Quiet Book PDF by Susan Cain


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Skinny, unathletic, and fretful, Dale is the son of a morally upright but perpetually bankrupt pig farmer. He respects his parents but dreads following in their poverty-stricken footsteps. Dale worries about other things, too: thunder and lightning, going to hell, and being tongue-tied at crucial moments.

Quiet Book PDF by Susan Cain

Name of Book Quiet: The Power of Introverts in a World That Can’t Stop Talking
Author Susan Cain
PDF Size 3 MB
No of Pages 357
Language English
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He even fears his wedding day: What if he can’t think of anything to say to his future bride? One day a Chautauqua speaker comes to town. The Chautauqua movement, born in 1873 and based in upstate New York, sends gifted speakers across the country to lecture on literature, science, and religion.

Rural Americans prize these presenters for the whiff of glamour they bring from the outside world-and their power to mesmerize an audience. This particular speaker captivates the young Dale with his own rags-to-riches tale: once he’d been a lowly. farm boy with a bleak future, but he developed a charismatic speaking style and took the stage at Chautauqua.

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Dale hangs on his every word. Quiet Book PDF Download We can also trace our admiration of extroverts to the Greeks, for whom oratory was an exalted skill, and to the Romans, for whom the worst possible punishment was banishment from the city, with its teeming social life. Similarly, we revere our founding fathers precisely because they were loudmouths on the subject of freedom: Give me liberty or give me death!

Even the Christianity of early American religious revivals, dating back to the First Great Awakening of the eighteenth century, depended on the showmanship of ministers who were considered successful if they caused crowds of normally reserved people to weep and shout and generally lose their decorum.

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“Nothing gives me more pain and distress than to see a minister standing almost motionless, coldly plodding on as a mathematician would calculate the distance of the Moon from the Earth,” complained a religious newspaper in 1837. Quiet Book PDF Download This exercise seems designed to show how our physiological state influences our behavior and emotions, but it also suggests that salesmanship governs even the most neutral interactions.

It implies that every encounter is a high-stakes game in which we win or lose the other person’s favor. It urges us to meet social fear in as extroverted a as possible. We must be vibrant and confident, manner as we must not seem hesitant, we must smile so that our interlocutors will smile upon us.

Taking these steps will make the better we feel, the better we can sell ourselves. Quiet Book PDF Download The second part of the Tony state of mind is good-heartedness. He wouldn’t inspire so many people if he didn’t make them feel that he truly cared about unleashing the power within each of them.

When Tony’s onstage, you get the sense that he’s singing, dancing, and emoting with every ounce of his energy and heart. There are moments, when the crowd is on its feet, singing and dancing in unison, that you can’t help but love him, the way many people loved Barack Obama with a kind of shocked delight when they first heard him talk about transcending red and blue.

At one point, Tony talks about the different needs people have for love, certainty, variety, and so on. He is motivated by love, he tells us, and we believe him. Quiet Book PDF Download At the onset of the Culture of Personality, we were urged to develop an extroverted personality for frankly selfish reasons-as a way of outshining the crowd in a newly anonymous and competitive society.

But nowadays we tend to think that becoming more extroverted not only makes us more successful, but also makes us better people. We see salesmanship as a way of sharing one’s gifts with the world. This is why Tony’s zeal to sell to and be adulated by thousands of people at once is seen not as narcissism or hucksterism, but as leadership of the highest order.

If Abraham Lincoln was the embodiment of virtue during the Culture of Character, then Tony Robbins is his counterpart during the Culture of Personality. Quiet Book PDF Indeed, when Tony mentions that he once thought of running for president of the United States, the audience erupts in loud cheers.

The first thing I notice about the Harvard Business School campus is the way people walk. No one ambles, strolls, or lingers. They stride, full of forward momentum. It’s crisp and autumnal the week I visit, and the students’ bodies seem to vibrate with September electricity as they advance across campus.

When they cross each other’s paths they don’t merely nod-they exchange animated greetings, inquiring about this one’s summer with J. P. Morgan or that one’s trek in the Himalayas. Quiet Book PDF They behave the same way inside the social hothouse of the Spangler Center, the sumptuously decorated student center.

Spangler has floor-to-ceiling silk curtains in sea-foam green, rich leather sofas, giant Samsung high-definition TVs silently broadcasting campus news, and soaring ceilings festooned with high-wattage chandeliers. The tables and sofas are clustered mostly on the perimeter of the room, forming a brightly lit center catwalk down which the students breezily parade, seemingly unaware that all eyes are on them.

I admire their nonchalance. HBS grads likely have influenced your life in ways you’re not aware of. Quiet Book PDF They have decided who should go to war and when; they have resolved the fate of Detroit’s auto industry; they play leading roles in just about every crisis to shake Wall Street, Main Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue.

If you work in corporate America, there’s good chance that Harvard Business School grads have shaped your everyday life, too, weighing in on how much privacy you need in your workspace, how many team-building sessions you need to attend per year, and whether creativity is best achieved through brainstorming or solitude. Given the scope of their influence, it’s worth taking a look at who enrolls here and what they value by the time they graduate.

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