Every Day in December PDF Book by Kitty Wilson


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‘I was looking forward to the gas and air. If I breathe in here I’ll be too stoned to find the maternity ward,’ she spits. Pregnancy has not made her meeker. Her breathing regulates and she relaxes her hands before bowling straight back in to the personal attack. ‘Maybe try celibacy, work out who you are. Because the you I know shouldn’t be doing this, sleeping with men like Sam.

Every Day in December PDF Book by Kitty Wilson

Name of Book Every Day in December
PDF Size  2.5MB
No of Pages 315
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The you I love gave that sort of behaviour up years ago.’ ‘Aren’t all relationships just trying to find someone to sleep with regularly who you don’t want to murder? I’m simply— Out of the way!’ I beep hard on the horn as some bloke misses us by not much more than a millimetre. Luisa winds down the window and hollers abuse. ‘You won’t be able to swear like that when you’re a mum.’

‘Which is why I had better fit it all in today.’ She grins as she rolls the window back up before turning back to me and starting again. ‘I get that you have issues – dear God, if I had your parents, I’d be institutionalised by now – but you need to take charge. Stop letting their view of you shape who you are, start to believe you are worthy of more.

Click here to Download Every Day in December PDF Book

You’re about to be a godmother, any minute now, and Belle, I need my best friend to be a grown-up.’ She grabs hold of the dashboard and starts breathing manically again. We career into the car park of the hospital and I screech to a stop in the parking bay outside the main entrance. Today I am going to be the best friend on earth.

I can let her say what she wants to, coach her through her breathing, and make sure everything goes as smoothly and as stress-free as possible. I race around to the passenger door and help her out. ‘I’m not convinced you’re listening.’ ‘I am, I am. I should definitely get rid of Sam. You’re right. But honestly, Lu, I spent my whole childhood waiting to be an adult and now I am, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be.

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It’s bills and chores and complicated personal relationships. More adulting at this point doesn’t really appeal.’ We shuffle towards the main doors and she gives me a look that would scare killer wasps. ‘But obviously, for you and your baby I am willing to be the best grown-up possible. I’ll just let the desk staff know Remi isn’t too far behind us.’

It has been a while and I hadn’t realised how much I missed it. Yesterday was great, we did lots of eating and catching up, reminiscing about childhood – we always skip uni as if any mention of my time there will cause some kind of catastrophic meltdown – and silly giggling. Inevitably, Mum talked at length about how well I look, how tanned I am and how I must be beating off Australian women with a stick.

I managed to side-step it this time but know an interrogation won’t be far off. I hate it. As much as I love my mum, this constant assumption that I should start dating again makes me angry. Angry, misunderstood and somehow at fault. Jess and I may not have stood in front of a vicar and made vows – although that had always been the plan – but we whispered vows to each other. Every Day in December PDF Book

Our heads side by side on a pillow, her hair fine as silk stretching out and weaving in with mine. Those vows do not lose power because she has gone, and to break them would disrespect the bond we shared, the lifelong commitment we made to each other. I know there will be a time in my life when I can both honour Jess and move forward but that time is not now.

But morning is here, Mum, Dave and I have done the nice catching up bit and Jess and my refusal to date are not on the agenda. Now we need to discuss reality. I love my mum but this is serious and I cannot indulge her. I’m not taking any prisoners. I need to focus and take control of this. ‘Thanks, Mum, I needed that.’ I drink the tea she has made for me.

‘No, thanks, I really don’t need another biscuit. Will you come and sit down?’ She puts the biscuit tin on the table and takes the lid off, of course she does. ‘Now, can we talk about the elephant in the room?’ ‘That’s no way to talk about your father.’ She has always referred to Dave as my father rather than step-dad and I’m happy with that – he’s earnt it far more than the man that walked away before. Every Day in December PDF Book

I was even born – but she isn’t getting away with deflection, no matter how big the grin on her face. ‘Right! I know this is unpleasant and you would probably rather not talk about it, but I love you and I need to know what exactly is happening.’ ‘Of course, I’m so grateful you’re here but you mustn’t worry. We can’t always change the hand life deals us but we can choose how to deal with it.’

‘Hmmm.’ It is true but I’m not here for philosophy. ‘Look, I’ve lined up an appointment with a consultant and thought we could maybe all go along together.’ ‘Just heading out now.’ Chardonnay is in her uniform, her hand resting on the extended handle of her overnight case. ‘Thanks for sending that money through. I appreciate it.’ ‘Not a problem,’ I say breezily.

I sent the money across yesterday straight after my chat with Luisa and a weight had been lifted. ‘I’m sorry it took so long and you had to ask.’ ‘We’re all good, see you in a few days.’ And that’s it, she whizzes out the front door. This isn’t a flat where we curl up together on the sofa, binging Netflix, eating ice-cream and examining each other’s manicures. Every Day in December PDF Book

We have minimum human interaction and the quiet it affords me is exactly what I want. I pitched up here after yet another desperate quest on spareroom.com and fell in love. I love the area, love the thought of living above the mini-mart and hearing all the chatter from the street below, and I love that most of the time I have it to myself.

