Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book by Shel Silverstein


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Cried Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too. Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too Never returned to the world they knew. And nobody Knows what’s Happened to Dear Ickle Me, Pickle Me, Tickle Me too. CAPTAIN HOOK Captain Hook must remember Not to scratch his toes. Captain Hook must watch out And never pick his nose. Captain Hook must be gentle When he shakes your hand.

Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book by Shel Silverstein

Name of Book Where the Sidewalk Ends
Author Shel Silverstein
PDF Size 1 MB
No of Pages 108
Language  English
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Captain Hook must be careful Openin’ sardine cans And playing tag and pouring tea And turnin’ pages of his book. Lots of folks I’m glad I ain’tBut mostly Captain Hook! HUG O’ WAR I will not play at tug o’ war. I’d rather play at hug o’ war, Where everyone hugs Instead of tugs, Where everyone giggles And rolls on the rug. Where everyone kisses.

And everyone grins. And everyone cuddles. And everyone wins. IT’S DARK IN HERE I am writing these poems From inside a lion. And it’s rather dark in here. So please excuse the handwriting Which may not be too clear. But this afternoon by the lion’s cage I’m afraid I got too near. And I’m writing these lines From inside a lion.

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And it’s rather dark in here. OURCHESTRA So you haven’t got a drum, just beat your belly. So I haven’t got a horn-I’ll play my nose. So we haven’t any cymbalsWe’ll just slap our hands together. And though there may be orchestras That sound a little better With their fancy shiny instruments That cost an awful lotHey, we’re making music twice as good By playing what we’ve got!

FLAG One star is for Alaska … One star is for Nebraska … One star is North Dakota … One star is Minnesota… There are lots of other stars, But I forget which ones they are. My skin is kind of sort of brownish Pinkish yellowish white. My eyes are greyish blueish green. But I’m told they look orange in the night. My hair is reddish blondish brown, But it’s silver when it’s wet.

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And all the colors I am inside Have not been invented yet. THE LOSER Mama said I’d lose my head If it wasn’t fastened on. Today I guess it wasn’t ‘Cause while playing with my cousin It fell off and rolled away And now it’s gone. And I can’t look for it ‘Cause my eyes are in it. And I can’t call to it ‘Cause my mouth is on it (Couldn’t hear me anyway ‘Cause my ears are on it.

Can’t even think about it ‘Cause my brain is in it. So I guess I’ll sit down On this rock And rest for just a minute…. JOEY Joey Joey took a stone And knocked Down The Sun! And whoosh! it swizzled Down so hard, And bloomp! it bounced In his backyard. And glunk! it landed On his toe! And the world was dark, And the corn wouldn’t grow.

And the wind wouldn’t blow. And the cock wouldn’t crow, And it always was Night, Night, Night. If you know some that I’ve forgot, please stick them in your eye! ME AND MY GIANT I have a friend who is a giant, And he lives where the tall weeds grow. He’s high as a mountain and wide as a barn, And I only come up to his toe, you know, I only come up to his toe. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book

When the daylight grows dim I talk with him Way down in the marshy sands, And his ear is too far away to hear. But still he understands, he ‘stands, I know he understands. For we have a code called the “scratch-tap code,” And here is what we doI scratch his toe … once means, “Hello” And twice means, “How are you?”

Three means, “Does it look like rain?” Four times means, “Don’t cry.” Five times means, “I’ll scratch you a joke.” And six times means, “Goodbye,” “Goodbye,” Six times means, “Goodbye.” And he answers me by tapping his toeOnce means, “Hello, friend.” Two taps means, “It’s very nice to feel your scratch again.” Three taps means, “It’s lonely here With my head in the top of the sky.”

Hector the Collector Collected bits of string, Collected dolls with broken heads And rusty bells that would not ring. Pieces out of picture puzzles, Bent-up nails and ice-cream sticks, Twists of wires, worn-out tires. Paper bags and broken bricks. Old chipped vases, half shoelaces, Gatlin’ guns that wouldn’t shoot. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book

Leaky boats that wouldn’t float And stopped-up horns that wouldn’t toot. Butter knives that had no handles, Copper keys that fit no locks. Rings that were too small for fingers, Dried-up leaves and patched-up socks. Worn-out belts that had no buckles, ‘Lectric trains that had no tracks, Airplane models, broken bottles.

Three-legged chairs and cups with cracks. Hector the Collector Loved these things with all his soulLoved them more than shining diamonds. Loved them more than glistenin’ gold. Hector called to all the people, “Come and share my treasure trunk!” And all the silly sightless people Came and looked … and called it junk.

My elbow’s bent, my spine ain’t straight. My temperature is one-o-eight. My brain is shrunk, I cannot hear, There is a hole inside my ear. I have a hangnail, and my heart is-what? What’s that? What’s that you say? You say today is … Saturday? G’bye, I’m going out to play!” UPSTAIRS There’s a family of wrens who live upstairs. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book

Upstairs, upstairs, upstairs, Inside my hat, all cozy in My hair, my hair, my hair. I’ve moved a dozen times and still They’re there, they’re there, they’re there. I’d like to get away from them. But where, but where, but where? This hat just isn’t big enough To share, to share, to share. But now I see you’re bored and you Don’t care, don’t care, don’t care ‘Bout the wrens who live inside My hair, my hair, my hair.

There is a place where the sidewalk ends And before the street begins. And there the grass grows soft and white. And there the sun burns crimson bright. And there the moon-bird rests from his flight To cool in the peppermint wind. Let us leave this place where the smoke blows black And the dark street winds and bends.

