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I walk to my window, intending to watch the sunset. It’s my favorite time of day. I love watching as the sun disappears across the horizon and makes way for the arrival of the beautiful moon. It’s as if they have a secret ritual between them, a pact where they promised never to meet, but to share the majestic sky. My room is on the second floor, so I have a wonderful view.

Through My Window PDF Book by Ariana Godoy

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However, when I open my curtains, it’s not the sunset that surprises me but the person sitting in my neighbors’ backyard: Apolo Hidalgo. It’s been a long time since I saw a member of that family out there. Apolo is the youngest of the three brothers. He’s sixteen and from what I hear he’s a nice kid, although I can’t say the same for his older brothers.

No doubt the beauty gene runs in their family, since all three brothers are incredibly attractive. Even their father is good-looking. Apolo has a face that exudes innocence, light brown hair, and amber-colored eyes just like his father’s. I take a sip from my straw, finishing the last of my OJ. It’s hot as hell outside, but I rejoice in it.

Click here to Download Through My Window PDF Book

I don’t want summer to end because that means classes will begin and, to be honest, the idea of entering my senior year of high school scares me a little. Thoughts of Ares invade my mind again, and I remember his voice as well as his arrogant smile from the night before. I know he doesn’t have the best personality in the world. As I’ve watched him, I’ve come to realize how cold and meticulous he is.

He barely smiles and doesn’t usually talk much, preferring curt answers and gestures. It’s like he’s a robot, incapable of feeling. Part of me is hoping that I’m wrong and he’s actually a sweet person on the inside or something. I scroll through Instagram until I see a post from Dani’s brother, Dean. He goes to the same school as Ares and plays on his soccer team.

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He posted a picture of the guys at practice on a public field near my neighborhood. It’s a chance to see Ares from a distance. After settling the bill, I lean against the wall in front of the bathroom to wait for Dani, running my fingers through my long, light brown hair to check for tangles. I shuffle my feet impatiently until my best friend deigns to come out.

I smile at the phone as I hang up and remember the times when I thought I had a crush on Joshua. He’s the only guy I’ve interacted with and shared so much with. But I would never dare put our friendship at risk when I wasn’t sure how I felt. Joshua is nothing like Ares. He’s shy and cute in his own way. He wears glasses and a hat that he never wants to take off. Unconsciously, I walk over to the window.

Will Ares be out there on the patio stealing my Wi-Fi? My heart skips a beat just imagining him sitting there with his laptop and that stupid, arrogant smile that looks so good on him. But when I open my curtains, all I see is the empty chair with a few drops of water on it from the rain this past evening. I look at Ares’s house and at his window. The light is on, but I don’t see him. I sigh in disappointment. Through My Window PDF Book

I’m about to give up when he appears in my field of vision and grabs the hem of his shirt to take it off over his head. I blush instantly at the sight of his naked torso. The way the muscles in his arms and shoulders contract as he leaves wet kisses on the tops of my thighs is so fucking sexy. His tattoo just adds fire to this volcano he’s awakening inside me.

His soft lips kiss, lick, and suck at the sensitive skin of my inner thighs. My body trembles, and little shivers of pleasure run through me, setting my senses on fire and clouding my mind. His black hair tickles as it brushes against my exposed skin. Ares looks up as he bites into my skin, causing a small moan to escape my lips. My breathing is erratic, and my poor heart is beating like crazy.

He continues his onslaught, moving up and down my thighs, his lips attacking, devouring. My hips move on their own, begging for more, wanting his lips in a place a little higher. I have to try anyway. I need to get revenge on Ares. He’s played with me twice already, and he can’t go through life inciting innocent souls like mine and leaving them wanting. Through My Window PDF Book

Innocent souls . . . I really am drunk. My stalker soul is not innocent, not with the things I do in the dark of my room when no one sees me. I blush as I remember all of the times that I’ve touched myself, thinking about Ares. In my defense, Ares was the first male presence I had access to when I hit puberty. It’s his fault for being in my field of vision when my hormones were raging.

I turn my back to him to give him a good view of my body. It’s not a spectacular body, but I have a good figure and a decent ass. Sweat rolls down my forehead, the sides of my face, and the neckline of my dress. I’m immediately thirsty, and I find myself licking my dry lips more often. I don’t know how much time has passed, but when I turn again to look at Ares, he’s gone. My heart races even faster as I look around for him.

