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The sign was faded, as though somebody had forgotten to paint it this year, and there was a thick wedge of snow laying across the top like a sleeping cat. In the distance, she could see the twinkling lights of the town as it nestled around the mountain. Opening the window, the cold air rushed around her face. The air in the Allegheny Mountains was so different to the atmosphere she’d become used to in Chicago.

Welcome To Winterville PDF Book by Carrie Elks

Name of Book Welcome To Winterville
PDF Size 1.3 MB
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It wasn’t just that it was thinner – thanks to the elevation of the town, but because it smelled sweeter. Like home. Or as near to home as she’d ever been. There wasn’t another car on the road. She hadn’t passed one for the last hour since she’d begun her slow ascent from the interstate. No SUVs full of families, excited to spend the weekend at America’s Favorite Holiday Town.

No buses full of day-trippers, traveling to soak up the festivities at the Jingle Bell Theater. Instead, there was silence and the rumble of her engine, deadened by the layer of thick snow. She pressed her foot down on the gas and the Jeep’s tires gripped the roads – thankfully clear of snow despite the lack of travelers. That would be thanks to Charlie Shaw, who ran the Cold Start Garage in the center of town.

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For the past forty years he’d taken his snow plow out whenever Winterville had a hint of snowfall. It was the first time Holly’d been back to town since her grandma’s passing earlier that year. It wasn’t just that she’d been busy at work – though Lord knew that was true – but she’d found herself finding stupid excuses not to come. Winterville without her grandma was hard to imagine.

Her grandma had been the heart of the town. She’d been the one who built it, after all. Her phone started ringing through the car’s speakers, and she hit the accept button, braking sharply as a white snowshoe hare bounded across the road. “Dammit!” she called out, and a low chuckle echoed back at her. “Holly?” “North.” As her eldest cousin, North was the leader of their generation of Winters.

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“I nearly hit a damn hare.” “You’ve made it into the mountains then.” His voice was warm and low. “I just passed the town sign.” “You’re close.” He sounded pleased. “Are you heading straight to the Inn?” The Winterville Inn was the heart and soul of the small town. It had been built and owned by their grandma for more than fifty years.

Growing up, it had been like a magnet for the Winter cousins. Holly had spent many holidays there with North and his brothers – Kris and Gabe – and her girl cousins – Everley and Alaska. A smile pulled at her lips as she remembered their epic snow fights. “Did you read the deeds, Elizabeth? Visit the land to do your research?” She took a deep breath in, and Kevin shook his head at her.

“It’s my fault. I should have double checked. She’s still learning.” Josh could remember Kevin talking to him about the new intern. That she had great promise. He exhaled heavily and looked around at the other twenty people in the room. “Okay, I think we can finish here. Kevin and Elizabeth? Please stay so we can discuss this.” It was amazing how long it took everybody to pack up their folders and leave the room. Welcome To Winterville PDF Book

At least five of them asked for a quick word with him, and he pointed them all toward Willa to make an appointment. He didn’t have time to talk. Hell, he didn’t have time to deal with whatever the hell Kevin and Elizabeth had messed up, but it was his family’s money, and it was his job to make it right. “Okay,” he said, when it was only the three of them in the room.

“Talk. Tell me about this land.” Elizabeth grimaced. “I was tasked with finding some land in West Virginia that would be suitable for building a new ski resort. And this place looked perfect. It has main roads leading up to the summit, has all the utilities already installed, and there are towns nearby where we can recruit workers. I really thought it would work.” “But?” Josh raised his brows.

“But the only place we can build the resort is on the Main Street. And that’s already full of businesses that lease their buildings. As you can imagine, there’ll be uproar when we try to level all those places to the ground. And I know that you hate adverse publicity.” “Have you checked the leases?” Josh asked. “Can we evict the tenants?” Elizabeth nodded. Welcome To Winterville PDF Book

“We can, but I called a couple of the businesses last week, pretending to do a survey. I didn’t tell them who I was or why I was calling, but all the business owners told me how much they loved being part of the town. That they weren’t planning on going anywhere soon.” She grimaced. “I can’t see how we can evict them without there being a lot of backlash.”

He was enjoying this. And in a weird way, so was she. It felt good to duel with somebody who knew exactly how to fight back. And if he was the target of all her frustration right now? Well, he deserved it. And she had a feeling he could take it. “Why are you so insistent on me remembering that night?” She ran her finger over the rim of her coffee cup.

“Have you been jonesing after me for, what, seven or eight years now?” “Eight. And yes, every night I cry into my pillow and send a plea up to the stars that you’ll finally come looking for me.” He focused his gaze on hers. “I’ve thought about nothing but you for every moment of every day for the past eight years.” The sarcasm in his voice was cutting. Welcome To Winterville PDF Book

She bit down a laugh. “And now you’re going to destroy my town because it’s the only way to get me out of your head?” He grinned. “It’s like you’re reading my mind. I’m going to offer this place up as a sacrifice to the gods. Destroy it and along with my memories of you. It’s the only way I can survive. But you’re wrong about one thing. It’s not your town, it’s mine.”

