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The gauger walked with willing foot, And aye the gauger played the flute; And what should Master Gauger play But Over the hills and far away? Whene’er I buckle on my pack And foot it gaily in the track, p. xvii p. 1 p. 2 O pleasant gauger, long since dead, I hear you fluting on ahead. You go with me the self-same way— The self-same air for me you play; For I do think and so do you It is the tune to travel to.

Underwoods PDF Book by Robert Louis Stevenson

Name of Book Underwoods
Author Robert Louis Stevenson
PDF Size 1.2 MB
No of Pages 51
Language  English
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For who would gravely set his face To go to this or t’other place? There’s nothing under Heav’n so blue That’s fairly worth the travelling to. On every hand the roads begin, And people walk with zeal therein; But wheresoe’er the highways tend, Be sure there’s nothing at the end. Then follow you, wherever hie The travelling mountains of the sky.

Or let the streams in civil mode Direct your choice upon a road; For one and all, or high or low , Will lead you where you wish to go; And one and all go night and day Over the hills and far away! O n the great streams the ships may go About men’s business to and fro. But I, the egg-shell pinnace, sleep On crystal waters ankle-deep.

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I whose diminutive design, Of sweeter cedar, pithier pine, Is fashioned on so frail a mould, A hand may launch, a hand withhold: I, rather, with the leaping trout Wind, among lilies, in and out; I, the unnamed, inviolate, Green, rustic rivers, navigate; My dipping paddle scarcely shakes The berry in the bramble-brakes.

Still forth on my green way I wend Beside the cottage garden-end; And by the nested angler fare, And take the lovers unaware. By willow wood and water-wheel Speedily fleets my touching keel; By all retired and shady spots Where prosper dim forget-me-nots; By meadows where at afternoon The growing maidens troop in June p. 3 p. 4 p. 5 To loose their girdles on the grass.

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Ah! speedier than before the glass The backward toilet goes; and swift As swallows quiver, robe and shift And the rough country stockings lie Around each young divinity. When, following the recondite brook, Sudden upon this scene I look, And light with unfamiliar face On chaste Diana’s bathing-place, Loud ring the hills about and all The shallows are abandoned. . . .

T h e unfathomable sea, and time, and tears, The deeds of heroes and the crimes of kings Dispart us; and the river of events Has, for an age of years, to east and west More widely borne our cradles. Thou to me Art foreign, as when seamen at the dawn Descry a land far off and know not which. So I approach uncertain.

So I cruise Round thy mysterious islet, and behold Surf and great mountains and loud river-bars, And from the shore hear inland voices call. Strange is the seaman’s heart; he hopes, he fears; Draws closer and sweeps wider from that coast; Last, his rent sail refits, and to the deep His shattered prow uncomforted puts back. Underwoods PDF Book

Yet as he goes he ponders at the helm Of that bright island; where he feared to touch, His spirit readventures; and for years, p. 17 p. 18 p. 19 p. 20 Where by his wife he slumbers safe at home, Thoughts of that land revisit him; he sees The eternal mountains beckon, and awakes Yearning for that far home that might have been.

D e a r Andrew, with the brindled hair , Who glory to have thrown in air , High over arm, the trembling reed, By Ale and Kail, by Till and Tweed: An equal craft of hand you show The pen to guide, the fly to throw: I count you happy starred; for God, When He with inkpot and with rod Endowed you, bade your fortune lead Forever by the crooks of Tweed.

Forever by the woods of song And lands that to the Muse belong; Or if in peopled streets, or in The abhorred pedantic sanhedrim, It should be yours to wander, still Airs of the morn, airs of the hill, The plovery Forest and the seas That break about the Hebrides, Should follow over field and plain And find you at the window pane; And you again see hill and peel, And the bright springs gush at your heel. Underwoods PDF Book

So went the fiat forth, and so Garrulous like a brook you go, With sound of happy mirth and sheen Of daylight—whether by the green You fare that moment, or the gray; Whether you dwell in March or May; Or whether treat of reels and rods Or of the old unhappy gods: Still like a brook your page has shone, And your ink sings of Helicon.

I n ancient tales, O friend, thy spirit dwelt; There, from of old, thy childhood passed; and there High expectation, high delights and deeds, Thy fluttering heart with hope and terror moved. And thou hast heard of yore the Blatant Beast, And Roland’s horn, and that war-scattering shout Of all-unarmed Achilles, ægis-crowned And perilous lands thou sawest.

Sounding shores And seas and forests drear, island and dale And mountain dark. For thou with Tristram rod’st Or Bedevere, in farthest Lyonesse. Thou hadst a booth in Samarcand, whereat Side-looking Magians trafficked; thence, by night, An Afreet snatched thee, and with wings upbore Beyond the Aral mount; or, hoping gain, Thou, with a jar of money, didst embark, p. 30 p. 31 p. 32 For Balsorah, by sea. Underwoods PDF Book

But chiefly thou In that clear air took’st life; in Arcady The haunted, land of song; and by the wells Where most the gods frequent. There Chiron old, In the Pelethronian antre, taught thee lore: The plants, he taught, and by the shining stars In forests dim to steer. There hast thou seen Immortal Pan dance secret in a glade.

And, dancing, roll his eyes; these, where they fell, Shed glee, and through the congregated oaks A flying horror winged; while all the earth To the god’s pregnant footing thrilled within. Or whiles, beside the sobbing stream, he breathed, In his clutched pipe unformed and wizard strains Divine yet brutal; which the forest heard.

