Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book by Jean Rhys


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She persuaded a Spanish Town doctor to visit my younger brother Pierre who staggered when he walked and couldn’t speak distinctly. I don’t know what the doctor told her or what she said to him but he never came again and after that she changed. Suddenly, not gradually. She grew thin and silent, and at last she refused to leave the house at all.

Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book by Jean Rhys

Name of Book Wide Sargasso Sea
Author Jean Rhys
PDF Size 49 MB
No of Pages 171
Language English
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Our garden was large and beautiful as that garden in the Bible – the tree life grew the But it had gone wild. The paths were overgrown and a smell of dead flowers mixed with the fresh living smell. Underneath the tree ferns, tall as forest tree ferns, the light was green. Orchids flourished out of reach or for some reason not to be touched.

One was snaky look ing, another like an octopus with long thin brown tentacles bare of leaves hanging from a twisted root. Twice a year the octopus orchid flowered then not an inch of tentacle showed. It was a bell-shaped mass of white, mauve, deep pur ples, wonderful to see. The scent was very sweet and strong.

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I never went near it. All Coulibri Estate had gone wild like the garden, gone to bush. No more slavery – why should anybody work? This never saddened me. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book Download I did not remember the place when it was prosperous. The Luttrells lent her a horse, and she would ride off very early and not come back till late next day – tired out because she had been to a dance or a moonlight picnic.

She was gay and laughing younger than I had ever seen her and the house was sad when she had gone. So I too left it and stayed away till dark. I was never long at the bathing pool, I never met Tia. I took another road, past the old sugar works and the water wheel that had not turned for years.

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I went to parts of Coulibri that I had not seen, where there was no road, no path, no track. And if the razor grass cut my legs and arms I would think It’s better than people. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book Download Black ants or red ones, tall nests swarming with white ants, rain that soaked me to the skin – once I saw a snake. All better than people. Better.

Better, better than people. Watching the red and yellow flowers in the sun thinking of nothing, it was as if a door opened and I was somewhere else, something else. Not myself any longer. I knew the time of day when though it is hot and blue and there are no clouds, the sky can have a very black look.

There was no one in the house and only two candles in the room which had been so brilliantly lit. Her room was dim, with a shaded candle by the bed and another on the dressing-table. There was a bottle of wine on the round table. It was very late when I poured out two glasses and told her to drink to our happiness, to our love and the day without end which would be tomorrow.

I was young then. A short youth mine was. I woke next morning in the green-yellow light, feeling uneasy as though someone were watching me. She must have been awake for some time. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book Download Her hair was plaited and she wore a fresh white chemise. I turned to take her in my arms, I meant to undo the careful plaits, but as I did so there was a soft dis creet knock.

Then you come to this island for your honeymoon and it’s certain that the Lord put the thing on my shoulders and that it is I must speak the truth to you. Still I hesitate. I hear you young and handsome with a kind word for all, black, white, also coloured. But I hear too that the girl is beau tiful like her mother was beautiful, and you bewitch with her.

She is in your blood and your bones. By night and by day. But you, an honourable man, know well that for marriage more is needed than all this. Which does not last. Old Mason bewitch so with her mother and look what happen to him. Sir I pray I am in time to warn you what to do. Sir ask yourself how I can make up this story and for what reason.

When I leave Jamaica I can read write and cypher a lit tle. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book The good man in Barbados teach me more, he give me books, he tell me read the Bible every day and I pick up knowl edge without effort. He is surprise how quick I am. Still I remain an ignorant man and I do not make up this story. I can not. It is true.

I sit at my window and the words fly past me like birds – with God’s help I catch some. A week this letter take me. I cannot sleep at night thinking what to say. So quickly now I draw to a close and cease my task. Then I wrote to the firm of lawyers I had dealt with in Spanish Town.

I told them that I wished to rent a furnished house not too near the town, commodious enough to allow for two separate suites of rooms. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book I also told them to engage a staff of servants whom I was prepared to pay very liberally – so long as they keep their mouths shut, I thought-provided that they are discreet, I wrote.

My wife and myself would be in Jamaica in about a week and expected to find everything ready. All the time I was writing this letter a cock crowed persist ently outside. I took the first book I could lay hands on and threw it at him, but he stalked a few yards away and started again. The woman Grace sleeps in my room.

At night I some times see her sitting at the table counting money. She holds a gold piece in her hand and smiles. Then she puts it all into a little canvas bag with a drawstring and hangs the bag round her neck so that it is hidden in her dress. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Book At first she used to look at me before she did this but I always pretended to be asleep, now she does not trouble about me.

She drinks from a bottle on the table then she goes to bed, or puts her arms on the table, her head on her arms, and sleeps. But I lie watching the fire die out. When she is snoring I get up and I have tasted the drink without colour in the bottle. The first time I did this I wanted to spit it out but managed to swallow it.

When I got back into bed I could remember more and think again. I was not so cold. There were more candles on a table and I took one of them and ran up the first flight of stairs and the second. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF On the sec ond floor I threw away the candle. But I did not stay to watch. I ran up the last flight of stairs and along the passage.

I passed the room where they brought me yesterday or the day before yesterday, I don’t remember. Perhaps it was long ago for I seemed to know the house well. I knew how to get away from the heat and the shouting, for there was shouting now. When I was out on the battlements it was cool and I could hardly hear them.

I sat there quietly. I don’t know how long I sat. Wide Sargasso Sea PDF Then I turned round and saw the sky. It was red and all my life was in it. I saw the grandfather clock and Aunt Cora’s patchwork, all colours, I saw the orchids and the stephanotis and the jasmine and the tree of life in flames. I saw the chan delier and the red carpet downstairs and the bamboos and the tree ferns, the gold ferns and the silver, and the soft green vel vet of the moss on the garden wall.

I saw my doll’s house and the books and the picture of the Miller’s Daughter. I heard the parrot call as he did when he saw a stranger, Qui est là? Qui est là? and the man who hated me was calling too, Bertha! Bertha! The wind caught my hair and it streamed out like wings. It might bear me up, I thought, if I jumped to those hard stones.

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