Past the pits where the asphalt flowers grow We shall walk with a walk that is measured and slow. And watch where the chalk-white arrows go To the place where the sidewalk ends. Yes we’ll walk with a walk that is measured and slow. And we’ll go where the chalk-white arrows go, For the children, they mark, and the children, they know The place where the sidewalk ends. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book Download

SNOWMAN ‘Twas the first day of the springtime, And the snowman stood alone As the winter snows were melting. And the pine trees seemed to groan, “Ah, you poor sad smiling snowman, You’ll be melting by and by.” Said the snowman, “What a pity. For I’d like to see July. Yes, I’d like to see July, and please don’t ask me why.

But I’d like to, yes I’d like to, oh I’d like to see July.” Chirped a robin, just arriving, “Seasons come and seasons go, And the greatest ice must crumble When it’s flowers’ time to grow. And as one thing is beginning So another thing must die. And there’s never been a snowman Who has ever seen July.

Prune pits, peach pits, orange peel, Gloppy glumps of cold oatmeal, Pizza crusts and withered greens. Soggy beans and tangerines. Crusts of black burned buttered toast. Gristly bits of beefy roasts … The garbage rolled on down the hall. It raised the roof, it broke the wall… Greasy napkins, cookie crumbs. Globs of gooey bubble gum. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book Download

Cellophane from green baloney. Rubbery blubbery macaroni, Peanut butter, caked and dry. Curdled milk and crusts of pie. Moldy melons, dried-up mustard, Eggshells mixed with lemon custard. Cold french fries and rancid meat. Yellow lumps of Cream of Wheat. At last the garbage reached so high That finally it touched the sky.

And drippings from each peanut-butter sandwich. His subjects all were silly fools For he had passed a royal rule That all that they could learn in school Was how to make a peanut-butter sandwich. He would not eat his sovereign steak. He scorned his soup and kingly cake, And told his courtly cook to bake An extra-sticky peanut-butter sandwich.

And then one day he took a bite And started chewing with delight, But found his mouth was stuck quite tight From that last bite of peanut-butter sandwich. His brother pulled, his sister pried. The wizard pushed, his mother cried, “My boy’s committed suicide From eating his last peanut-butter sandwich!” The dentist came, and the royal doc. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book Download

The royal plumber banged and knocked. But still those jaws stayed tightly locked. I’m musty and dusty and patchy and scratchy And mangy and covered with mold. But the water is always a little too hot. Or else it’s a little too cold. I live in a pen with five hogs and a hen And three squizzly lizards who creep in My bed, and they itch as I squirm, and I twitch In the cruddy old sheets that I sleep in.

If you looked down my throat with a flashlight, you’d note That my insides are coated with rust. I creak when I walk and I squeak when I talk. And each time I sneeze I blow dust. The thought of a towel and some soap makes me howl. And when people have something to tell me They don’t come and tell it-they stand back and yell it. I think they’re afraid they might smell me.

The bedbugs that leap on me sing me to sleep. And the garbage flies buzz me awake. They’re the best friends I’ve found and I fear they might drown So I never go too near a lake. Each evening at nine I sit down to dine With the termites who live in my chair. And I joke with the bats and have intimate chats With the cooties who crawl through my hair. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book Free

Is it love letters or downy goosefeathers? Or maybe the world’s most enormous balloon? What’s in the sack? That’s all they ask me. Could it be popcorn or marbles or books? Is it two years’ worth of your dirty laundry, Or the biggest ol’ meatball that’s ever been cooked? Does anyone ask me, “Hey, when is your birthday?”

“Can you play Monopoly?” “Do you like beans?” “What is the capital of Yugoslavia?” Or “Who embroidered that rose on your jeans?” No, what’s in the sack? That’s all they care about. Is it a rock or a rolled-up giraffe? Is it pickles or nickels or busted bicycles? And if we guess it, will you give us half? Do they ask where I’ve been, or how long I’ll be stayin’.

Where I’ll be goin’, or when I’ll be back. Or “How do?” or “What’s new?” or “Hey, why are you blue?” No, all they keep asking is, “What’s in the sack?” “What’s in the sack?” If the world was crazy, you know what I’d eat? A big slice of soup and a whole quart of meat, A lemonade sandwich, and then I might try Some roasted ice cream or a bicycle pie. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book Free

A nice notebook salad, an underwear roast, An omelet of hats and some crisp cardboard toast, A thick malted milk made from pencils and daisies. And that’s what I’d eat if the world was crazy. If the world was crazy, you know what I’d wear? A chocolate suit and a tie of eclair, Some marshmallow earmuffs, some licorice shoes.

And I’d read a paper of peppermint news. I’d call the boys “Suzy” and I’d call the girls “Harry,” I’d talk through my ears, and I always would carry A paper umbrella for when it grew hazy To keep in the rain, if the world was crazy. If the world was crazy, you know what I’d do? I’d walk on the ocean and swim in my shoe.

I’d fly through the ground and I’d skip through the air, I’d run down the bathtub and bathe on the stair. When I met somebody I’d say “G’bye, Joe,” And when I was leaving-then I’d say “Hello.” And the greatest of men would be silly and lazy So I would be king … if the world was crazy. Where the Sidewalk Ends PDF Book Free

Said General Clay to General Gore, “My bathing suit is slightly tore. We’d better go on with our war.” “I quite agree,” said General Gore. Then General Clay charged General Gore As bullets flew and cannons roared. And now, alas! there is no more Of General Clay or General Gore.