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What makes a woman attractive to a man? Is it her keen business sense, her economic conquests in the corporate world, how many company boards she sits on, the number of postgraduate degrees she has earned, or the honors listed on her resumé? Does the power she attains by virtue of her many accomplishments win her the devotion of her man?

What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book by Bob Barnes

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Does love blossom where the woman has achieved much of what the world values in the way of status and success? No! Again, the world’s lies have taken hold. This is not to say that women should not use their God-given gifts or strive to respond to God’s call in their lives. Rather, women are learning that their accomplishments don’t necessarily win them a man’s attention or devotion.

Women are also learning that the top of the corporate ladder can be as lonely for them as it is for men. Consider again the litany of lies we’ve just looked at: Women can have it all, men and women are fundamentally the same, accomplishment means desirability, women must realize their full potential, men and women are alike in their attitudes and approach to sex, women can put off motherhood without penalty.

Click here to Download What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book

Women should be assertive instead of soft, speaking one’s mind is better than listening, women don’t need men, and women should look for sensitivity instead of strength in a man. Now consider the impact these lies have had on our society. What role have they played in the harsh realities of families breaking up and teenagers rebelling or being lost to drugs?

When we believe in and act on these lies, we not only undermine society, we also find ourselves living contrary to God’s plan. When we try to change who God made men and women to be and redesign the plan He instituted in the beginning, our efforts dishonor the Creator. Despite that fact and despite the negative consequences of these lies, they still influence much of society’s thinking about men and women.

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And speaking out against these lies and myths is not always well-received. Today everyone pressures us to be tolerant or “politically correct.” Remember when First Lady Barbara Bush addressed the women at Wellesley College? Her comments received harsh criticism from the allwomen student body.

Let’s look again at what she said: At the end of your life, you will never regret not having passed one more test, not winning one more verdict, or not closing one more deal. You will regret time not spent with a husband, a child, a friend, or a parent. We are in a transitional period right now—fascinating and exhilarating times, learning to adjust to changes and the choices we— men and women—are facing.

As an example, I remember what a friend said on hearing her husband complain to his buddies that he had to babysit: Quickly setting him straight, my friend told her husband that when it’s your own kids, it’s not called babysitting. Now, maybe we should adjust faster and maybe we should adjust slower. What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book

But whatever the era, whatever the times, one thing will never change: Fathers and mothers, if you have children, they must come first. You must read to your children, and you must hug your children, and you must love your children. Your success as a family, our success as a society depends not on what happens in the White House but on what happens inside your house. 

Barbara Bush boldly spoke out against some of the lies women and men alike have fallen prey to. In doing so, she challenged women of all ages across America to evaluate the choices they are making and the impact those choices are having on American society. In effect, Mrs. Bush called women to deny the lies society has propagated over the past few decades.

And the teachings of the Bible—as we’ll see in this book—call women to do likewise. Will you respond to the call? Our society fosters cultural differences between men and women. God Himself, though, created us physically different, psychologically different, and sexually different. What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book

As a young man of 22, I thought that men and women shared that sexual excitement and were very much alike in their approach to love and sex. We men move easily from the Wow! of being attracted to a woman to wanting to be sexual with her. Love comes later. Most women, however, are first attracted to a man—then they move to feelings of love.

Wanting to be sexual with him comes later when she can trust him. Both men and women need to be aware of differences like this or we will never have our sexual needs met. When I married Emilie, I learned firsthand about these differences between men and women. I saw quite clearly that women don’t approach love the same way. I quickly realized that what Emilie desired most in marriage was love, not sex.

She desired sexual fulfillment, too, but she viewed sex as a by-product of love. While a man grows in his love for his wife through sexual fulfillment, a woman finds sexual fulfillment when she is sure of her husband’s love. Another difference is that men can usually become sexually aroused by visual or physical stimulation from any woman who is sexually attractive. What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book

It is easy for a man to engage in sex outside of love. Women, on the other hand, are generally more emotionally oriented. Though capable of being intensely erotic, a woman usually responds sexually to a man who provides her with security, understanding, tenderness, and compassion.

Women who have extramarital affairs tend to do so because they are angry, lonely, insecure, or somehow unfulfilled in their marriage relationship. They receive the understanding or compassion they long for from someone other than their husband. When it was time for us to board the plane, the two people stepped aside to let us go by. Now I had the chance to see the face of this beloved woman.

