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Vedic knowledge then is the Divine knowledge of existence from the dimensionless point and particle unto Infinity. And prayerful living and communion in meditation and yoga means: Self-integration of the particle, Re-integration of the part with the whole, and Re-Union of the finite with the Infinite. This is the climactic close of Yajurveda: The light and life that shines in and beyond the sun is that Supreme Purusha.

Yajurveda PDF Book

Name of Book Yajurveda
PDF Size 2.8 MB
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That is there, and that is here in me. Om is the saviour. Om is Brahma. Brahma is Infinite, Sublime! The message of Yajurveda begins with the rousing divine call to live: “Be vibrant as the winds!” But we must be gratefully vibrant: “O Lord we pray for and thank thee for the gift of food and energy for life, for the health and efficiency of body, mind and soul.”

All of us must dedicate ourselves to Savita, giver of life and light, with devotion to the highest, yajnic action, we must not hurt the cosmic ‘Cow’, and we must not allow a thief to boss over us and deprive us of our freedom of thought, word and deed. As you open the text of Yajurveda, you find the words: Savita Devata, Prajapati Parameshthi Rshi.

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‘Devata’ here means the subject which is dealt with in the mantra. ‘Devata’ as a Vedic term means a presence, a power, a force, which is brilliant, illuminative, and generous. The ‘Devata’ of a mantra may be God, the One Sacchidananda Brahma as in the closing mantra quoted above, or Savita, the same One self-refulgent God as in the opening mantra.

Or it can be a generous divine power of Nature such as the sun, moon, earth; or it can be a noble person of brilliant quality of nature, character and performance as a ruler, leader, commander, teacher, etc. Yajna is the sustainer and purifier of countless worlds. It is the sustainer and purifier of the universe in countless ways.

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May the lord creator Savita sanctify yajna. May the Lord purify and sanctify us with yajna and the knowledge of the Veda. What message do you hope to receive ? Fire of yajna, you are destroyer and preserver both. You save by burning up the evil and the dross. Destroy that which destroys. Destroy him who desecrates the yajna. Destroy what our yajna burns to destroy.

To the good you are the quickest and the fieriest, greatest purifier, giver of highest fulfilment, most reverenced and worshipped by the good and noble people. With the joint action of the light of the sun and the vital warmth of the earth, and with the up and down movement of the breath of air, I carry on a triple yajna in this creation of Lord Savita.

The waters join and nourish the herbs, and the herbs join to produce the juices. The juices are mixed with the soothing herbs, and the soothing herbs with the honey-sweet juices. The yajna goes on. Keep it up and on for the sake of life and good health. I destroy the evil from the earth which is the holy seat of yajna. Yajurveda PDF Book

Go to the congregation for knowledge, and shower the rain of knowledge and light of heaven on the earth. Lord Savita of light and glory, who ever opposes our yajna and whoever we oppose, bind him with a hundred bonds and leave him not. The wicked must not stop the light of heaven. The bubbles of his drink must not vitiate the nectar.

Keep going to the congregation, bring the light of heaven on earth. May Lord Tvashta, eternal maker and generous giver, bless us with lustre of character and light of knowledge, food for body, mind and senses, peace and nobility of mind, good and glowing health of body. May the Lord grant us all kinds of wealth and stability.

May He complete and perfect whatever is wanted in our body and mind and refine us with culture and virtue. Let us advance with holy light and lustre, honeysweets of food and blooming health, and a mind at peace with noble aspirations, and attain all round prosperity. And may Tvashta, Eternal Maker and generous giver, complete what is lacking in our life and refine us to a state of perfection. Yajurveda PDF Book

Yogi, established you are in the rules of yamas and niyamas, the discipline of social and personal purity. This is your natural element, a very home and blessed state of being. Cleansed of ignorance and suffering, peaceful at heart, you explore, follow and advance in that state of yoga which, like that of the ancient Rshis and yogis old and new, is supreme.

Powerful, instant and victorious, remover of negativities, shaker of sin and giver of strength, and which is the light residing in the deepest cave of the heart. Man of love and peace, protect this state of strength and purity invincible for yourself. And may the powers of the divine, saviours and protectors of life and energy, be with you and lead you on.

The first friend, master of knowledge, worshipper of the Divine Voice, Veda, is Brihaspati, lord of the power and vision of yoga. For him and in his honour, speak the most sacred words and offer him the sweetest distilled soma. Go to him as you approach agni, the sacred fire, and in the spirit of yajna treat him with the most wanted, most loved, most cherished offering with the utmost courtesy and respect in words of the highest reverence. Yajurveda PDF Book Download

Indra, meritorious man of arms, self-controlled and established in the rules of law, good conduct and service of the nation, I appoint you as commander of the army in the service of Indra, lord of the land — great is he, long-lived he be! Great is your work, a lifetime undertaking. For that you are appointed.

For Vishnu, lord supreme, for yajana, for the nation you are consecrated. For the lord’s songs of praise, to the noble people, to the health and continuance of the social yajna of the land, to the defence and advancement of the noble powers, you are dedicated. This is now your haven, your very being, the meaning and justification of your existence.

Ruler and the Councillors, both brilliant and powerful as Indra and Agni (power and fire), come and, with words of enlightenment, create for us the wanted joy and prosperity. With your knowledge and mind, and our suggestions and request, guard this land and protect the prosperity of the people. Yajurveda PDF Book Download

People of the land/Ruler and the Councillors, accepted and positioned you are in the laws and constitution of the state. You (the people) are dedicated to Indra and Agni (the ruler and the council), and accepted in law. You, the ruler and the councillors, are dedicated to Indra and Agni, Lord of Power and knowledge, and Lord of the people and the land.

