Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF Book by Friedrich Nietzsche


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My impatient love floods over in torrents, downward, toward sunrise and sunset. From silent mountains and thunderheads of pain my soul roars into the valleys. Too long have I longed and gazed into the distance. Too long I belonged to solitude – thus I forgot how to be silent. I have become mouth through and through, and a brook’s bounding from high boulders: I want to plunge my speech down into the valleys.

Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF Book by Friedrich Nietzsche

Name of Book Thus Spoke Zarathustra 
Author Friedrich Nietzsche
PDF Size 1.5 MB
No of Pages 318
Language English
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And may my torrent of love plunge into impasses! How could a torrent not finally make its way to the sea! Truly, there is a lake in me, a hermit-like and self-sufficient lake; but my torrent of love tears it along – down to the sea! New ways I go, a new speech comes to me; I became weary, like all creators, of old tongues. My spirit no longer wants to wander on worn soles.

All speech runs too slowly for me: – I leap into your chariot, storm! And I shall whip even you with the whip of my malice! Like a shout and a jubilation I want to journey over broad seas until I find the blessed isles where my friends dwell – And my enemies among them! How I love everyone now, with whom I may simply speak! Even my enemies belong to my bliss.

And when I want to mount my wildest horse, then my spear always helps me up best: it is the ever-ready servant of my foot – The spear I hurl against my enemies! How I thank my enemies that at last I may hurl it! Too great was the tension of my cloud: between lightning peals of laughter I shall throw hail showers into the depths. Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF Book Download Violently my chest will heave then, violently it will blow its storm over mountains: thus relief comes to it.

Indeed, my happiness and my freedom come like a storm! But my enemies should believe the evil one is raging over their heads. Indeed, you too will be frightened, my friends, because of my wild wisdom; and perhaps you will flee from it together with my enemies. Oh, if only I understood how to lure you back with shepherds’ flutes! Oh, if only my lioness-wisdom could learn to roar tenderly! And much we have already learned with each other!

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My wild wisdom wound up pregnant on lonely mountains; on naked stones she bore her young, her youngest. The figs fall from the trees, they are good and sweet; and as they fall, their red skin ruptures. I am a north wind to ripe figs. Thus, like figs, these teachings fall to you, my friends: now drink their juice and their sweet flesh! Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF Book Download It is autumn all around and pure sky and afternoon. See what fullness is around us! And from such superabundance it is beautiful to look out upon distant seas.

Once people said God when they gazed upon distant seas; but now I have taught you to say: overman. God is a conjecture, but I want that your conjecturing not reach further than your creating will. Could you create a god? – Then be silent about any gods! But you could well create the overman. Not you yourselves perhaps, my brothers! But you could recreate yourselves into fathers and forefathers of the overman: and this shall be your best creating! – God is a conjecture: but I want your conjecturing to be limited to what is thinkable.

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Could you think a God? – But let this mean will to truth to you; that everything be transformed into what is humanly thinkable, humanly visible, humanly feelable! Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF Book Download You should think your own senses to their conclusion! And what you called world, that should first be created by you: your reason, your image, your will, your love itself it should become! And truly, for your own bliss, you seekers of knowledge! And how would you bear life without this hope, you seekers of knowledge? Neither into the incomprehensible nor into the irrational could you have been born.

But to reveal my entire heart to you, my friends: if there were gods, how could I stand not to be a god! Therefore there are no gods. I drew this conclusion to be sure; but now it draws me. – God is a conjecture: but who could drink all the agony of this conjecture without dying? Should the creating person’s faith be taken, and from the eagle its soaring in eagle heights? God is a thought that makes crooked everything that is straight, and causes everything that stands to turn.

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What? Should time be gone, and all that is not everlasting be merely a lie? To think this causes whirling and dizziness to human bones and even vomiting to the stomach: indeed, the turning disease I call it, to conjecture such things. Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF Book Evil I call it and misanthropic: all this teaching of the one and the plenum and the unmoved and the sated and the everlasting! All that is everlasting – that is merely a parable! And the poets lie too much.