As we passed by, I quickly glanced her way—and was shocked by what I saw. Her face was not the face of a beautiful lady, as I had expected, but that of an accident victim. Her scars, however, did not keep her man from loving her or from showing the world his love for her! He saw beyond the scars to the person she was inside, and his actions communicated his genuine love for her. What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book Download

I don’t know whether or not he was a believer, but he was definitely loving this woman as Christ has loved us—unconditionally (John 15:12). Perhaps your husband’s scars, rather than being on the surface, are hidden in his heart. Can you learn from this couple in the airport? Will you offer him unconditional love despite the hardened heart he bears?

Listen to the wisdom of Billy Graham’s wife, Ruth. She said, “Tell your husband the positive and God the negative.” Following this guideline will help you stand by your man with love and respect when his heart is hardened against the Lord and, perhaps, even against you. The world does not value permanence and oneness in a marriage, and much of our culture works to undermine those characteristics.

But knowing what God intends marriage to be, working to leave our parents, cleaving, and becoming one with our spouses, and understanding that our temperament differences can strengthen our unity with our mates—these things will help our marriages shine God’s light in a very dark world. God’s pattern is monogamous: Marriage is between one man and one woman. What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book Download

This leaving, cleaving, and oneness results in a new identity in which two people become one. One in mind, heart, body, and spirit (Philippians 2:1,2). This is the pattern for a godly marriage. The blessing of these three principles is to stand before each other naked and not be ashamed (Genesis 2:24,25). Not only in physical nakedness, but also in nakedness of spirit and emotion.

We are free from all guilt and shame before our mates. They are to know us as we are known by God—a foundation that will stand the test of time. As we saw at the beginning of this chapter, when we are honest with ourselves about who we are (emotionally and otherwise), we can be a better friend. Our willingness to be open about who we are encourages trust and openness on the part of the other person.

So be yourself in your friendships. Be yourself, first of all, to honor God who made you the unique person you are. Also, discover the freedom that comes with being who you are. When our daughter, Jenny, was in high school, she often stopped by my office. One evening at the dinner table she said, “Dad, you’re the same person at work as you are at home!” I considered that a real compliment. What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book Download

That’s the way I want it to be. Besides, life is simpler that way. It’s not good to wear a lot of masks—you might not remember which face was for which occasion! If you dare to take the initiative and reveal to your husband who you are and what you’re feeling, your husband is much more likely to reveal his true self. Nothing will be as effective in drawing him out as your transparency.

So take the risk of sharing the joy of your high points and the tears that come at your low points. I was well aware of my friend’s great track record when it came to investing, so his information really got my attention. If I purchased a substantial number of shares at $23 a share and then sold them for $40 a share, I could earn quite a profit!

Although I had always preached and practiced, “If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is!” I felt this opportunity was clearly the exception. The next day I called my stockbroker and told him to buy the shares. You wouldn’t believe what happened to that company over the next few days. What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book Free

One of its planes crashed in an icy river in Washington, D.C., resulting in the death of many passengers; one of its unions called an all-out strike and shut down the airline; and the chief executive officer left the company and began working for a competitor. And, yes, the stock went down, down, down.

When the price hit $13 a share, my friend suggested that I consider buying some more shares to cover my losses and so reduce my price-per-share costs. So again I called my broker and bought more shares, desperately hoping that things would turn around. As I listened to them talk.

I saw that these men and their wives didn’t have a clear understanding about the difference between work responsibilities and home responsibilities. Several of these men were in business with their wives. They saw that their wives were more competent in certain key areas of the business, and in a few instances, the wife was the president of the company. What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book Free

The wives’ strength in the business world caused confusion about the couples’ roles at home. I shared with these men that it isn’t unmanly to have your wife be more competent in business. I cautioned them not to confuse their leadership in business with leadership in the home and the marriage relationship. Wives and husbands need to look at each other’s strengths and determine who will perform which tasks at home.

I personally feel that whoever is most competent at a given task should be responsible for that task. If, for example, a wife has stronger business and math skills, why not delegate the family banking to her? If a husband is more skilled or more interested in menu planning, shopping, and cooking, he should feel very comfortable contributing those skills to the family.

Such arrangements reflect respect for each person’s abilities. Now consider a passage from H. Norm Wright’s Quiet Times for Couples, in which he addresses the issue of respect more specifically. What does this passage show you about your marriage and the respect you show your husband? What Makes a Man Feel Loved PDF Book Free

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