This constitution and this land is your mainstay, the meaning and justification of your being and position.Man of love for all, joy and power, Indra, commander of the army, attended with forces swift as the wind, scholarly, fearless and brave, destroyer of the enemy, wipe out the enemy host, eliminate those who destroy happiness and cause suffering to mankind, and make us free and fearless from all sides.

And, just as the sun pours out the waters when it breaks the cloud Vritra with the winds and drinks to the health of the earth and her people, so do you drink with your friends and allies to the joy of Soma and success. Accepted and consecrated you are in the rules of the army and the laws of the land. Yajurveda PDF Book Download

I appoint you in the service of the lord of the land and head of her people. Now the rules, the law, the army, defence of the land and freedom of the people: this is your home and haven, the very meaning and purpose of your life. With a descerning eye, I see the various grades of ability among you.

The one who knows you all and knows the world may form you into different classes and councils for appropriate jobs. The highest in intelligence may touch the skies — realise the divine presence and the eternal values of life and action. Ruler of the people, with the members of the council, by the path of truth, act and move on.

Men of golden generosity, go ahead on the path of Dharma with charity. (The ruler should constitute three councils: The Council of Education, Vidyarya Sabha, The Council of Governance, Rajarya Sabha, and the Council of Dharma, Dharmarya Sabha, to assist and advise him in the governance and administration of the country. Yajurveda PDF Book Download

Young man, Brahmachari of the Aditya order, selected and accepted by me for marriage, you are now bonded and consecrated in the sacred code of marriage for a life-time. Observe the rules and discipline of wedlock according to the Dharma-shastras meticulously like the sun through the zodiacs in the year.

Noble in nature, culture, habit and conduct, this home, the life of grihastha, is your paradise to live in and grow. Preserve it, protect it, and let nothing violate or destroy this sweet life and home. Ruler and President of the Council, be not angry and poisonous as a snake, nor ferocious as a serpent. Be not false, hurtful and heart-breaking in speech. Be a ruler shining brilliant, supreme in virtue.

Do excellently as behoves your chosen status. Make the highways of justice broad in honour and worship to the sun, the supreme light of the world, for all to see and follow the light so that none may stray into the paths of evil. Let the rule of law and the penal code be as firm and inviolable as the chains of Varuna and the thunderbolt of Indra. Yajurveda PDF Book Free

Indra, ruler of the land, lover and achiever of honour, rising in lustre (with the strength of body, mind and soul and the power of the council and the army), having drunk the soma of victory over the enemies, shake the visors of your helmet with joy and self-esteem. Accepted you are by us for the governance and administration of the nation.

And consecrated you are in the laws and constitution for the achievement of light and glory like that of the sun. This consecration now is the home and haven of your life, the very meaning of your existence. We dedicate you to the light of the world, the sun, and the glory of the nation.

Lord of the land, brilliant in knowledge and justice, most shining you are among the noble and the generous personalities of the country. I pray that I may be brilliant and most shining among the people. Vasus, brahmacharis of the 24 year order of study and training, with 13 syllable asuri-anushtup verse. Yajurveda PDF Book Free

Have achieved the 13-point programme of life (i.e., ten pranic energies, jiva or soul, creative nature or mahat-tattva, and original/virtual nature). So should I achieve the same. Rudras, brahmacharis of 44 year order of study and training, with 14 syllable samniushnik verse, have achieved the 14 point programme of life.

i.e., ten organs of perception and volition, mind, intellect, memory and the sense of individual self). So should I achieve the same. Adityas, brahmacharis of 48 years of study and training, with 15 syllable asuri-gayatri verse, have achieved the 15 point programme of life, (i.e., four Vedas, four sub-vedas, six auxiliary studies, and practical expertise).

So should I achieve the same. Aditi, Great-Council of Governance, with 16 syllable samni anushtup verse, has achieved the 16 point programme of life, (i.e., sixteen steps/constituents of the science of logic). So should I achieve the same. Prajapati, ruler of the nation, with 17 syllable nichrid-arshi gayatri verse, has achieved the 17 point programme of life. Yajurveda PDF Book Free

Chaitra is a honey-sweet month. Vaishakha is a month of honey-sweets. These are the months of spring. Both these, born of agni, are closely connected to summer. May the earth and heaven be favourable to us for the gift of excellence, may the waters be favourable, may the herbs and trees be favourable, may all the orders of agni (heat and light each), committed to its own law and function.

Be favourable to us. May all the forms of vital fire in earth and heaven, integrated and mutually harmonious, supporting and energizing the two spring months like all the powers of nature serving and working for the omnipotent lord Indra, bless and vitalize us in all ways. Just as the earth and heaven abide firm and secure with the Supreme Lord of the universe.

Just as the spring months abide by the vital fire of earth and heaven, The unborn individual soul was born in this world from the flame of the Supreme Lord’s cosmic yajna of creation. It grew conscious and had a vision of the creator right there. By virtue of the vision and grace of the Lord, the pious souls, purified by the vision, realise the divine powers and rise to the heights of existence. Yajurveda PDF Book Free

Agni, noble ruler/noble man, I point out to the wild sharabha (fabulous antelope of the snowy forest, mightier than the lion and the elephant). Like that, defend yourself and grow, and growing thereby, be happy and feel satisfied and settled by yourself. Let your concern address the sharabha. Let your concern be directed to those who hurt us.