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The seat next to me on the plane ride home from Acapulco was empty, but not for long. After a little while, Selena joined me. I had been playing guitar with Selena y Los Dinos for a year by then, but our journey together really began at that moment, as we started sharing our lives and falling in love while defying gravity in the bright blue cloudless sky over Mexico.

To Selena With Love PDF Book by Chris Pérez

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We started off with small talk, chatting about music and the trip we had just taken. Selena’s brother, A.B., had treated me and some of the other band members to a vacation in Acapulco in exchange for writing a CocaCola jingle for Selena. Selena had started representing Coca-Cola even before I met her; we had written a jingle with a Tejano beat so that the Coke commercial would sound like a Selena song.

Selena was barely eighteen years old when I first joined her band, but she was already a seasoned professional entertainer. She had just signed with Capitol EMI, which was starting up its Latin division, and had a voice that went right to your heart. Many singers hit the correct notes in a song. Still, they lack something.

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I don’t really know how to explain what it is. Maybe they’re singing a song like they’re telling you a story, but they should be asking a question instead. Or they’re growling when they should be purring. To Selena With Love PDF Book Download Whatever a song required, Selena could do it all and still bring more. She was smart and picked up lyrics right away.

More importantly, though, she had a musical range that went from a deep growl to a high soprano, and she could convey raw emotion with her voice, whether she was singing about love, loss, betrayal, or anger. When Selena sang, it was always as if she sang directly to you. Everyone who heard her felt that. She had more stage presence and control over a crowd than anyone I’d ever met.

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It didn’t hurt that she was beautiful and had a figure that could stop traffic. You didn’t have to be twenty-one to drink in Acapulco, so Selena and I were now able to go barhopping with the rest of the band. To Selena With Love PDF Book Download She’d stand shoulder to shoulder with me, leaning against me a little and talking excitedly about which restaurant we would go to that night or what we might do with the others.

Once, at dinner, we sat next to each other and I was conscious of her warm thigh pressing against mine. Of course I didn’t complain about that. On this vacation, beneath the swaying palm trees of Acapulco, I couldn’t help but become increasingly aware of Selena’s physical presence, her body enticing me even though she always wore cover-ups over her bikini.

I tried not to stare at her, but I did anyway, watching her out of the corner of my eye when I thought she wasn’t looking. A few times, I had caught her looking at me, too. When we weren’t on the beach, in the pool, or in the bars, we rented little boats on a cove and sped around. Selena was a daredevil, and she’d get hysterical every time we did this, laughing harder than I’d ever seen her let go.

She had a great, contagious laugh, and pretty soon the rest of us would be hysterical, too. Now that I was sitting so close to Selena on the plane, I was having trouble catching my breath. To Selena With Love PDF Book Download It was almost unbearable to sit there and not touch her. The air felt charged between us as Selena kept up the conversation, somehow managing to draw me out emotionally.

I ended up telling her about how I first started playing music, my parents’ divorce, and my dreams about becoming a rock musician—dreams I had temporarily set aside to play Tejano music. At that time, Tejano music was like this big wave building, and we were all on surfboards. We didn’t know just how big that wave was going to get, but we were all determined to ride it as far as we could.

The new musicians, especially those in Mazz and La Mafia, used powerful sound systems and staged their shows with flashy lights; they wore their hair long and dressed in spandex. Tejano music was transforming into something fresh; it certainly wasn’t the same tired sounds that I used to hear in my grandmother’s car. And Selena y Los Dinos were clearly unique.

I knew as soon as I heard that album that they were pushing the envelope by fusing traditional Tejano music with rhythm and blues, Colombian cumbia, and pop. To Selena With Love PDF Book The thing is, Abraham may have given up playing music, but he never stopped loving it. He may have been going to that chemical plant every day, but he still played his guitar at night after work.

Selena would come and sit down to listen. By the time she was six years old, she was singing along—and Abraham recognized her talent immediately. As a diversion for himself, mostly, Abraham decided to soundproof the garage and form a family band. He taught Selena’s older brother, A.B., to play the bass guitar.

Abraham drafted Suzette, Selena’s older sister, as the band’s drummer—a move that Suzette fought constantly at first, because she thought it was too weird for a band to have a girl drummer. Abraham stuck to his mission, though, and pretty soon the family band was rehearsing for at least half an hour a day in that garage.

This hobby still wasn’t enough to satisfy Abraham’s creative urges entirely. To Selena With Love PDF Book When a friend told him that the town of Lake Jackson needed a good Mexican restaurant, he leased a space and started to serve authentic Mexican food—accompanied by Selena singing while A.B. and Suzette played their instruments.

A.B. and Suzette were already in high school by then and were still resistant to the idea of playing Tejano music, especially since many of the kids they knew from school ate at their father’s restaurant with their families. Selena didn’t care. She was still just a nineyear-old kid having fun. Now that I’d heard Selena y Los Dinos, we started covering their music and I became a serious fan of theirs.

As much as I admired Selena’s vocal abilities, however, I was still much more impressed by the stellar arrangements and production quality of Los Dinos, which I attributed to A.B. He was the band’s bass player, and he was a good one, but it’s no secret that the role of a bassist in almost any band is a supporting one; you have to lie down and hold the bottom end to give the other musicians the freedom to do what they do.

A bass line has to be solid. It’s like building a house: you can have the prettiest house on the block, but if the foundation isn’t solid, the house will crack and fall. Before that trip to Mexico, I had kept a professional distance from her. Onstage, Selena sang up front while I was off in my own world, playing guitar and adjusting to this whole new life.

Offstage, I saw her only with her family and other members of the band. Between gigs, I often stayed with A.B. when we were rehearsing or playing in Corpus, and sometimes Selena might join us to watch TV or talk for a little while, but that was it. To Selena With Love PDF And that was the way it should be, I had thought during that first year I was with Los Dinos.

Even if there had been sparks, I would have stomped them out because I knew that nothing could happen between us. I didn’t want to jeopardize my job. I had a girlfriend in San Antonio. The last thing I needed was for some rumor to start up about us seeing each other. Selena was therefore never without a chaperone.

She and Suzette slept in their parents’ hotel room when we were on the road, and Selena’s parents accompanied her if she wasn’t onstage, unless they sent A.B. or Suzette to chaperone her instead. To Selena With Love PDF Even on the bus, Selena often sat in the back with her mother. Marcella and Selena could sit on the sofa back there and talk for hours.

Sometimes Selena would lie with her head on her mom’s lap, while Marcella played with Selena’s hair or massaged her scalp. I’d walk back there sometimes and Selena would have this glazed look, like a cat. She was always Marcella’s beloved baby girl. After that fateful trip to Mexico, though, Selena and I started seeing each other secretly.

Sometimes we’d just slip off to take a walk before one of the shows, or we might see a movie together or grab a bite to eat if we had a few hours to kill on the road. Abraham seemed cool with this; perhaps he thought it was natural for Selena and me to have a lot to talk about, since we were the youngest members of the band, and I’m sure he thought that Selena was safer in my company than she would have been out on the street by herself.

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