Wild Justice PDF Book by Ruth M. Sprague


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“You can’t be serious,” exclaimed Diana Trenchant, leaning toward the man sitting behind the desk. “Incredible! Why on earth would I want to fill out and turn in student feedback forms in my own course? All of my semester student evaluations have been excellent.”

Wild Justice PDF Book by Ruth M. Sprague

Name of Book Wild Justice
PDF Size 1.6 MB
No of Pages 149
Language English
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Dr. Lyle Stone, Chairman of the Nutrition, Embryology and Radiology Department, relished the power of his position as fervently as he detested the acronym, NERD, that had been irreparably attached to it. He passed a small pile of forms across his desk to Diana.

“Obviously you wanted to cause harm to the two other instructors in the course,” he replied smugly. His expression and demeanor suggested a small boy torturing a bug and extracting the utmost enjoyment out of it. “Harm them?” Dr. Trenchant laughed scornfully and sat back in her chair scanning the evaluation forms.

Click here to Download Wild Justice PDF Book

“You claim I wrote these five which are derogatory toward them and the course. Five! Over two years and hundreds of feedback forms? How could there be any harm attributed to these particular forms when you know that both of those instructors have consistently received derogatory evaluations from the students since they started teaching the course?”

Diana held the offending papers out in demonstration toward Lyle, indignation rampant in her gesture. Lyle ignored her question and picked up two other papers from his desk which he handed to Diana saying accusingly, “Besides those five, here are copies of two you also wrote concerning the nutrition course.

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Together, these constitute repeated acts of dishonesty which are grounds for termination for cause. However….” Lyle tried for a kindly expression and failed, “we are prepared to forget these charges if you resign.” “Oh, that’s the game, is it? No way.

I’m going to talk to the faculty ombudsman about this and find out what steps to take,” returned Diana, hotly, rising from her chair and starting toward the door. “You can’t.” As Diana turned back to look at him, Lyle continued with some desperation, “You have no recourse, no appeal.

The entire academic council have met and decided already on this course of action. If you do not resign on your own, you will be terminated.” “But not without a hearing certainly—according to the faculty handbook. Or are you suspending those rights along with my access to the ombudsman?” Wild Justice PDF Book

Grabbing up the copies of the forms, Diana left the room. As the door closed behind her, Lyle reached for the phone and dialed with considerable agitation. “Henry, she won’t resign. She’s gone to see Jonathan and intends to make a public mess of it,” he babbled hysterically.

“Calm yourself, Lyle. I’ve already spoken to Jonathan and if it comes to a hearing, well—don’t forget, I select the hearing panel and chair it. Her public mess be damned, all our hearings are closed to the public. Get a grip and stop blubbering.” John T. Pope had been president of Belmont University for nearly twelve years.

Because of his belief in his own infallibility, he soon became referred to as The Pope. He greatly increased the senior administrative staff which now occupied one whole wing of the administration building. This wing was known as the Vatican and when a person spoke of kissing the Pope’s ring. Wild Justice PDF Book

It was well understood what part of the Pope’s anatomy they were referring to. The slew of vice presidents, associate vp’s and assistant vp’s around the president were soon called the Vee’s. Most people believed Vee was short for vice president but insiders knew it really stood for vestigial virgins.

He located the personnel office close by the Vatican. It was the administration’s muscle and the buffer between it and the so-called support staff. Patterned after the military, it was directed by, and key positions held by former military men. The military analogy persists throughout the university structure.

Upper administration and faculty are designated as officers. In order to insure staff cooperation, President Pope had created a company union called the Staff Association. To keep tabs on the members, he appointed the director of personnel an ex-officio member. Wild Justice PDF Book

The current director, Greg Harrison, attended every meeting, answered questions, directed staff activities and channeled them into acceptable areas. “Yes, I do,” Henry continued glowering. “A year after Trenchant got on the Staff Association, she was elected its chair and that body turned from being a very convenient rubber stamp into a cohesive.

Confrontational group of people. She was reelected unanimously for a second term and during those two years she managed to upset nearly everybody in the Vatican—especially, The Pope. It seems, from what I was told when I was appointed academic vp, that during this time a great deal of energy was directed toward damage control.

“Nothing worked with her. All the tried and true methods of threat or blandishment had no affect. She didn’t seem to notice or understand that if she played ball she would become more important than the staff she represented. “She and the Staff Association encouraged the rest of the staff to bring problems to their office. Wild Justice PDF Book

We had almost daily calls from the Attorney General’s Office because she advised women to make complaints if they were discriminated against or harassed. She even boxed in Mark, the university attorney, and just four years ago, she made a shambles of personnel by kicking Greg, the director, out of the Staff Association.

“And that’s not all. Under her direction, the Staff Association started to by-pass personnel altogether. They investigated several grievances and represented the grievers they felt were abused by the system. “They started a staff newsletter to inform everyone about their rights— especially concerning sex discrimination and sexual harassment.

The staff was told to stay away from the affirmative action office, which was described as a tool of the personnel department, and take their complaints directly to the Attorney General— they even printed her phone number, for Christ’s sake…. Trenchant and a committee met with a federal EEOC investigator. Wild Justice PDF Book Download

He was presented with a list of staff and faculty positions with a notation of the total number and how many were held by women. The investigator was here to make sure the university was in compliance for a million dollar federal research grant.”