But the best parables should speak about time and becoming: they should be praise and justification of all that is not everlasting! Creating – that is the great redemption from suffering, and life’s becoming light. But in order for the creator to be, suffering is needed and much transformation. Indeed, much bitter dying must be in your life, you creators! Therefore you are advocates and justifiers of all that is not everlasting. In order for the creator himself to be the child who is newly born, he must also want to be the birth-giver and the pain of giving birth.

Indeed, through a hundred souls I went my way and through a hundred cradles and pangs of birth. Many a farewell have I taken already; I know the heartbreaking final hours. Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF Book But thus my creating will wills it, my destiny. Or, to tell it more honestly to you: just such a destiny – my will wills. Everything that feels, suffers in me and is in prison; but my will always comes to me as my liberator and bringer of joy. Willing liberates: that is the true teaching of will and liberty – thus Zarathustra teaches it.

No more willing and no more esteeming and no more creating! Oh, if only this great weariness would always keep away from me! Even in knowing I feel only my will’s lust to beget and to become; and if there is innocence in my knowledge, then this happens because the will to beget is in it. Away from God and gods this will lured me; what would there be to create, after all, if there were gods? But I am always driven anew to human beings by my ardent will to create; thus the hammer is driven toward the stone.

Oh you human beings, in the stone sleeps an image, the image of my images! A shame it must sleep in the hardest, ugliest stone! Now my hammer rages cruelly against its prison. Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF  Shards shower from the stone: what do I care? I want to perfect it, for a shadow came to me – the stillest and lightest of all things once came to me! The overman’s beauty came to me as a shadow. Oh, my brothers! Of what concern to me anymore – are gods! My friends, a gibe was told to your friend: “Just look at Zarathustra! Does he not wander among us like we were animals?”

But it is better said this way: “The seeker of knowledge wanders among human beings as among animals.” Human beings themselves, however, the seeker of knowledge calls: the animal that has red cheeks. How did this happen? Is it not because they have had to be ashamed so often? Oh my friends! Thus speaks the seeker of knowledge: Shame, shame, shame – that is the history of human beings! And that is why the noble person commands himself not to shame; shame he demands of himself before all sufferers.

Indeed, I do not like them, the merciful who are blissful in their pitying: they lack too much in shame. If I must be pitying, then I certainly do not want to be called such; and if I am, then preferably from a distance. Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF Gladly would I cover my head and flee before I am recognized, and thus I bid you do as well, my friends! May my destiny always lead those like you, who do not suffer, across my path, and those with whom I may share hope and meal and honey!

Indeed, I probably did this and that for sufferers, but I always seemed to do myself better when I learned to enjoy myself better. Ever since there have been humans, the human being has enjoyed himself too little: That alone, my brothers, is our original sin! And if we learn to enjoy ourselves better, then we forget best how to hurt others and plot hurt for them. Therefore I wash the hand that helped the sufferer, therefore too I wipe even my soul.

For in as much as I saw the sufferer suffering, I was ashamed for the sake of his shame; and when I helped him I severely violated his pride. Great indebtedness does not make people thankful, but vengeful instead; and if the small kindness is not forgotten then it will become a gnawing worm. Thus Spoke Zarathustra PDF “Be cold in accepting! Let your accepting serve to distinguish!” – Thus I counsel those who have nothing to give away. I, however, am a bestower. Gladly I bestow as friend to friends.

But strangers and poor people may pluck the fruit from my tree themselves: that way there is less shame. But beggars should be abolished completely! Indeed, one is angered in giving and angered in not giving to them. And the same for sinners and bad consciences! Believe me, my friends, bites of conscience teach people to bite. Worst, however, are petty thoughts. Indeed, better to do evil than to think small! You say, to be sure: “Pleasure in small mischief saves us many a great evil deed.” But here one should not want to save. An evil deed is like a sore: it itches and scratches and ruptures – it speaks honestly.

“Behold, I am sickness” – thus speaks the evil deed, that is its honesty. But a petty thought is like a fungus; it creeps and crouches and does not want to be anywhere – until the whole body is rotten and wilted with little fungi. To the one who is possessed by the devil, however, I whisper these words in his ear: “Better to raise your devil until it is big! Even for you there is still a way to greatness!” – Oh my brothers! One knows a bit too much about everyone! And though some become transparent to us, we can by no means pass through them on that account. It is difficult to live with people because remaining silent is so difficult.

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