And thou, with awe; and far upon the plain The unthinking ploughman started and gave ear. Now things there are that, upon him who sees, A strong vocation lay; and strains there are That whoso hears shall hear for evermore. For evermore thou hear ’st immortal Pan And those melodious godheads, ever young And ever quiring, on the mountains old.Underwoods PDF Book

What was this earth, child of the gods, to thee? Forth from thy dreamland thou, a dreamer, cam’st And in thine ears the olden music rang, And in thy mind the doings of the dead, And those heroic ages long forgot. To a so fallen earth, alas! too late, Alas! in evil days, thy steps return, To list at noon for nightingales.

To grow A dweller on the beach till Argo come That came long since, a lingerer by the pool Where that desirèd angel bathes no more. As when the Indian to Dakota comes, Or farthest Idaho, and where he dwelt, He with his clan, a humming city finds; Thereon awhile, amazed, he stares, and then To right and leftward, like a questing dog.

Seeks first the ancestral altars, then the hearth Long cold with rains, and where old terror lodged, And where the dead. So thee undying Hope, With all her pack, hunts screaming through the years: Here, there, thou fleeëst; but nor here nor there The pleasant gods abide, the glory dwells. That, that was not Apollo, not the god. Underwoods PDF Book

This was not Venus, though she Venus seemed A moment. And though fair yon river move, She, all the way, from disenchanted fount To seas unhallowed runs; the gods forsook Long since her trembling rushes; from her plains p. 33 p. 34 p. 35 Disconsolate, long since adventure fled; And now although the inviting river flows.

And every poplared cape, and every bend Or willowy islet, win upon thy soul And to thy hopeful shallop whisper speed; Yet hope not thou at all; hope is no more; And O, long since the golden groves are dead The faery cities vanished from the land! N o t yet, my soul, these friendly fields desert, Where thou with grass, and rivers, and the breeze.

And the bright face of day, thy dalliance hadst; Where to thine ear first sang the enraptured birds; Where love and thou that lasting bargain made. The ship rides trimmed, and from the eternal shore Thou hearest airy voices; but not yet Depart, my soul, not yet awhile depart. Freedom is far, rest far. Thou art with life Too closely woven, nerve with nerve intwined. Underwoods PDF Book Download

Service still craving service, love for love, Love for dear love, still suppliant with tears. Alas, not yet thy human task is done! A bond at birth is forged; a debt doth lie Immortal on mortality. It grows— By vast rebound it grows, unceasing growth; Gift upon gift, alms upon alms, upreared, From man, from God, from nature, till the soul At that so huge indulgence stands amazed.

Leave not, my soul, the unfoughten field, nor leave Thy debts dishonoured, nor thy place desert Without due service rendered. For thy life, Up, spirit, and defend that fort of clay , Thy body, now beleaguered; whether soon Or late she fall; whether to-day thy friends Bewail thee dead, or, after years, a man Grown old in honour and the friend of peace.

Contend, my soul, for moments and for hours; Each is with service pregnant; each reclaimed Is as a kingdom conquered, where to reign. As when a captain rallies to the fight His scattered legions, and beats ruin back, p. 49 p. 50 p. 51 p. 52 He, on the field, encamps, well pleased in mind. Yet surely him shall fortune overtake, Him smite in turn, headlong his ensigns drive; And that dear land, now safe, to-morrow fall. Underwoods PDF Book Download

But he, unthinking, in the present good Solely delights, and all the camps rejoice. A m i l e an’ a bittock, a mile or twa, Abüthe burn, ayont the law , Davie an’ Donal’ an’ Cherlie an’ a’, An’ the müne was shinin’ clearly! Ane went hame wi’ the ither, an’ then The ither went hame wi’ the ither twa men, An’ baith wad return him the service again, An’ the müne was shinin’ clearly!

The clocks were chappin’ in house an’ ha’, Eleeven, twal an’ ane an’ twa; An’ the guidman’s face was turnt to the wa’, An’ the müne was shinin’ clearly! A wind got up frae affa the sea, It blew the stars as clear ’s could be, It blew in the een of a’ o’ the three, An’ the müne was shinin’ clearly! Noo, Davie was first to get sleep in his head.

“The best o’ frien’s maun twine,” he said; “I’m weariet, an’ here I’m awa’ to my bed.” An’ the müne was shinin’ clearly! Twa o’ them walkin’ an’ crackin’ their lane, The mornin’ licht cam gray an’ plain, p. 86 p. 87 p. 88 An’ the birds they yammert on stick an’ stane, An’ the müne was shinin’ clearly! O years ayont, O years awa’, My lads, ye’ll mind whate’er befa’— My lads, ye’ll mind on the bield o’ the law. Underwoods PDF Book Free

When the müne was shinin’ clearly. It’s rainin’. Weet’s the gairden sod, Weet the lang roads whaur gangrels plod— A maist unceevil thing o’ God In mid July— If ye’ll just curse the sneckdraw, dod! An’ sae wull I! He’s a braw place in Heev’n, ye ken, An’ lea’s us puir, forjaskit men Clamjamfried in the but and ben He ca’s the earth— A wee bit inconvenient den No muckle worth; p. 97 p. 98 p. 99 p. 100 An’ whiles.

At orra times, keeks out, Sees what puir mankind are about; An’ if He can, I’ve little doubt, Upsets their plans; He hates a’ mankind, brainch and root, An’ a’ that’s man’s. An’ whiles, whan they tak heart again, An’ life i’ the sun looks braw an’ plain, Doun comes a jaw o’ droukin’ rain Upon their honours— God sends a spate outower the plain.

Or mebbe thun’ers. Lord safe us, life’s an unco thing! Simmer an’ Winter, Yule an’ Spring, The damned, dour-heartit seasons bring A feck o’ trouble. I wadnae try’t to be a king— No, nor for double. But since we’re in it, willy-nilly, We maun be watchfü’, wise an’ skilly, An’ no mind ony ither billy, Lassie nor God. But drink—that’s my best counsel till ’e: Sae tak the nod. Underwoods PDF Book Free