are already mentally re-doing the work of countless yesterdays and living, in their imaginations, the work and dangers of countless tomorrows.

No wonder men and women break under the strain! Most fears have as their base the primitive fear of the unknown. When you have learned all there is to know about whatever is causing your fear, you will find that your fear has vanished under the bright light of knowledge. Most people who are afraid, are afraid of learning the truth.

They are afraid they will find out «for sure” that they have a serious disease, or that their husband is having an affair with another woman, or that they may lose their job. Then -right then-is the time to apply the method of «know the thing you fear”. Get the truth, the whole truth, that you are afraid of. An early diagnosis of a serious disease has saved many lives. Thoughts to build on PDF Book

Find out if your husband’s affair is fact or gossip; then if it is a fact, see a marriage counsellor or an attorney. Don’t let suspicion and fear eat your heart out. Get busy doing something sensible and constructive about it. In any event, you’ll eliminate your fear with the bright light of knowledge.

The process of making yourseH fear-proof in any field which may have the seeds of fear is very satisfying as well as being personally beneficial. Take swimming, for example. Suppose you are afraid of the water; afraid of drowning. You can spend so much time in the water that you will be perfectly “at home” there-without the least fear.

Get a good swimming instructor. Learn to be an expert in all the strokes, especially swimming under water. Learn skin-diving. Learn “drown-proofing”, which now is being taught by the Red Cross and some universities and which is a simple method of keeping safely afloat for hours unlimited. Soon you will he as much at ease in the water as you will be on dry land. Thoughts to build on PDF Book

You will have become fear-proof of water and you will have added a most pleasant experience to your enjoyment of life. When giving your wonder-drug-praiseyou will get enough of it on yourself to make you happy, successful, popular and rich. That is because, when you turn the spotlight on others, the reflected glow illuminates you more than if you had tried to hold the spotlight on yourself.

And, finally, praising others will give you the mental attitude necessary for success in life. As psychologist Dr. Walter Scott, President of Northwestern University, said, “Success or failure is caused more by mental attitudes than by mental capacities.” PRAISE is a form of giving. It is not only “more blessed to give than to receive”.

As the Bible tells us-but it is necessary to give-in orde1· to receive, as life has an insistent way of reminding us. So give the most desired gift of all. Give the gift that satisfies the. “craving to be appreciated”. Give your own wonder-drug: PRAISE! As Lincoln said, “A man is just about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” I remember another story about a bus driver. Thoughts to build on PDF Book Download

This bus driver was happy with his work. It gave him a wonderful opportunity to meet people -thousands of people-all of whom he greeted with a big, cheerful smile. “Making change” gave him a little extra time to say something pleasant to his passengers. When he wasn’t chatting happily with his passengers, he softly sang or whistled a gay little song.

And when, after many years of such joyous service, he finally retired-his regular passengers gave him a big going-away party. Some of his passengers actually cried. And he cried a little, too. Warm tears of joy-for the opportunity of having been a bus driver, so he could make so many friends! Yes, your attitude toward conditions, situations and people makes all the difference!

As Mr. Lincoln said, “A man is just about as happy as he makes up his mind to be.” Then, having first made whatever adjustments are necessary to conform to the established requirements of your environment and thus having been accepted as a welcome part of the group-you can put the second principle of “survival” into effect and begin the process of improvement. Thoughts to build on PDF Book Download

Let’s look at these two principles of “survival” in a specific instance. Let’s assume that you have been promoted to a position of executive responsibility in your business. IT you start out by not adjusting to your new environment, if you do not conform to the expectations of those who promoted you.

If you do not cooperate, participate, “fit in”, make yourself an acceptable part of the management team-you will not “survive” in your new job. Not doing what is required to be “in”, you soon will be “out”- because you violated the first principle of survival: first … adfU8t to your environment.

You cooperate wholeheartedly with all company policies; you participate enthusiastically in all company activities; you “fit in” perfectly as an accepted, welcome member of the management team. Naturally, you “survive” in your new job. Why? Specifically, because you have used the first principle of survival which has been proven throughout the ages since the very beginning of life, itself. Thoughts to build on PDF Book Download

So, being “in”, accepted, safe, secure-you are in a position to use the second principle of survival: Having first adjusted-improve what you then are. So begin improving yourself, your work-effectiveness, your employeemanagement cooperation. Take, as your business motto: “How can I do it better?” Make constant improvement a way of life.

The unaccepted outsider who demands improvement of our business, social, or political structure will generate great annoyance, irritation, resentment and resistance-while the accepted conformist can work from the inside for gradual, acceptable improvement at a rate adjusted to the tolerance of that which is to be improved.

The teaching of first adapting, adjusting, “fitting in,” conforming, will not be welcome or acceptable to the exhibitionists, egocentrics, show-offs and all those who are burdened by a warped psvchosis which can onlv be fulfilled by attracting attention to themselves by their own nonconformity. Thoughts to build on PDF Book Download

As this is being written, the vast nation of China, which once was the seat of world culture, learning, progress and power, has become a depressing example of the results of being unwilling to adapt, adjust and conform in any way to any of the various forms of political, social, economic and moral concepts held by progressive nations throughout the world.

Instead, China persists in vainly attempting to impose its own archaic political, economic and social philosophy on underdeveloped nations by infiltrated revolutionaries from within and open aggression from without. As a result, China is ostracized by the outside world and shattered within its own borders. The corrections which China needs to m 1ke are clearly evident from the lessons of this chapter.

Coming closer to home, we have what amounts to a kind of Negro revolution here in the United States. The problem, its cause and cure are far too vast and complex to analyze here. I simply want to apply the two-part formula, discussed in this chapter, to what is probably the most difficult and sensitive part of the Negro problem-the integration of Negro families into all-white neighborhoods. Thoughts to build on PDF Book Free

There is more white resistance to this than any other form of integration. Why? There are so many methods of starting conversations that they would fill a book. Since that isn’t the subject or purpose of this book, there isn’t space to go into detail, but here is just one of many easy, effective methods of meeting and talking with interesting and memorable people.

Simply walk up to each of them and courteously say, “Mr. Blank, I understand that you are an authority on (name of subject). I would greatly appreciate your telling me if (question that can be answered briefly).” You can continue your conversation if the time and situation seem appropriate.

Whether you have a brief or a long discussion, you will have accomplished your purpose, which is to meet and talk with an interesting, memorable person. You will have done that even if the other person discourteously (which is very unlikely) tells you to go jump in the lake! What an amusing item for your Memory Bank! Thoughts to build on PDF Book Free

Start with a sincere and deserved compliment. Ask an intelligent, thought-provoking question on a subject upon which the person you write is a known (or presumed) authority. Be sure your question can be answered briefly and does not require time-consuming research. Have a good reason for needing the answer and state your reason briefly.

Express gratitude in advance. Do not give the impression that you intend this to be the beginning of a continuing, extended exchange of correspondence. Busy people do not want to become involved with perennial letterwriters. By doing those things you will make many pleasant memories to enjoy as you travel life’s way.

Most important of all, you will store up treasures to count again and again during those long, vacant hours which too often make up our later years. Your own Memory Bank will turn empty old age into a full, joyous sunset of life!

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