I see couples kissing and groping each other on the sofas positioned around the room. Some of them look like they’re having sex with clothes on. I pass so many curtains that are all the same color that I no longer know where the exit is, and I’m terrified to open the wrong curtain and interrupt couples doing God knows what. Through My Window PDF Book Download

I decide to head toward a soft light coming through what looks like a clear glass door in the distance, in hopes that it’s an exit. But I’m met by an unexpected sight on the other side. Ares is sitting in a chair with his head tipped back and his eyes closed. Carefully, I step out and join him on the balcony. The fresh night air hits me, and it’s like I just walked out of a spell.

The candle room seems to have that effect, engulfing you in a dreamlike vibe. Now, I’m back in the real world, facing a dark night and a Greek god. Ares looks so beautiful with his eyes closed. He seems almost innocent. His long legs are stretched out in front of him, and one hand holds his glass of whiskey, while the other is subtly giving his noticeable hard-on a gentle squeeze.

Eventually he removes his hand, looking frustrated. He’s obviously trying to calm his little friend down by getting some fresh air, but it doesn’t seem to be working. Okay, things are starting to get ugly. My original plan was to toast with Apolo—with him drinking lemonade—take him dancing, introduce him to a girl who he could talk to, and then let him go with a smile back on that sweet face. Through My Window PDF Book Download

Needless to say, my plan has gone a little bit to shit. Anything that starts with excessive alcohol ends badly. I give a cry for help to Dani, and within no time, the three of us are in a taxi on the way to my house. Apolo is so drunk that we know we couldn’t abandon him at the club or take him to his house, where his family would probably give him the scolding of the century.

Let me tell you something: dealing with a drunk person is hard but transporting them is even harder. I think Dani and I are going to get two hernias from carrying Apolo up to the second level of my house. Why didn’t we leave him downstairs? Because that’s where my mother’s room is, and there’s no way in the world I’m going to let Apolo sober up there. If he vomits in my mother’s room, my days in this world will come to an end.

After we finish eating, Ares and I walk out of there, saying goodbye to his friends, which relieves me more than I want to admit. I still don’t feel comfortable with them, and, to be honest, I don’t feel completely comfortable with Ares either. Despite being intimate with him, there are still those awkward silences between us. Ares guides me to his car to take me home. He gets in and I do the same. Through My Window PDF Book Download

It’s a beautiful, modern SUV, but it’s nothing compared to the driver. Ares puts on his sunglasses and looks like a model ready for a photo shoot. He’s wearing jeans and a white shirt that he probably borrowed from Marco. On his right hand, a nice black watch adorns his wrist. He starts the car and turns, catching me staring at him like an idiot. He puts on some music, and I watch the houses go by through the window.

Ares growls, grabbing my hair, moving his lips aggressively over mine. The kiss isn’t romantic, and I don’t want it to be. We’ve both missed each other too much for it to be romantic. It’s a carnal, passionate kiss, full of volatile, strong emotions. Our hot breaths mingle as our wet lips touch, squeeze, suck each other, igniting that uncontrollable fire that flows between us so easily.

His tongue traces my lips, then gets into my mouth, intensifying the feelings. I can’t help but moan against his lips. Ares slips his free arm around my waist to pull me closer to him. My body is electrified, every nerve responding to every touch no matter how slight it is. We all laugh and sit down. Spending time with Ares’s group of friends has become more bearable and definitely more comfortable. Through My Window PDF Book Free

I think it was a matter of giving myself time to get to know them until I could stop feeling outside the group and be part of it. Even Andrea can hold a decent conversation without her friend Natalie. However, I haven’t forgotten what Gregory told me about her being a gold digger who broke his heart.

Apolo sits as far from Dani as possible, forcing Dani to chat with Luis, who is flirting with her, unaware that my best friend has her heart set on the youngest Hidalgo and can’t help glancing at him from time to time. I can’t control myself. I don’t want to control myself. I have waited too long, held on too long.

My control trembles and cracks with every kiss, every brush of my tongue against hers, every touch of her soft skin against my hands. I slam her against the wall, kissing her desperately, and her witch’s hat falls off and gets lost in the darkness. I try to calm myself and be gentle, to feel every part of her, so even though I want to devour her, to penetrate her, to hear her moan my name in my ear, I take my time. Through My Window PDF Book Free

I caress and kiss her until her breathing turns to gasps, and I know she’s as turned on as I am. My hands fidget and travel inside that short witch’s dress she’s wearing, my lips never leaving hers. Moving her underwear aside, I slide my fingers over her wetness. She moans, and I suck on her bottom lip.

I can’t stop looking at her because she looks so fucking sexy and vulnerable like this, her red cheeks, her swollen lips, her eyes shining with desire. She runs her hands around my neck, and I grab her other leg so I can lift her all the way up and start moving, pressing her against the wall with each sharp movement. I kiss her again, drowning out her moans with my mouth.

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