I like my own company – there is less pressure, I don’t have to worry so much about being a disappointment, that I’m constantly failing to meet people’s expectations. Luisa has a lot to say on this subject and I’m aware I’m feeling extra insecure today because I’ve recently spent time with my family.

I am resigned that things there will never change and know I am not the only person with a tricky parental relationship, but in the couple of days after the prolonged contact of a visit, I feel the anger well up in me. It really stings, the injustice of it. The fact that I have never known what I have done wrong, other than being born a little different. Every Day in December PDF Book

That I don’t understand their codes, their behaviours, no matter how much I tried as a child before the fury and rebellion took over in adolescence. December is always tough, with Mum’s birthday and Christmas in the one month, but I am prepared this year. I will wrap a cloak of reinforced steel around me.

I am an adult, I am not going to let my insecurities drive me, I’m just not. My parents have made me feel like shit most of my life but I can take ownership of it, I can stop allowing it to upset me. I need to stop dwelling and avoid getting sucked into a spiral of self-pity and injustice. Starting right now.

A lithe young woman with the most beautiful face opens the door. She’s wearing some kind of gold mesh and has an afro that must be a good ten inches wide – that takes maintenance. She might have just walked straight off the cover of Vogue. She certainly looks like she belongs where 75K is pocket change. I’m intimidated and trying not to stare. Every Day in December PDF Book Download

‘Hi, come on in. Belle for Jamal? He’s expecting you.’ Her voice is pure Bristolian and I could kiss her; the intimidation has waned. She leads me through a hallway into a kitchen. Sitting at the Formica-topped kitchen table is a woman, probably about my mum’s age, but where my mum exudes brittle sophistication twinned with cold desperation this woman is warm and dressed in her Sunday best.

This kitchen feels like a hub of the home and there is a delicious smell pervading the house. My gaze swings from my guide to a tall man stirring a pot. His shoulders are so broad that he looks as if he could be a warrior king. Even through his hoody I can see how beautifully built he is and I feel a pang of lust flood through me. Woah, that’s not appropriate right now.

‘Hello, hello, hello.’ The woman waves me in. ‘You are just in time for Jamal’s brown stew chicken. It is the best, I tell you, the best there has ever been.’ ‘I don’t think “they” is a term anyone uses about any group in society these days, Mum. Pretty reductive and prejudiced.’ ‘Hmpf, the only thing I’m prejudiced against is these bloody things.’ Every Day in December PDF Book Download

She flips through a rail at lightning speed, somehow managing to tut, flick and speak all at the same time. And I know that her words are true. I’ve spent my life watching my mum be open and kind and generous with every single person she has ever come into contact with. ‘I just told you, I was quite excited about the fact that you may be gay.

Mind you, that’s old hat these days, isn’t it? I watched a documentary on Netflix. It’s all about pan these days, isn’t it, love? Are you pan? Best of all worlds it seems to me.’ Dear Jesus Christ, I swear if there is anything worse than your parents becoming unintentionally but increasingly out of the loop as they get older, it has to be them intentionally trying not to be, over a nightdress rail in the middle of M&S.

I can feel the whole department’s eyes on me. It’s clear that it isn’t just my mum that wants to know. ‘Tell you what, why don’t we go and get a cup of coffee?’ ‘I’ve got a better idea…’ she said. I close my eyes and pray. If she suggests what I think she will, I’m going to kill Janet’s son. ‘Let’s go to House of Fraser.’ Now my mum isn’t mean by any shot, she’s the most generous woman I know. Every Day in December PDF Book Free

But she is the queen of frugality – she uses her teabags twice – and has always had very firm views on the sort of people that shop in House of Fraser. Views that aren’t always very kind, which often reference Margaret Thatcher, and are another example of her lumping a whole band of people together in one box.

‘We are,’ I say in return as we glide around the room, lost in the music and with me enjoying the feel of having Belle in my arms, her looking up at me as we both silently mouth the numbers. Half of me wants to pull her close and keep dancing. There’s something about having another person so close to me, something I hadn’t realised I had missed as much as I have.

Somehow this crazy world I now inhabit means that I, Rory Walters, am waltzing around a Victorian stately home with Belle Wilde in my arms and absolutely loving it. We keep dancing, both of us caught up in each other’s rhythm, only to be jolted out of our little waltzy trance state as I hear the woman who had taught us the dance say in an aside to Marsha, ‘That’s lovely, isn’t it? Every Day in December PDF Book Free

To see your mummy and daddy so in love. ‘Why not?’ she persists. And I admit it does feel weird going to do something Christmassy without him. It’s funny how quickly you can get used to something new. It won’t hurt to ask, I suppose. I’m hardly going to try and sleep with him this afternoon. I can rein in any leftover lust from yesterday and I would love to see him doing what we are about to do.

I pull my phone out of my pocket as I slide into the driver’s seat. Half of me doesn’t expect him to answer, so I nearly drop the phone when he does. His voice is a little bit sleepy, and sexy with it. Damn. I can hardly hang up now.

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