Lyle went on to explain at some length that Dr. Randy Fecesi and Dr. Ian Heathson were young faculty who were trying very hard to make the radiology course more modern and sophisticated. These efforts, he asserted, were thwarted by Trenchant and there was controversy and conflict because of her….

When Lyle Stone succeeded Jimbo Jones as head of NERD, he brought his post doc, Ian Heathson with him. No one on the NERD faculty was consulted and all of them were very upset that they were given no voice in a faculty selection. They soon learned that Ian was a special friend of their chairperson. Wild Justice PDF Book Download

And quickly discovered that it was not wise to criticize him in any way. Ian was a real nice, friendly fellow, fairly adept at his research specialty, nutrition (which was also Lyle’s) but lacking knowledge and understanding of radiology. Lyle put him in charge of the radiology course given to the freshmen medical students.

This act was similar to throwing a child into the water and expecting it to learn to swim. Diana had taught the lab portion of this course for several years. Ian didn’t learn very quickly. He tried, you have to give him that, but he was way out of his depth. The students, as kindly as possible, turned thumbs down on him.

Not only that, but on their SMurFF’s, they were highly critical of the lecture portion of the course, which Ian conducted, while praising Trenchant and the laboratory, especially the laboratory manual which she had written. The manual had been written out of desperation by Trenchant on her home computer. Wild Justice PDF Book Download

Over the years, the radiology lab manual had degenerated into such a mess that it was difficult to use and impossible to understand—especially when most of the pages were unreadable. This was before the department obtained a copying machine and still used the old fashioned stencils.

So Diana wrote and illustrated an entirely new manual and she registered the copyright on it. She offered this finished manual to Ian at no charge for use in the course and he grabbed it like the drowning man he was. The students had made their disgust well known to him and he realized that.

He did not have the knowledge or experience to produce an adequate laboratory manual in Radiology. Things got better in the course. Ian was improving in his knowledge and lecturing. There was excellent cooperation between him and Trenchant. That is, until Randy Fecesi was brought in. Wild Justice PDF Book Free

Something had to be done. The group gathered in the conference room were all in agreement on that—but what? The problem was two-fold: what to do about the possibility that Trenchant would bring a plagiarism suit against the department, and how to wipe out years of bad SmurFFs for Ian and Randy.

“You realize that we could just get rid of her by invoking the clause in her contract that designates she’s first in the department fired if the department has financial problems?” “That wouldn’t help much, she could still sue for plagiarism. If we fired her, even justifiably, the papers would play the plagiarism stuff up.”

“There is another way—by discrediting her first and making the student evaluations invalid.” “How!” “During my last trip to New York, I heard about some special services that were available.” “Special services? You mean a hit man? That wouldn’t help the evaluations.” “No. Wild Justice PDF Book Free

Something else, entirely. Give me a few weeks and then follow through with what you are presented with. It may be expensive, though. Can I count on some help in that direction?” “No problem. You come through on this and we’ll give you all the help you want.” The others present nodded in agreement and the meeting ended.

He could hear the phone ringing in Anderson’s office. Ah, there he was. “Andy, no names, please. I’m on the office phone. You recognize my voice? “Yeah, sure. How they hanging?” “Remember our conversation where you told me about the special services guy?

Whew, she gave up. Henry wiped his brow. That was close, I figured she’d keep picking at him until he blew up and spattered all over the room. Hurriedly he said, “You’re excused, Randy. Please tell Ian to come in before you leave.” Randy shared in the relief felt by the chair of the panel. He ran lightly up the stairs to the witness room. Wild Justice PDF Book Free

“You’re on next, Ian.” He was surprised when Ian fairly catapulted out of the room, grabbing his arm as he passed and nearly hurled them both down the stairs. “What in hell is the damned hurry?” Safely away from the second floor, Ian steered Randy into an alcove from where he could see the stairs.

“That Mark! Honestly, Randy, he’s been driving me crazy. Talks a blue streak all the time. Ask him the date and he’ll discourse for hours on end before he gets to the point. Holding any kind of a conversation with him is as impossible as stopping a hurricane by shouting at it. “I kept trying to get away.

Once, I said I had to take a piss and the son of a bitch came along with me, whizzing away in the next urinal, without missing a word. I tell you, the man should be muzzled.” “Well, it looks as if he isn’t going to follow you into the hearing room, Ian. Calm down. They’re waiting for you in there.” Wild Justice PDF Book Free

“Yeah, in a minute. Tell me first, Randy, how was it? Anything I should watch out for?” “Nada.” Randy had regained his usual swagger. “Not a thing, old bean. Between us, we’ll give the bitch the old one two….” “We’re waiting for you, Ian.” Henry said from the doorway of the hearing room.

“Oh, right. I’m coming right along. Just had to get things straight about who takes the review session today since I could be tied up here,” blubbered Ian, apologetically. As he reached the door, he turned and looked back up the stairs apprehensively. Seeing no one, he breathed a sigh of relief and entered the hearing room.

Ian Heathson was of average height. His most striking features were his mop of blond hair and pale blue eyes which flitted about, examining the room, looking everywhere except at Diana. When asked to substantiate the testimony of Lyle that he and Randy had found ‘suspicious’ SmurFFs, Ian told a slightly different story. Wild Justice PDF Book Free

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