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You don’t control the movement in your silly dreams and your sorry, little life, firstly, because you are asleep, and secondly, because you don’t even realise it is possible. Let’s begin with something simple: what is sleep? Remember I said that when you were brought into the world, you weren’t given a Self-instruction manual? Ok, so you have two screens: an inner and an outer screen.

Tufti the Priestess PDF Book by Vadim Zeland

Name of Book Tufti the Priestess
Author Vadim Zeland
PDF Size 2.3 MB
No of Pages 184
Language  English
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You also have the faculty of attention. This is always directed either towards the inside or the outside — very rarely in-between. So, you are constantly asleep. When you are lost in thought, your attention is totally immersed in the inner screen. When this is the case, you may not notice what is happening around you and be acting on autopilot.

Conversely, when your attention is occupied by something external, you forget yourself and, again, act reflexively. This is what sleep is, a reflexive state, in which your attention is immersed either in the outer or the inner screen. In this kind of state, you are helpless, unable to control either yourself or what is happening to you.

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In this sense, sleeping and dreaming are not the same. Sleep is an anabiotic state. A dream is something you see, either in the dream space or in the waking space. Dreams and everyday reality are essentially the same. Reality is your waking dream. Reality is a dream and a dream is also reality. Why?

You will understand very soon. Now for the instructions: To wake up in a dream or waking reality, you must pull your attention away from the inner and outer screen and shift it to your awareness centre. You are quite capable of doing this. It’s easy. Tap your fingers around the area of your nose. Where were you just now?

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Were you flying in your dreams or were you admiring me wide-eyed, fabulous as I am? What was your attention immersed in, which screen? Where is it now? Find a midpoint between the two screens. From this point, you will be able to observe your thoughts and what is going on around you. You will be able to see the reality that surrounds you and yourself within this reality.

Nothing is stopping you from watching both screens at the same time. You can do this. So, get into the observation point telling yourself: I see myself and I see reality . Set yourself the intention, ‘today I am going to stroll through a waking dream’. Then go for a walk, wherever you like, to work or to university, in this state of clarity.

For the best effect, go to a place where nobody knows you, on a walk to a shopping centre or an entertainment centre. This will be a free walk through a dream. When you are immersed in either one of the screens, you are not yourself. You aren’t in control either of yourself or the situation. Tufti the Priestess PDF Book

The opposite is true in fact: any situation can turn into a dream and control you. And what happens when you become self-aware? You free yourself, and from this moment on, your dreaming, whether asleep or in waking, it doesn’t matter which, becomes conscious . You are in control of yourself, and most importantly, you acquire the capacity to control the situation around you, but more on that later.

For now, try just going for a walk and observing what you see. For example, you turn on your awareness and go into a shop. Say hello, walk about, look around, maybe ask a question and observe the reaction of the shop assistants. Just don’t fall asleep. Before you speak, be sure to direct your attention to the centre: I see myself and I see reality.

You’ll find that people will look at you with a certain curiosity and for some reason be especially responsive and well-disposed towards you, in a way they were not before. What has changed? Unlike you, the people around you are still asleep. Their attention is occupied, and they are involved in their everyday scenarios, like in a film. Tufti the Priestess PDF Book

Their thoughts are unclear and their actions non-conscious. You could say, they live as if they were characters in a film. You, unlike the others around you, have woken up in the dream as if you had stepped from the screen down into the cinema hall. At any moment, you can leave, return to the movie, and walk around freely among the other characters, regardless of the narrative.

Examples of external triggers: you met with someone, someone asked you something, something happened close to you, it doesn’t matter what, some kind of sound, any kind of movement, anything that previously attracted and engaged you. As soon as something happens, focus your attention on it, but don’t lose control of your attention — keep it at the centre.

Examples of internal triggers: you’re getting ready to go somewhere, to do something, to talk to someone. Before you take any action at all, bring your attention to the centre. Specifically before, because afterwards it will be too late; you will simply discover that you fell asleep, then woke up to remember that you were sleeping. Tufti the Priestess PDF Book

All this can only be learned through frequent repetition like in the martial arts. There is no other way. On the other hand, when you learn to control the focus of your attention, you will be able to control your piffling life. And then, perhaps, your life will stop being so piffling. For now, I give you a warning. You have woken up in a dream, acquired strength and awareness, while those around you continue to sleep.

Do not think this advantage makes you superior. Don’t treat others with arrogance or condescension. This prerogative belongs solely to me because I am Tufti, your priestess, and you are my subjects who must listen to me — and admire me unstintingly. Do you? Look at me! Plus the difference is that in a dream you sink ever more deeply into the script.