“Tomayto-tomahto.” She tipped her head to the side, taking a sip of the steaming coffee. “You know I’m going to fight you, right?” “I was pretty sure you would. But it’s futile. I always win.” “Not always. You didn’t win me.” “Who says?” She swallowed hard. “I do.” He folded his arms over his chest. “You remember me. You know you do.” His voice was soft. “I’m going to get you to admit it.”

“I’ll lie and say I do if you’ll give me my town back.” She lifted a brow. “Not going to happen. I told you I always win.” “You won’t win my memories.” She inhaled slowly. She could feel the warm pressure of his calves against hers. For a moment, her mind was full of that night. His warm lips against hers, the hard weight of his body as they tangled together – underwear on, because somehow that made it better. Welcome To Winterville PDF Book

The warmth of his skin as he touched her again and again, with a teasing pressure that took her to the edge. The sheets were tangled around his waist, revealing his perfectly sculpted chest, the early morning sun making his skin look warm and inviting. He was breathtaking, but he definitely didn’t need to be anywhere near her breath right now.

Tiptoeing to the bathroom, she brushed her teeth thoroughly before pulling on his t-shirt and padding toward the kitchen to grab a glass of water. Josh’s makeshift office was set up in the corner. His laptop was closed, his papers neatly collected in a pile. Unlike him, she’d always been a messy worker. The only order she had in her life were numbers. If he laid his eyes on her office, he’d probably have a fit.

Before she could reach for a glass, the silence of the room was interrupted by the shrill ring of his phone. Not wanting it to wake him up – because, let’s face it, he was way too pretty when he was asleep – she reached for his phone and pressed the end call button. Except her finger slid, and she accepted the call. Dammit! “Joshua?” Welcome To Winterville PDF Book Download

a female voice asked. Holly blinked as the screen flickered to life. It was a video call? Double damn. An older woman appeared on the screen, her face perfectly made up, her silver-blonde hair beautifully styled around her broad brow. “Sweetie, are you there? I can only see the ceiling.” Holly froze. What the hell should she do? End the call and wake Josh up?

She squeezed her eyes shut, trying to imagine that conversation. “Honey? Can you hear me?” Then a mutter, “Maybe I’m not doing this right.” Exhaling heavily, Holly pulled the phone toward her, simultaneously smoothing down her hair with her other hand. “Um, hey. Josh isn’t available at the moment. Can I take a message?” The woman didn’t bat a lash.

“I’m Josh’s grandma. You’re new. And I see you’re wearing his t-shirt.” He could hear talking. And laughter. Josh rolled over on the bed, frowning when he saw Holly wasn’t there. But it was definitely her voice he could hear. Maybe she was on the phone with one of her cousins. He grabbed his shorts and looked around for his t-shirt, wondering where the hell he’d thrown it last night. Welcome To Winterville PDF Book Download

Ah well. He’d find it later. Right now he needed a glass of water. The voices got louder as he walked down the hallway to the kitchen. Holly laughed again, and it made him smile. Damn, he was an idiot for that woman. “Every woman should have her own bank account,” Holly was saying. “And her own credit card. You should get one today. Seriously.

Not because you have anything to hide, but because you’re a strong, independent woman.” “I’m too old to change my ways.” “You don’t look a day over fifty.” His grandma laughed. Wait! His grandma? With a sense of foreboding, Josh pushed open the door to the living area. Holly was leaning on the breakfast bar, his t-shirt barely covering her sweet behind.

She was holding his phone, grinning into the screen, her face propped up on her palm. “I knew I liked you,” his grandma said Walking in a storm like this was turning out to be a bad idea. Even in a thick padded coat and boots, with his snow gloves and hat firmly covering any exposed skin, save his face, Josh could still feel the cold seeping through. Welcome To Winterville PDF Book Free

The wind was noisy and unrelenting as it blasted down the side of the mountain, snowflakes slapping against his face like they had a personal beef with him. He took a deep breath in, forcing his body forward, taking slow but steady steps as his boots crunched in the snow. He could only see a couple of feet ahead.

Enough to make out that he was still on the road, thanks to the gap between the trees, but he had no idea how far he’d walked, or how far there was still to go. Josh hadn’t seen a single car, either. He wasn’t sure anybody could drive in this weather and actually make it to their destination safely. There was already two feet of snow on the road.

With more on the sides as the wind banked snow up until it was four or five feet high. If Holly had gotten into her car, then she must have stopped somewhere. She had a blanket in there, he thought. She was intelligent enough to know she needed to stay where she was. Yeah, and you’re intelligent enough to know you should have stayed at home, idiot. Welcome To Winterville PDF Book Free

He blinked at the vehemence of his own thoughts. Thanks, brain. Even that had turned against him. That’s because you’re a complete dickwad. Have been since you left Cincinnati this morning. Was it only this morning? He blew out a mouthful of air. He hadn’t realized how steep the hill into Winterville was when he was driving it.

Now that he was on his feet, it felt like he was climbing Everest. Except only dickwads climb Everest in a storm. Snow was sticking to his eyelashes, making his vision blurry. He blinked them away, trying to focus on the road ahead. It was shrouded in darkness, the same way it had been since he’d left his house. When was that? An hour ago?

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