Whereas when you awaken in waking life (I see myself and I see reality) you free yourself from it. Remember we talked about the fact that when you are not self-aware, the script pulls you along by the tip of your plait? So who or what pulls about your physical mannequin on this side when your hook is at your disposal and you are simultaneously in a virtual mannequin in the mirror world? Tufti the Priestess PDF Book Download

You pull yourself about. You acquire the ability to move things freely, both yourself and impending reality precisely because you are in the mirror world, beyond the glass, on the same side as the image . Only the image can propel the reflection, and not the other way around, you see? Strictly speaking, the physical mannequin and material reality are not so much a reflection, as a materialisation of the image.

One way or another, you can manage manifest reality (already occurred) from within the realisation frame, from in front of the mirror. However, the impending reality is still just an image. The image can only be propelled from within the frame of the image — from the other side, where the image is located. This requires shifting into the mirror world.

Now the whole scenario should be clear to you. Here, in this manifest frame, we have to manage — there, we can direct. And now we come right to the notion of meta-power. I feed my hope of even the faintest glimmer of understanding from you, my feeble-minded ones. OK, OK, don’t complain, don’t cry, my little whip-smarts. Tufti the Priestess PDF Book Download

What is the main difference between reality and the mirror world? Here, everything is material, there, it’s all virtual. As far as force is concerned, you won’t be able to apply it to an immaterial object or space, which is why here, what works is force, and there, what works is meta-power. From this side of the mirror: action, from the other side of the mirror glass: the motion illusion.

So, what does this mean? The whole point of imitation is that you don’t have the right to disrupt the established order of things. When you compose reality, the script rearranges itself to fit your composition, even if you cannot perceive this happening. All you have to do is systematically illuminate the goal frame.

But you will persist in having everything run according to your plan, and in this, you hinder the implementation of what you have imagined. And even when you do not actively compose reality, passively drifting along the current of events, the script isn’t out to harm you, because causing harm is energetically costly.Tufti the Priestess PDF Book Download

The script always takes the path of least resistance, but you resist and so you spoil everything. You spoil things in as much as you express non-acceptance. In this way unconsciously and without deliberately meaning to, you compose for yourself a worse reality than the existing one, albeit not as effectively as you would with intention and awareness.

You condescend to express your dislike every time something contradicts your expectations and plans. That’s how you are — irritating and tedious. So, to avoid distorting reality, instead of turning it into a wonderful world that is pleasant in all respects, you will need to make a habit of one simple principle: find the advantage in everything.

Literally, try and take the advantage from any disappointing situation, and generally from any event that causes you the slightest feeling of aversion. Set yourself the goal of reaping the benefit. Any event or situation in life is made up of the negative and the positive. Reality is dual in nature. Where there is black, there you will find white. Tufti the Priestess PDF Book Free

Your task, instead of wrestling with it and being single-minded and stroppy, is to set about seeking the advantage in any situation. I won’t give examples, just try it and you’ll understand instantly, just how brilliantly this approach works. It is your lot that are miserable and unfortunate. And why? Because it isn’t your movie that is playing in your life.

It’s not just me that doesn’t like you; you don’t like yourselves and that’s another reason for your ills. Why isn’t your movie playing in your life? Because you don’t understand that life is a film in the first place. You might know this in principle, but you are not fully aware of it. So, I remind you again and again of where you are, my tiresome little ones, until you really get it.

In normal life, you are used to watching a film on a screen. Now, imagine that you are inside the movie. Feel it. Here you are at the mercy of the script, but you have a degree of freedom, nonetheless. When you are being fully present, you are capable of carrying out actions that are not foreseen by the current script. Tufti the Priestess PDF Book Free

You receive a degree of freedom in the moment you wake up. In this moment, you are capable of giving yourself a shakeup and setting up a different film roll. Later, you’ll be back in the hands of the script again, but, if the moment is not lost, your film will start playing in the meantime.

The reason you don’t you like yourself is that all the screens and printed covers illustrate the ideals of beauty, success, and happiness. And you, my faithful ones, are taken in by these illusions, obediently trying to become something else that isn’t really you, every time finding that you don’t fit the norm.

In actual fact, beauty, success, and happiness can never be standardised; they are things with a very individual cut. Still, you prefer to believe in the illusion and try to keep up with it. Have you ever wondered why it is so difficult for you to remake or improve yourself? Have you ever asked yourself why, on so many occasions, you’ve planned to turn over a new leaf on Monday and never actually managed it? Tufti the Priestess PDF Book Free

It is because you are lazy? No. It’s because you are being led by a script. Why should the script change, simply because you have decided to turn over a new leaf? Your desires are your course, but that course is not written into the script and so has no effect on it whatsoever. Do you remember I once said that if you look in a mirror whilst you are dreaming, you might not recognise yourself?

You do not just have one mannequin that is characteristic of your being, but a whole bunch of them i.e. one particular or very specific mannequin for each film roll. In all the films stored nearby, you are pretty much the same, and are recognisable as you. In films that are stored far away from the current film roll, you are completely different.